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Trying to poot tongue and groove paneling on my attic walls/roof. The house is really old and the roof is bulged out on one section and isn't very level.

Is it still possible to get tongue and groove wood paneling or drywall on these walls? What is the proper way to do this without building a new roof?
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Fuck sakes, Trying to put*
I keep a sachel is shims in my garage for odds and ends like this. I've never done it before, but take some shimming wood and space it between the panels and the studs where you put your fasteners.
I considered that, but it would require a lot of shims...

I'm going to pick up a fridge freezer tomorrow but I have been told that I'm going to have to remove the doors to be able to get it out the house.

Has anyone had any experience with doing this? Thefridge is a samsung RSH1DBRS

Iv had a quick look online and it seems to just be a case of take off top hinge cover undo water + electrics then remove hinge and lift doors off, sound about right?
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There is going to be a water pipe for the ice maker / water tap but it is going to have to run through the center of the hinge so the door can open. Take the hinge covers off and have a look, I'm sure it's going to be pretty simple as that makes manufacture simple but make sure you have a way of getting a circlip off as that is how I think they would join it.
From my experience (dept store that sold appliances 8yrs ago) I learned there's usually a bolt or something at the top of the door and then a metal rod that runs through to the bottom holding the door on.

Also, we bought a new Whirlpool earlier this year and fucked the handles up because we didn't take them off.

Best of luck OP.
Just pay some One to deliver it. That way of they fuck it up you either get a new one or one that's discounted for scratch and dent

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How to pressure test a coolant system with paying some jew for a "testing kit"?
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pay a gentile for a "testing kit".
Set a relief value to your testing pressure and connect the pressure washer. Just make sure the value can vent as fast as the washer pumps so you don't over-pressure it.
My gut tells me not to trust you.

Hello /diy/, I typically do not need air conditioning where I live, but this week we are having a severe heat wave, worse than I have seen in the previous summers living here. I was considering making an AC similar to pic related. I have seen a few designs - some use 5 gallon buckets, some use ice chests. Some use water and ice, some use frozen water bottles, and some designs call for plain ice.

I would like to cool my room without driving humidity up super high, so I am thinking of using frozen water bottles instead of water and ice. Any design considerations, upgrades, or tips? Has anybody built one before? Did the relative humidity in your house spike?
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When i was a co at a prison we used to bring in coolers of ice and set them in front of box fans to cool us down, the state was too cheap to install hvac in the housing units

The ice is a waste of money. What cools the air is the evaporation of the water, same as how sweating cools your body.
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Those are fucktarded, and if you're freezing the ice yourself you're putting more heat into your place than you're taking out.
Cheap window units are like 100$ or less, if you're not going to use it a lot there's no reason to spend more than that. Or just look of Craigslist, etc.
Drink cold water and put a towel with cool water on it around your neck.

I have exposed brick wall at my place, so essentially half the apartment is missing insulation. It's gets chilly during winter.
And a lot of mineral build up

I've seen a few restaurants that have brick walls have some semi glossy spray.

What is this stuff, and does it add insulation?
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its paint to prevent the bricks and mortar from crumbling apart
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>does it add insulation?

Put big furniture against the walls. Bookshelves, dressers, etc. Tapestries also help. Thicker the better. You can also use blankets or even carpet if you are poor and don't mind looking that way.

Watch that shit, you might get Indiana Jones showing up to view them. Then you get your fucking castle set on fire.

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I'm planning on building an arduino vehicle for my Bachelor's thesis. My field is process control. The vehicle itself will be 3D-printed.

It will be self-controlled or controlled with a phone via bluetooth.
Would you recommend any particular books to read, what to focus on? Any Ideas, recommendations, dos and don'ts?
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Adjustable suspension
Like a body lift or something similar
Have it bring you a drink while line-following over somewhat rough terrain. Keep a platform on top level on two axes based on input from a MEMS gyro, and maybe add a feed-forward from motor speed in case you want to try to climb something.

I'm torn between two brands of table saws to get. One is a Delta, the other a Porter Cable. These are the Craigslist ads for them



They are roughly the same price. The Delta Table Saw is much closer to me, about an hour and a half drive. The Porter Cable, however, is much farther, about 4 hours drive, BUT includes a lot more (dado blades, jigs, rollers, etc.)

My question is, is it worth the 8 hour round trip to acquire the Porter Cable or should I go for the Delta? Are there any major differences regarding brand and performance?
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This is the PC one

There is something fucky with that PC fence, he modified it or moved it or something.
It looks like they only produced it for a short time too, which doesnt bode well. And the fact its way further?

I would pass on the Porter Cable, with that many accessories (most of it looking old and beat) its probably had a rougher life than you would ideally want.

The Delta comes with a much better fence in the first place, so I would go for that one. Looks like its been taken care of well enough, especially if it passes the nickel test.
Almost looks like he is missing half of the split fence, why you would take it off I dont know

I wanna make a reusable water bottle that looks exactly like this, how would one even start on this?
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Buy one you nigger
All water bottles are reusable.
Check that, the store bought disposable water bottles are not recommended for reuse. They are not supposed to be frozen and also not supposed to get too hot. Then chemicals leech out into the liquid in the bottle. I'm a high school drop out so my info is legit. I could've been a doctor though...

Thinking of building an ebike. I think I can probably build it cheaper without a kit.
Not sure what to use for the motor. Local law says I need something at 1000 watts and 25mph.

What kind of bike do I need. I thinking of going to goodwill and pic up a bike cheap.
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I've got 5 ebikes. One 10,000 watt dual hub fat bike down to a 250w front wheel hub motor.

My preferred commuter has been my tricross with my Bafang 8fun BBS02 Midrive.

I set it up and haven't had to fuck with it since.

There's no increase in wheel weight to big you down and it interfaces with the drivetrain without hindering you while pedaling unpowered.
Dang 10000 watts how fast does it go?
I've built one before and recently bought one from RPB. If I were to do it again I'd place a "sample order" for the bike in the link and just upgrade it rather than building.

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Carpenter here,what things hipsters usually buy? I made pic but I want to made low cost expensive things for hipsters.
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What did you make, the cabinets? Were you trying for a 1980s mobile home look or what?
google wood metal furniture, all those pics ar hpster stuff, also check industrial wood furniture now start doing.
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black pipe lamp2.jpg
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- lamps made from black pipe
- big record player cabinets made from ornate wood, refurbished
- analog cassette and stereo decks with lots of silver knobs

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Fuck that Finch killing asshole

But I have a large food freezer that is filled with years old no electricity food and black mold creeping through the cracks. How do I destroy this? It will be a bitch to move, would have to be moved down a bunch of fucking stairs and I don't want do die from mold exposure. Can I pay someone to get rid of this bio-hazard bullshit?
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Someone on Craigslist will haul it as junk pretty cheap.
Buy new one with delivery,.. ask for haul away of the old one along with delivery... laugh... maybe tip delivery guys...

Or sawzall it apart... open the windows turn on a fan... vent the refrigerant because fuck the baby seals... it's literally thin sheet steel, foam, and copper tubing... you could pretty quickly break it down into parts
The right amount of explosives should do the trick.

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My battery mower was working fine yesterday. The grass was a bit higher than usual, and so I got halfway through the yard and went to swap batteries. I came back with my other battery fully charged and the mower wouldn't engage. The safety trigger(2 in the included image) clicked but nothing happened. The entire switch housing(Part 6 in included image) was fairly hot.

Right now my thoughts are to plug in the battery, remove the housing cover on the main mower part, engage the switch and test the voltage coming down to the motor. If there is power coming to the motor, then it's the motor. If there's no power, it's the switch. Does that sound about right?

>Parts list and exploded view: http://www.ereplacementparts.com/black-and-decker-cm1936-type-36v-19in-mower-parts-c-4167_9514_173259.html

The model is the spcm1936 (Self propelled, cordless mower, 19" 36v)
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As a sidenote, after reading several forum posts on the switches B&D uses, it seems like a mediocre switch getting way too much power for long term use. Is there an alternate way to upgrade the switch to something that could stand the test of time?
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2MB, 288x360px

black and decker.


sadly, I learned that lesson the hard way, anon.

scrap it, and never buy anything B&D again. it's garbage.
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>electric mower

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Is there a way I can /diy/ one of these. I need to use my printer, but the cable got stolen (was using it for the laptop charger).

I don't really want to kill myself so...
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Yes, get two pieces of wire, stick them in each end, done.
Holy fuck it's literally $5. Is not burning your house down worth $5? We have to assume that since you asked that here you're underskilled for the task already, so you'll probably fuck up.

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How do I stop my tools getting fucked by rust? I keep them oiled and stored in a good environment, yet this still happens.
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i just wipe them down with mineral oil

my squares came in some special anti corrosion coated paper

lol use better oil

and stop sweating on them!

Diatone Tyrant 180 size kwad is becoming too mini for my tastes.
So far I had to ditch the Runcam Eagle camera. Can't get the Diatone mini camera in reasonable time so I ordered a Swift mini. I am sure I will hate CCD, CMOS is so much better now with the wider dynamic range.
I also had to solder off the pins from the receiver (FrSky Delta8) and solder in directly and even in this slim form I struggle to find a place for it.

Warning for everyone, stay with the 210-220 size or bigger for you own piece of mind.

Still the Tyrant feels so solid to cut through a rock and come out with minor scratches.
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*Swift Micro
Not the mini, it would still not fit.
I managed to strip the thread in my Runcam Eagle. I am very cautious with these kinds of screws especially in such brittle casings as magnesium and I barely felt it going overboard.
How can I salvage this?
get a U bracket somewhere and hotglue it in. you can adjust the angle and keep it in place while the glue cools down. better than nothing

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