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After recently graduating from my graphic design program and interning at an agency with 3/6 employees being well-versed in it, I've been wondering how one can transition into a UI/UX/Product Design position.

I live in Toronto and Dribbble and AngelList almost exclusively have job offers posted for the positions of "Product Designer", "Interaction Designer", and "UX Designer" (pic related)

This seems to be the most lucrative field for a young designer at the moment and I can only imagine as technology progress the more demand there will be. The problem is, my program gave us one course involving UX, and 2 projects involving UI (mobile app mockup and an interactive magazine).

So how does one get started in moving into this field? I'm currently starting a 10hr course of Lynda but that's not going to cut it when applying for a job. Plus even after some online learning I don't know how to go about developing a portfolio to take to an interview.
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> how one can transition

Learn to program. That's the easiest way I can imagine.

Tell them that you're comfortable working with html/css/python and java and they'll put you on the short list immediately.

Companies really want people to be flexible, they'll want you not just to design things, but to work on implementing them as well.

Beyond that, make sure your portfolio is up to snuff, and get on building some simple iOS or Python apps that look pretty, they dont have to do anything, but they need to showcase some minimal functionality while looking good.

File: Black_Crystal.jpg (3KB, 300x200px)Image search: [Google]
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I want to design some 4 sided crystal shards that look like this or at least very similar. What program(s) can I use, preferably free and how would I do this?
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you're a feget4
So, free programs are the hard part.

What for? If website / logo, vector will be considerably easier

>drink it
kickass torrents

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alright /gd/ i don;t think anyone even made a thread about it so I'll do it.
>inb4 /g/

Im planning to get a new laptop since is more convenient to move a lot and work when there is a chance, sadly my current one is getting old and barely obsolete. I don't do much except for photoshop, illustrator and rarely after effects, which one you have that you would recommend?
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one thats fast
Just get a macbook pro if you can't figure this out yourself.
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http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834319464 (my personal rec)
Next time, don't make a whole thread just for one question, just use the /sqt/

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Alright /gd/ I've been obsessed with this new trend in design for the past few months but I cannot find the term for it or tutorials on how to master it. It's characterized by neon gradients. What is the name? Post artists that follow a similar artist or any other similar styles that inspire you
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Another more illustration based example. Artist is Shawnax
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File: oslo.jpg (66KB, 600x849px)Image search: [Google]
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by Christina Magnussen

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Not sure if this is the right board, but I found one of the most amazing special effects/3D Animation videos I've ever seen. Post more like it. Pic related. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvTvgj69azc
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Also, if you're not a gamer, or you don't know what CS:GO is, I suggest checking out the edits vs. originals video so you can get an idea of how much work was actually put into this.
This is VFX stuff which is more suited for >>>/3/ in my opinion.
>Also, if you're not a gamer, or you don't know what CS:GO is
This is so funny and sad

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1. Ai Projekt.jpg
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My f1rst Adobe Illustrator Picture.
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Good! How are you liking it so far?
1/10 Retry.. the black circle part on the bottom of the yang and ying isn't curved like a square.
i did that tut too. its a fun first step

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missing cat.jpg
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Hey /gd/
just made this missing cat poster for an old roommate of mine.

I'd appreciate your help/feedback.
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Now print a 100 copies out on your inkjet printer.
color or black and white

can anyone identify the type of cat or the breed?

Im not sure it will come through in black and white or at least people will be unsure
he is trying to tell you that this is going to cost you a lot of ink.

Be aware that thin whit font on black background can be shit when Printed.

You better go for the thick black font on a colorfull paper.
Make the "missing" bigger.

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Hello guys!
So, I'm developing an Android 4chan client, but it needs a really cool logo!

Can you help me out?
The app is called Kubo, I'm gonna post some images to give you an idea of it

>inb4 not your personal army (?)

Plus, if you have any feedback at all, I'll gladly hear them!
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File: photo_2016-07-17_01-45-10.jpg (113KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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Dumping some screenshots
File: photo_2016-07-17_01-45-14.jpg (73KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
73KB, 720x1280px
File: photo_2016-07-17_01-45-06.jpg (53KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
53KB, 720x1280px

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In this thread we talk about what we wished our design teachers taught more of.
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File: IMG_20160715_214103.jpg (255KB, 880x950px)Image search: [Google]
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E.g. File revisions
Like, what the literal fuck do I use to keep track of which ones the newest? Just sort by date?
yeah, why not just use timesmps , like i do?


I really wish we had advanced 3D modeling classes, to build complex graphics. I know a few schools offer advanced courses on it, but most don't have any and it blocks so many creative possibilities.

do you really need a teacher for this ? Number it out like in coding (v1.02 - v1.03 - v1.04). Easy peasy

Who do you think of are todays most significant celebrities of the graphic design world?
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Andrew Kramer?

name me ten agencies you admire/would want to work for instead. good graphic design almost never comes from single individuals, and when it does they are almost certainly not "celebrities"
Well name agencies please.

I'm building a 4chan stock exchange called MemEx (meme exchange) that you can buy and sell shares in memes and boards. See related thread on /biz/ >>>/biz/1357338

This thread is for the discussion of the general design, layouts, copy, slogan, logo, aesthetic, GUI's, and so on.

Everyone is encouraged to get involved. This is only phase 1. Please stick to discussing stylistic influences only for now, typography, general overarching themes and styles before moving onto actually trying to design anything. This project will be run as if it's a real live project, no skipping phases.

My initial thoughts are something that is a cross between 80's/90's finance business style crossed between the messaging you get from dystopian mega-crops in films like Tron, Blade Runner, etc. American Psycho meets Ghost in the Shell.

Treat this initial thread as a sort of scrapbook for ideas.

Ideas for a straplines also welcome. "MemEx, Where Memes Become Dreams" etc.
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File: text-stuff.png (68KB, 945x607px)Image search: [Google]
68KB, 945x607px
Here's some ideas for a Text-Based logo
I think this is a really fun idea, I'd love to see it come to life. Are you planning to monetize it at any point?
that would take the fun out of it. Maybe create a crypto currency that would be awarded whenever a meme you've "invested" in gets posted on any board. But that would need pattern recognition (there are thousands of variations for each meme, there would have to be a way for the platform to automatically recognize it )

hey yall, anyone got any ideas for a background color for this? i can't seem to figure it out with my retard head
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File: 1.png (113KB, 1097x300px)Image search: [Google]
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maybe this
File: 2.png (111KB, 1097x300px)Image search: [Google]
111KB, 1097x300px
or this
or even this

File: image.jpg (2MB, 1281x3726px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1281x3726px
What do you think about this thread design?
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get someone to write your copy for you.
Awful logo, makes the name illegible, i had to look at the top bar to get what the name was and even then it was hard because of how low the contrast is between the letters and the white background.

"welcome to the future" is so uncommunicative of what you do.

The pile of iDevices just tells me you're business has something to do with apple devices but not that you do web design. The gloss prevents the viewer from seeing your work and all i can focus on is the apple products.

Treating your client's work as an "experiment" doesn't inspire confidence because experiments can and will go wrong. A better way to put it is "i like to bring fresh ideas"

Why is this called a 'Thread' where is this being posted?

Overall most of your projects are generic and tasteless.
Long time Director of Marketing here:

Your copy is pretty bad...actually, terrible.

When writing copy, write out what you want to say, then re-read it and take out all the words you can so the sentence still makes sense.

Less is always more (just like in GD)

Honestly, in the three cells under "Why is it worth choosing my services" (which you can omit completely, as well) all you need is

>Attractive prices
(which i would change to "Flexible Pricing")
>High Quality Work
>Fast & flexible service

You don't need the secondary bullet-points

See cute guy in class. finally sees his portfolio... it's complete shit. Can any of date a designer who is shit at design. Seeing someone produce bad graphic design is a real turn off for me. like it's hard to talk to them.
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Couldn't you try to help him get better? Sounds romantic.
he's Jehovah Witnesses so it's never gonna happen nor do I want too try. Sad he's the only cute guy in my program... :(
Mind posting the portfolio or some of the work at least?

File: MFW.jpg (27KB, 300x238px)Image search: [Google]
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I am starting my own business doing freelancing photography and graphic design. I still have my software from when I was a student but they will be expiring in a couple of months and I do not feel like paying 60 dollars every month.
So since Adobe has its bullshit monthly only now and the older versions costs around 2k what alternatives do you recommend?

I am currently using indesign, photoshop, and illustrator. I own lightroom but I want a software to photo manipulate.

Any suggestions /gd/? I have been googling and testing but I want something that is industrial standard but not as good for a decent price.
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>freelancing photography
I recommend you get a real paying job, a blue collar job where you grow to NOT be a hippy loser.
>I recommend you get a real paying job, a blue collar job where you grow to NOT be a hippy loser.

I have health issues that prevent me from working in such places. I have crohns, a serve anxiety disorder, lots of allergies that make me sick 90% of the time, a memory problem and a hearing disability.

You should not really put people down when they are not meant to go down a path like that, I am not I do not health for it and when I have in the past tried to live a life like that I can not because I end up getting hospitalized.

Yikes, I guess your only option is to torrent them(at your own risk).

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