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>boring coords
>the type OTT lolita's call casual lolita
>natural hair
> no armwear, legwear or headwear
>nothing crazy or attention-grabbing
>"I just threw this on quickly"
>full sets

Do you love them or hate them?
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Has anyone been to Gojotekicon? How would you rate it? I'm thinking about checking it out this year but I'd like to know if it's worth it.
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Why does Ohio have so many cons now? Yoi Con next month (was great last year). Shumatsucon right now (lit senpai). Ohayocon. Punch. Etc.
I think this is Gojoteki's first year. They have some cool people who are putting the show on who have some great ideas, but being held in Ashland is going to hold them back. Plus, time wise they're right in between like three other Ohio cons that are already established.
They talked about a drunk coloring panel when I saw them at Tekko, so I might check it out for a night at least.
>I saw them at Tekko
It's their first year? What else did they talk about at Tekko?

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Never been to this one before. Any anone know what it's like? I know it's a fairly small con
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Real chill people, it's pretty small and cozy. I've gone every year and it's always enjoyable.
It's way small, the rave is underattended but good so it feels creepy dancing in there. People are really friendly though and they have good H panels, not many cons do that.
I'm going, but only because I need a con to go to in order to get over my depression that it isn't colossal time yet

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Con season is around the corner. I'm trying to slim down for a cheerleader version of a character and want my Lolita dresses to fit better.

Time to get off our asses, gulls.
Pls share your workout routine, cosplay fitspo, etc.
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Isn't this more a /fit thing?
Anyway, since starting intermittent fasting I've lost like 15 pounds.
I really want to take up kickboxing, but the kickboxing place near me doesn't list prices, you have to take their free intro class and then they'll talk to you about it. I'm sure I could find out by calling, but that's somehow worse.
I miss /fit/Fridays.

Fatty Chan here,
There are so many cute taobao blouses I'd love to buy, so I've recently started exercising.

I'm training for a half-marathon as part of a running club, and hope to learn to swim so I can swim laps leisurely on my days off.

I can't swim, so I'll have to shamefully ask to borrow those foam boards in the meantime.

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Old one >>9410380
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Is this all the same girl?
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new maid clean.jpg
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I would totally wear the Belle dress.

Pic related is me, sorry.
>inb4 "there no bad cosplays evur lol you fatty hating eletist bitchez"

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So are there any cosplay patreons that aren't just sexy pictures and bts videos? I started pledging to one that does tutorials/raffles off small props from their etsy every month and I figure there's gotta be others who do more than the usual showing their tits for $$ thing but am not sure how to go about finding them.
Anything /cgl/ related welcome, if there are actually more than just cosplay patreons!
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Cowbutt Crunchies recently set up a Patreon where all the money from subscriptions will be going to cat rescue charities. It's great to see this kind of stuff happening- the two of them have always been such positive influences in the community, and their work is constantly getting better. I wish more people took this approach to Patreon.
This really warmed my cold shriveled heart when I saw it and I wish I had the money to donate, especially since you get tutorials out of it.

There's other patreons out there that aren't t&a or free selfies but they're far and few between.

NoTalentCosplay gives fitness plans to subscribers (sold out atm).

I know she isn't popular around here but Mangosirene's rewards are mostly for her cosplay101 content.
Yeah but no one pays those people lol

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Are you ready to see legions of this walking around cons for the next year?

Persona 5 isn't even that good
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Here's your (you)
It's not easy enough. Latex or pleather bodysuit with multiple zippers means a relatively high barrier to entry, and the thigh-highs don't make it any easier. Shit like Harely Quinn or Yoko are widespread because they're instantly recognizable and require no effort.

Why do people say this about literally ever female character with her tits out?
>no such thing as Taobao
I dont think there will be tons of these. Persona was always more of a smaller amount of cosplayers in a convention scene.

Don't see a lot of mori kei on this board, what's the general consensus? It's something I'm getting into as I try to move away from cosplaying and want to have more special coords for conventions but I don't think it's as popular as it used to be.
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old thread in autosage >>9373032

Petite Dollies intro to Larme and style guide: http://blog.petitedollies.com/2016/04/about-larme-magazine.html

Partial Scans List:

Brands/Models List (WIP):

Video about Larme Magazine (annoying narrator alert):

Facebook group: Don't Cry Baby
Amino: Larme Fashion
Discord: https://discord.gg/XFX4QVy
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>Salty lesbians
If we'd held off for just a few more posts, we could have just been lesbians
We'll lately the Larme threads seem to keep ending in copious amounts of salt, so it seemed only fitting. Nothing brings a thread to autosage like some good old fashioned bitching.
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could be us gulls.jpg
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There's something cute and endearing about bitchy larme girls. Maybe I'm just really gay.

Post your coords, questions and inspiration

previous thread ended with goshikku/rokku inspo
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Just say gothic and rock, you weeb.
we're all filthy weebs here just like you

mini dump from my insp album

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Don't know if this is the right place for this thread but it seems related since it's about wigs

So my Mother is being treat for breast cancer and has already had cemo two times now she is going to lose her hair which i know will be upsetting to her since she has always had long hair and short only acouple of times, i want to get her at least some really good natural wigs so she can at least feel beautiful and confedence in herself
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Normal wigs are going to irritate the shit out of her scalp, you're best looking at specialised ones for cancer patients.
Yeah. Ask the hospital about it, they should be able to refer you to a place with the right kind of wigs and might also be able to tell you about foundations and organisations that can help you with the cost and what not
Also, from what I know, bald wigs tend to run smaller than the wigs we cosplayers use because they don't need to accommodate balled up hair underneath. A friend of mine got a few for free and she struggled to fit them on her head over her hair.

Hello gulls. I'm a lolita enthusiast really interested in the Hime Lolita substyle and its extravangant princess concept for a long time. However I always wonder :

How would you describe this style ?

What makes a good Hime Lolita coordination ?

What are its main influences ?

Inspirations pics are very welcome.
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Princess/himeloli is pretty much what it sounds like - lolita clothing a princess might wear. This style is very much inspired by Rococo (rather than Victorian) and is very fancy, with a mini-crown or tiara to complete the look. But don't think a pink dress and a crown will make you a hime lolita--coordination is key!

Sometimes (but not often) the traditional loli silhouhette of a bell-shaped skirt is extended to a more full-length dress, usually with a slightly lower and squared neckline to balance out the fullness of the skirt (not a plunging neckline or anything). This is a difficult modification to pull off correctly and should be avoided by beginners. Jumpers can be found as well, but not as many blouse/skirt outfits. Overall in my opinion, it's the most feminine and fancy of all the Lolita styles, and often the most extravagant.
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The normal Lolita hairstyle is already hime, but many girls girl it too
Princess sleeves are good

Previous thread >>9430584
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What's the most over-priced, fever dream number you've ever seen attached to something Lolita, Jfashion or Cosplay related?

I saw this today and I was just like... Dude. No way, dude.
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off topic but am i the only one who thinks sugary carnival looks bad in ANY colorway? that and melty ribbon chocolate are the ugliest shit ap has ever made
She won't take offers and won't split the set either. The last one sold on LM was only $500, but I found mine a few months ago for only $300.

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Old thread is long-dead
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So is amino
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Please tell me this is a troll.
The funniest part about the post is that op is a bio female

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