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As the title suggests, I've just found a half-decent garage that I plan on renting long term. I don't want to spend too much on it since I don't really own it, but given you had some pocket money... what would you do with this?

Sorry for shit pics, I've just taken them off the listing.

/inb4/ bulldoze the whole lot
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more pics
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back of the garage has a little office area with tacky flooring. Also has electricity points in various places.
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More or less it, nothing great to look at... I'm thinking of just painting the whole thing top to toe.

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In a relatively new apartment, seems like they would expect a wall mount to go here in the middle of the living room. However I worry putting it right above this cable port, in the bottom of the picture is setting myself up to drill into a line. Am I being overly cautious or do I need to do something to check for sure? Many thanks

The cable outlet on the bottom

The white paper is where I'll be drilling, in the center of the stud
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The picture got flip some out. Sorry about that everyone
Ask yourself: If you are truly going through the stud, why would you hit a cable line?
Co ax doesn't carry voltage anyway and if you're on center stud you should be 3/4" away from it. Use a stud finder correctly and you'll be fine.
>just did mine a year ago.

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Could I used mattress springs to forge a rapier battle-ready rapier?
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Mattress springs? No. Leaf spring? Yes.
What other common iten that i may have in my garage can be melted down to make one?
If you melt the metal you've gotten it too hot and have probably ruined it.

Can anyone help me to identify this 3 pin connector?
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9/10 it's proprietary
Don't bother
still need to connect few of these together since I already ordered 100's of them. some sort of chink non standard thing.
Just measure the power flowing through it with a multimeter?

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Where are some good things to take apart to get belts / gears like pic related? I've tried DVD drives / floppy drives but finding ones with actual belts seems pretty rare. Obviously my local radioshack store stocks them, but they're super expensive. And I don't want to wait a month for aliexpress to ship.
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What size? Inkjet printers always have at least one lightweight belt to move the printhead, and occasionally one or two more to operate the various drive rollers and feed mechanisms.

I do stress "lightweight", however. They're usually no more than about 5mm in width, and in a pitch substantially smaller than even GT2.
Printers and photo copiers, no idea where to find more heavy duty belts.
>no idea where to find more heavy duty belts
Washers and dryers.

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Top view.jpg
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Hey /DIY/, need your help please.

I picked up this Chinese made jewelry box for $2.50 from Goodwill today. Brass is in great condition, push-lock is intact, and the silk liner is *perfect.* Unfortunately, there's this bigass crack in the top.

How do I fix this crack? The top looks like it's five pieces, 4 sides with basic dovetail joints covered by the brass corner pieces. The "top" of the top is a single piece that looks like it was glued on top.

Any ideas?
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Top View 2.jpg
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Close up of the top
File: Side View.jpg (70KB, 853x401px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Side View.jpg
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Side view closeup of the crack
not easy. going to need to reglue and fill the crack in with filler, and then restain/paint. would be more worth your time to build a new box that you didn't buy for 2 bucks at a (((goodwill)))

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I have really fucked up. I'm in my mid 20's and have been kicked out of school for a year. I want to get a real job and save up money in the interim, and hopefully fix whatever it is that's wrong with me.

I would like to enter an apprenticeship but I have no experience. I'm pretty fit, and am used to manual labor. I pay attention well and have no problem putting lots of time and effort into my (non-academic) work.

How do I go about finding an apprenticeship? Would they even except me or am I too old/inexperienced? About how much should I be expecting to make, and how soon? I won't ask for advice about unfucking my life, but feel free to throw out any wisdom you'd like.
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>>1241176 In another thread OP bullshit his way into a blacksmithing apprenticeship with 0 experience or know how so do that and just learn how do the basics with tutorials on YouTube and study up
I like love giving young boys apprenticeships in the welding industry. So post full body pics preferably shirtless pls.
Go into the military and find a position that can train you for what you want. I did welding and then learned how to manage a reactor. You could use some training and the military needs people all the time.

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Are you asking about round knives?

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If I'm living innawoods won't the cops show up and shut me down for not having running water?
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Because they won't know you live there
Considering this is a dog kennel, they would arrest your owner for animal abuse
If they find you, you're not inna woods far enough.

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I want to create a circuit that has a delay timer so that it turns on after a certain amount of time, say 5 minutes. I have the timer dial from an old oven which is rated for mains voltage and turns the power on for the duration it is set for, then turns the power off. Can I just connect this to a relay so that when the timer turns off the relay switches the power to the other circuit on? Would this work or have I missed something important?
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It sounds ok if the relay has a normally closed contact which means it is closed when power is removed from the coil.
An old washer machine is run this way, a clock motor turns a cam that pushes switches on and off. Follow their lead.
The downside to that is you're going to have to reset the timer every time. This would be REALLY easy to do this with a microprocessor though. A program that waits for an input signal from a button) to then run a 5 minute timer and send a signal out to a relay would be really easy to do.

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