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Good and quick way too make cash with basic Graphic Design skills?

I've been doing part time studying GD for the past 2 years and in no way have any real experience or a good enough portfolio to do real work but I still want to expand my portfolio and make a quick buck. What are some ways to get it going?
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Go on some nerd forums, offer to do signature banners for cash. If you can draw, find a bunch of roleplaying faggots and offer to do their avatars and shit. Cash in on them neetbux.
do people still do that shit lmao
>I've been doing part time studying GD for the past 2 years
I just graduated with a degree in Graphic Arts Production and I am answering want ads and sending emails to people on online. Do favors for friends, look at other portfolios to get an idea of what people are looking for, make a resume, try to embellish a little. Until you get a gig all you can really do is keep working on your portfolio and work a really shitty job until you can find something in your field. I cannot quit my fast food job until I find something, it's the responsible thing to do

It sucks, and I know you don't want to hear from someone who hasn't had any luck either but that's the way adult life is, just keep fighting for what you believe in.

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How to overcome anxiety and ADHD when it comes to working?
These two problems make me take too long to finish my jobs and sometimes when I see that it is not so good I give up the project
Any tips to overcome these two problems?
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shochu/soju also acceptable if you can ride the 7-Eleven gallon bottle for $12 train
lower your standards and / or work on something else
I dont think ADHD and anxiety is the problem here
just perfectionism
otherwise take your meds like the doctor prescribed so you can be "normal"

Diagnosed Generalized Anxiety Disorder, possibly ADD anon here. Also someone who opened up their own creative studio and has since collected 27 design awards.

I know that fucking feel, fampai. But you can and will overcome that shit.

The good news is you probably have self-critique down to a brutal science. When you think your work is shit, it's probably just alright. When you think it's passable, it's probably really nice. Most designers don't take to self crits the way you can because that's just how your brain is wired. Even though it feels like shit pretty much all the time, I swear to you that you can parlay that into a strength. The tricky part is staying objective. Critique your work, not yourself. You have to monitor your thoughts and know when you're just being an asshole to yourself, then dismiss it. Critique the work. Not yourself.

Now the bad news is your tendency for distraction. The thing is, you can't fight that. So don't. When you're at the point where you're staring at the project on the screen and you feel like exploding out of your skin, I want you to do two things: first, set a timer on your phone (or anything else with an alarm you can actually hear, so you can start conditioning a response) for 7 minutes. Not 5, not 10. 7 minutes. The second thing is whatever you want to do. When your 7 minutes are up, come back to your work for as long as you can handle. Take a 7 whenever you need to and you'll find you've actually got incredible stamina. Feed your distraction with these breaks and it will leave you alone long enough to make actual progress instead of letting it gnaw at you for hours, leaving you feeling constantly burned out.


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can you please make this guy move like so hes walking and the background moves too
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wtf? that's not easily done, if you wan the background to move you'd have to create new content for the subject to walk into. Also you'd have to create new content to cover up the area where he is currently standing. Those are just some of the of the issues with your request.
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is this any good?
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not really the turned icon looks weird and the text needs more contrast, try making a better symbol maybe a small R inside the small circle
It's bad. I don't get why I has a . after it but not the T. Also the symbol looks like a pokeball and the slant is retarded. Using a restart symbol is cringy.
Whats wrong with the quality of this? Is it poop?

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the group called paetrix
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what do they do?
what colours do you want to work with?
do you have an established style?

atleast give some info, and not a picture of an ass, i won't even bother with this , go to >>/wsr/ or something
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I've never encountered a single person who was "approached" by a font creator for using their font "illegally". What would they do, ask every single person who they find using their font for the license?

It's all just scare tactics IMO. Prices are gauged through the roof because big design agencies will pay that much. Yes font creators deserve to be paid, but no freelancer who makes $200 off a single huge project can afford a $200 font weight.
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Well you're obviously not a professional. Its not that hard to pay $50 for a font family when you make ~$800/job. I mostly just bill the client for the font. It ain't hard you raging autist. Just buy the damn font, otherwise you degrade the potential income for all of us. Shitskins may steal licensed assets, but that does not mean we should.
Lets just respect the licenses. If you like a font, then you are obligated to pay for your use of it. This is the whole premise of the design industry. The internet and a disregard for this contract is killing design.
And this is why you don't make very much on jobs: because someone will just pay a shitskin to steal a design if you charge too much.

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I don't think it is only a coincidence that this field constantly comes under fire as being a pretentious hack niche. Other occupations don't suffer from this stigma. There's definitely truth in it, otherwise, it wouldn't be so widespread.
Lmao, graphic designers on suicide watch. Will you ever recover?
life is all about bullshitting your way into money

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Why don't normies like QR codes? They're very powerful if used properly...but they're not.

Why is this?
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how do you use them properly? as far as I know normies don't bother downloading an app to read them
It's one of those things that works but isn't that useful.

You have to download the app
take the picture
wait for site to come up

What's the best way to achieve what the QR Code designers originally intended?

I just want to display some gif (jiff) animations and/or 5 sec. video animations.

Is tumblr the right platform? Dribbble is invite only and I'm not that good yet.

What are some cool tumblr portfolios?
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Avoid Tumblr like the plague and make your own website.

The positive response rate to seeing my portfolio went from 0% when it was on Tumblr to 75% when I designed and hosted it on my own (over ~150 job inquiries), with the exact same display pieces.
You ever use Wix? A friend of mine suggested it to me when I said I was gonna make an art portfolio.
(I'm a designer on a budget and can't afford whatever it costs to run my own site.)

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I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right spot but I'll give it a shot.

I need Dothan, AL to be changed to Orlando, FL on both the depart

Please do not adjust the image size or anything. Post the edited picture in this thread. First person to do it properly gets a 20$ USD PayPal transfer, so please provide your PayPal email.

If you're bored you can always do it for free but I need this done ASAP hence the money incentive.
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*Both the departure and arrival. Fucking hell.
Are you trying to hide your trip to Alabama from someone? Seems shady.
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you have fun at orlando or something

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Do I need to learn how to code as an UX/UI designer?
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No OP. It is definitely a plus though.

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Hi! I'm asking for someone who works at animation (3D or 2D) ASAP, to volunteer for a short interview I need to do for an English assignment.
To whom it may concern, please put down here your skype so I can add you.
Thanks, I would really appreciate your help.
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What do you mean by budget?

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I just started my own business, so now I gotta make a logo for it. What should I keep in mind? Are there any "rules" for these designs?
It's a private tutoring company.
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there are a lot of elements and principles for design. Start of by reading some basics.


if you feel you need further help theres always online tutoring sources eg lynda and skillshare.

this link gets you three months of course from a huge collection of designers for only a dollar: http://skl.sh/2h3ZcGI

and if you decide to use it i get one month extra on mine ;)

Moodboarding is a good start. Look at
and type business logo, collect a bunch of idea and formulate the style you want for your business.
Try to think of a witty idea for the theme of your logo. e.g not just a graduation cap. maybe a brain or some word play. this is just is just the ice berg if you want to make a timeless logo that represents your business well!
good luck.
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hey there dude, I want to make one for you, just make a temporary/fake mail (cause you don't want to post your real email address over here).
I will only ask $100 and you pay me afterwards IF you are satisfied.

I use adobe illustrator and this is perfect for printing as well, since every print shop works with this format.

I am from Europastan btw.

Why would I pay when I can make something myself in Vectr? Thank you, but I'll pass

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heard a story a few days ago of a kid in high school in my area who had made ~450k trademarking and selling logos and shit to companies.
anybody here been successful with GD and how would one approach such a job?

pic is some art i did in like 2 minutes on my phone
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>~450k trademarking and selling logos and shit to companies
He's playing you, shorty.
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>live in the Balkans
>if you charge any decent sum for a logo most people will tell you to go fuck yourself and will make sure to tell everyone they know to never contract you
Must be nice in the first world.

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My dad asked me to make a logo for his poke restaurant and I want to make him proud of me. I drew pic related but he says it sucks and I agree with him. Please help
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hire someone
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I'm in class right now drawing shit. Looking for Polynesian symbols for inspiration.
I assume his restaurant is selling asian specialties. Does he sell something special? Like a variety of pork? Or does he specialize on fish? Which direction opf food is he cooking? Chinese, Thai, Malay, etc?

Why has the restaurant the name pacific poke?
What is the history of the restaurant? How long did the restaurant exist? Did he inherited from your grandpa?

Go simple, don't so complicated. Really good logos are always simple.
Think about these questions before wildly draw stuff, that has no relations to the restaurant.

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