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AX is in 3 1/2 months. Anyone going this year?
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Inb4 the typical seagull reactions to any large con:
>it's shit
>aren't we boycotting it?
>people still go to this?
>it's too corporate
>the staff sucks
>too much drama
>the panels suck
>too many people

Meanwhile normal people will go to the con and have a great time.
Kek it's so true
If I went to cons strictly based off of /cgl/ opinions...welll...I'd be staying home a lot
OP here. Isn't it a good thing that there are a lot of people? I mean, I can agree that staff/volunteers are pretty awful, but it's only in the case of trying to get into big panels.

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Animazement is in 2 months, who is going?
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A group of friends and I are planning on going!

>booking hotel room tomorrow
>working with friends on their costumes until I lose a little weight to fit mine, but still working on my templates and everything
Good luck finding a hotel anon! I booked mine back in November and the Marriott was completely sold out and had to go with the Sheraton.

>losing weight
I feel this, I'm currently kicking my ass to fit into my cosplays again.
We've got our eye on the Extended Stay that's about 3 miles out of the convention center. Has a kitchenette in the room & everything B)
There's a bus that runs & takes about 10 mins both ways.

The only thing I'm really having a problem with is the waist, haha! There's a belt that goes on around it for my cosplay, and from the waist to my knees is usually where I end up losing the most weight.

Looks like the last one got 404d/reported/deleted, so here's another. Omni Expo and the Super Toy Show are going on right now. How are they?
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It's because people were idiots posting their own vendettas and breaking the board rules.
"Singling people out maliciously is not tolerated and will result in a ban."
It's right on the front page.
Probably all the Travis dramu
Requisite Performance Plug:
9 PM tonight at Omni Expo in Panel A for any fans of Magic The Gathering and/or sick punk jams.

I won't be able to stay Sunday since I'm saving up for PAX East, but I'm down to hang.

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>This luckypack contains 2 randomly selected B-Choice grade Lockshop wigs.
B-Choice grade wigs aren't the quality we would like to sell, and may have flaws compared to our regular wigs, however they come at a deeply discounted price! Some of the wigs may also be absolutely fine but are older, less popular or have damaged packaging.

I'm new to wigs and want to get some to try out. Do you think it's worth risking $35 on potentially unusable wigs?
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Lockshop Wigs are awful quality; I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. However, their B-choice wigs really don't have much of a difference from the regular wigs, very minor stuff that would generally show up in 1-3 wears off of a regular wig, so $35 for two isn't terrible, but again, their quality is garbage so you get what you pay for. Shame because a few look pretty nice when new.

I'd recommend going Arda if you're in the US or searching Taobao for something cheaper and either the same or nicer quality than Lockshop.

I wouldn't do it. LS has a pretty poor reputation as is and chances are these b-choice wigs are unwearable leftovers.

Thanks! i wasn't sure about the quality of their normal stock, so that's why I was so hesitant.

Do you have any Taobao shop recommendations?

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Last thread >>9446702

How are you feeling, gulls? Keep the answers cgl-related, please.
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My mom found my Attack on Tit cosplay and is freaking out because she thinks it's some kind of bondage/Hitler shit.
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My friends left for Japan yesterday morning - The 'glorious nippon buy all of the j-fash' trip that I'm missing out on/decided to bail on because my ex was cheating on me with some tweaker chick.

>He's being just as much of a disgusting, obnoxious gaijin slob as I expected.
>And he's gained like 50kg.

I don't even have a reactionpic that accurately encapsulates my satisfaction.
>money situation looking good
>am able to afford two larger cons with new cosplays this year
>car decides to fucking die
>now have to shop for a new car so I can continue to work

I'm okay walking to my one job (it's about an hour walk through mostly a suburban neighborhood), but I work parttime as a delivery driver and those tips were going towards my cosplays. Plus, rent is due next week. I should drop some costumes but for one I'm going to be in my dream group with a lot of cosplay idols of mine and I don't wanna let them down.

I moved from Atlanta 5 years ago and wasn't present for the bombshell about the head of Dragon*Con getting pwned for underage rape and child porn. How has the con been since then? Is it desolate or do people just willfully ignore that part?
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The con finally managed to buy him out / get legally disentangled. Dude is not to anyone's knowledge profiting anymore. Thus the rebranding that took place a few years ago (dropping the *, new logos) because they legally reincorporated or something.
Yep, they managed to get him out.

It's the only convention I go to every year. Would probably still go if the guy ate kittens.
The con is growing each year. In a couple years will hit the 100Ks attendence.

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Share patterns, your own plush projects, or discuss handmade plush in general.
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Yes please. I wish this were a staple on /cgl/.
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Hip instructions. These always confuse me. I can never get them looking right, especially when I pattern them myself. Anyone have tips?
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I've been thinking about doing a plush-making panel at a local con. I can't decide if this is a good or bad idea. I don't usually see these types of panels at cons I go to.

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Columbus, Ohio report!! Anyone going to Yoi Con this weekend? I fully expect it to be really small, but it's also pretty cheap and I am itching to cosplay!
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I'll be there. I'm local and live really close so why not.

Still wish there was a second Ohayocon tho.
lol kopfcon
Nope. Staying home to work on cosplay for Colossal!

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Last thread:>>9443909

Previously in Lolita General:
>minor damage or major damage
>burando tablewear
>misty sky re-release
>where to get jmagazines
>Innocent World golden week dresses
>length of Antique Beast
>is cheap bodyline worth it
>new facebook group for daily coords
>Excentrique S/S collection
>lesbian cinema and television for lolitas
>prints are not important
>french lolita docu translated (thanks anon)
>new btssb release
>replica shoes
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I currently fit in to shirred brand but I want to fit in to some smaller/unshirred items as well. I currently weigh around 148 pounds at 5"3. I am trying to get down to 120. I'm really struggling with dieting and every time I try to exercise I quickly get light headed. Do any anons have advice for me, maybe some easy exercises to build up my non existent stamina, or things you did while dieting?
I get dizzy and almost faint if I exercise while dehydrated or if I haven't had anything to eat in a few hours. Have a healthy snack an hour beforehand for energy, and start off exercise slow, then build the intensity.
I used to be really weak due to muscle degradation a few years back but I've managed to build up my stamina from just walking around my town alone. The best thing to do is start small and work your way up

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Best way to setup a photo shoot with cosplayers without coming off as a weirdo?
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Step one, don't be a weirdo.
Step two, never ask for a off location shoot unless it's in a very public area that is close by
Step three, show examples of your work cause maybe you suck and shouldn't waste a cosplayers time
Step four, don't be pushy for contact info
I wish her wig had more floof to it cause the rest of the costume is so lovely
"Hi, I like your cosplay of Character. I'm a photographer, and I'd like to do a shoot with you. The cost will be Number of Dollars, and take Number of Minutes. Here is an example of my work: Website. If you're interested, I can easily be reached by Contact Info. Thanks!"

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Last thread: >>9442298
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>(I do have a thing for using casual non-lolita footwear in my cords so if your concrit is "don't wear Converse" maybe instead tell me how to wear them better

>Shameless plug: I have a fashion/aesthetic tumblr at star-ified if anyone's interested in seeing more of my outfits.
Make a proper dump, you lazy cunt.
You just started a new thread to stir up drama.
Sorry you got posted newfag

it's not the OP's job to provide a dump

So, everyone always bitches about poorfags and newbies, but can we get a thread about rich snobs and elitists?

Elitist in my comm I have to deal with every meet because she's super close to my BFF
>always comes to events in some super rare expensive dress
>has a new brand purchase she just has to mention every fucking meet
>every year when wardrobe month comes, whenever someone asks if she will be posting, she replies with something along the lines of how she would, but it would be too time consuming because of the size of her wardrobe
>says making friends is hard because she always has to question their motives
>despite having so much money, never sells anything below market rate
>goes to Japan like three fucking times a year and always mentions her trips when she comes back
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Do you want peanut butter with that jelly anon?
Nothing you just said sounds unreasonable.
she doesn't sound like a snob or an elitist to me, you just sound like a jealous bitch

not being able to set aside time to make a large wardrobe post is a genuine concern, and she's just answering a question that people are asking her. your jealousy is blinding you and causing you to interpret everything as humblebragging. and if she buys rare expensive dresses, it makes sense that she sells things at market value.

sorry you're a poorfag, i guess?

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What are your thoughts about this convention? For me it was pure shit. Too much froko and attention whores.
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Shitto desu
It was better than I thought to be honest. It is incredible that so far it is way better than Japan Weekend (Alias IÑAKI WEEKEND vs VIAJES A JAPON).
what about elitechan?

Post your questions, reviews, anything related to circle lenses

>yes pinkyparadise has stopped shipping to the US and Korea this is old news
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I have a question that I've been meaning to ask.

So I plan on cosplaying Hanamaru from Love Live, her eyes are yellow/brown. My eyes are very blue, and I'm not sure what to buy. I've looked at a lot of brown and yellow lenses but haven't found anything.

Most reviews that I've looked at do not help very much, because the reviewers have light green/blue or hazel eyes. Mine are a darker blue and have no green or hazel whatsoever in them.

I needed red contacts for another cosplay and I found that Super Pinky Red worked really well, should I get the same but in brown?
So what sites are the USA go to now anyways?
ick garnet brown would suit blue eyes

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Last thread >>9429453

>Please read the FAQ
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)
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What is the worse con you guys have ever attended and why?

Touhoucon is definitely #1 for me. Getting charged 500 for a "free" hotel room (they sent us like 3 emails telling us about their GREAT complimentary hotel rooms that we should get) was pretty fucking lame, and I never got the money back. Not to mention that I sold one print the entire con, like 3 charms, and a few commissions.
anime expo 2016 because of the extremely vast and overcrowded basement location and lack of temperature control
i was perpetually sweating just sitting at my table and my hands kept sticking to my print sleeves and stickers
also a girl in my row had to be carted away by paramedics to be treated for heatstroke

they addressed the issues later in an email saying "we heard your complaints about the temperature and we're gonna work on it for next year!"

>we're gonna work on it!

no thanks
Kaiju-con was a one year con that was so awful. Most of Friday and Sunday, no joke, there where more staff than attendees. An entire hour would pass and not a single attendee would walk through the AA/dealers room.

Rocket City con is a convention held in a local library... during library hours. They have random people and weaboos mixed in the same place. There was nothing to do during the 2 days, very very few people actually came, and homeless people sleeping outside of the library. Oh, and it cost like $30 for a weekend pass. A convention in a public library shouldn't cost $30. You didn't even have to pay either, you could just walk in and say you are there for the library, not the con.

Seishun Con was an ok run convention, but it was completely dead. The AA and game room was in the same room for some reason and the game room stayed opened until midnight, so we have to either pack all our stuff up each night or leave all our things unattended with regular attendees walking around it. The parking was $8 a day, even more if you park there over night.

Made $0 profit at all those cons

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