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How would /diy/ build the ultimate house? ICF the entire house? Metal roof? 15 foot basement?
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i'll just post this now and get it out of the way

Too much above grade
>reinforced cement piers down to bed rock.
>steel frame
>brick exterior
>roll up hurricane shutters for all windows and doors
>slate roof
>first floor is 15 feet above ground level. car parking is in the open space below the house.
>natural gas generator feeding from the lines.
>diesel generator with a 500 gallon tank

How is this plastic thing to hold cables together called?
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might be cable separator. many similar images come up under hose separator, but they probably tend to be larger diameter
>How is it called?

By its name
Zip tie.

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Has any body made a rocket oven/rocket cob oven (not sure if they are exactly the same or if the cob denotes something particular) ?

Would be interested to know what plans/materials etc were used and how it works - pictures would also be nice.

Pic related - a few examples I have found. The one on the left seems pretty simple and cheap to make. Apparently they are very fuel efficient.
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Cob refers to the material. Cob is a mixture of mud and grass or straw, basically.

>Would be interested to know what plans/materials etc were used
im not even gonna lmgtfy it for you, diy it yourself
>and how it works
theres a combustion chamber separated by some distance upwards from where you load the fuel. when things burn, they let off various vapors and gases and particulate matter that won't ignite at the material's normal ignition temperature, but because heat rises and can collect, you can create a layer of incredibly hot air where those vapors and gases and particles can be ignited. this results in a cleaner, hotter burn. that layer of hot air can also grow and push downward towards the fuel, keeping the fuel lit

the top part of it where the heat comes from can be made of whatever but it's typically tile or brick, but some nerds taper the top of the thing and leave it open effectively making a normal but particularly efficient stove (the bottlenecking of the hot air still allows that hotter layer to form, albeit slower and a lot of it escapes upward, but you can still use it to cook or whatever just fine)
Metal bucket, vermiculite, tinsnips, and some 4" warm air pipe my good dude
Two handfuls of sticks and you've got a perked pot of coffee

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Hey diy so I am having a bit of a problem
I moved into a new apartment and they told me to leave my ac on or ceiling fan in my bedroom or else it would get humid.
Everyday I leave my ac on 70 and my ceiling fan and even have an additional fan in my living room and it is still usually around 70% humidity
They told me it was humid because the apartments are prefab on a crawl space and the crawl space makes it humid.

Do you all have any suggestions for controlling the humidity or things I could try?
Attached is a picture of the actual apartment it's a 1 br
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Is the crawl space big enough to actually crawl in without being a contortionist?

My sister has got radiant barrier insulation under her house (this triggers /diy/) and the first thing they do is to put down a moisture blocking tarp on the soil.
Hi thanks so much for your response.

Unfourtnately I do not have access to the crawl space but I imagine it is big enough since it runs the span of the apartments and the access is on one end.

So the first thing I tried was the extra oscillating fan in my living room.
I guess I could try leaving my blinds open so the sunlight drys things out a bit?

Also I don't have a floor drain otherwise I would just set up a dehumidifier

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So I found this nice wood bench being thrown out. It looks really nice, it would be a waste to have left it. I wanted to know, how do I figure out if it is stained for outdoor use, or was it even made for the weather conditions? (Upstate New York)

And is this something worth staining and taking the time to care for?
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Other pics...has been out in rain for a week probably
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Hello /diy/. I got this coil out of an induction cooktop. What could I make out of this thing? Some sort of electromagnetic device? Thanks.
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You could make an induction Cooktop.
Charge your phone.

Just finished installing my first toilet seat. What do you think?
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About to replace mine. Wish me luck
I think your seat is too big for your pan.

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any tips on diy teeth whitening, and also, does baking soda harm your gums?

Thanks and pic unrelated
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rinse out your mouth with bleach
I usually don't feel this way looking at people doing risky stuff but fucking hell mate, I started having warm sweats. He could easily have broken his legs.
Baking soda mixed with a little water to form a paste is a good, cheap diy toothpaste. Yes, it can damage your gums if you go crazy brushing as it is somewhat more abrasive than commercial toothpastes. Adding a little to commercial toothpaste is a good way to go. Using a dilute hydrogen peroxide solution as a mouthwash after brushing is a cheap, mildly whitening method. I wouldn't go overboard with the teeth whitening. Better to have off-white teeth than wear down the enamel decades sooner. Also, coffee, black tea and tobacco stain teeth pretty well.

Youse didn't pull any permits for framing and electrical and plumbing. We need to rip open dem walls now.
>What Do?
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Suck his dick
The code inspector appreciates your effort with a massive load but after regaining his composure he repeats his statement. You have gained +1 skinflute playing skill.
I'm not sellin this place. You can fuck right off.

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What does this key most likely go to?

My brother passed away suddenly (car accident), An I found this in his safe.
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There's no other writing, numbers, or symbols on it
Nigga u blind. There's a fan symbol on it.
Looks like my bicycle key

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