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What's the best way to accurately control the speed of a DC motor up to 4000RPM? I'm currently shopping for encoders and it seems like I'd need a very high resolution one.
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With a servo drive.
Hall effect encoder? If you just want speed, and not position, go for Hall effect/optical, and impulses per rotation depend on what you mean by "accurately".
OPS being a non descriptive summer tard.

>servo drives has a limited switching speed depending in the drive
>OP did not mention type or counts of encoder
>if the motor could run that speed the encoder counts would limit him potentially
>OP failed to mention alot important details because he can't communicate with humans
>OP failed

/firstaid/ General

Considering several options for kits for various uses

>home, car, hiking, EDC

Post ideas for:

>where to buy medical supplies
>where to store
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Copped this at costco for $10 for lunch, but has come in very handy for transferring things that are sensitive to heat (I live in California, car heat up like crazy)

Mostly use it for keeping sunscreen, lotion, and food of course (also handy for keeping condoms and lube fresh)
Forgot pic, its expandable and so far it's worked very well

I also used it for transferring film for some vintage cameras I have, works great for films with humidity proof packaging
I'm also strongly considering getting an ankle kit for hiking/work

What lightweight absolute essentials would you reccomend?

Which is superior?
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Robertson and Allen

Anyone got experience with self-winding active pickups?

Pic related: The sound I'm looking for
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Are you going to design your own preamp after you're done turning the copper?
I have no idea how to do that, can you recommend something to buy?
You're so hilariously out of your depth it's just tragic.

It'll be expensive, your results will be shit, Blackouts are already cheap enough second hand (Livewires even cheaper if you hate tone).

Why wind active pickups?

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3nc-bed bugs.jpg
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How to minimize the damage of ridiculous amounts of diatomaceous earth?

Long story short...
>get bed bugs
>waste tons of money on witch doctor voodoo BS found online (didn't do shit and probably made it worse)
>waste more money on exterminator which also didn't do shit
>go insane; start thinking about burning down house along with all possessions
>Find EPA's scientifically proven facts (no marketing gimmick BS)
>buy 6 HP vacuum cleaner, $1k commercial grade steam cleaner and $500 thermal camera
>vacuum and steam once per week (using thermal to verify temperatures and find cold spots they may hide)
>make room spotless, minimizing places for them to hide, and allows me to vacuum/steam much faster
>no bites for almost a month.
>keep vacuuming and steaming once per week.
>safely got rid of bed bugs in a month.
>no more bed bugs.
>now haven't been bit for atleast 4 months
>dad finds bed bugs in his bed.
>tell him I have $2000 bedbug destruction arsenal available for his disposal that actually works.
>doesn't listen.
>dumps 2 lb diatomaceous earth in his room
>1 month later, I now am developing a cough and respiration irritation.
>he still has bedbugs

....So yea. He's probably not going to clean that shit up anytime soon. Ultimately my 2 questions are.... How the hell do you clean up 2 fucking POUNDS of DE distributed all over AN ENTIRE ROOM??? ......and we have central AC. This means that shit is being spread to my room and the entire house. I was thinking of getting some kind of high-end HEPA filter and just hiding out in my bedroom, as an attempt at protecting my health. Any suggestions for a filter or how to clean this mess up?? Yes I am going to see a pulmonologist.
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Shopvac and air filter
>air filter
I kinda already had that idea xD Any suggestions on which model or brand to get?

Won't the greater majority of the DE slip passed the bag and end up in the filter? I mean, TWO FRIKIN POUNDS!! If it ends up in the filter... $35 a pop for a HEPA filter, that'll be expensive as fuck
once it's wet it stops being a problem. so maybe spray it a bit every now and then. blame it on summer humidity if asked.

How do I remove the last little bits of pond water from my recently flooded AC ducts?

After contractors lied to me about my problem with low airflow (bad transformer???) I opened the vent to find it full of water (they didnt even check the vents, those evil idiots, seriously fuck those people) so I shopvac'd it out and took my money back.

I live in a mobile home, so they run under the house...I really dont want to crawl under and replace/redo the ductwork since I have nor experience or tools to do that except for last resort. My AC does not have a heat function to dry it out, only cooling. I live in florida. Is regular use/weather enough to evaporate the leftover on its own or am I doomed to mold?
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The AC air is very low humidity so it will dry out the duct just by running the system.
How about a rug on a wire?
Ask hvac guy for duct plugs. They are the size of a shop vac hose. They are used to plug holes made to allow cleaning of forced air ducts.

Key hole cut duct.

Vacuum out.

Plug holes.



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Im looking to make an Anubis mask for a halloween costume. And i wanted it to be fairly high quality but i have no clue on techniques.. i saw this and id love to do something similar but can someone help me figure out the materials id need? I cant find the info anywhere. Also if anyone has advice on creating a moving jaw as well, much appreciated!
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Look into how fursuits are made. Be prepared to wade through some horror.
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apply to burn.jpg
100KB, 593x598px

Imagine what those suits smell like inside. Specially the crotch area. The horror, the absolute horror.

theres a lot of cool cottage industry viable manufacturing that goes into one

good luck op


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So I have this project with a friend where he wants to control this trackball via ethernet, the trackball uses a serial interface, but the problem is that it requires 12V to work and uses a 10-pin connector, but so far all the serial-to-ethernet adaptors I've found just have a standard DB9 port. According to the trackball datasheet 2 of the pins are ground so I may get away with combining them, but the problem is the power part.

Can it even be done?
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Consider esp8266. Now u can have a wifi enabled trackball. 2 bux each.
>serial-to-ethernet adaptors
Neither of these is what your trackball 'uses', perhaps you mean RS232 which is a PROTOCOL?

if you think you can connect ethernet to rs232 with a simple adapter then you are wrong.

You need an embedded system that can not only receive and decode state of the trackball in both hardware AND application(?) layers as well as host OR push messages onto the network while dealing with the overheads and bookkeeping.

of course it's possible, anything is possible.
I've done this with Ethernet to serial adapters. Just has to be able to handle raw data, and those are hard to find and they are expensive. More expensive than a trackball anyways.

OP how the fuck did that thing plug into a pc with a 10 pin? Pic of the plug?

Is there any way to fix this chipped edge on my cordless telephone?
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Just add a shot of black!!!11!1!! XDXD
Super glue, baking soda, shot of black

Don't use it underwater. You'll die.
acrylic nail kit comes with acrylic powder and solvent
>dip a small brush in the solvent
>wipe off excess
>dip moist brush into powder
>apply to corner
>clean brush
>repeat until built up to suit

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Would it be wortg making your own drill press? Cheapest used ones here start from 150e.
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No, you'll fuck 99% of drills by putting 200kg of force onto it. Drill presses are designed to minimize the stress on the motor, and they are damn good at it.
Ok friend. How many wats should I be looking for? Cheapest ones start with 350w
No, its mechanical advantages that make drill presses work. But even with that you want at least a 3/4 horse power motor to do anything decent. That alone will run you $100 for a used one.

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My parents gave me a bitchin' house in downtown Manhattan but the interior is quite dated. I am going to start by replacing the kitchen appliances and my first project is going to be the stove. The current stove is at least 30+ years old and has electric or ceramic heating surfaces. It makes a lot of weird clicks and pops and shit so I don't feel comfortable using it and want to get rid of it and replace with a nice modern GE (preferable fire)

ANYWAYS, is this something I am capable of tackling myself or should I just pay an experienced company to do it for me? Can I even switch from an electric stove to a fire/gas stove? I'll start my taking the measurements of my current stove and disconnecting all of it to see what size I can fit in there. Anyone have experience with this?
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>in downtown Manhattan

cool. whereabouts? I own several properties in Central Park South, live in one about half the year when I'm not in the Hamptons or abroad, and rent the others to pay the bills.

We should do lunch sometime when I'm in the city.
If there is a gas line near the stove area, there will usually be a valve and pipe ready for a stove. Pull your stove out and look.

Electric stoves make clicking sounds. This is normal. It's the sound of relays opening and closing so your coils maintain the temperature you set them to.

Home Depot and other places will deliver for free within a certain distance of the store. This sometimes will include appliance removal also. A sales person at your local appliance store will be happy to let you know.

If you need a gas line installed, I would recommend hiring someone. NY probably has some strict codes around gas lines since large cities tend to fear fire.
Even if you're made of money no need to waste it, you'll probably want to replace the kitchen soon anyway. So why not just replace everything at once.

Then you can abandon the unergonomic placement of the oven under the hobs as well.

How can i rig a system to piss on people?

My idea is to maybe mount wishield washer sprayers on the back of my truck so that when somebody is tailgating or just generally driving like an asshole i can push a button and spray piss on thier car.

Anybody have suggestions?
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Lol. Easiest way would just be some buckets or cans filled with piss and a pulley that would tip the cans / buckets off the end of the truck. Don't know how easy it would be to keep them from falling over on their own, but that's for the engineers in China to figure out, right?
>help me /diy/ I want to squirt urine on passing motorists

Kek, but that's a lot of work. Just fill up a water pistol and drive by them with your pee pee poo poo fluid mix.
Alternatively, a leaf blower and a bucket of piss would also work. You'd just need to rig something up to cause the leaf blower to blow and then you could just have it sit in the piss bucket and spray on command

Rate my work please /diy/. 4 months into a 4 year machinist apprenticeship & I am having fun every single day!
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Good job, I like the knurling.
Pretty good lathe work for four months in. For something like that you should have put more work into the milled parts, those gashes in the clamp aren't acceptable. All you needed to do was flycut like .002-.003" off each side.
Did you thread the screws or use a die?

Where would be a great place to start with learning small-engine repair?

My wife and I love going to go kart tracks when we go on vacation, but there are none around us. (Ruralfag here.)

My solution is to build a couple for us to dick around with.

I have always enjoyed DIY projects, but I do more electronic and computer-based things than mechanical.

I really want to expand to a point that I can build basic skeletons of karts and then we customize their appearance and race them, sort of like pic related.

Anyone have some good starting points or resources?

If at all possible, I want to avoid kits due to my desire to learn all aspects of things I immerse myself in.

Thanks for any help you folks can offer.
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I mentioned small-engine repair because I thought that might be a good starting place.
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1MB, 220x215px

repair? break your lawnmower and try to fix it. watch videos by mustie1 on youtube

gokarts -
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A good place to start would be looking on YouTube for diy go kart builds. I would recommend t-mans garage or red beards garage(although rbg uses kits a lot it's still some good content) or just look around at some various channels. My personal favorite is bignickthegreat.

If you want to get into go kart making its a lot more mechanically inclined than computers, obviously. You're likely going to need to know or learn how to weld if you want a gokart worth its weight. On top of this, I recently salvaged a lil 196cc engine from a generator, although I wouldn't advise getting them from generators if you can manage, I had to buy a replacement crankshaft because the kind that was there for the generator is crappy for gokarts. i.e. tapered versus keyed. If not you can acquire a relatively cheap but reliable engine from harbor freight for about $120. It's 212cc engines and it's considered one of the best engines for diy gokarts. And for the most part it's basically plug and play. Good luck!

Pic related is the steering wheel for the kart I've been working on for the past few months.

sup /diy/. Do you have a book, page or video tutorial about basic plumbing? I want to install a manual water pump to feed a tank installed in my roof. It's at 6 to 8 meters of distance from the floor.

Pic related, I want to use something like that but not too big.

Thanks in advance.
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pumps have 2 ratings, head and speed.
head is how much pressure it can impart to the fluid (measured in feet or meters, literally how high will it go), speed is how fast the fluid moves.
but its not just two numbers, its a whole curve.
at its absolute minimum head the flow speed will be the maximum, typically the same speed as the outer tip of the blades in the pump, you can work that out from rotation speed and diameter.
at the pumps absolute maximum head, where it literally cannot pump any more consider that the speed will be 0. between these two points there is an infinite range of head heights and each one has its own corresponding flow rate.

the pump manufacturer may show you a pump curve on a graph where you can trace the intersection of x and y to find the flow rate for your given head required, or they might just give you a maximum head and maximum flow rate, both are unrelated and don't go together but thats how they get you. sometimes it will give you one single point on the graph. if you ask them nicely they should give you the graph because a pump without a curve is no use to man nor beast.

everything you add, curves, bends, loop-de-loops, restrictions, valves etc all have an inherent resistance to flow, ideally you find what this is, convert it to head and add it to what you require when sourcing the pump. thats the tricky part. if its straight up or a single bend you might just kind of not worry about it just make sure you have a little wiggle room.

that skims the surface, if your feed is pressurised, fed from mains, dirty from a well, etc etc its more complicated
thanks for the info, but I wanted to do something simple. I have a set up with an electric water pump, I wanted to change that water pump with a manual pump, that way I wanted to simplify maintenance. The system has two tanks, the lower tank is of 150lt and the higher tank is 500lt (I know, it's not optimal it's an improvisation). Water has to go up for at least 6 to 8 meters, that's from a second floor to the roof of a third floor.

Any ideas? My doubt is if a manual water pump has enough force to pump water one floor up.

Sorry, english is not my native language.
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Eight meters means a pressure of 0.8 bar or 80 kPa. This requires either a diaphragam pump or a semi-rotary pump. Both are expensive.

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