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>think my mentally ill family is trying to poison me
Am I mildly schizophrenic? I also have really OCD-like problems. no hallucinations ever, but am clearly a bit paranoid.
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If it's your balding brother, maybe. Also, you're only paranoid until proven right.
What makes you think that your family wants to kill you ?
They're mentally ill so i think they must think that i want to kill them so they try to kill me first by poisoning me or at least incapacitating me cognitively.

keep in mind, they're all diagnosed with severe mental problems, i'm not. I went to a therapist and they only thought I had aspergers and maybe OCD.

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Would learning about your gf's sexual past cause you to breakup?
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Would deliberately make every effort to avoid learning as much as possible
would HIV/AIDS cause you to break up?
Yes. Race mixing is a sign of poor decision making, and hypergamy is a sign of poor self control. It's no good.

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late night wagecuck thread? who else cant seem to fall asleep on sunday nights

>mfw work in 7 hours and wont be able to sleep
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I have work in 3 hours and haven't fallen aslepp yet. Even expended energy in the day doing manual labor for a family member, still can't sleep. On Mondays I basically get through the day a zombie and collapse when I get home.
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I do the same thing anon

....dont worry we are all gonna make it someday
I'm working the easiest floor at my job tonight. I had to spend 15 minutes replacing ice water for my patients, and I've been browsing the internet for 4.5 hours. I have to do one round at 4am which takes about 40 minutes to hit everyone, and about 10 minutes of charting. $17 an hour to browse the net and watch Netflix. A little over 1 hour of work for a 8 hour shift. Being a wagie ain't so bad, just gotta learn the system

god, why are nihilists like this?
bet you're real deep and complex, you moody edgy faggot. real soul-crushing realizations you've got there.

I mean, fuck, we get it, nothing matters. stop talking about it please. this shit's been done to death; let's move onto a new meme philosophy like solipsism or something
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Yeah but why are you so mad about it though? Did Jacobi steel you're waifu?
you reading theredpill anon?
Nothing matters, suck it faggot.

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How did your parents ruin you?

>Earliest memory lining up to be beaten
>Kicked me out of the house twice, both times around 8-11 and late at night, started thinking about suicide for the first time on one of those times
>brother went on my phone when i was 13, had a video of me jacking off since i was a horny experimental 13 year old, he showed my mum and my whole family ended up knowing
>"I wish I'd never had you" several times
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forgot to mention that with that video, they bullied me about it really fucking hard until I left 4 years later
Homeschool, total isolation from any nonpaper media, giving birth to me in this world.
Sounds like you need to take a concrete pill and harden up, princess, the world isn't going to bend over for you.

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I don't care for a college degree.
I don't care about social status.
I don't care about finance.

All I care about is pleasing a fat, throbbing NEET dick.

I want to be bent and have my boipucci ravaged in a mindless haze.

I want to be inseminated daily by fat smelly NEET dicks, one after the other, and told how pathetic I am.
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W-Will you be paying for everything, then?
he's too poor
Well then how am I meant to NEET it up? Right now mommy and daddy are paying for everything.

Is he /ourguy/?

He stands up against liberals
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he also has hundreds of thousands of girls lusting after his cock, what the fuck are you thinking. Did you get this board mixed up with /pol/ or something?
he is probably trying to generate controversy and/or appeal to edgy internet children for more attention. or maybe not who cares.
This while sure is an extension or /pol/. What are your talking about

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What are you smoking today plus why did you start
I'll start
>be me
>smoking Winston Xstyle
>started smoking because of friends
>soon find out its not a bad habit since it makes me socialize more with people
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Marlbourgh Red
AKA cowboy killers.

Its been making me feel shitty, I cough until I vomit and my rip cage and left lung has been hurting. I got nicotine gum and I really need to fucking quit.
It's not cool anymore.
Benson and Hedges Classic
>started in highschool
>just never let go
Good taste. 100s? I don't even "smoke" but they're so good.

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Is it the ultimate form of love to allow your partner to be with another person if doing so would make them happier?
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no son that's called getting cucked
If you arent in a relationship yes in concept.

If youre in a relationship and do this then they didnt love you and youre a cuck.
Yes. I love my girlfriend but because I have erectile dysfunction, I can't satisfy her sexually. I want her to be happy, so I let her be satisfied with others.

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Hate normie gays

Simple as edition
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hate normies

love NEETs

simple as
Wtf I hate pewdiepie now

Don't be a silly sausage, there's a good mollusc!

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Why does death seem like the best possible thing that you could experience as a robot? Me being nihilistic it honestly seems like the only good thing that will happen to me is death, there is nothing enjoyable in life besides vidya for me (vidya at its core is just escapism from this shit life). There's honestly no point in living in my eyes, and I can't understand how normies don't realise it yet. I'm pretty sure that if everyone realised that life and existence as a whole is just completely pointless, it would lead to a self destructive society since there
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Reproducing is your point in life. We're animals. Don't think you're special because you can contemplate the universe.
You will someday find purpose in your life, although it may sound unlikely right now.
I don't think that I'm special or that the human species is special, but reproducing has no meaning or point whatsoever in the grand scheme of things, and the only reason we do it is because Instincts, nothing else.

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Why is everything so shit scary and stressfull /r9k/?

I'm not talking about stuff like: "i'm afraid of spiders, muggers, snakes"
I'm talking about society. From meeting new people, to having the littlest responsibilities. Everything is so Horribly stressfull and scary, How can normalfags deal with that?

>Breath shortens.
>Vision blurres.
>The walls get closer.
>Brain voice start to bug you with insecurity.
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Sounds like a severe case of anxiety, I have the exact same feeling, it eats from the inside out, you're gonna have to resist, can help you but yourself, I know this sounds like a normie advice but trust me it's literally the only way.
I don't know. I always feel anxious.
Either about what's going to happen later in the day or generally in future.
Anxious about how am i going to find a job.
Anxious about how i look, even though i don't go outside at all.
I can never just sit down, relax and compose myself.

I'm expecting a phone call today and i'm so fucking scared, im trembling.

Normalfags handle it because they have friends to support them.
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These natural disasters recently have been scaring me.
Makes me feel like the end of the world is upon us.
I wonder if my kids would ever have a future (if I ever even get to have kids)

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I have to get over her eventually, right? It's been over two years since we've separated. But, every single day, I think about her right as I wake up and right before I fall asleep. What do I need to do?
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you have to, originally, find someone else
Kill your soul in a more definitive manner.
remove everything that reminds you of her from your life, that's what I do. I made a little fire in the back with all the little things she ever gave me and I blocked her on all platforms. You can't let it get too into your head

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>go to gay area
>bunch of trendy straight people
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>go to lesbian area
>remember there isn't one and everything here is for gay men
I hate this, reee. Trendy straight people are the worst too. Why do they even go to lgbt anything and have to take up our space, they don't belong.
Its the current year, gay people don't need safe spaces anymore, you can kiss and hold hands in public and no one gives a fuck except a few old people
Same reason you degenerate fucks take up space in conventionally straight areas where you dont belong.


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Honestly guys I just need some money. I'm coming here to grovel. If you want to here my story of how I fucked my life I will tell it
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Guess I'll just tell it any way.
To get to the point.
>I trusted a con artist who isn't your regular con
>this man is master in what he does
>he has faked everything he's talked about
>using different sim cards he pretends to be different people
>these people he pretends to be are supposed to be people that will help me with the pile of debt he created
>He tricked me...
Comment too long. View thread
I just need someone to say something to me. Even of its just to call me an idiot. I just want help
So how far are you into debt? Why did you trust a golden hen idea and why cant you beg for your job back?

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