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How would /diy/ build the ultimate house? ICF the entire house?

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How would /diy/ build the ultimate house? ICF the entire house? Metal roof? 15 foot basement?
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i'll just post this now and get it out of the way

Too much above grade
>reinforced cement piers down to bed rock.
>steel frame
>brick exterior
>roll up hurricane shutters for all windows and doors
>slate roof
>first floor is 15 feet above ground level. car parking is in the open space below the house.
>natural gas generator feeding from the lines.
>diesel generator with a 500 gallon tank
Gotta have that composting toilet too
How do you run piping in a ICF house?
Same you would in an apartment block, risers and voids installed as part of the casting process, coring through walls etc. for final terminations.
>full fire suppression system
>postive pressure HEPA filtered HVAC
>alarm and CCTV system inside and out
>fully fenced/ walled perimeter with remote activated floodlighting
>mancave to retreat to
>being comfy as fuck knowing only the CIA can get you
>for everything else there's mastercard
ICF's are awesome and I would have built my house with them if concrete wasnt so fucking expensive.
>how would /diy/ build a house?
Put it on wheels to piss off code enforcement.
It is cheaper to build with ICF now than wood. At least here in america with the canadian lumber shit going on. It also takes way less to make the actual house meaning you don't have to have guys building for weeks at a time. I read ICF is about half the time it takes for wood framing and uses only a few guys instead of a dozen or so for wood.
>radiant floor heating with pex
>roof access with deck
>2 story library
>wired for fiber in house
>Finished attic because they are cool
>wider staircase so you can actually move shit around properly
>wider hallways for same reason
>no open floor plan because those are gay as fuck
>simple geothermal heating/cooling system (maybe use it for heating water too)
>solar panels on roof
>hot water heater, either on roof or in berm-backed greenhouse a few feet away
>rammed earth walls using lots of clay and lime
>tile roof
>windows have working shutters
>all one floor
>semi-circular 10 foot tall berm 30-40 feet away from house on north, northeast, and northwest sides
>decidious trees about 40 feet away on south, east, and west sides of house
>evergreen trees planted on far side of berm
>make sure that soil where trees are planted isn't crushed so much that roots can penetrate deeply
>pumped hydro storage from two groups of cisterns buried in 40 foot tall hill 60+ feet from house to another set 30 feet from house - excess power pumps water to higher set of cisterns
>excess water from roof funneled to cisterns
>one spare cistern next to house inside rammed earth storage room, used for flushing
>northern backyard is warm af in winter due to protection from wind and collected heat - put greenhouses there and a summer kitchen
>windcatcher towers and vines on overhead trellis in backyard for summer coolth
>put 3+ sinks and big mirror outside bathrooms to prevent bottlenecks
>1 bath/shower, 2 showers, 3 composting toilets all in central location with privacy glass to let in light from outside and simple walls dividing each shower and the toilets
>hot tub between bathrooms and outside exits
>5 or 6 bedrooms arrayed around bathrooms
>big kitchen w/ chest freezer, chest refridgerator, and 5 or 6 burner stove
>den/living-room for family gatherings
>long-hall type dining room
>library with nooks for reading/studying/drawing/autistic quiet-play like with legos or something
>no TVs
>orchards and greenhouses around the outside of the property for kids to work in as they grow up
>geese and ducks to weed and control pests in orchards, fertilize soil in orchards, for eggs, and for meat
>maybe dairy goats

>a rammed earth barn for the farm critters, with geothermal heating and cooling and solar panels on the roof
>goal is to get 2 or 3 women to move in with me, be financially independent by cutting all costs, have 10+ kids over 25 years
I'm in leaf land and this stuff is expensive, like 3x the price of stick framed expensive. Mind you this was also 5 years ago when I priced it out. Labor wise it isn't much different than wood. I did my basement with these and stick framed the rest.
ICF has insulation in it so you can cut out sprayed foam. It installs way faster than wood framing so the cost is cut very much with labor. It is also concrete so it cuts way down on noise which is a huge plus. Yes doing the entire house might be a bit much but for basements I would say should be mandatory as most code requires a certain r-value in the foundation, at least the northern parts do.
You don't save that much on labor, I've done both stick framing is fast even with insulating. Plus it adds labor for electricians and others.
>solar panels on the roof
nice meme
amerikkkans and their wood, plastic houses LOL
learn to use concrete and iron, dont be a dirty peasant
>It is cheaper to build with ICF now than wood

because anywhere in the US its expensive af.
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