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so im looking for a tool cart and this harbor freight thing is exactly what i had in mind and i checked it irl and it doesn't seem that bad

anyone have experience with them?

i cant really afford a snap on or MAC right now

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Hazard Freight carts are fine, people like them
I have this exact same cart. I work at UPS on ground equipment and it holds a full compliment of basic mechanic tools and then some. I also pull it around our large warehouse bay. The drawers slide easy. The draw have a latch that keep each closed. The no slip pad that comes with then are junk. You'll need to replace them with something better. It is important to note that I have a tendency to slam my drawers shut. No complaints. Recommend reading reviews on the website for assembly tricks.

Also has 2 sets of keys. You can also by you small tray to attach.
>The no slip pad that comes with then are junk. You'll need to replace them with something better.

hey you got a recommendation for that? i bought a cheap toolbox that's mechanically ok but the non slip mats were all rotted out. i tried the cheap beaded? foam mesh for kitchen drawers but they still slip back

While I was growing-up, I loved the show "Junkyard Wars."

Because of that, I want to learn to create power-sources from junk.

I'm talking junk windmills, junk gasoline generators, junk waterwheels, etc.

I don't care about the fact that this is a fool's errand and the products would likely be wildly-inefficient. I just think it would be a fun novelty/time-waster.

Does anyone know of any good books to study?

How the hell do I start amassing components? I didnt't think junkyards just let you come in and buy shit.
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DC motors work as generators, so find a big one and build a machine to spin it. No need to get much into the theory of it, just find some parts and mess around. Here's a good video of what I'm talking about.


As for components, I've had good luck at flea markets, but otherwise just look for junk on the side of the road.
Permanent magnet motors are the easiest ones to get up and producing electric. The other types can be used too, but some need the stator charged to make the field and some need that plus being spun at around 10% faster than their rated speed to do it.

Creating your own permanent magnet generator is also pretty easy and can have much tougher durability than simply refitting a used motor.

>How the hell do I start amassing components?

Look up what you need for your project first. Then look for stuff that have those things in them. Junkyards will sell you items, that's part of their trade. Car alternators are a prime DIY salvage item for this sort of thing. For smaller stuff, look for office printers that have big motors in them as well as treadmill exercise equipment.

While you can salvage all the parts you need, some things are better sourced online from mouser or digikey where you can buy exactly the specs you need and know it works 100%. For things like start/run caps you can normally find t hose at hardware stores. For very large caps, like for sustaining a charge for initial starting of a salvaged motor's magnetic field, you may find what you need in power supply units and old old CRT TVs. Buying those new can be pretty expensive.

Does anyone have experience with electric chainsaws? I need something simple just to cut up fallen branches and the like. Are they pretty reliable? Bonus points if they're easier to get started than gas-powered models. Any brands to recommend or stay away from?

Also, chainsaw general thread, I guess?
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you're not a man unless you own and maintain a 2 stroke chainsaw.

buy a small husqvarna and be happy.
I'm totally fine not owning a 2-stroke chainsaw. Not looking to upgrade my masculinity, only clear some fallen branches.

Know anything helpful about electric models?
no sorry. try >>>/lgbt/

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Hey guys! Looking to build a computer desk 4'x2'. I already have aluminum legs fabbed and welded but now I am looking for a wooden desk.

Preferably premade and not over 50 bucks.

Also, ideas regarding /diy/ will be taken into consideration. I have all the tools necessary minus a table saw or stuff like that. I love wood grains.

Pic unrelated but it's a Poulan chainsaw I took apart to clean the Schmoo out of. Anyone else take pics of bolts and where they go?
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IKEA sells beech desk tops for $80, don't know if you have them over there. Asking around for used tables might get you one but I'd imagine they all would need some work before looking good.
You should be able to find an old door to buy or pick up for free
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Go down to Goodwill or your local thrift store and find a desk/table with a nice top of the right size. Take off the legs and stuff, sand, refinish and fasten to your legs.

Or you could just .... (pic related)

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give them to me
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So I decided to make myself a height-adjustable desk.. I found the humanscale float desk(pic) and really liked the design but I don't have the money to buy one or the skill to make one, so I kept searching and found this wooden counterweight desk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4-yOB3qFKI

so are there other desks like these that don't use electricity?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Sheet rock repair help? Never done it before but I need to repair some holes in the wall. I have a couple big ones and a couple smaller ones. How does this look? I'm sure I need to put another coat on it after it drys.
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this thread again.

skim and some other stuff.

and a shot of something or other.
you know there is this thing called YouTube...
There are video's on there that give instruction on how to fix drywall
They even show you how to do it.

Joerg is live.

Any questions about slingshots?
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i outgrew slingshots when i learned about pussy. wish Joerg would do the same.
he's married you fucking nigger

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Is there any reason for not just using 125° capacitors with a higher voltage, instead of buying different ones at 85°/105° and 16-100V? Apart from size and price?

I want to replace a bunch of old dry caps and they are labelled 47µ/16V/85°. Instead of buying caps with exactly those specs, I think about buying 47µ/125°/100V instead.

From what I understand, using caps specified for higher temperature increases the lifetime, and the voltage does not have any effect, except I could replace a larger range of 47µ with just one type, like 16V-100V.
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Grossly over voltage rating them is not ideal. ESR may be very different too.
It really depends on what you are feeding them. If the voltage you are feeding them is over 16V then you are out of spec for the board you are working with. If you are feeding a 100V cap only 16V then there's no problems so long as the 47µ matches. I'm constantly using larger voltage and temp caps for tons of things. In some applications, you want to replace it with the exact specs, but that's really only for analog communications like HAM radio or micro-computers. Even then its only in certain places within those that it matters.
a 100V cap is gonna be 5 times bigger, so it probably wont fit on the board, and the pin spacing is gonna be different. so, it's fine if you do it, it's just not practical.

Alright guys I'm not sure if this is the right place for this but I need some help and I can't find it by doing a google search. I just came home for the night a my front door plunger just came out. I have no idea how to fix it. Please help if you can. Pic related it's all the parts I have.
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If it came apart like that then something is broken. Get a new one. If you have a ReStore in your area they sell them cheap.
it's about 12:00 at night I was hoping that I could do something tonight.
Its fucking fucked lad, probably niggers fucked it up. So just buy a new one if you survive a savage butt raping by niggers tonight.

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