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Who did it better? Anyone bought Simplicity's Pokemon Go pattern yet to compare against McCall's (Yaya Han)?
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Have bought three yaya patterns and they all have absurd sizing and fit problems (way too big in the bust, short-waisted, abnormal waist/hip differences) so at a guess her Pokemon one is probably similar.
>Simplicity has cosplay patterns
Damn, Yaya dropped the fuckin ball on that one.

>And we had guests from BTSSB this year, so I wanted to wear one of my lolitafied cosplays using a BABY dress
>Lolitafied Primarina
>Sadly I don't play the game, but I did a version of Popplio before, so I gotta try the others
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Came here to post this in the ita thread. It made me physically ill.

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I don't see one in the catalog. Post your work in progress pieces
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Fate Helmet WIP.jpg
1MB, 5312x2988px
I'll start.

I've been working on this Dr. Fate helmet for almost 2 years on and off, and after 2 failed molds, a few failed casts, and several resizings later I've finally got it to fit. A lot of work left to be done, but I finally feel like I've gotten somewhere.

Instead of cropping, please enjoy my shitty edit so you can't see my desk.
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Been working on the Stug from Girls und Panzer. All the decals and markings have been made and applied. All that remains is to finish the flags, add the tracks and do some light weathering.
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Old thread hit bump.

3 days untill the party starts!
Who's going?
Who's panicking?
>how many years have you been going?
>horror stories?
>fun things to do in Seattle?
>any Panelists?
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I'm all ready to go!

I'm the only one of my group who got their cosplays ready. So this might be fun or a disaster
It's been 2 years since I went to Seattle, I can't wait to go back
The New Classics. I find it so strange that people don't talk about their panels online, though maybe I'll find out why after you read this post and I get meme'd on later this week.

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Last thread >>9410330

>NEW! Frequently Asked Questions
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)
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Is the con list editable by anyone? Im in Canada and I have a bunch of local Vancouver cons to add to the list
Maybe the doc needs a tab for Canada/Euro cons?
Most Euro cons don't make any money though

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Any german gulls here? What have you been working on? Any cons you wanna go to?

Also is anyone at cca and want to meet up? ;_;
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I'm really looking foward to the AP teaparty in Hamburg/Magnology. It's going to be either really good or a disaster like the AM Teaparty we had.
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> tfw already planned all my coords for wgt

feels gut anons
Just report and move on.

I can't decide on which ticket to buy. Do you think the premium ticket is worth it? It sounds pretty fun, but I'd be disappointed if only 3 or 4 people show up.

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Oh my god why
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I love old school but people like this ruin it for everyone, that looks so fucking cheap
Last thread still not saging bro. Stop trying.
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Oh lord

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New Naruto series means more Naruto cosplayers at your next convention! Aren't you excited?
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Absolutely fucking not. Naruto needs to die off.
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what? No. I-I thought we were done.

>seriously though, these past few years have brought shittier fandoms to cons.
You saying you don't like cute ninja girls?

Star Wars celebration is just a few weeks away in Orlando. Anyone going? Who are you cosplaying?
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Ok vendetta-chan calm down.
I wish I could do a Star Wars cosplay but those things seem to take the most time, effort and cash if you want a decent one at best.
Same. Maybe a Jedi would be somewhat simple?

In case anyone is looking for this dress http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k246326242
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Honey Cake fully shirred LP skirt in lavender. I've seen it once. I know it exists. But it's been a few years and now I can't even find a photo of the lavender one anymore.
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Moonlight and bag.jpg
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Still on the hunt for these.

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How do you like cosplay?
More cartoony looking or more realistically looking?

(for example : in pic sx cosplayer stuffed her bow to achieve the puffyness of Maya's bow, while the dx cosplayer has a natural bow)

Personally, I love when cosplay are somewhat realistic, like when you see a cosplayer it's like "Oh, it's [character]!" more like "Oh, it's a person who dresses up as [character]!"
And I love when people use daily or common clothing and transform it.
Maybe you don't pay too much attention to this but I've seen people BUYING cosplays who were literally a plain t shirt and a pair of jeans.
Like oh no, you can't totally get those in your local store or even the thrift.
But this is just my opinion, feel free to discuss.
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The one on the left made hers look like a pillow, instead of an actual puffy bow. It's not even done well for Maya's bow. The one on the right did a better job.

Also, it really depends on the character, design, etc.... some characters, more cartoonish stylic really works. I think it really depends on execution. Like in your pic, if the left one had done a better job, she could have done a puffy bow and looked good. But because the job was done poorly, it looks bad. That happens often when people attempt it and it just doesn't look good.
I usually prefer a more realistic cosplay. A lot of characters have designs that look off irl or just don't translate well.

I will agree with >>9389695 that certain characters have such an iconic style that you have to stick to cartoony but I think most characters can be tweaked to be a bit more realistic
I'm all for cartoony but you still need to make it look good. Like when people pick bright yellow wigs, just pick a shade of blonde that suits you.

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So, is Pinky Paradise seriously no longer shipping to the US!?
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Nope not at all becuase the states deem circle lenses to need a prescription and I guess it became to much of a hassle for pp?

Also on a new note; I was just diagnosed with karetacous in my right eye and I unsure if I am able to wear circle lenses.... I only wear the specficiclly for cosplay. Anyone else have it and know? Thank.
What other contact places will sell them then? The circle lenses.
You could try Uniqso or HoneyColor.

So I'm going to be Beast Boy at Comic Con this year, but I wanted to do something simple and original and I really like this design. I need to find something like the purple thing he's wearing though! I can't find anything good anywhere! It's basically like a romper, but all I can find are pastel colors and pretty, like floral or lacey things, not the roughness of this. HELP!!
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like this?
No, not like that. Specifically this picture I posted. I'm just looking for the purple jumpsuit/shorts/romper thing he's wearing. Loose fighting like that, not spandex.
oh no its retarded

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3... 2... 1... Shit bricks!

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Ok, good for them?
Text for the video;
>"Cosplay" is a fancy dress art form from Japan where devotees "play" anime or comic book characters. The gender roles are rarely as unconventional as the costumes. Here, Chinese "cosplayers" Baozi and Hana, who attended Singapore's Anime Festival Asia, talk why they like to challenge the superhero stereotype with androgynous and female characters.
Crossplay has been around forever. This reporter is shit.

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Do people still think that male character designs are boring and as a result male cosplay is duller than female?

Because I'm looking at stuff like this and thinking it looks utterly awesome
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It depends on what kind of stuff you're looking at, honestly. I like the full-on warrior mode armours guys usually get in RPG's as opposed to gals' armour bikini, like what you posted.

But if you look at very girl-oriented anime or what have you, of course the girls are all gonna look magical/will pop more as opposed to the rando brown-haired male MC.
I agree it looks cool as fuck, its just most people who complain arent in a similar physical shape, theyre either obese or lanky as fuck
they kinda look ghey

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