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Love em? Hate em? Good stories from participating in one? Ideas for new ones because you're sick of the old ones? Discuss.
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Fuck that event in particular. Do they have any idea how much of a pain it is to clean up a stage after people do shit like that? And of course, she won't be cleaning anything cause that is what con staff is for, right?
9/10 times they are weeby, full of cringe, and boring af.
I have stopped going to them all together.
As a viewer I lost interest because :
>everything is people dancing to some popular song that is barely relateable to source fandom
>skits with dialogue drone on
>or have terrible audio quality where you can hear what's being said because mumbles the fox recorded it
>or have a shit story because what can you establish and do in 3 minutes
>actually good performances are usually ballet or recreations of in source material but don't win shit because they bought their cosplay and don't qualify for an award anymore.

>Stocking Anarchy: $150. Comes with dress, neck bow, hair bow, wig, and stockings. The wig is in great shape, but I feel like every time I get tangled out, more come back.
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Help, I have someone on lacemarket asking me about an item I bought and they want me to sell it. How the hell do you deal with people like this other then telling them you are not selling it? She won't stop trying to "prove" she doesn't need it and leave me alone.
Wow that's so rude of them to pester you like that. Just inform the mods of your problem.
What is it they are asking for? I just had someone ask me if I was selling silent moon last week and I'm curious if it's the same girl that bugged me about it. Sounds about the same antics she pulled when I told her I wasn't interested in selling it. She even said that she already had it in the other colorway but wanted to collect them all. I simply stopped responding and she backed off.

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What's your plans for the year cgl? Feel free to add next year plans if you already have that.
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ill make this now, but honestly op? too fucking many.
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This is mostly a best case scenario. I really like Pokemon.
Elesa will be for sure done for Colossal.
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What I know so far. Most are pretty confirmed.

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You know the rules, old thread expired.

How's May MCM looking? I can already sense the dra- I mean, a wonderful weekend.
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I'm just going up for the one day this year, mcm really isn't worth the bullshit and expense with the green closed off and no more late night fox. The after-con chaos was the only thing that was worth staying the weekend for, it's not like mcm has more than a days worth of stuff to do.
MCM is about raping your wallet, dodging the mine field of fakes and trying not to make eye contact with Alex Baker as he begs you to buy his stuff as he's on commission. 4/10 event like seeing friends but money aspect is painful.

A thread for the discussion of Japanese shopping services. Chinese shopping service discussion should stay confined to the Taobao thread
Old thread >>9313226
Japonica is closed for now, suddenly everyone can't buy from fril, don't use FromJapan because they'll fuck you over with their fees, etc..
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From last thread, why to not use FromJapan
How is zenmarket with sniping bids on yahoo, is it an automatic service or will I need some kind of previous confirmation of received order?
If you mean ZM's snipe bid option, it's activated automatically about five minutes before the auction ends and continues to bid automatically when necessary until it reaches your max amount.

Not sure if there are many around here, but let's try!

For cosplayers:
What cons have you been anticipating the most?
Have you already bought the CCXP ticket for this year?
How do you feel about WCS Brazil and general Anime Conventions with contests?
Also, what are the best conventions that you've ever been?

For Lolitas:
How do you feel about the lack of national meetings around Brazil?
How do you adapt your style to the weather around summer and spring time?
Anything you don't like about your local comm?
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Can we also discuss about our "Ambassor"? She is never around Brazil, she is not known through Lolitas and she never does anything about the fashion in the country.

How can we choose another one?
>Impeachment pl0x
>How do you feel about the lack of national meetings around Brazil?
It pains me. I know we do have the High South Meeting, but that is not enough. Also, this meeting is severely poor planned, nothing like the international meetings we tend to see around the world. Why can't we have nice things?

> How do you adapt your style to the weather around summer and spring time?
Boleros. That's the only way to survive through summer. I tend to combine my JSKs with lace boleros over it to feel more at ease, and low socks too.

>Anything you don't like about your local comm?
Everyone is so damn lazy. I'm always trying to make new meetings to organize things, but even if we have. like, 70 active lolitas, only 5 to 6 tend to show up at the meetings. What is the problem? I've tried everything: tea parties, meetups at museums, book clubs, window shopping, concerts and opera and no one is ever willingly to go to these things. This breaks up my nerves. Not only that, our comm mod is nearly dead. She never appears at anything and the only meeting she ever organizes has like, 20 people at it.

I want a new comm.
>"How to survive Brazilian's hot weather?"

This, my fellow huelady, is the only answer.

Post about wigs.
Ask questions about wigs.
Submit review of wigs.
Post picture of wigs.
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I'm kind of new to wigs, and have a couple really long ones that have managed to get horrendously tangled. What's the best way to fix this?
I bought this wig recently for casual/fashion wear, and whilst the quality is pretty decent and I understand basic styling, the damn thing is incredibly bulky and it's this aspect that really gives away the fact that it's a wig.

Obviously I'm going to have to thin it, but this is one thing I've never attempted with a wig and I simply don't know where to start or what to do. Do people ever thin wigs by removing pieces of weft at the root under the hair? How do I thin this damn thing?

Wig mannequin + cold water and fabric softener + wide toothed comb + patience.
I've used the silicone spray method to lightly mist and prep the wig and it helped keep it less tangly than it would have been without the spray.

Has anybody used these things as part of their outfit? I was thinking that they could be useful for closed-face helmets that don't have any eyeslits. The one on my car even has a digital IRNV mode which would be pretty cool for night use/airsoft.

>inb4 Google
I couldn't find any information about them there and figured that you guys might have some interesting input to share about the concept.
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sounds like a neat idea but i guess it depends on the kind of helmet youre attaching it too.
i mean, where are you going to put the screen?
if its super close to your face, youre not going to see shit. and if you make the head piece big enough so the screen is far back enough, then you might risk in the helmet being in proportioned to the rest of your costume (you will look like a bobble head).

what costume were you planning on using it for?
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>if its super close to your face, youre not going to see shit.
this is my main concern with the idea, if the screen is any closer than ~1.5cm to your eyes you can make out fuck-all. Eyestrain could be an issue too.

>what costume were you planning on using it for?
as a proof-of-concept, I want to integrate it into a replica of the Major's tactical visor since the simple design and shape of the prop will hopefully make it easier to build a cam setup around it. If that works well, I'd like to try to build more complex designs that use cameras and shit.
Rear view cameras don't have that high of a refresh rate, so you'll experience some lag and maybe even motion sickness.

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To complement the League thread, here's a Dota thread. I'll start things off with a dump of a little bit that I have.
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Old one is in auto sage >>9429408

Don't fuck this one up, either
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Confession-chan back again. He's unsure of we want the same things, so we're going to continue to be friends for now.
Hopefully as things go along, we can get closer.
So still a single-chan.
>don't fuck it up
We always do tho so idk why you even bother saying not to at this point
Act like you've lost all interest in him and I can almost garuntee he'll change his tune

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Male lolita's welcome edition.

Previously in Lolita General >>9430768
>IW Harajuku closing; more lolita is dead anxiety
>Is this mint? Grey? Sax?
>Someone is going to make it easier to navigate the Japanese secondhand market
>No recent lolita related translations to be found
>Discussion about AP's latest releases; anons claiming they dislike AP now
>A beautiful yellow Moitié dress

Happy silent Saturday!
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Is wunderwelt down for anyone else?
It's up for me
It was down for me in the morning and missed a fucking bonnet because of that

>westerners don't want to be entertained while eating, that's why maid cafes aren't popular in the west

If westerners didn't want to be entertained while eating, why would then cabaret show and dinner places exist and be so successful?

Of course the difference between a maid cafe and a cabaret show and dinner is that in the cabaret show and dinner the entertainment is actually good and worth the money.
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who made that argument?
people watch TV while they eat all the time.
sometimes it's full meals, sometimes it's just snacks.

I mean you go to a restaurant and half the people are a) staring at their phones while eating or b) staring at the TV on the wall while eating
>who made that argument?

Desperate fatty-chans grasping at straws why people don't care about their age play fetish.
Obviously OP has never heard of mideval times.

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monarch henchmen.jpg
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I'm fairly new to cosplay, have next to no money, and no skills. I have a con coming up in a few months and I would like to cosplay as a Monarch Henchman. How would I go about this?
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>next to no money, and no skills

Sell a kidney and buy/commission one
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Like this
Use the fucking catalog and help thread

it's spring time! post fruity coords
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ITT: Cosplays you're looking forward to seeing this con season

I'm hoping I see a Kizuna Ai cosplay at some point
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She's gotten quite popular recently so I'm sure you'll get your wish, but the displays will prob look like shit Miku knockoffs
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I'm really hoping to see a Mitsuha cosplay from Kimi no Na Wa, since I'm working on a Taki one myself.
I'm already on it. Its lovely how it's so simple.

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