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From robot hands, to crossplay tips and tricks. Dump all your tutorials and also ask if you have any doubts or know anything
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>Old Thread:

> Send your items by the mailing deadlines.
> Email the organizers your mailing receipt(s) / tracking
> POST PICTURES in thread on CGL with Unique ID number
> Use only initials of the names when trying to communicate on the thread
>Fill out the Unique ID Form when you receive a gift/card.

>Domestic Shipping Deadline: March 1
>Domestic Grinch Check: March 14 (White Day)
>International Shipping Deadline: March 14
>International Grinch Check: April 14 (Black Day)
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I am curious as to how many people are yet to receive their gifts / cards..

I myself am still waiting on one gift which has apparently been shipped
I'm waiting for a card, but I'm currently out of town and will be back a little after the 14th. Not sure what I should do regarding Grinch check
Still waiting for a gift, too.

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Old one: >>9394888

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

NEW! Store Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

Pop-up dictionary: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-a-chinese-englis/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde?hl=en
Good EL-CH dictionary: nciku.com
Translate text from images: newocr.com

OP Edits: Removed Shopping Services spreadsheet for being years out of date, removed translator anon email for possibly not even being able to translate anymore.
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"Soft sister" for cute clothes
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I posted in the last thread about ordering a ton of items. Some of the things I wanted were out of stock and I have then updated my orders and paid for them.

These are the final orders.

>pic 1/4
File: 2.jpg (885KB, 2616x1465px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
885KB, 2616x1465px

If you want links to anything just let me know.

>pic 2/4

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Ok, since lately things have been quite stressful on /cgl/, I think it would be nice to have a comfy thread.
Share comfy feelings,images,vids,caps,stories,... about anything /cgl/ related. Could be your first con, a particularly nice day you had in cosplay or lolita, little things you like about lolita/cosplay,...
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Time to relax
I am more of a tomboy, all my life. All my friends are guys who play video games/mobage and are into otaku culture. I got into gothic/kuro Lolita because black is my aesthetic anyway. I'm so happy I got the scene.

I can talk about bath bombs, hair problems, dream room goals, etc. With someone that can relate with me.

My two dearest frilly friends are sweet, pink-loving, sanrio worshipping Lolita, and I love both of them with all my heart. They're the first friends I've had that are girls since elementary school.

I can talk about it freely with the guys too, but it isn't the same when the person you're talking to can't relate.
Today as I was going home I could feel the warmth of the spring sun on me and the soft wind made the hem of my skirt wave. There were petals falling down the blooming trees. It felt so magical, ever since I started wearing lolita many years ago I see the world in another way. Even if things aren't always good there's so much beauty in this world and it's worth living to see it.

Also I cleaned my room and spent some time admiring my dresses then laid on my bed listening to some Malice Mizer

Post your "eerie" cosplays. Not bad specifically, just creepy.
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This vexes and perturbs me
cries in spanish

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Coord Help thread.jpg
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Help, Suggestions, and Feedback for lolira coords.
Last one is in autosage
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I never wear headwear, so what do you gulls think would suit this best? I just can't think of anything small that will still keep the toned-down goth feeling. Also, yay or nay to the skull necklace? I feel it clashes with the religious motif of the skirt.

>socks are just a placeholder right now
okay personally I really like the necklace, but if you feel like it clashes too much, maybe get a cross, but one that will hang at the same spot as the skull necklace, as it looks really good being just under the collar like that.
Maybe a plain black felt medium-brimmed hat would look okay? I know they might seem an ita staple but I think they can look good if the coord is simple enough
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Honestly I'm desperately seeking help at this point. I've had this dress for over a year and it's just been sitting in my closet. It's NWT so I could sell it, but I love this dress and don't want it to come to that.

I want to give it a classic princess vibe, even though it's a sweeter colour. It would be hard to make OTT considering it's fairly plain, so how do I give it an opulent feel? I also have size 8.5/9 feet so my shoe search has been very limited.

I was thinking if it comes down to it, I could just find some white chiffon and create a headbow, or even attach some lavender and white roses to a boater/make a flower crown, but I really really don't want to look tacky.

Also, I've no idea what legwear to use. I bought the white replica (I know, shame on me) meme socks ages ago because I thought they'd look good with it, but they look terrible and are different lengths, so that's a firm nope.

So yeah, headwear, shoes, socks.... what's your take?

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in america.jpg
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In the US it's pretty common for cosplayers to walk around and go out to eat in costume when they're near a con. But meanwhile in Japan it's expected that if you're going to an event that you will change at the venue, stay in a designated area for pics, then change before you leave. Even Halloween street events have changing areas.

Are there other examples of how cosplay culture and etiquette is different in other countries?
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Based on my own view: In Europe the feeling in the cosplay scene is overall more communal, the American scene seems to revolve around cosfame and making money. European cosplayers like to think more about the source material and having fun with other fans than milking a quick buck. In southern Europe cosplay is more relaxed and a lot weebish than elsewhere, meanwhile the western part focuses to be more professional. In Russia it's all about doing a perfect job.
I feel like there's a higher sense of competition with European cosplayers especially on IG. While cosfame is definitely a bigger thing in America, Euro-cosplayers get really competitive and overprotective of characters their cosplay (maybe because of the work or amount of perfection?) to the point I've seen a lot of bullying and cyberharassing between cossers (especially internationally-like European cossers to other english speaking cossers on IG).
I can confirm that here in France, people can be veeery competitive. The ECG preselections can be a sight to behold, you have people with costumes of a level near or equal to what you'd find at the finals.
However, most "big" cosplayers are also very approachable and friendly, some people say that they all stay within their own clique but I know from firsthand experience that this isn't true, even when I was still a newbie I felt welcomed in the comm.

Another difference I've noticed with the American scene : apparently it's normal in the US for photographers to ask for monetary compensation ? Here the majority of them shoot for free (bribery through food and candy is always a good idea though), be it at cons or for private shoots.

Anyone else skip their ita phase altogether? (at least dressing it)

>got into the fashion because two older girls in hs who were bffs when I was 14
>most cringey tryhard weebs to cringey tryhard weeb
>at the time, thought they were the coolest people ever and wanted to be just like them
>they ended up being really shitty to me and would always flex how much more about anime and lolita they knew than me in a really mocky way
>make fun of me for being ita because there's a couple abominations in my wish list
>don't even explain how it's ita, just make fun of me for it really intensely for like a month
>snap and actively decide I'm going to be far superior of a Lolita than them
>do hours worth of research every day for months and stalk LJ
>realize that for all their shitting on me they're actually not that good at Lolita themselves
>their wardrobes consist of an AP replica, two handmade abominations (years later I saw one of them on tumblr taking a pic of one of said handmade atrocities, claiming she made it in 8th grade... I was there, she made it in 12th), a $150 Meta dress, a $100 ugly ass old AP dress, and a waaay too short Offbrand Gothic skirt between the two of them
>time comes to start buying dresses, only buy brand just to feel superior to them, soon have 3 really popular (at least at the time) AP pieces
>it works and they're butthurt for the rest of our friendship until I stop talking to them

I know I was really petty and stupid, but the lack of itatastic photos of me makes it worth it
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kek, nice.

I had one handmade abomination I created (that I never wore thank Christ) but after that I basically did what you did and started researching the shit out of lolita. Though I started here on cgl then went to LJ. never bought bodyline or replicas and went straight to secondhand brand. Feels good.
Did this really need it's own thread though?
I like your story about overcoming adversity and toxic people through study and perseverance, OP!

Same here. I'm just starting to get into the fashion after lurking here and on LJ for a few years and so far have been very lucky that all I got from closetchild, mercari, and wunderwelt fits well. It's all fairly easy to coord, and I have a basis to start building the rest of my wardrobe. Since I'm not a teen I feel I can't afford an ita phase because I'd look more like lunatic than like a misguided young weeaboo.

How much would you side eye someone for calling Lolita something else?

I'm at the point where I refuse to use the name Lolita anymore because it's just not worth it. There's no existing alternative name, so I have to decide exactly what I'm going to call it (suggestions welcome, I kinda like Wonderland-kei, but its kind of silly) Sorry guys, I just can't do it anymore. Especially now that I'm in my mid-20's, it just feels so weird saying I'm a "Lolita".

Anyone else feel this way?
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Why are you such an ita? Gtfo the fashion.
EGL. Easy. If someone asks what it stands for just say it doesn't, that's just the name of the fashion. Or the all-encompassing "japanese street fashion". Or just name the brand you're wearing. I've even seen classic lolitas get away with calling it dolly-kei to normies. It's not that hard to find something else to call it without completely changing the name of the fashion.
There's probably something wrong with you if you're still wearing lolita in your twenties.

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Last thread. >>9440641

Having some cosplay or lolita-related feels? Discuss.
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A girl in my comm got a sex change, and he's really fucking hot now. It's freaking me out a little.
I'm quite desperate and would like some counseling.

I recently bought a dress on Lacemarket and asked for the tracked shipping.

Then the seller shipped it UNTRACKED the next day, saying that the tracked option was going to be way more expensive.

I explained that it was a a terrible thing and asked for the shipping receipt (which she sent me).

Now afraid that I might never receive it since my country's mail service sucks with tracked things, let alone untracked.

What should I do? If after some months I never receive it, should I open a PayPal dispute? Is it the seller responsibility a if the item gets lost?
It is almost 4000usd, and that is too much in my currency.

I'm just letting my anxiety rot me inside for now kek
$4000? Seriously? Did you mean $400?

That's fucked up though anon, maybe message an LM mod to moderate the dispute if it doesn't arrive.

Now taking bets on whether Santa-chan is gonna get screwed by the judges again edition.

What's everyone looking forward to this weekend?
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>making a thread this early
Good shit ain't gonna come out until the aftermath anon
fair point, but there's often some interesting chatter just before and during the thing. not tonight though, i guess.
Just want to say that whoever the Team Skull Grunt going around doing the whole jive turkey walk, that's fucking great.

A thread for the dresses that are rare or extremely in demand/hard to find. Most wanted cut/colour way, do you think there will ever be a re-release, how much would you be prepared to pay?, do you think the re-sale value is too high? ect.....

Starting with Puppet Circus by AP - Released in 2006 (OVER 10 YEARS!!!! omg)
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>what I have
I have bxw Iron Gate OP, Cats Tea Party in grey, Carnival OP in bxw.

>what I want
The only one I'm really searching for right now is Puppet Circus jsk in black only. I'd pay up to $1500 for it. I might settle for one of the other color ways, but I wouldn't pay over $1k for them personally.

>Holy Grail of Holy Grail dresses
It would be a dream to find Iron Gate OP in the white x black color way. I would pay $2-3k for that damn dress. I've only seen it worn once, and never seen it for sale.
>can't even find a fucking picture of it anymore
The IG OP didn't come in white x black. And the JSK has been relisted heaps of LM for ages.

Aren't you that greasy fat girl with the septum piercing?
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The op never came in white with black print anon. That was just a jsk and a skirt.

Simple, just post the worst and best things that had happen to you while wearing jfash, no matter if they're really bad, meh, okay-ish or really good.

Best: I went to my sister's place after a meet and my nephew loved how I looked. I was wearing toned down sweet lolita. Now she wants to wear lolita too.
Worst: Someone tried to lift my skirt on the train once. I gave him the stare.

Pic not related I guess
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Anyone have experience wearing lolita to community college?
Yeah I've occasionally worn lolita to my college, though I wouldn't recommend it unless you're intending on going casual.

Most reactions are quite positive or neutral but in my experience professors view your appearance as a distraction to their lectures, and lolita can become quite uncomfortable if you have a class that's more than 1.5 hours, or a full-day course load.
Wore it to college class before. This teacher was very liberal and thought it was cool (plus it was a Master's level class so pretty small). Just evaluate how you think it would go depending on the class and teacher.

2 months away and still no Anime Central thread?
Post cosplay plans, hotel searching, etc.
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Midwest line up.png
1MB, 1909x867px
>cosplay plans, hotel searching, etc.
No idea what I'm going to cosplay. Money's been extra tight so I can't exactly afford anything new and fancy. Considering just re-doing Rarity, Lana Kane and something I'm not proud of for the sake of trying to make it better. Pic 100% related. I've been fluctuating between gaining and losing weight but I know for certain I want to properly do these with a nicer stomach. I'm not fat or even chubby but I just hate the stomach flab I have.

No need to search for a hotel since a friend of mine rooms at the hyatt and wanted me to come along.

Though, my cosplays are my primary concern since I spend most of my time taking photos and find panels old hat now.
>Guest announcements before May

Okay. What happened?
Hah. Yea I asked myself the same thing. I was really confused and surprised.

Con "season" is kind of upon us. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on Christchurch Armageddon, particularly with the new judges.
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No opinion on chch.

But I just realised Tauranga geddon is almost in winter.... What were they thinking.....
Got lazy, ran out of time to finish costume, hoping like fuck that no one that I'd have to see regularly turned up and saw me looking so shit :/

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