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Hey guys my mate and i want to make a logo for a t-shirt the sketch is very bad and we dont know a lot about t-shirt logo's but i myself do graphic design
>any help would be great
>Only thing i ask is something with mountains that you would wear
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Sam Larson-11-10.jpg
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how about you post the designs you've made and we tell you what to fix.
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Nice and simple
MS Paint

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How do I make my photo look Real?
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jesus man.jpg
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you are the saddest human being I've ever witnessed
Start off by taking a different picture of yourself outside in similar lighting
Also this
hahahahaha what the fuck

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Hey this is a double barrel question. Any help with either would be great.

I've been saving some images from IG accounts (for purposes) however the method I've used is to scan the image in the source of the page and download it that way, which sucks.
>Is there an easy way to download images from IG?

When I download these images with the above method, they are saved as .jpg however photoshop refuses to open them.
To solve this I open them with another program and re-save them as .png or whatever, then it will open.

I'll post the error code in the next post.
>is there a way around this?

tl;dr How can I download an Instagram image and edit it in PS without this long procedure.

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This is the error I receive when I try to open the images.
>side note, running PS CC 2015
I have this problem as well. My workaround is, after locating the image from the source, enlarging it and taking a screenshot.
>>is there a way around this?

Doesn't seem like there is

If you have a lot of images to process I would recommend, if you're on Windows, using IrfanView to batch-process the files and resave them to solve the issue.

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My grandma owns a business that I want to take over, and I'm doing the fucking website, but it doesn't have A FUCKING LOGO, so I don't know what colors to use.

One of the businesses is a motel.
One of the businesses is a horseback trail ride company.
How the FUCK do I make logos that are coherent with that theme and not completely bullshit crowded? How do I pick colors for the logo? How the fuck does any of this work?
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The easy way is to just use an easy to read, and memorable tf, set the name of said business maybe 36pt? , next at maybe 16pt? write down what the business is, and shove it some where near the name, preferably arranged in some sort of block form. fill in the negative space with a large dash, or maybe some kind of clip art, voila easy logo.
make a moodboard of other businesses in those categories
TF? TypeFace?

Can you explain what the best way to fill out a moodboard is?

How do you call informational animations like that?
They are like animated versions of info-graphics.
What software do you use to make them? I want to learn to make them, I have some experience with Flash, but I don't think it's the best tool for things like this...

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Think they're called motion graphics. Not sure what software you use to make them but I'd assume after effects or flash.

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Hey guys, I wonder if anybody here is able to remove those emojis on the pic?
Hopefully someone is able :)
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fuck off weirdo
You can't see what's under those.

Requests go in another board
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no requests here

File: anime_girl6776.jpg (41KB, 600x429px)Image search: [Google]
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hardware advice requested.... wondering wich i should choose over the other, in price and performance ... is the divide in performance great enough to take the cost jump to the better one ? ::::: Smart Technologies Sympodium ID350 VS WACOM CintiQ DTF-521::::: does it depend on the processor of host work station ?
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Why is her left eye deformed?

File: Dopeghost home.jpg (75KB, 1200x630px)Image search: [Google]
Dopeghost home.jpg
75KB, 1200x630px
Please take a look of my new website, is about graphic design.
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>hover me
What do you do for mobile devices? Can you provide a live view?
it's like you don't even want to be taken seriously
Don't really like the white on blue colour scheme. The contrast could be more striking so the site is legible.

At the moment the only interesting thing on the screen is another screen.

The balance is also off. Everything is too weighted to the right side of the screen.

File: 20160721_154117.jpg (4MB, 5312x2988px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 5312x2988px
Opinions on this logo? For a custom metal fab shop. Will add text maybe later.
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Not supposed to be horizontal. Fuck
How is this a logo ?
Its a unique shape and icon to signify the brand. Are you on the right board?

File: 16398763592_2183b79526_k.jpg (1MB, 2048x1365px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2048x1365px
Find a fire department with worse graphics than this.

Protip: You cant.
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>le everything is supposed to look pretty
Are you annoyed that it doesn't resemble some app/minimal trash?
This literally gets the idea across perfectly fine, aside from the fact that the truck itself clearly gets across what it is
Bold serifs for legibility at greater distances.
Yellow-to-white gradient that contrasts well against red without being too harsh to read.

It's functional. Functional does not always mean dripping with style. And design is always function before form.
I literally don't see a problem with it

I drew me on my phone. First time posting here. My shoes look like shit. Sharing for the fuck of it.
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File: costume.jpg (717KB, 1750x2500px)Image search: [Google]
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>signing this
File: Untitled-1.png (403KB, 830x638px)Image search: [Google]
403KB, 830x638px
The cruelties these eyes have seen...

Need help identifying the inspiration for this. also, what do u guys think ?
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maybe it is inspired by the signs of the local club scene. think its okay with this mysterious touch
Reminds me of hacker scene or that new watchdogs game.
File: 1440609755999.png (855KB, 596x595px)Image search: [Google]
855KB, 596x595px

I love it.

But also I'm a huge sucker for 90-00's ugly rave posters. Post more if you gottem, I'd love to see more.

Including the only one I have atm

File: R-7203464-1436097130-2551.jpeg.jpg (109KB, 600x591px)Image search: [Google]
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How do I make artwork look textured and weary? What are non-cheesy techniques? Where do I start?
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shabby is a better word
File: 05.png (6MB, 1767x2500px)Image search: [Google]
6MB, 1767x2500px
>shabby is a better word
distressed is a better word.
really, google ps distress tutorial.

it's mostly texturing and/or using grungy brushes.
never tried it myself, but machine wash is a pretty popular PS plug-in for doing this.
oh phenx phenx

File: overview.gif (8KB, 640x410px)Image search: [Google]
8KB, 640x410px
got my first big actual project. the budget is $100k (USD) for a website and graphic design for a major brand and magazine.

I've never had to write a serious proposal... just bullshit formality "this is what you get" style shit.

what are big dos and don'ts? got good examples? what do YOU do? what's been YOUR biggest project (money-wise)?
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>what are big dos and don'ts?
Aren't proposals sent before you actually get the job?
I know higher ups there who basically guaranteed it to me if I write a nice proposal. she told me the max budget. the decision is mostly hers.

File: redesigns.png (735KB, 1300x4800px)Image search: [Google]
735KB, 1300x4800px
>Pentagram just applies the most popular trend to the MasterCard logo redesign
>"amazing creative innovative here are your millions of dollars"

>any one of us could've done it seeing as how it's literally the most obvious solution
>would've been called uninspired and no one would pay a cent for it

/gd/ is suffering
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>Not Mastercard
My jimmies.
Every one of these is an improvement though (although maybe not premiere league).

They're not paying by the pixel or for how much you changed their old logo, they're paying you to solve business problems. Every single one of these redesigns wasn't just a new or altered logo, it was a branding exercise that effected every visual aspect of their company and how it is perceived by their customers and potential customers. I'm not saying every rebrand is worth the money paid but saying "any one of us could've done it" is not true. If you have the skills to negotiate a contract for rebranding a multi-national company and convincing them that a slightly altered logo is worth 1 million bucks then you wouldn't be posting on /g/.

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