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I feel like moot is putting on his meximoot persona to avoid talking about this situation, also watch out for the janitors they're trained to use reverse psychology in irc.

i'd appreciate a warning instead of a ban if you feel like i'm breaking your feel- i mean rules
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>also watch out for the janitors they're trained to use reverse psychology in irc.
It's time to stop posting.
why's that
Everyone knows the hack happened.
Everyone knows some Aussie was behind it.
It was rather funny
>Implying janitors are capable of using any form of psychology
And all the threads are being deleted cause they're becoming spam at this point.

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How can virtualisation be a direct consequence of the notion of a formal language and a universal
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Go study instead of asking /g/ to do your homework.
I do not understand your question.

It's like you are asking
> how can dreaming be a direct consequence of the notion of being able to speak a natural language and having a consciousness
How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real

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Hey guys, /v/ here.

We need your help on making Facebook win the Worst Company in America award for killing the waifu age/jewing information/etc.

If you could please vote in this poll

Also, It would be nice If you people could make a script since we are all retarded and don't know Javascript
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No. EA is worst
Oh shit, you guys are actually doing this?
Count me in.
EA got elimintated int he first round.

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>Hostage from the hijacked airplane leaves a picture, supposedly created by voice commands on the iPhone 5, with Exif data and coordinates from the actual location of where the




How possible is all this from a technical perspective? Please discuss the technical aspects, exif data, iphone commands, and all the other stuff investigated by the man in the beforeitsnews.com link.

Supposedly the coordinates on the exif data cannot be faked as it is put there through machine language...
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exif data can be read from a photo, when they have location service activated.
>from the actual location where the people are being hostage. Supposedly drugged and kept in a dark room

sorry forgot to complete the sentence. the beforeitsnews.com guy seems to have done all his homework, the guys real name and job are true, he was on the airplane, etc.
You can fabricate EXIF data

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Satoshi Nakamoto is real.

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Just read that over on HN. That reporter's a fucking faggot. It's inconclusive at best and provides no information of any value regardless.

Just my $.02 cents.
He looks exactly like I imagined he would.

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top kek

Checked Catalog, didn't see Dwight.

When is Seaweed gonna fix his damn 4chan X fork?
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Next time, use the "search" function
It's almost at limit but still
My Moto G doesn't work with my cars FM transmitter. The transmitter works with other devices, and the Moto G works with other aux devices (headphones). I'm thinking the aux plug on the transmitter is too short, but it really does fit in there snugly. Not sure what to do.

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Have you been able to completely abandon the use of mouse?
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Doesn't that edge cut into your hands/wrists?
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ITT: post your salary, age and your job title.

> £20k
> 21
> Web developer

My first proper job out of University. Work for a PHP house in Zend Framework 2 but I also work a lot with my employer's data in MSSQL.
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Feels good.

NEET, I live off interest and returns

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Why is this happening?
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The video that is, why isn't it covering the full screen

Is this VLC being shit? What media player can I use to not have to deal with such
>included black bars in video

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I got into my ISP's backbone infrastructure and sent a bug report to them, they sent me a court appearance request yesterday because I " Voided my access rights ". Any legal advice?
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Don't show up to court.
But wont that stand as me pleading guilty?
call a lawyer who specializes in this sort of things

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how the fuck can I get the answers for mymathlab questions like this one
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read the book and do the problems, jesus fuck this is like entry level college algebra
use tamper data.
get answer.
if wrong, start tampering
close window
abort request

And that's how I got 100%
isn't the answer 2x^2 + 14x +24?

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Why does /g/ hate Windows?
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The question is, why do everyone with advanced computer knowledge hates windows?
They hate it because it's propietary software.

Jk, windows is shit and people use it because it's the most compatible OS.
I hate windows because I've been using computers since the 80s.

I really don't think I need to say anything else, windows is fucking horrible.

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ok /g/ heres the deal

For the last month theres been this faggot that scouts around on a motorcylc efor women with their purses exposed, then he rushes in, takes the purse and flees.
Cops are not doing shit.

I just saw him do that shit in front of my house, I now know his bike.

heres my plan to catch this pussy

>make a standard home made vinegar + baking soda pipebomb
>put it inside a purse
>use it as a lure

Now I need a detonator that works better than a baby food jar, I could fashion one out of an old phone and a short circuit to create a spark, problem is I need to get the cable inside the bomb, which is not doable since the opening will remove pressure, and it cant be inside because it most likely wont get signal

any ideas /g/? please dont tell me to go to /k/, they will just tell me to shoot the guy (which is illegal in my country)
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call police and tell them about it
this is fucking brilliant

go to textfiles.com, you might find something there
>Cops are not doing shit.

I live in mexico. Also I want to try this out

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Previous thread: >>40264684
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Remember to only create new threads AFTER the old one has reached its bump limit of 300 posts.

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Join #do/g/ecoin at Rizon now.
is it a good time to convert my doge to btc or should i wait?

Give it a few years.

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