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hello there, i need help on how to fix this book. (pic related). its not an expensive book but it has a lot of personal value (it was one of the books i rescued from my dead grandma.)
ive googled a bit and theres ton of info but as i have no experience i dont wanna fug it up, thats why im here.

book spine is perfect, it just de-attached to the hard cover.. as you can see it has just one single paper that used to do that job.. teared in the back completly unglued in the front..

thats it, any pointers? and sorry for my crap english, its not my native tounge. btw book is aldus huxley - time must have a stop, and its an awesome book, if anyone is into reading, try to pick it up. one of those just great books. cheers!
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and this is the back part.
btw book is older than me, but has a note (name and year) from my grandma the same year i was born, 84, in anycase, the most important thing here is that the bok remains readable.. funcionality is what i seek for. wanna lend it to a friend., thanks, cheers!
reading is for faggots.
using your bad vibes as bumplove

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Halloween is coming and I wanted to create the Disney haunted mansion hatbox ghost animatronic.
I have a few ideas on how to make it
- bones from a plastic skeleton
- lose cloth or something similar for clothes
- basket could be cardboard and plastic
- head (with animations) could be a tablet placed on neck and in cardboard basket
does /diy/ have any ideas to help?
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You got to add a shot of uv reactive paint. To show your a pro.
UV leds/blacklight give it that Disney pop. Like that rave house fever dream that is Poohs advernture.

I found 2 Acroprint ES1000 timeclocks at a local thrift store, sold one of them but the other has an issue with the print.

Can someone check this out and let me know what's wrong here. Thanks!
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looks like two rows of pins are not printing (see dot matrix printer)

print head is bad. dot matrix printers had this problem. could be a coil for the individual pin in the print head, or the pin is stuck and wont engage
Drop the print head in an ultrasonic cleaner.

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I'm putting a cellar door (bulkhead door) against a stone wall. Should I grind into the stone to make it flush or leave the stone as is and mortar around the door frame?
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size the door smaller. mortar the gap
what is a clay standard brick about 4 inches?
i was moving/widening a door in a brick wall recently.
propped it, timber lintel out, concrete prestressed in, never laid mortar before but i had a crack at it, made good let it cure.
then i thought brilliant, just have to cut this bit of the wall out under the new lintel and job done.
so, 4 inch brick, i had a 6 inch grinder. piece of piss right? well no. cutting down both sides of the brick i didn't have the depth to go right through. so i made a huge fucking mess for no reason then had to smash them all out with a chisel anyway.
so i guess the moral is make sure you know what you are doing before you make a fool of yourself.
as for your original question, you do what you got to to get it done. but fuck mortaring a door frame, never heard of expanding foam?
plastic packers to level it, screw down to fix, fill gaps with foam for sound/heat insulation, cover with skirt/trim. is what i would go about it.

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i was wonderin a few mins ago if when ur using DIY is it okay to ask for advice on a task or do you have to do it yourself?

rlly need help here ppl. thanks u.
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Always a good idea to ask for advice; it's a form of research. Research is good, especially when you're /diy/ing. However, this is an 18+ site. Come back later.

so /diy/, as of recent i've been thinking about how one would go about creating a valid SAME code, as in the ones used to broadcast a message using the EAS (Emergency Alert System), I want to know how to develop a string of code (Ex : ZCZC-ORG-EEE-PSSCCC+TTTT-JJJHHMM-LLLLLLLL-( Decoder attention code - Originator code - Event code - Location code - Purge time - Exact time of issue - Eight Character call sign -)) And produce those tones, not to cause an actual Alert Notification, but out of my own interest, could someone help shed some light on how I might go about this?
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last bump
Also bumping because I want to see this happen for you.

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Sup bros

You might remember my older record console restoration threads. Well I'm giving away my secrets.

Here is a link to an Ebook I made to restore mid-century record consoles.


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Been using Vox amplifier fabric lately.
I don't see these in Craigslist to often. Which is to bad. They look like fun projects to then sell to hipsters.
Nice, OP. Thanks for sharing your method. I've desired a nice mid-century console/credenza since I got out of design school but I don't have the space for one right now. Would also be a neat piece of furniture to store old game consoles, maybe hook them up to the stereo.

My house was supposed to have floating roof over the second floor balcony but the contractor jew'd me and now the roof is supported really poorly, i want to use steel beams to support the floating roof.
the roof and balcony are half the size of pic related.
can you help me /diy/ with some ideas
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I'd support the floating roof with steel beams, especially if the existing construction was made poorly.
Be careful OP because jet fuel melts steel beams.
Looks exactly like the new prison building they are constructing...

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Can someone tell me what the hell this thing is? The guy who lived in this house before me did a lot of stuff himself and this was in the attic. At first I thought he made a TV antenna but it has light bulb receptacles and a power cord
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Plug it in
>it has light bulb receptacles and a power cord
then.. a lamp? Those iron wires are probably supposed to hold a diffuser
To me it looks like a a motion lamp, except it had two spinners and not just one. Maybe it was an early store display.

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Anyone ever purified metal via an aluminothermic/magnesiothermic (aka thermite) reaction? I was thinking of mixing up some TiO2+Al powder with an Al/gypsum booster to get it started. Any thoughts? Will I get any usable titanium metal or just burn my fuckin face off?
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That shit is generally on level "I got burned, crusty nuggets of some metal - GREAT SUCCESS!".
That is, it's a fun chemistry experiment, but not really a way to produce useful metals at home.
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Thermodynamically possible, but then again so is turning diamond into graphite. Depend on how much of an activation barrier there is - not familiar with titanium extractive metallurgy.

Usable metal? Probably be really brittle from nitrogen/carbon/oxygen impurities if this does end up working.

Sounds like fun though. You may want to review safety practices for class D fires if you aren't familiar with those.
chemist here,
you can try it but some problems 2 deal with
>Ti will burn with Oxygen
>The liquid metall is impure with AlxOy, TiO2 and Al

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I recently picked up a Jetson pro dev kit. All the documentation I have for it is the starter guide. Does anyone have any experience with it?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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i have 4 bt-1007, what can i do with them?
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You have a battery pack?
I dunno, power something with it?

>>QTDDTOT thread

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Ey diy. Any way of getting a higher and more directional signal with this antenna?
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The problem isn't the antenna, It's the low power of the adapter. You are limited to this.

You need another adapter to use a more powerful antenna
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Take some measurements of your antenna anon.

What the fuck are you even asking? You could make a parabolic reflector on a single axis, but you'd need to do some calculations on your frequency and current antenna design.
Cut whole in spaghetti strainer. Put this through spaghetti strainer hole. Bend end of anetena so it points at the strainer. Profit.

Is this a meme? Will this reduce food odor?
Isn't ozone bad for you?


I need something to dry my shoes, and not make em smell after 12+ hour days.
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Gold bond foot powder spray. Works like a charm on the shoes and your feet. Get the light blue bottle. Shaq likes it, so why the fuck not? I use it on my work boots and they don't smell at all.
Just put them in the sun or throw a shit load of salt inside, senpai
>why do my feet look like jerky after a good hike?

OP, go with gold bond AND an anti fungal spray

t. sweaty feet

Which heating element should I buy and does it make a difference?
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get the $18

the folded back one is easier on the heating element (approx half as much heat per unit area)

or if you know you're going to empty the thing in say a year or are moving out, get the $9 one
Thanks, thats what I figured

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