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GIMP or Adobe PS?
Is the price worth it?

Pic unrelated.
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>GIMP or Adobe PS?
PS is the industry standard, no one will take you seriously if you use GIMP

>Is the price worth it?
Probably not (Adobe are greedy bastards) but you can always torrent it
>Show up at an interview
>"Hey Anon, you didn't list Photoshop as one of your skills on your resume. Do you use Photoshop?"
>"No, it's a rip off. I use GIMP."
>"Well, it was nice meeting you anon. I wish you luck elsewhere."

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a lot of drugs have extremely specific aesthetics or design or imagery or 'logos'.

-lsd: tie-dye, fractals, clouds, colourful
-cocaine: 80s, white ferrari, mirrors, sterile, modern, primary colours
-crack: ghetto, browns, 80s/90s/guns, black,
- weed: green, leaves, smoke, chill.
- Opium: middle-east/india, low ceilings, smokey, exotic, ferns, persian carpets

I'm interested in what is the graphic design of drugs that are more popular now. things like nootropics and benzos. Do they have an aesthetic or marketed image or design? If not, what would it be?
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The images are associated with the people that take those drugs. Who's taking nootropics and benzos?
You've clearly never met anyone who does coke. Coke's personality is basically a beer commercial's conception of a sexy party.
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nootropics are mostly nerdy, efficient, spreadsheet scheduling, research reviewing types it seems

benzos are all over the place, mainstays like valium make me think of upper-middle-class women in sweat pants and large clean living rooms, xanax makes me think of glazed-eyed amnesic ocean pacific t-shirt wearing twenty-something males who are usually using other hard pharma narcotics and amphetamines

rc benzos are kind of a blank slate in my mind, I'm on flubromazolam atm and have a stash of flubromazepam, etizolam and clonazolam, I'm a pretty straight laced but laid back guy I dunno I hang out on a olt of rc forums and I would say the only real defining feature of the users there is that they are drug nerds to some extent, a lot of students and o-chem types I suppose, kind of tech-nerdy as well

Hey bros,

Let's do a brainstorm?

I need to create a logo for the name "UP".
How many come here asking to create, it is not what I want.

Unfortunately, I am a loner who works as a freelancer and did not have many friends or coworkers.
I would like to join our brains and put together a brainstorm to creation of the logo "UP"

This is already a model that I did.
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Well the drop shadow is unnecessary and the colors are bad, but I "get" it.

You say you have to create a logo for "the name UP"
What does that mean? What is the "UP" brand about? A shop? A band? An app?

Im on my phone so I can't do real illustrations but if you play around with guides in upward motion it helps. Try to keep the rhythm ascending, not flat or descending.
Nice! I will try to do something illustrating movement! Good thinking!
UP is a marketing and business consulting firm.
A company that helps improve sales of other companies.
your thread could have been more successful if you had posted a bunch of designs and asked which ones have potential.

Isn't weird how people are surrounded by good design but when something is their own they get tunneled vision? How does this happen.

I remember the first year of me screwing around in photoshop was me creating hideous things and thinking they're cool. Anybody could have seen that they were ugly, except me.

I think it comes from being self focused and not user focused.
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I think it's something that comes with experience.

You have to really suck before you get really good.
..Or you're just good from the start.

When I was younger and a bit more immature (like 13 or so) I used to think things I did was the bees knees.
Later on when I got more mature, I became more self criticizing, so my teen self loathing and angst helped me notice how terrible I was.

Now, I'm not the best at whatever I do, but I know that. I have a good sense of style, and the knowledge to help achieve my goals. With more progressive refinement, I know I can get better at what I do.
I might not be super famous or anything by the end of it, but at least (hopefully) I'll make a good life out of the things I do.

tl:dr refinement and practice
You're still inexperienced.

That's when you know you've made it, when you intuitively judge your work objectively. Tunnel is vision fades with time.
I think it's mostly like that in the learning process. You can make a terrible design, but make a personal breakthrough while working on that design. It makes it feel better than it actually is.

Whats the best free 2d drawing software?
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I've been having a lot of fun lately with
ms paint

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ITT: Worst Graphic Design Logos
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sick burn

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Opinions on what I am about to say please

Graphic designers are people who are too stupid and uneducated to be architects but wanted to go to uni and do something better than stacking shelves at woolworths.

They realise that pursuing art and making a living off it is too hard.

Another reason people get into my line of work is because they aren't talented enough to be tattoo artists.

Keep in mind that I am a graphic designer myself.
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This is exactly what happened to me, except I didn't go to uni.

My thoughts were architecture and if that doesn't work out, then just graphics. Either way I'll be happy.
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most retarded thing i read today

Just because you are offended by something doesn't make it "retarded" or untrue.

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Hi guys, I know all the tools of Adobe Illustrator and I have watched over 75+ tutorials. But the problem is that I can't draw, not even for a bit. I prefer flat design (pic related). Tips and useful resources are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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Bump with pic related
just get references and inspiration you'll get better with practice.
also you can learn to draw in weeks (search for betty edwards new drawing)
I feel you, flat design is really pretty!

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I need an artist's eye. Tell me which looks nicer. Making a education japanese game and players turn over flash cards. I'm designing how the back more detailed part of them should look.

Old design

new design

I'm not feeling the new design and feel like there could be better positioning, font size, or something. I got some critique and realize that the first design is better. If that's the case, how could I make it feel better in terms of what I was going for in the new version of it with the new icon and the two new texts: Kana and Romaji?
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old design is literally perfect
you don't need fucking labels, it's perfectly self evident what they are

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Random Album Art Thread.jpg
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Last thread >>256705

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henri peyre - haiti.jpg
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Don't h8 m8
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sandfly - bukkaked with stupid.jpg
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Ha Ha
Time for Random Album Art

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Looking to decorate my PC chassis.
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Short answer: Nope.
But why do you care anyway?

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Heyya, can I please have some feedback on this design, thanks :)
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typo in the "Why not" section, just realized
The question mark on "not" isn't red which throws me off
The line around the phone is super weird and you don't need it, it stands out enough as is
The line separating the text from the picture could just be a straight line
File: Capture.png (753KB, 659x839px)Image search: [Google]
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Thanks, want the line separating the image from the text to be triangular poly looking or something rather than a boring straight line.

A few days ago i installed runescape and it told me to update my video driver, i click the shit and rune dont work. i uninstall il.

Today i open Rhino 5 and notice that the lines are shittier and pixelated.

Dont know what to do. plz help
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looks like the regular rhino preview to me.
you can always go into the display options to make some adjustments.

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we need a logo cause is a tradition in our couentry Vnezuela, to have a logo that represent the year and the prom number you are. We are from Universidad de Carabobo, prom 82 and we are going to get our degree of Mechanical Engineering the next year 2017 . Something minimalist is what we want, maybe some gears of somthing about mechanical engineering.
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how much are you paying??

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Hey fellas,

Where is the best place to get stock photos? Preferably for free.
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lurk in the questions thread there's some links i posted there.

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