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Ask, share stories and horrors. Help others out with their laundry questions.
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I'll start off with this translated guide I found looking for how to wash a dress.
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I just posted that and now can't delete it.
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Didn't see one in the catalog, and I just love these threads
Post inpo or tutorials or ask questions or whatever, just keep it hair related!
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I'll post a couple tutorials. I'm a white girl with white girl hair, so sorry, no Japanese tutorials.
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Last one is way past bump limit. >>9461536

Talk about that feels, but make sure to keep 'em cgl-related and not start fights about your tit size again.
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>see Misty Sky MTO
>always liked it but not at the price it went for, have slightly original coord idea, what the heck, I'll jump on the bandwagon
>buy it even though it won't be here til October, $350 gone
>dream dress pops up for sale, $400
>still need a dress for an event as I don't own anything from the brand guest, buy it too
>coord planning and realise accessories/shoes/bag I want total over $200 as dress matches nothing in my wardrobe
>normie store near me is having a sale, probably going to spend $100 as I urgently need basics
>tfw you spent $1000 on hobby shit in a month and still haven't paid for the con hotel

I don't know how to feel about it. I have $3500 in savings right now so it's not like I can't afford it, even if I get some unexpected life expenses, but everyone I know would go mad if they knew I was spending that much. I've read online that hiding how much you're spending is unhealthy and can be a sign of a shopping addiction but I don't think I have one, I just don't want to make people jealous or pissy at me...
If it isn't harmful then I doubt you have a shopping addiction. You wouldn't be able to stop spending, and you wouldn't have a large savings.
Perhaps you feel a bit shameful of spending that much so quickly, which is why you hide it, or as you said, you just don't want to make people jealous or pissy.
Just some armchair psych shit.
Personal opinion is, you splurged and feel like you shouldn't have, you're probably going to be tight with your money for a bit until you relax.
>turn 30
>my birthday present is my bf dumping me for a girl that is 25
Why is life allowed to be this shitty?

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/cgl/ humor: post funny shit
Previous Thread:
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That is the question. Are wigs an absolute necessity for a costume? What are good alternatives to people who can't or won't wear wigs?
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A good alternative is to not cosplay.
>Are wigs an absolute necessity for a costume?

>What are good alternatives to people who can't or won't wear wigs?
Don't cosplay.
Unless your natural hair is a perfect match, don't cosplay that character.

Previous thread >>9455439
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car cosplay ?

i have seen some car monsters from one punch man, would be cool to see more!!
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That may be my favorite cosplay Of All time
sumtin' dat not trans4murr?
Holy shit this is genious!

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Last thread >>9439506

>Please read the FAQ
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)
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Sorry to be that guy but could I get some concrit on this? I posted to AANI yesterday asking for some crit and got none.

I'm really trying hard to figure out a chibi style for myself and I find outside opinions very helpful for learning.
Her eyes confuse me, as they just look vacant and I don't get where her pupils should be. But otherwise, she's cute. I like the proportions and body language.
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The style is super cute anon! I personally like the eyes. Some crit on your sketches:
- some of the heads are sunken in, the upper left one in particular looks awkward
- proportions are a bit inconsistent (I tried to match the upper left's body with the upper right's)
- bottom right's head is kinda floating away, move it to the left a bit.

post coords with cool hats or bonnets or whatnot
or post actual crazy cool beautiful headwear
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Old one is long gone. Resin crafts, needlefelting, metal clays, other clay crafts, decoden, and other similar crafts welcome
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Old thread here >>9425947

Velveteen season is just about over for most of us. Now that it's starting to get warner, what are you planning on wearing?
Do you plan on wearing old school for ILD?
Do you wear old school exclusively?
Do you feel like prices for old school pieces has gone up due to popularity?
What do you think about the general new interest that's been going on for a while with old school, does it annoy or excite you?
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As promised, seller pics of Baby's 2002 Tiered JSK. This one's with a weak petti and not no petti.)

(Yes, I found a 2002 JSK that still had the original tag. Even worse, the security tag inside was never removed either! I'm not sure whether it's more likely that it's stolen burando or just a careless shop assistant.)
Detail shot and original tag (price matches the price on lolibrary). Ignore the waist-tie close up, it's just showing the damage from ironed-in creases.
That lace makes me feel things. It's gorgeous, anon!!

What are you up to these days? What creepy thing did you see/hear/read that would make gothic lolitas happy? What do ladies drink when they go to a bar? What films did you watch or what books did you read that inspired you as a lolita? What's your favourite old picture? What's your favourite classical story? How are you making daily life more beautiful?
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going to post some images I hope you'll appreciate

Post fightan games cosplays! I love them so much.
>Who did you cosplay
>Who are you cosplaying
>Colour palettes cosplay y/n
Random dump of my favourite cosplays inoming!
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I'll post some ref sheets as well.

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New makeup general. Post all your questions and inspo here.
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Gulls. I'm in love with Tarte's Make Believe in Yourself collection but I always buy my makeup with some sort of coupon or sale. Should I just bite the bullet and buy directly from their website (excluded from coupons) or go through Ulta where I can at least build some points and get some deluxe sized products with a $35 purchase?
I always buy through Sephora. I like cashing in my points for deluxe samples. Ulta is probably good too, I just never shop there for some reason.
ulta is better point wise because you actually get money off whatever you want for your points; the monetary value of 1000 ulta points far exceeds 1000 sephora points

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This is specifically a con meetup thread - because I was told at /Soc/ to bring it here.

I'll be attending Momocon for the first time this year - Anyone want to meet up before/after/during and smoke one or just chill?

I live about twenty minutes from the venue, recently moved to the area.
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Meet ups are typically discussed in the con's thread, rather than having their own thread. You'll have better luck posing this in the Momocon thread.
I live nearby. If you want to hang, email me at [email protected]

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