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Would these take my weight? I'm thinking of screwing them straight into my ceiling joists and using them to attach gymnastic rings.
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Like this but into wood
Even if they would, get some screw eyes instead so your stuff won't slip out.
I want them easily removable. I won't be swinging on them anyway, the hook is plenty

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Hey /diy/,
My local fab-lab has a small cnc lathe, a Proxxon PD 400 which I need to use.
It uses nccad8 for cam and cad but I never used it, and prefer fusion since I know how to do stuff on it.
Anyway, I have a part I need to turn, I have done my cam and I now need to export my Gcode. My issue is that nccad wants kosy to be used as post processor but on Fusion, it isn't available for turning, only milling. Am I fucked or is there a way to get my .knc file with fusion?
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Can you explain this to me in woodworking speak?
Well fusion doesn't want to chooch.
The gcode I can export for a lathe is written only for haas, tormach or other high-end machines, but I can't use it since it's not written in a manner that the machine I have can understand.
She wants kosy synthax, but fusion can't do that out of the box it looks like.
Still not getting it, try replacing some of your words with "woodglue"

Ok guys i just found this in the beach while i was running, what the hell can i do with it.
It´s obviously locked and with 10% bat, it will probably ran out eventually.
Can i get some scrap from it?
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Give it back Jamal
Aside from /pol/ shit, anything interesting?
it has a GPS in it dickhead they're probably driving to your location right now

I was wondering if anybody here would be gracious enough to help me out here. I got this voltage booster on ebay and put it in a tin so I could power my laptop on battery packs and such. It worked fine at first but now that I'm playing videos and drawing a full 90 watts (or near it) the laptop keeps switching back to it's internal battery, then back to the external one, repeatedly.

EVEN WORSE, my laptop started squeeling and I swore I smelled fresh almonds or something weird, and it wasn't coming from my external battery pack (it's a LiPo so I'm a bit scared of it). Did I ruin my laptops capacitors? Whats causing this? Is my voltage converter shit? Is there a way I can fix this?
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Bumping with my battery haul off ebay. Gonna build a powerbank like the Anker Powerhouse. Can't afford a nice pure sine wave inverter so I'm looking at plans to build my own. I already fried one AC laptop charger with a cheap modified sine wave inverter, they may work for most things but it's not worth the risk.
Dell can tell. Maybe it's a case of www.google.com/search?q=dell+laptop+adapter+not+recognized
Thanks for the input.
Pretty sure that's a separate and much less worrisome problem. It shouldn't cause my capacitors to squeel or cause the power to cut out like it is doing. Since my charger isn't identifying itself through the center pin onewire protocol, the laptop won't charge the battery, but it will run itself from the charger, which is good enough for me. I'm looking into either spoofing the signal (it's been done and the code is out there) or just pulling out the onewire chip from an old dell charger and putting it in my adapter.

I've only taken basic electronics but I'm guessing the boost converter is putting out a noisy signal, or something weird like that. Wondering if I can filter it or if I should buy a nicer boost converter.

Anyone know what this type of hardware is called?

Trying to make some but can't find a single thing on Google about how it's made without custom engineering.

I figure that there's gotta be a way to make this with flat bolts and brackets.
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Take a piece of angle or flat stock or whatever, drill holes in it that are the correct distance apart and the same size as your bolt, and weld the head of the bolt to the bar.
ITT OP makes his own artificial knee joint
U bolts

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Sure, milk no sugar, ta.
I just had mine. Feels good man.
if you got tetley i'll have two and coo. thank you please

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I want to build my own wind electric generator.
Question not exactly about "HOW build?", but about "WHAT build?"

When i googled my first question "how build wind electric generator" i see several different realization of wind electricy.
First have horizontal, second vertical axis of rotation wings. But here is mismatch. On different site vertical system described as ">9000/10, recomended to build for great justice", and horizontal as "piece of shit, dont use it under any pretext, even forget about existing". In another site vertical and horizontal system swap places, in another site they again swap places and so on...

So, question is "WHAT build?" I know math and can calculate infiniti series and rotor/gradient of vector field, but i cant use my knowledge to solve this objective.

And i have several question that directly related to building.
First of it, what use to make blade? I think make truss from aluminium, pass wire inside and glue/solder above wire cut plastic bottle in several layers.
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Make the blades so they cant hurt someone on impact.

Allow for trim controls on blade and generator mount.

Allow for rotation of generator mount.

Allow blades to be taken out of the stream if necessary.

Consider a brake. Or 2.

Think "super strut" from Thomas and Betts when considering material.
They're all shit and it's only worth making really big turbines. Vertical are a meme, horizontal should be easier to make. Make a micro hydro power plant instead if you can, buy solar panels from China otherwise.
Go to fieldlines site and read for a few days.

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What specific skills should be weel developed to build a plane so that it doesn't John-Denver me?

I would like to build something like pic related (a cub copy) from a kit.
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>What specific skills

all of them
Bump because I want to know also. I didn't know you could get kits.
Depends on the kit.
made from wood? --> woodwörking skills are needed.
made from aluminimumumumum? How the fuck do I weld and rivet and stuff

Does it have an engine? yes, so know about engines in general and electronics that are required to run it.

Avionics---> read all of the stuff you can find. google is helpful as always..

Hey /diy/ what would cause a toaster oven in one room to trip a breaker in another room but not turn off the oven? Are the wires crossed somewhere?
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Breaker as in over current or RCD?
Ovens are 220 and are generally on their own circuit. It is quite possible that you kitchen shares a breaker with other parts of the house.
Toaster ovens are countertop-sized devices that plug into standard household plugs and run on whatever the household current is.

Different breaker sensitivities combined with some other wiring fault like cross-connected branch circuits.

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Alright I'm making this thread in /diy/ because you're all tradies with your heads screwed on and /adv/ is full of little kiddles.

So I failed university, I've got experience as a builders labourer but that's it, now I'm looking for a job, a career, something with a good progression for ambition, hands on, technical, construction something like that and good paid of course. That doesn't require a 4 year apprenticeship preferably because that leaves me at a late age to start earning the good money, in a growing industry, I'm sure there's something super obscure out there that I've not heard of and you're the kind of guys that know it. Have a few ideas already, but interested in hearing.

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>So I failed university

>now I'm looking for a... career.

Warning, warning.

>and good paid of course

>doesn't require a 4 year apprenticeship

Haha, yeah, nah. Construction is feast or famine. You can work solidly for several years and then not be able to get a job at all for months or even years at a time. Also, you are broken down and useless by the time you are 50. Unless you put away for retirement or somehow transition into the business side (which you said you don't want), you end up working in a Lowes making $8.50 until the day you die because social security doesn't cover shit (and was never meant to).

All the other semi-skills technical stuff either does the same shit (breaks you down by your 50's) or is a prime target for automation. You might get 10 or even 20 years out of it but the robots are coming to my friend. Any job that doesn't require a degree and pays well is on the chopping block.
if you have no soul, you can work in HVAC and lie to the customer to get whole units replaced for commision. i watched a kid make 130k this way.

Thanks for that, cheered me up.


What's the way into HVAC? Got any idea for the UK side of things?

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Is it viable to make an arcade stick without the stick?

I spent to much of my youth playing fighting games on keyboards and got used to it, I could easily input hard commands like 360° and whathever those K9999 DM where. A couple years ago I trained a bit to use a dual shock or similar in a decent manner but I'm still better with the keyboard. With sticks, I can't do anything.

My idea is make the directionals on the right of the table, probably square buttons in a diamond shape, with the buttons in two straight rows on the left.

The only "stickless" stick I know is the Smash Box, which is based on the N64 controller made for Smash Bros, a game that doesn't require hard or complex directional inputs like it would in a, let's say, Street Fighter.

Will it be precise enough to give me the same feel of a keyboard?
Should I use Sanwa/Seimitsu or make some freakish half mechanical keyboard controller?
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And arcade joystick is just a stick that trips 4 momentary switches. You can definitely just replace it with 4 regular push-button switches.
Consider looking up a hitbox controller, that's essentially an arcade stick with no stick, so you could probably buy one somewhere too if you wanted
Exactly this
Disregard this, this isn't /buy/
But yeah, the joystick is basically just 4 buttons wired in a certain way. If your control board has 4 spare places, then you could just wire 4 buttons of your choice, maybe 25mm arcade buttons or cherry mechanicals in correct places and that would be all.

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bump limit reached on old thread >>1230603

pastebin.com/9UgLjyND (stale)
https://www.wiki.printf.pl/index.php?title=Pasta (fresh)

>I'm new to electronics, where to get started?
There are several good books and YouTube channels that are commonly recommended for beginners and those wanting to learn more, many with advanced techniques. The best way to get involved in electronics is just to make stuff. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.

>What books are there?

Getting Started in Electronics Forrest Mims III
Make: Electronics Charles Platt
How to Diagnose Fix Everything Electronic Michael Jay Greier

All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide: Kybett, Boysen
Practical Electronics for Inventors: Paul Scherz and Simon Monk

The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill

>What YouTube channels are there?

>What websites feature electronics projects or ideas?

>Where do I get components and lab equipment from?

>What circuit sim software do you use?
This mostly comes down to personal preference. These are the most common ones though:
NI Multisim
iCircuit for Macs
CircuitJS (quick, dirty, interactive)

>What software should I use to layout boards?
Circuit Wizard
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another way is to have several concentric switch contacts, so that the harder you push the button, the more contacts are made.

couldnt find a pic so you'll have to imagine concentric rather than side-by-side as in my pic.
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You're putting together the best setup you can for your electronics hobby. What are the gadgets and products you get?

Pic related, Engineer brand solder pump.
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Another way to do variable pressure is a resistive pad on the board + a dome shaped contact on the button, as used on Playstation 2+ controllers

I have a handcuff holster thats built for a bigger belt than the one I use. Whats the easiest way to fit it?
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go fuck yourself pig
im a mall cop
Get a wider belt.

And retain a lawyer because using those cuffs to detain someone is going to be more trouble than it's worth.

This is the ideal plug, you may not like it, but this is what peak performance look like
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I always assumed your ideal plug is the one you have in your anus all day.
Expect its fuckhuge and uses 5x more material than necessary to power 95% of home appliances.
>Inefficient use of materials
Okay anon

I don't know if this is the right board but I'll post it anyway.

Is lockpicking a meme? Can I learn to lockpick by just buying a cheap set of lockpicks and downloading free ebooks?
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A 12 gauge makes a great lockpick.
Lockpicking works. It's not crazy difficult to learn either. You probably have some unrealistic expectations on how well it works though. If you're looking to use it for anything illegal, it's not some 5 second ninja silent way or opening a locked door. In general, with manual only tools, it's either relatively quick and very loud, or relatively quiet and very slow.
That's exactly how I did it. Cheap picks because there's really no advantage in expensive ones, then read something about it. The only reason people think lock picking is difficult is because they have never looked into it.

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