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Hey /diy/nosaurs, woodworking noob here. I made a herringbone tabletop for my camper and coated it with 5 coats of water based polyurethane on top and 3 on the bottom. About a month later the seams where the wood meets appear to be cracking. Any ideas as to why this is happening and how i can fix it? Also woodworking thread.
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Full view of table.
different expansion rates for across the grain and with the grain?
Really can't fix, has to do with the grain orientation, humidity with the wood swelling and shrinking. One possible "assist" is to use urethane pour on bar top finish. Will be a very thick coating but you would have to strip all the water based finish (hate that crap)

Which is better for cable joins, terminal blocks or soldering?
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Depends on application.
do you need to separate it easily? -> Terminal block
connect & forget -> solder & heat shrink
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So....am going to make a knoife, dubz chooses what kind.
Limiting factor...9 in. circular saw blade.
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mohel knife
And we have a winner...fixed or hinged?

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Rate my shade thing. The metal side faces the street so niggers and crackheads won't see me doing shit
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All the materials are recycled or shit from scrapyards. Cost me $80 total

are open air latrines legal in your jurisdiction?
I live near the US border. I can essentially do whatever I want and blame it on Mexicans passing through

Hi /diy/. I am in the financial position to be able to flat out buy a few hectares of country land and /diy/ a small homestead type deal like pic related. I have several questions for anyone on here with some experience.

If I stack the roof with solar panels and set up wind turbines, will that cover the majority of my power use? I'm going to skip anything that isn't 12v and run an inverter pretty much just for a washer/dryer with a backup generator and substantial battery bank.

My other question is what is a good way to cover the few small bills that need paying? I'm not really sure what to grow/make that would be simple and turn a little profit.
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You may want to consider flax, which produces linen and linseed oil. Handmade linens are still in very high demand, because really good ones cannot be done in an automated manner. General foodcrops I'd suggest are peanuts/potatoes/beans. You could also do leatherworking/tanning/making musical instruments, carpentry (you'll need it anyway if you build/maintain your own place) work for folks when you need a quick buck. There's also making/selling preserves/jams/pickles/etc from excess crops.

>I'm not really sure what to grow/make that would be simple

doesn't exist. growing things for profit is fucking hard and both time/capital expensive
>My other question is what is a good way to cover the few small bills that need paying?

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I'd like to drill a 1/8" hole along the axis of a bolt such that it can accept something pushed inside. What does /diy/ think the best way to accomplish this is? I have concerns about holding the bolt in place, finding something hard enough to make the cut, and cooling the cut. I only have a Dremel and the drill press holder thing that comes with it.
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Stack nuts up the bolt and then clamp it into a drill press go slow and quench as necessary
You'll burn through Dremel drill bits like they're nothing and then when you drill from both sides because they weren't long enough you'll find that the holes don't align

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So, I'm pretty competent with my welding.

Do you think it would be realistic to try to learn some hydraulics to be able to build a version of the hydraulic arm on pic related?

I was thinking using guidelines from the machines on opensource ecology as a starting point along with reading some books and manuals on hydraulic systems.

Anyone have any experience with diy hydraulics? even something simple like a log splitter?
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Hydrolics aren't too complicated for diy, but they are very expensive. Just start looking at some of the parts you need and decide if you want a 20k robot arm.
inb4 weldingweb guy
I work with hydraulics doing heavy equipment work. That trailer scheme in your is the only way you are gonna pull it off, a four wheeler isnt gonna have a heavy enough body or suspension for the leverage/weight. It would flip. Putting a pump on your fourwheeler is easy, but anything hydraulic is hi force, I dont think the frame is cut out for it. You gotta have outriggers with even the smallest ditch witch tractors to do any real digging or lifting. What small pistons you could mount prolly wouldn't be worth a fuck

so i've managed myself to get a nice plot of land, nothing too fancy but enough to build the house i want. i'm going with steel framing + corrugated metal siding, mostly to minimize outside maintenance.
it'll be well insulated and cross ventilated so i don't care too much about summers, but i'm trying to figure the best way to heat it in winter.
i´m figuring some sort of electric powered hot water radiators combined with solar heat collectors, but i would also like to have some wood burning system, since i have access to lots of soft wood branches.
i couldn’t find good info about thermal mass heaters in combination with this kind of houses, any data or suggestion?
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Build something like this underneath it
vinyl siding was invented like 75 years ago and performs better
Just make sure you have good insulation, or else you'll loose all the heat. Maybe you could insulate the heater itself with a lot of sand.

the metal piece holding the bottle, does it have a proper name? I would like to find something like this for a project. Any help appreciated.
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double bolt hose clamp
Split ring pipe hanger and a flange.
thanks a bunch

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I dropped my caliper. Gearing won't open past 1/5th. Can't get it apart.

Pls help
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>shock proof
it just means it won't make a surprised face when you try to measure your knob
FIXED IT. dial was (((pried))) off exposing the gearing. Pulled a small stone out of one of the cogs. went back together much easier than came apart.

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Hey guys, I think it is fair to assume a number of you work in the manufacturing industry.

I am curious what other companies have as their block tolerance.

Where I work-
X.X is +-.080"
X.XX is +-.040"
X.XXX is +-.010"
bend angles are +-2deg

As a newbie tooling designer I feel that our bend tolerance is pretty weak. Thoughts?
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is it even necessary?
Your mom asked about it last night
2 deg is quite a lot

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is there any way to fix a inflated li-po if it still holds charge and the voltage seems ok?
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Google is your friend.
I put one in the freezer and it was almost normal again, but it gradually regained its size over the next couple days
reading now

good experiment, too bad it doesn't work permanently...

What foods can you make on a skillet/stove top any suggestions on what I might be able to make (I didn't know if this should go in /diy/ or /ck/
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You're not building anything, so it's /ck/.

That said, quesadillas.
Well I am sort of building food.../:
How high are you right now?

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What do you think is the correct way?
Electricity is more art than science, you have to figure out for yourself what works for you. The only way to learn is trying, failing and learning from that.
What I can judge from your image, it looks like you have 8 equally good contact screws there. Pick however many you need, it wont matter much which ones.

Anyone have any ideas for how to make a really solid handle for pic related?
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How solid is really solid? You could fashion something out of a piece if steel and rivet it on.

Then again thermoplastic might be solid enough for your uses...
Well I would definitely rivet a steel handle on if I knew how and I had the necessary tools. I'm interested in making a handle at home, without a machine shop.

Thanks for the idea, and thanks for the bump
How about a kitchen drawer type handle? Drill a couple of holes in your canister lid and attach the handle with screws?

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