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Hey gulls.

Is there an "acceptable" age to go to cons and hit on the girls there?

I'm 30, and I've never actually been to any cons since they seemed cliquey and the sorts of content and guests they usually had never really stimulated my interest (maybe with the exception of a couple of times PAX had some good stuff being demoed and AX had some good guests).

Two separate questions:

Would it be weird/creepy for me to go to cons at my age?

Would it be weird/creepy for me to hit on girls at cons?
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depends on how old the girls are
Obviously I wouldn't be hitting on anyone below 20, I can't relate to girls that age anymore anyway.
No, not creepy or weird.

Yes, creepy and weird. Most women don't go to cons to hook up. It's especially creepy and weird if you're 30 and you're hitting on girls.

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Don't get nuked edition
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A bad wig and imperfect shoes does not an ita make.

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tobotron was here.jpg
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Do you think it's weird to want to pick out coords for someone and dress therm up in lolita, J-fashion, or Cosplay? How would you yourself feel if someone wanted to buy you cloths and essentially treat you like a dress up doll?
I've always wanted to meet someone I could share this interest with, but almost all the girls I've ever met seem to have an allergic reaction to girly fashion.
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I've gone to friends houses and brought them lolita clothes that we could both wear to go out. It's like an exchange in a way, they help me with my make up and in return I let them put on one of my dresses and we go out.
It's a bit of fun, but my friends are all some what familiar with alternative fashion.
>Do you think it's weird to want to pick out coords for someone and dress therm up in lolita, J-fashion, or Cosplay?
maybe it's weird, but it's fun. It's just like making your friend play a game with you that you really like, or listen to a band you like, etc. You like something and you want to share that experience with a friend.

>How would you yourself feel if someone wanted to buy you cloths and essentially treat you like a dress up doll?
Please!!! It'd be cool if they wanted to dress me up in a style I don't wear. But just coordinating outfits is fun, too.

I've dressed my boyfriend in lolita/jfashion/etc. and plan outfits/coords together. It's fun. I assume he likes getting dressed up/matching me because he asks things like "hey what should we wear for (such-and-such) event?" I buy the same item but in a different colorway, just so he can match with me (if he wants).
I'm planning to host a private little tea get together for me and friends in my comm who smoke, and I have a friend who's the type who's always thought j-fashion was cool but never was interested enough to commit. She's going to help me put together some cute little edibles for the tea, and in return I'm dressing her up for the event. It's my first time dressing someone else in my clothes, so I'm really excited!

Especially someone who's never worn the fashion; I remember the first time I tried on a coordinate, it was magical. I want to give her the same experience. Any advice or tips?

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>this charm 30 dollars
>this charm is 30 fucking dollars
>lets get it! -Edition

>Last one: >>9463651

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide v. 2.1
Read the document first before asking basic questions that have been answered time and time again like "is making a bag for ___ ok?" and "where do i get the heart bags??".

Buyf/a/g Guide
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whoops missed an is
o well
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A space to talk about upcoming and past Aussie cons, cosplayers, cos - photogs and anything Aussie cosplay related. Try to keep the drama to a minimum for once.
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How did everyone find melbnova this year?
it was fun until people started the obligatory post-con 'wahh someone took photos of me without asking' posts on the cosplay comm page. and that girl who dressed up as nurse joy who likened a person taking a photo of her without permission to 'worse than blaming rape victims'
I heard "insert name here" bought 50 dicks from eBay and sucked them all.

General cute and feminine style

>What is your favourite S/S release?
>What have you bought recently?
>What is your favourite brand for casual days?
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Less than a month to go, gulls. Are you ready? What is your cosplay lineup?
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I wonder how many 2bs we're gonna see, 2bs and Space Dandy. The past 2 years it was nothing but Shingeki on Titan. I'd like to see some Shingeki no Souma or something.

Here's Singed (League of Legends) from ACEN2014
Is there going to be a meetup or something?
I suppose I could go alone, but I've never been to a con before, and I'm pretty new to this city. Anyone else go alone? is it still fun without a group to hang around with?
>Anyone else go alone? is it still fun without a group to hang around with?
It's a 100x more fun to go with someone else or as a group.

Questionable fabric choices edition
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I'm working on Eros right now, seems like everyone either gets the fabric right, or the crystals right, or the hair/makeup right but never all three and usually just one.
Pic related; perfect face/hair/body, good fabric choices, shitty crystals.
Pic also related; from what I can tell the crystals and wig/makeup are acceptable, but not a fan of the fabric. I think the context of the show makes it really obvious that it's black mesh and yet I've seen the vast majority of cosplayers do shiny silver fabric.

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Post characters you've always wanted to do but know you could never pull off
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Same OP, same.
I'm not fat, but I'm super short.
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Same. She inspired me to start getting fit.

I worked hard for the body, but now I have to work hard for the craftsmanship. Maybe I can do baby steps with the cop costume.
just do it anon, even if it's just for me

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The "in case you forgot about this shitstorm" Edition.

>Old one: >>9379091
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>log in
>see this
>see hoard
>scroll down
>fakeboi crying about no money for con
>scroll down
>same fakeboi looking for a room for them and their teddy

I feel like taking a drink every time I saw a cringe post on the FB group would kill me from alcohol poisoning.
Who cares, that event has always been cancer. The few girls who attend do it for fun and the legion of guys do it because they think they'll get laid. The better option for guys is to do what I do and not talk to anyone other than to get cute pictures.
>few girls who attend do it for fun

Heaven forbid anyone attend a speed dating event for fun..

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Has anyone had experience with or advice for lolita shopping in Japan?
I'm going there in July and definitely plan to visit and buy from brand stores, but i wonder if foreigners will especially be ogled or treated differently. Also would you recommend wearing lolita to visit brand stores?
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>No photos

what have you done?
I don't have any real solid recommendations for specific stores but from what I've heard, foreigners aren't really ogled in most lolita shops that much since lolita in japan already has a reputation for being popular with foreigners.

that being said, if you wanna wear lolita while you're out shopping, i say go for it. they're already going to treat you differently because you're a tourist on vacation anyway, so your clothes aren't gonna make much of a difference

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It's that time again. I hope some of you still are still interested.
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Making the ELFS group it's own thread since people seem to want to separate it from the CoF thread.

Posts from the Every-day Lolita Fashion Snapshots FB group. A new group made to allow more experimental lolita/ouji/ega outfits and less rules than CoF.
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Anime North is a month away!!

>Cosplay Plans?
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tfw hardly anything is posted to the site

Bringing Isshiki, Murasakibara, and 'Naked' Rin for the meme's

usually don't go to any, most are a waste of time

Recording a documentary about Anime North, and besides being THE Canadian convention, what it means to people.

Hosting a Photoshoot on Saturday

& professionally photographing cosplayers for free

>Meet ups

If it fits my schedule I'll probs go
Mind posting which shoot? I'll be going to a some of them as well.

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Couldn't find one, want to draw cute coords.

Last thread: https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/S9341087#p9380867

>Keep it /cgl/ related.
>All J-fash styles (lolita, mori, otome, gyaru, deco, etc.) are welcome!
>Please provide your best photos.
>Artists: it's not a bad idea to just sign your work.
>Selfposters: When giving credit, it's a good idea to refer to the art as a freebie, NOT fanart.
>Helpful critique is acceptable, insults and taunts are not.
>Have fun!
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Someone please draw this beautiful young maiden I've strolled upon once a phantasmagorical morning several moons ago. I famish for an unyeilding supply of ocular decadence in which the subject of such historical beauty is none other than the previous peach whom is so radiantly displaying her forbidden apple like presence to the unworthy, rubbish born, fermented waste that is us mortal men.

Oh Maido, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. If by any stretch of Serene divinence you are reading this post, please do not email be; I am but decomposing skunk defication, wholly unworthy of even a synapse in the profound and undoubtedly euphorically brilliant mind of which you possess! Read no further, my Amaterasu! Though time stands still for you, it is still wasted on the likes of me; the smegma stain of a sloth lazily wiped off a on the rotting skin of a banana.
File: 1477979615652.jpg (80KB, 1080x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Am I to be insulted by the proclamation that another such goddess exists other than the one I'd seen upon thine trek throughout the crevasses of the world wide web? Blasphemy! Though your darling may seem majestic, her presence stands naught to that of the one I'd experienced, that fateful morn. Oh, how she set my passions ablaze! Her soft smile set lofty mind aflutter, one that could drive men mad with love, and furious with sinful angers borne of jealousy and spite.

This is not to say, that I insinuate thy maiden fair to be naught of heaven's embrace, but rather that a plucked fruit from forbidden garden pales in comparison to that dangling loftily upon divine tree. Fair maiden she may be, but no mere maiden may approach the pedestal of beauty presented by that which, though blinded by brilliance as I was, bore witness upon me so many months ago.

I daren't proclaim her name, lest I, in my pride and sin as mere mortal man, should offend such a majesty that may incite my own slaughter and inability to continue worshipping her. To ask she be drawn wrenches my heart, filling me with dread that she may happen upon the works and find disposition in its inability to capture her immortal presence. Yet I must, if only to know that another felt so moved by her countenance that they felt the need to capture it in living art.
Could I get some art of my partner please! He let me dress him up and I really liked how the coord turned out.

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