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Hi /diy/, I'm in the process of making my own keyboard drawer for personal use. I've solved most of the issues except the part which holds the entire thing to the table.

I'm looking for a solution like pic related.

Thanks in advance for any help and/or advice you can provide.
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If you already have the sliders you can use either 90 degree angle brackets or blocks of wood screwed to the underside of the table to attach them.
If you really want to use clamps then you can make some out of C brackets and bolts, buy some clamps, or salvage clamps from something else which has clamps.

Add rubber pads if you don't want to damage the table surface.
I appreciate the advice, but I forgot to mention that this drawer is to be used at work, and as such, drilling and/or screwing (apart from clamping, of course) into the table aren't an option.

What do I need to type into google and/or ebay in order to find C brackets such as in pic related?

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Anyone cut their own hair here? $20+ and a tip and the wait time is too much for something I need twice a month or more. I have clippers and scissors already, all I want to do is a simple part, doesn't have to be a hard fade or anything. Any good guides out there? It seems like getting the back would be pretty difficult.
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i cut my own hair now for ~7 years
wash first so its wet, pull it taut, cut as required. repeat.
to begin i cut it right into the wood, real short and for the first fortnight everyone tells me it looks shit and patchy and big bald spots but im a real function over form kind of guy, don't give a fuck.
received clippers as a present from family, much quicker than scissors, just clipper all over, slightly longer on the top, shorter back and sides. also its great for shaving when you only have a disposable and left it growing longer than you should have.
the way you described it makes me think of you as a retarded greasy haired autistic high schooler with unkept hair

>it sucks for 2 weeks but then it's acceptable
try being a fat slob instead and get a haircut every 3 months

Sooo I found this on my grandad belongs its like a little safe, how can I get it open?
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This is the lock
Great idea but I would like to keep untouched the thing inside, it looks like is money

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Hey diy,
I have no idea what I'm doing so I'm looking for guidance in making some decorative knifes out of chrome vanadium spanners for practise,
So how would I go about reworking, heat treating, quenching and caring for blades I plan to use in the kitchen
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>heat in forge
>hammer out rough shape
>temper in oven
>finish shape
Quench in oil or water and how hot would I need chrome vanadium to be for the quench? Temper in oven how long at what degrees Celsius?
quench in used motor oil once its past its critical stage, which is like 2000f or when it glows super bright and is no longer magnetic, temper at 400f for an hour or so then air cool

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So winter is coming soon and I have a old house with no attic insulation. The attic is quite large and I would like to use it as storage as it is huge. I would then need to use the floor so I cannot put insulation on there. I would put spray foam up but that is expensive. I was thinking of putting up fiberglass batts on the ceiling and walls instead. Is this a bad idea? I have no roof vent and I need insulation. Also for some reason the floor is tongue and groove floorboards so I cannot rip them out. Pic kind of related to what I want to do.
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normally there are vents in the eaves
leave about 50mm/2inch between the insulation and the actual roof timbers to allow air to circulate otherwise it will damp and rot?
My soffits are not vented, they are solid so I didn't think I needed to do that.
Glasswool wont rot...

But you can use styrofoam too. Its dirt cheap and you can use pu foam as glue. Just get a long enough nail. Put some small pu dots on the styrofoam panel then nail it on the wood with the nail. The nail holds alk ubtil the foam hardens. Also you get a natural small air pocket for extra insulation

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How would you airproof something like that on the picture. It can look ugly inside, doesn't matter.

Should I go batshit crazy with silicone?
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Silicone is basically worthless.
Research epoxies. They're some of the most amazing plastics we have today.

Line the interior with solid panels and seal with your choice of sealant.

Remember if you are going to try fuck around with the pressure in/out side of the box, the seal goes on the high pressure side so they blow into a crack instead of away from a crack.
>"Rustic" POS box
>no joinery
>glue overspill, left in place on purpose
Fuck hipsters.

Answer OP, use an epoxy resin. Line the inside with muslin if needed to fill gaps, it'll turn into basically micarta when the resin cures.

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Hi,anon, can you give me an idea, how can I do to increase my visits in my online store of fb?
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add lolis
This lolis and traps
Sell good shit not just shitty crumbeled consrruction paper and old ass shit bulbs that people been replacing for better energy savings

Hey diy so I need to glue together piece of plastics and metal belt pulley to hold at least 1.3N-m (cca 14kg-cm).I already tried mamut glue and some chines 502 glue but nothing work. What should I try next?
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>What should I try next?
not gluing a round thing that'll turn inside a round hole
epoxy or silicone would possibly do a better job
pinch sections of the shaft so it's a little bigger than the bore of the cog. or build/melt up the shaft with some of the same plastic. use a vise or clamp to press fit them together.

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how would i make a thing that plugs into my phone and plays music real fucking loud?
so far i've tried stripping some headphones and using bigger speakers but it wasnt louder
i'll probably need some electronic doodads and a power source, which i can buy, just tell me what i need and how to set it up
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sounds like you ruined a perfectly good set of headphones, and killed an innocent thread. good job.

look into portable amplifiers and portable speakers.
they were fucked and i decided to experiment a bit
i dont want to buy the whole thing because i want to learn aswell, also i'm guessing they arent loud enough to liquify your insides
>just tell me what i need and how to set it up

I used power FETs in my setup but it was gnarly

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Talked myself into a blacksmithing apprenticeship but I don't know how to do anything. Anything I can do so I don't get found out?
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Show up 5-10 minutes early, work hard.
Also ask "What do you need me to do".
How much did you lie?

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