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What gauge nichrome wire would be good for cutting complex forms from 5-7mm plywood and acrylic?
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>nichrome wire for cutting plywood

what made you think this was a good idea?
When you run electricity through them they get extreemely hot. Even the thinnest ones cut real clean and smooth through 2-3mm thickness. Would be a good way to cut forms without any wood dust you get witv saws.

exactly. and for thicker wood, say 3/4" or so, I use an oxy-acetylene torch. fuck saw dust.

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My son locked the bathroom door and now we can't open it. Does anyone know any way to open it?
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Please help
That little hole in the center is where you stick a tiny flathead screwdriver and finangle it around till it unlocks

what side are the hinges on

If I was going to invest in multi purpose yard tractor, who has the best value?

Got to be something I can keep fixing for the next 20 years or so with a good follownig. Not a made in China thing thats going to vanish in 5 years leaving me searching junk yard for parts.
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get one with the mower on the front instead of the middle

you will hate those other in no time, so shitty to reach corners and you're always driving over the grass you're about to cut

Also when you back up over your child they have a couple more feet for you to stop when you start wondering what that bump was all about
I got a Craftsman tractor type mower for free (wouldn't start; I was paid to haul it to the dump) with a 20hp Kholer engine. After a little TLC it's been running flawlessly for 6 years. The motor has 1,800 hours on it with regular maintenance all done in my garage. Every year I drag a 48" plug aerator over ~20 acres of lawns in my neighborhood and it's beefy enough to run two 21" mulching blades through thick crab grass. I have no complaints with it at all. They have all sorts of attachments for it including snow plows and frontload scoops, not to mention the massive amount of shit you can tow with it.

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Is this brass? It's nonmagnetic, and it's very thin, so I don't think it's more than the visible layer. Also, how do I go about removing or reducing the scratches without removing the texture?
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It's an antique lighter, and it also has a wind up music box inside.
Yes it is brass. No there is no way to remove the scratches without damaging the texture. The damage is done.
Not brass. It's coated or plated with something.

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My sink has been slow for the last year.

I have OCD and I wash my hands probably close to 20 or 30 times a day. I attributed it to shaving in the sink and the soap scum

I opened the "trap" or "u" or whatever it's called under the sink and there is this really hard white shit almost coating the entire pipe.

I couldn't even remove it with a screw driver so I just put it back on and have been washing my hands in the tub.

What type of drain cleaner can I get to dissolve whatever that shit is?

I tried concentrated sulphuric acid once but it caused such bad fumes I had to leave the house to prevent gassing myself. Would prefer not to use that shit anymore

Are all "traps" or "u"s the same size? (I live in the U.S. by the way).

Can I just go buy a new one and screw it on? Or is it not that simple? Are there different threads or size traps?
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It'll be an inch and a quarter or inch and a half P trap.
I'd expect you have more troubles than that, but try and replace the wall bend as well.
If it flows fine after that, I'm very surprised, but make sure you fill the sink with hot water and then let it drain down every week, since you are dumping that much soap etc.

Dunno about your OCD, whether it's cleanliness or just the act of washing your hands, but if you can handle it, be prepared to snake it at the wall after pulling off the wall bend if you still have slow drain.
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>I couldn't even remove it with a screw driver so I just put it back on and have been washing my hands in the tub.
There's some shit that grows inside some rare shower drains, slowly growing from the walls of the pipe inward, until as little as 1/2 inch is open.
I don't know what it is, but it's like concrete or grout.
I usually have to just turn the shower on full hot, aimed at the wall, then stand over the drain with a pipe or water curb key, pounding it into that shit over and over like a concrete pile driver. It comes off in chunks or flakes. and washes down.
Snaking can't do shit to it. To get it off the pipe fully, you'd have to get down there with a hammer and chisel.
It shrugs off sulfuric acid, clorox, other shit customers try first, cables, and doesn't afraid of anything.

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My condo has a staircase that goes up to the living area. It's actually a nice place but whoever did the staircase sheet rock, carpet, and baseboards looks like they jimmy rigged the corner. I hooked a suitcase wheel on it and it tore off some of the sheetrock so I am repairing it, I used spackle and that spray texture stuff and I just need to paint but it will still look like crap.

tl;dr Anyone have any ideas on how to make this look better?

Besides the repair it has always looked like that with the shaved sheetrock
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The red outline has always looked like that even when new. That's why my suitcase hooked on it.
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throw a small section of corner bead on there, then mud over that?
just go and get similar style white edging, install it down the side and along that wall. Anchor it to the flooring and wall, you should be good to go.

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Of phillips, torx and robertson, which screw drive strips the least? Does torx or robertson have advantages over phillips that would be useful for small wood projects?
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Every fucking week. There is a thread about drive types in the catalog. For sure. Fucking retard. Post something about shipping containers or gtfo
with robertson you're more likely to break the head right off. it's generally the bits that strip not the screw. torx are great unless they rust then the cock suckers will strip every single time

Why not flathead? They never strip if you use the proper driver and torque.

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So I just got this.
What can I do with it?
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Put it in a blender.
comb your hair with it

how do you get the USB to work.

Thinking of imprint such patterns on PU leather. Will it work? How to best go for it? Aluminum foil between and crank up the heat on the ironing?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Don't know where else to ask, but do you guys know where I can get a plastic fish bowl (like pic) that's big enough to fit around my head?
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>inb4 deadmau5 cosplay
No. The larger ones tend to be less spherical
Old gumball machine? Don't go underwater, you'll die.
Maybe hobby lobby? They have foam ones. Dont know if u can heat plexi and make it round at all.

Don't go underwater, you'll die.

So I've been NEET for the past for years and I recently got a good deal on a shitty plot of land, tiny as hell. It would work better as a garden plot but since I need a place to live besides this shitty basement which could be sweet with a ton of repair but will probably just be converted into a lapidary workshop, but I am gunna live in a she'd turned tinyhouse a lot like the one pictured. I'm gunna have the little ridge in front of the porch as storage for a little loft I'm going to sleep in. Advice to make this not such? I live in zone 7a so I was going to make sure to insulate but yeah what do
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They also have the "Little House" option which such not as be
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Also available is the "Dirty" Mexican
So you've failed at life and now you're looking at moving in a literal shit metal box.

That's your solution? A shed loft? Jesus

What would be the best way to repair this?
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If the wire is intact superglue will work fine as it partially melts plastic welding it together.
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Do you think this is a good alternative if supergluing doesn't work/last?
I plan on gluing the plastic/wood in place
Do you mean making the part on the head-strap out of wood or the hinge pin? The part would probably work fine but for the pin you are going to want metal, a piece of TIG rod would work well.

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Sup /diy/, frequent lurker here. I just bought an old soviet lathe(universal three inches lmao) for 530 euros. I also Got the old three jaw chuck with it, cutting tools and thats about it. I figured old lathes are a bit better in terms of quality. I'm pretty satisifed that it is quite heavy for a benchtop lathe so there is not much movement when cutting.

I want to restore it a bit. Make the tolerances a bit tighter maybe put in a quick change tool post if it's possible, oil the thing and put on a new coat of paint.

My questions are the followng:

1. Was this a good deal?

2. What can I do to improve it?

3. Where could I find the tin labels which show the power and maker of the motor and such? Should I just find some pictures of the thing and then go laser engrave it or stamp it? I really want to restore it with all the bells and whistles.
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>find some pictures of the thing and then go laser engrave it or stamp it
I doubt you can order them from the manufacturer, so how you say, da.
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if you really want to restore it properly look into hand scraping, Jan and stefan G have some pretty good videos on the subject


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I have no idea why it saved it as a picture for ants but I found this tank beside the road yesterday. The nozzle is already gone.

Ideas for neat projects? I already have a grill
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A second grill
A crucible
A foundry
A flower pot
A water troth

put it in your shipping container bunker for extra water storage for when it caves in and traps you inside
Lol that's a shed

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Anyone have trouble with these little bastards? I live in rural Arkansas River valley.
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I love them, I let them build nests outside of my garage so that they can kill all of the other bugs.
No, but I just holocausted 7-10 hornets nests around my house after being gone for a month. Was very satisfying to wake up this morning and see my deck littered with hundreds of corpses of these bastards.
They're at my mom's house and they get inside and they're aggressive.

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