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Thread for finished cosplays, works in progress, whatever.

Can we try a compliment-criticism sandwich? So for the person(s) above, post a compliment, then a constructive criticism, then a compliment.
Don't be too bitchy, gulls
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ok you first
Why the fuck would you selfpost here unless you were seriously looking for feedback? If you can't handle crit to the point of needing a compliment sandwich maybe you shouldn't be posting.
>Don't be too bitchy, gulls

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About a month before the Con. Who's going, what are your plans?
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I can't believe that people still go to AM with all of the drama with the Leighs.
I'm going, for the first time. First con ever actually. Interested in the fashion show, nerdlesque, concerts, grand tea party and sailor moon production. Other than that will probably browse and just enjoy whatever catches my eye.

Would totally be up for swap meets, or just general hotel hanging out with cool people.
Weak moral character makes people do stupidly destructive things.

What's your excuse for giving money to narcissistic, abusive scammers?

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What's the latest, gulls? What cons are you gearing up for?
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This anon is Heading to AZ or CA
Well, I'm going to the gaming expo at SXSW and then next for me is Matsuri
Looking forward to Matsuri, then probably Akon next.

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Tekko is in a lil over a month, and it's also celebrating it's 15th year in the Burgh. How many of yins are goin?

>>Who are you going as? How is your progress going? Looking forward to anything?
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This will be my first year going, I'm driving from 5 hours away for this con! I'm going mainly because I've heard great things about the lolita/jfashion aspect of Tekko. Also, Kimura fucking U is going to be there. So excited
It will be my 2nd year ago for the cosplay aspect, I am excited to see Kimura U though. I saw a lot of people in lolita fashion last year so it shouldn't disappoint!
I'll be going but probably only Saturday, as Ritsu from Mob psycho. It's mostly an excuse to visit friends in the area, I used to live in Pittsburgh and was never really thrilled with the con but it's a nice location for shoots.

Sometimes I dress as a homeless person, with clothes from goodwill.
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That's cool, I graduated from art school too.
does that count as cosplay or larp?

I need a frilly meme fix. Feel free to dump all your memes.
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>calling image macros "memes"

in case you are new to 4chan, these threads are usually called something like "X humor." if you ask for memes, you will get shit like:

Needs legwear.

Nice selfpost.

Dump him.

all of which are ancient /cgl/ memes. except the legwear one. that was kind of recent.
secondly, it is considered poor 4chan etiquette to start a thread to ask for an image dump without providing a few images of your own. boards like >>>/r/ are for spoonfeeding; on most other boards, you have to demonstrate you're not a leech by providing a handful of the type of thing you are requesting.

best of luck to you in your 4chan journey, you salty walnut.
>on a chinese cartoon imageboard
I'm...not sure if you're trolling or not

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Does LWA good cosplay even exist?
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Hopefully it will. I'm hoping to cosplay Ursula sometime in the future!
I want to cosplay Sucy, but I'm kinda newb, so I searching for good photos. And it's just interesting
Con season is coming up v.soon so expect to see some new/better ones from the show

Is Chicago as dangerous as I hear?

I'm thinking of going to Anime Midwest now.
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Nah, the con is super far from South Side. That's the only dangerous place.

Yes it's super dangerous. Everywhere is dangerous. Don't even leave the house.

Relevant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5Otla5157c

Old thread
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Last one saging. Share your feels. Keep them /cgl/ related though.
>when new job wifi blocks 4chan
>can no longer browse /cgl/ on the clock desu
>what am I gonna do on break?
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>what am I gonna do on break?
OT but I was curious about the origin if this stock picture and I found most of the pictures in the series she's happy! Every cloud...
Both of the tea shops in the area went out of business so finding a nice place for meets is going to be hard from now on.

Misako is such a sweetheart I love her so much.
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Unpopular opinion time: I agree.

Don't understand the disrespect she gets.
Hmmm I wonder how much tea party tickets will be. I haven't actually met her yet. Do you think there will be more Japanese guests or maybe the local designers?
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Honestly she's much sweeter (or at least try to look like it) than Maki and Asuka.
Went to three AP tea parties in Paris and I can tell you about several lolitas who had bad experiences with them. Including me.
Last time I went, I thought Chip and Dale weren't as unpleasant though, that's an improvement

How much do you roughly spend on a cosplay? My most recent one came to about £300.
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Depends on what it is. Usually between 100-200 dollars but maybe more if i don't already own a suitable wig/contacts or maybe less if i don't want to make a prop to go with it.
I genuinely don't keep up with how much I spend on cosplay because it'll make me want to fucking die.
300-500 is my average. But the one I'm working on now is at 400 and no where near done. I'm predicting 800 which was my budget for it.

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Last thread >>9416907
IW is rereleasing their Annette series again, this time with a new colorway. Thoughts?
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Forgot to mention it's going up for reservation on the 28th.
She sent the e-mail asking if it Haenuli would accept a list of people who were eager for Angel of Music's rerelease and if that would help at all.

So she answered her a long e-mail and she posted this cap in the comm.

We were already making a list with over 40 names in our comm that wanted the rerelease, but, since she answered it, I guess it won't be necessary anymore. Yay!
Forgive me /cgl/, but I was browsing lacemarket late at night about a month ago and stumbled upon a print that I cannot recall the name of or find the listing for.
I believe it was meta, and had bunnies in.. perfume bottles? Or something similar. It's haunting me, please help me find this dress cgl.

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So Im looking to cosplay as spider-man from homecoming,(as I bet everyone and their mother is.... but ho well) pic related. Im a 6'5" Man and boy..... I cannot find pajamas that seem to match. Hoodie and gloves are easy enough.

Im working on the wrists and goggles, having access to a 3D-printer and an engineer friend is helping there.

Shoes are tricky too. Does anyone have experience painting shoes? Ive seem black skeetchers shoes that look similar enough, but Id need to make them red. Spray paint? Latex paint? What's my best bet here? Im sure latex paint will make any "breathable" shoe hot, but oh well.

and if anyone has leads on pants/shirt or a onesie that would fit a tall man that matches the blue, that would be super helpful.
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His pants are just light blue sweatpants and it wouldn't be hard to find a simple shirt that matches that.

You gotta remember that outfit was made out of scraps from his closet. You could go through a thrift shop or a clothing store and you'd probably find all you need for only 50 bucks.

It's actually been incredibly difficult to find matching shirt and pants. The light blue is also tricky. I'd really, ideally, like it to be the same fabric and color. I don't want it close enough when I could get a match.
Use a website which lets you print on clothing
Might help

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Last one saging. How was everyone's con?
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I've had a really great time, I was Franky in the One Piece crew and Law Friday and Saturday. There's nothing much to do but we've been stopped so many times for pictures
Pretty good. I was worried about lines after all the hubbub ahead of time, but I don't think I waited more than 5 minutes for anything.
This. I'm so happy LineCon was averted this year.

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