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File: wps-vending-machine.jpg (85KB, 550x815px)Image search: [Google]
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has anyone here gotten their art/product into one of these things?
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no, but follow your dreams I'd say

I ask not because I'm interested in getting product into them (I've worked in vending), but if anyone else here has. All of it feels very late 90s/early 00s and I'm curious to know if they're just reusing designs or if they ever bother to make new content.

That is if they sell at all, the few machines I've worked with would only get MAYBE 2-3 sales a week. Assuming a 100 pcs machine load, it'd take at least 2 years to go through it.
the fuck is this thing

File: T05 REBORN.jpg (38KB, 506x506px)Image search: [Google]
T05 REBORN.jpg
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Rate my shit /gd/
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File: 1324432564326.png (148KB, 952x714px)Image search: [Google]
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Thanks for the response il try my best.
This thing is a bit of a mess and an eyesore in my opinion. It looks like someone took a good design then tried to shake it like a Polaroid picture.

The letters should be angled the same way as each other and the tape. And they should be the same color or if you want to make one of them different it has to a complimentary color, not a different shade of pink.

Also, what is the point of the background and why is there a root growing off of the corner. It only works to draw your eye away from the logo and further detracts from any composition you have. The lettering above in cursive is absolutely illegible.

Lastly, the letters look like they sliding off. And over an interesting design poorly executed.

File: IMG_5015.png (2MB, 1037x995px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1037x995px
Any thoughts how this line effect is made?
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my guess is 3d parametric or sub-polygon displacement surface with a color gradient made in post. or maybe an edited pic or something. search for aadrl
Looked at tuts and can't find anything similar to original pic.
That looks like motion trails for a particle system.

File: red iris logo.jpg (526KB, 2000x2000px)Image search: [Google]
red iris logo.jpg
526KB, 2000x2000px
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pretty bad but i like the name. the circle doesn't have a purpose, the text position looks awkward and it seems pretty easy to forget.

There is zero relationship between the circle and the text inside it
The text needs to follow the curves of the circle rather than being awkwardly cropped like it is now
"productions" is too small and has no relationship to "red iris"
You're using detail lines that are WAY too thin to be visible at a smaller size (eg the top of a webpage or the header of a document)
Why "Productions"? The word always comes off as amateurish to me. "Red Iris" on its own is a much more memorable name

Pretty poor construction/thought all round desu
thanks anons, expect a better logo soon.

File: imgres.jpg (10KB, 284x177px)Image search: [Google]
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>I'll work on everything this summer
>it's already august
>haven't done shit

anybody else just completely slack this summer on their portfolio? I bought a bunch of books hoping to read and sort of re strengthen my weak points at design but I just can't stay motivated. when in school I keep on schedule because I'm not the only one requiring the work to get done. I need 40 portfolio pieces for next semester and I have like 8, and even those need work.

tl;dr how do you snap out of being a lazy piece of shit? and do you think its possible to do an entire portfolio in a month?
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there's an interesting tip i heard years ago when i was trying to get /fit/ they say you should make smaller goals for each week and for each day aswell and also take pictures of the progress and have one picture of your ultimate goal on a place where you can watch it everyday when you're waking up. anyways i always keep a list of things i want to do each day and every week and also i don't know anyone who does this but i also have one huge list with "backlog" of detailed designs or drawings i want to make once i have some spare time.
I had an idea for a project I wanted to do this summer but I hit a wall during early development. In order to proceed I needed to see some pages from Neubau Modul, however I was unable to find any pdfs and my tutor (who has a copy) hasn't responded to my emails. So I've basically lost interest in the project at this point. Will probably pick it back up later.
It's a sign you don't have neither the ambition to be successful, nor the love of graphic design you thought you had. Years from now, your colleagues are going to be raking in massive dosh while you're in the same rut just thinking "I'll get around to it THIS time for sure." Or more likely, you won't even be in classes or on your career path in any discernable way anymore.

Your ego's knee-jerk reflex might be dismissive of this notion because admitting it might be true means you're not doing what you know you're supposed to. Proving it wrong would mean doing all that stuff you've been putting off.

File: test 15.jpg (846KB, 3687x3433px)Image search: [Google]
test 15.jpg
846KB, 3687x3433px
hey i am going to start a webdesign and graphic design company together with a programmer, we need some names that invlove a funny play on words and design/code/ the world/cosmos/universe/nature/etc.
.here is a high quality scan of a flower
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do you have a website?
you should rather think of something that has a personal meaning imho.


Now that's a name I can get behind! ;P

File: Stratigic Advancement logo.jpg (17KB, 851x315px)Image search: [Google]
Stratigic Advancement logo.jpg
17KB, 851x315px
What can I do to spice this up? I wanna make it really grab your attention
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File: Vals Stuff.png (839KB, 1249x480px)Image search: [Google]
Vals Stuff.png
839KB, 1249x480px
trippy version
the spice... flows!
we are at the pinnacle of graphic design with this, holy shit. this is going to shift the graphically designed paradigm. this is going to rock design firms around the world. everyone prepare for smudgewave 2017

File: Delta_G_v001.jpg (8KB, 320x427px)Image search: [Google]
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A sports drink created by the U.S. Army is said to become commercially available by the end of this year. I thought I would spec a logo for it.
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File: zLXhWw7[1].jpg (697KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Congrats you flipped the Quen sign from The Witcher

i made this a week ago and i'm asking you guys what should i change or just rate it how ever you like and if your wondering this is Kabutops from pokemon plus if you want you can use it as a desktop wallpaper cuase i made it for a desktop wallpaper hue hue
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just ok XD
Once again a quality thread from >>

File: IMG_0602.jpg (1MB, 3264x1928px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 3264x1928px
What do you think about this logo.? is for acoustic panels business.
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it's ok but the typefaces aren't really good tbqh. maybe add a little more space in between acoustic and paneles and also try a few different versions with different fonts and ask around for opinions on the best one.
here's some fonts that could look better

Home Brush by V.M.F Font
Yellow Design Studio - ThirstyRough
>that drop shadow
Yeah, it's very distracting.

I do like what you're going for here OP. Try going in the same direction with some script fonts.

File: __(5).gif (248KB, 250x238px)Image search: [Google]
248KB, 250x238px
Just how much shit does a graphic designer have to know these days to make it in the industry?

Everywhere I look job descriptions ask for more than what most schools teach you. Skills such as web design and I'm not talking just drawing a pretty layout I mean actual coding and front end web design. Many go as far as 3D motion graphics and 3D modeling. There is way too much overlap in the industry and I feel like some of these skillsets are better handled by people who focused on such skills as vfx/web design/3D artists/programmers.

Are they justified? I often feel so unprepared for the grueling demands from these companies which leave me confused as to what I should focus on learning. What does /gd/ think are the essentials and what is crossing the line in terms of requirements?
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You don't want to work for people who request all those things.
make some friends through specializing you dumb frogposter
But what's a good path to specialize? This isn't about making connections, connections are essential in any job/field.

File: image.png (262KB, 1536x2048px)Image search: [Google]
262KB, 1536x2048px
R8 my awesome drawings my dudes!!
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File: image.png (59KB, 900x668px)Image search: [Google]
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File: image.png (502KB, 2048x1536px)Image search: [Google]
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File: don.png (21KB, 638x547px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 3D attempt.png (8MB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
3D attempt.png
8MB, 1920x1080px
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dead game. dead graphic. kys
i like it
wrong board

File: JUST.png (777KB, 2484x699px)Image search: [Google]
777KB, 2484x699px
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>Fanta first
>Now Raw

How do we UNJUST the industy?
ugh what the second one is shit

File: the-issue.jpg (187KB, 2087x639px)Image search: [Google]
187KB, 2087x639px
Hey /gd/, I'm having an issue here. I'm pretty new to Illustrator, been using photoshop for all of my pro work but now I have an issue.

I need to do a few svg files for an html game, and I'm blocked on an animation. Basically, I need to turn what I have on the left into what I have on the right, but I can't use filters (no gaussian blur,etc) or feather because the svg will create a png file when exporting, and I can't have the svg needing an external file (once again, this is all for html). Is there any way to solve this?
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Get the raw vectors out of Illustrator as SVG and do the blur manually by editing the markup.
You can apply SVG filters in Illustrator too but they've never worked like I want them to for me at least.
"Apply gradient across stroke" maybe?

Won't look exactly like a blur, but you can get it pretty close IMO. It's def the easiest solution.
File: 1.png (139KB, 1339x662px)Image search: [Google]
139KB, 1339x662px
what version of illustrator are you using?

Just exported svg file - no links or ties to *.png in the svg code.

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