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I feel like they come in 2 breeds: wanna-be uguu kawaii asian cosplayer or trashy lingerie tits and ass
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since most anime takes place in Japan it makes sense that an Asian person would cosplay an Asian character idk lol
Doesn't all cosplayers come in these flavors?
What breeds do black cosplayers come in?

>Sac Anime

I've never seen a con so lopsided in terms of guest quality vs rest of venue and events
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They've been like this for a while.

On another note, I hope he does a dj set. He does shows in SF pretty often.
>hodor hodor hodor hodor
>hodor hodor HODHodor hodor
sacanime is honestly the worst con ive ever been to


First GLB, now this?? I can't believe Baby the Stars Shine Bright Paris Location is closing. This is very sad news to me and I am now worried that lolita fashion is officially struggling to survive. What should we do to keep it alive? Do you have any thoughts/feelings about the Paris Flagship store closing?
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It's closing because they picked a stupidly expensive location.
we've known this for a long time, are you seriously just now hearing about this? anyway, stop being so self-centered. the closing of a single shop in an expensive location doesn't say anything about the longevity of the fashion, lmao. have you even stopped to consider how many baby locations are in japan?

>This is very sad news to me and I am now worried.
>Do you have any thoughts/feelings about the Paris Flagship store closing?

"stop being so self-centered"

lol really?

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Baby don't hurt me no more edition

In the last thread >>9423651
>Casual lolita talk
>Baby Paris is closing
>Anon gets told to heck off from a mall store for being "in costume"
>Article about a sweet (lol)ita who got told to heck off from a restaurant for not being elegant enough
>Lacemarket new layout
>Lolibrary still working on theirs
>Daydream Bed is released
>IW rerelease Annette
>Discussion about dresses that never make it to the secondhand market
>Anon report people in "lolita" costumes on fetlife, propose to post pics to entertain us

And so the ride continues
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Welp I fucked up the thread image.
Ah well, model san is good too I guess.
Has closet child's shipping gone drastically up? My order itself was 5300 yen but my total was 9400 yen. Doesn't that seem a lot for shipping?
That's a lot imo. Was it heavy? Like shoes or something?

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All good makeup starts with a good foundation, so in your opinion what is the best foundation(s) for cosplay (female and/or male) and why?

Also foundation general I guess.
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Damn, I was hoping this was a shironuri thread, which only ever survive around Halloween anyways. Shouldn't you post this in the makeup general instead?
Ah, I thought about it, but I also thought since it's such a basic topic maybe even people who don't visit the makeup gen would be interested as well, or something like that.

Also sorry to disappoint you. OTL
I want to go paler than I am for a costume, but that would require painting my face, neck, chest and arms.

I'm an NW15 in MAC face and body with neutral undertones, anything too yellow turns me orange and anything too pink turns me grey. Would something like Kyolan's TV white work, or would I turn grey?

For reference, it's a Serenity costume from Sailor Moon, and I'd like to go Irish White- something like Nicole Kidman.

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Last thread. >>9424897

Time to share those feels, seagulls. Sad feels, happy feels, whatever! As long as they're cgl-related.
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peh pay.png
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>tfw no /cgl/ gf
I take no joy in anything anymore, even lolita.

Please helpu me. I can barely force myself to play video games after work.

My prop is like 99% finished, but I'll be fucked if I make myself do that last 1%.

All I wanna do is watch 30 Rock over and over and over and...
I actually got a deadbug with one of the buttons for my cosplay

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You're walking and these 4 stop you and block your path.

>In the name of the moon, oshioki-yo

What do?
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I'd play my poke flute
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Toss a burger to distract the large one. Without their leader, they will crumble.

finding good quality refs for cosplay outfits is a time-consuming and often frustrating task

figured i'd start a thread to let people share their ref pics, as well as request references/model viewers etc.
I have a ton of references myself stored so i'll kick off with those (mine are all video game/anime, please contribute what you have!)
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please note a good majority of my dump will be Monster Hunter related as i just love to collect references for armor sets

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My friend and I are running a panel about convention etiquette, expected behaviors, and tips for new congoers.

>What are important things to pack?
>What advice do you have for newcomers?
>How should you deal with uncomfortable situations?
>What behaviors are expected in the venue, dealer's room, AA, masquerade, panels, etc...
>Do you have any horror stories?
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>important things to pack
Sanitary products such as deodorant, toothpaste, and soap. Trash bags. Safety pins. Tape. Small sewing repair kit.

>advice for newcomers
Don't act like a snotty little butch, be chill. Don't screech like a banshee every time you see a cool cosplay. Don't glomp.

>how to deal with uncomfortable situations
Honestly that depends on what kind of situation and what the context is.

>what behaviors are expected in the venue
Just respect personal space is a generally good rule. Don't touch anyone or props without asking. Don't bug a cosplay who is clearly taking a break and sitting down or eating. Sadly, the people who need to know this the most are the ones with no social awareness whatsoever so it's almost a moot point.

>horror stories
Don't have any that are really bad but have a had a few close calls. Watch out for dudebros. They show up looking to get laid and while most are generally harmless, some are very predatory and if you aren't in a group it can get sketchy

Actually could you explain more on this?
I'll be attending my local con alone at least one day, although know about what types to avoid I seem to attract them without expressing the want. I'm not very good at escaping.
>Don't glomp.
Slightly related: If you ask a cosplayer for a hug (which is pretty acceptable if the cosplayer is in a mascot-style suit or something of the sort), hug him/her/xe gently. I've had some people squeeze the life out of me and it can easily damage the costume.

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Pre-emptive strike edition.

Post a picture of your Kit so we can give you an honest rate!

Previous thread;
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Check out this new trim I just got!
File: George_Silver.png (119KB, 250x209px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be a 16th century fencing master
>patrician backsword taste
>Eurofag fencers with their rapiers BTFO
>challenge Italian rapierfag to a duel
>make it thematic as shit, name a time and place
>even set the fight to be in public, atop a construction scaffold
>tight as shit
>day comes, climb the scaffold in my most billowy bloomers
>wait around for rapierfag all day
>night comes, he doesn't show
>he didn't even know I existed

Rapiers are pretty thick in cross-section. Remember, most *actual* rapiers weigh about as much as a longsword, just drawn into a longer blade to pull the balance back into the hand. They're damn sturdy swords
>breaking swords
fuck outta here with that anime shit
Snazzy, what are you going to put it on?

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We're on Discord now: https://discord.gg/RgaEYeK

Previously, in our slow thread about secret meets, KFC branded photography and losing to Bulgaria >>9403400
>Lolita's, Elita's and lots of whining from all sides
>How to arrange a /cgl/ meet
>Pokémon Party cringe
>DCC happened and was overcrowded
>DCC Overwatch competition confirmed for not being a proper competitive competition
>Dropping your prop on-stage and have it break into a million pieces
>Catching a pervert taking upskirts
>Stealing artwork from dA and selling it at cons
>Neo-geek culture 101
>Moshi Moshi is back!
>Taking a joke too serious
>Lot's of small stuff I'm going to bother writing down
>The usual awesome WIP pics that have been keeping this place alive during even the slowest con periods

The five next major events:
>VidCon (April 7th – 9th, Amsterdam NH), an overly expensive place to meet YouTubers.
>TomoCon (April 8th & 9th, Berghem NB), only the best convention ever that strikes fear in the eyes of all other Dutch conventions!
>Elfia (April 29th - 30th, Haarzuilens UT), an outdoor fantasy orientated convention
>Formula Cosplay (May 6th, Rotterdam ZH), a small and cheap one day event about cosplay.
>Animecon (June 9th - 11th, The Hague ZH), no introduction needed.
The full con calendar can be found at https://www.churi.nl/agenda

Friendly reminders
>We have a newcomers guide at https://churi.nl/newcomers-guide
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ only makes things worse. It's best to take things posted here lightly and just move on.
>Posting WIP pictures and/or progress about your current projects is encouraged.

Strawpoll: Are you going to TomoCon this weekend? http://www.strawpoll.me/12666967
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But how was the competition and the cosplayers who participated at DCC? I couldnt see it because of the overcrowd
What's the deal with Homestuck fans? I recently started reading it, but my friends tell me I better not talk with the fandom because they are an unpleasant bunch who bully other people. Is that true, and should I avoid talking to them?
The competitions were great actually. It was really well organised and the people backstage were really involved with the competitors and there was this girl backstage that would make sure everyone's questions were answered and that everyone had a great time. There was also this guy that was really helpful to a cosplayer that fainted a few times. team chaos theirselves were also really kind and tried their hardest, everyone even got a small bag with food and water and the backstage area was really cosy. Normally I'm not this positive about dcc related things and I didn't know who team chaos was at first but this whole competition was a great experience. There are some minor things that could've been better but for a first time this was great.

Old thread: >>9377360

Title of this listing is "BDSM aristocratic Gothic Jewelry BDSM Collar Wedding Gloves Gothic Clothing Victorian Lolita Sbmissive"
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The bow isn't even centered

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Old one fell off the board due to neglect.
Probably the wrong board to ask this, but how does self-doming resin work? Is it related to surface tension?
Anyways, this thread obviously includes resin, but what other indie crafts should we include? Metal clay/other clay crafts? Acrylic charms? Jewelry making? Felting? Pretty much any craft that isn't sewing?
Gonna dump some of my favorite hand-made items from vvstore to start us off
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The best way to apply a decal like this would be a waterslide decal right?
File: C7MfbopVwAAUBxm.jpg (181KB, 900x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: item_342836_l.jpg (78KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78KB, 480x480px

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Last thread got deleted.

Who's your lolita crush?
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Why was the last thread deleted? I didn't follow it too much, but it seemed so tame. If that one went down then this one likely will, too.
last thread must have been deleted for a reason, probably because this is a thread that's more about people than it is about lolita

the last thread was nice but if that's the case the mods have a point
Probably because a lot of people were name dropping

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Share your unpopular opinions, gulls.

Let's stay on topic and not get the thread deleted.
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I'll start: I find a lot of deerstalkers vids pretty cringey. I know they're supposed to be somewhat ironic, but a lot of the more "meme" oriented videos haven't aged well, and a lot of their actors seem try hard.
I don't think that plain tights (especially black or white) look bad in coords. Busy dresses and busy tights can make a coord cluttered looking.
I think that casual clothing cosplay can look good, but 95% of the time it's executed horribly and/or you can't really tell who they're cosplaying as. Or it's out of character for the characters. The majority of the Sailor Moon girls do not seem alternative/punk whatsoever. If you want to cosplay as a character dressed like that or whatever, why not characters from Nana or Paradise Kiss, etc.?

I don't care if girls dress up as fanservice-y characters, if it makes them feel confidant and good, then that's fine.

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