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Discuss: when "official" cosplayers don't produce quality work.
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It's early days but i haven't seen any good ones yet, waiting on a skinny western chick to do it
>misa chiang
From the looks of it it's a model wearing a costume that was made for the event. It's well made just doesn't fit the person wearing it.

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Last one hit image limit
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you could at least link to the last one in the OP

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Sorry anon, my bad.


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The summer conventions is soon upon us. Lets post some suggestions for a good summer cosplay.
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Go back to your own thread ye fuckin koala this thread is for the superior northern hemisphere.
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its so funny cause they over price this shit so much
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>selling used 5 dollar skirt for 45 dollars

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Okay so I wanna cosplay Spider-Man from the upcoming Homecoming movie. Ive looked at places like zentai zone and just trying to find a good costume to get for cheap. Like under or around $200. Any help would be appreciated
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> good
> cheap

pick one
Use the help thread >>9435252

And also, $200 may get it printed for you, but won't get ti sewn as well.
ive read from cgl thread a zentai suit and a face former is the correct thing and thats its jsut the shit ive read

For people who've been into Lolita for 5+ years: what are some things that you've never owned or done that are strange for people who have been it for years not to?

My list after 10 years-
>worn any hair accessory other than a headband
>worn rocking horse shoes or tea parties
>owned an offbrand main piece
>been in a comm
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I still don't own a single pair of bloomers.
>"Never have I ever" for Elder Lolitas

I like it.
8 years and going strong.
I've never:
>owned or worn rocking horse shoes
>worn gothic (which is a shame considering how much black is in my normie closet)
>owned tea parties (I have big feet and flat shoes are not complimentary to that)
>bought brand jewelry
>twinned/cloned anyone
Almost a decade here.
>never owned or even tried to wear a wig
>never worn falsies
>never worn circle lenses
>never worn a printed piece
>never worn patterned/printed socks
I'm pretty boring ngl

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Remember when lolita and BJD collecting seemed like a match made in heaven? Remember how some girls were able to twin with their dolls? Share stories and pics of jfash+BJDs.

Also, survey:

>Did anyone in your comm ever bring a doll to a meet?
>Have you ever wished for a BJD specifically for lolita-related reasons?
>Did you ever actually use a doll as part of a photoshoot or to enhance your own coord?
>Do you own any BJDs now, and if so, do you dress them in Japanese street fashion?
>What do you think about the collabs between brands and BJD companies? Have you ever owned any doll collabs?
>Do you wish a specific BJD company or artist would do a brand collaboration, and if so, who?
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Since this discussion blew up in the CoF thread, let's move it to its own thread.

>To you, what is a conlita?
>Is it bad to be a conlita?
>How often does someone need to wear lolita in order to be considered one?
>Do conlitas give the style a bad rep?
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If you treat lolita like cosplay you aren't a lolita, I think they're really fucking annoying but I don't think they necessarily harm the fashion anymore then itas do or """""documentaries""""".
Is a conlita just someone that ONLY wears lolita at cons? If they're wearing a shitty coord then there's already ita.I don't really get the con distinction otherwise.
The term conlita has been thrown around at people to wear coordinates (typically OTT ones) only at conventions.

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Saw this in the idol thread and thought why not do it for all cosplay in general. Fill the grid as best you can with cosplays you'd like to do or have already done for each colour. Pipe dreams are okay.
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I'll start. Green is hard. A lot of these are only dreams at this point but I want to believe.
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I did it by hair color. means I have already cosplayed it, the rest are planned. This has only made me realize that most characters I have cosplayed have brown hair, lol.
>meant to write "check mark means I have already cosplayed it"

As it says on the tin.
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>weddind dress
>can't be a knock off

Does she understand that Sailor Moon isn't a fashion line and there is no such thing as a "knockoff" when there's no official version?
> can't be a knockoff
In comparison to what? Does she mean not a cheapo taobao dress in comparison to a real wedding gown?
Wasn't there the official line? I think I remember some licensing. But shoulda just been wigs and the senshi forms

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Old thread >>9410276
All your questions here, guys.
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Joanns moved the fabric I wanted to the remnants section. Does this mean it's gone forever? It isn't carried at my local joanns and I'm not going to order it online if the shipping is more than the remnant itself. I thought since it was such a basic fabric that it would be there a while.

It's white twill, by the way. I don't know if I could just order a different twill and it would look the same. The color isn't a huge issue, since I'm going to dye it, but I want it to have the same texture as the twill skirt.
white twill is super basic. I'm sure that particular bolt only had enough for remnants and there's more coming in soon.

I'm not sure what you're making, but if you're going to dye it, why not use white sateen instead? That should be in the bottomweight section.
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what would be the best material to make a cats the musical wig????

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Last thread disappeared
Share your idol cosplay plans and questions
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To start up the thread I'm reposting this one.

Fill in an outfit you want to cosplay for each color. Is it different from the last time we posted this?
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tfw you want to cosplay your waifu idol from the anime, but you're fat, ugly nerd, so you'll never cosplay her.

Is there any reason to live in this world?
tfw you love kirari
tfw you hate all her outfits

Hi. I'm the one who posted the first secret of this week about making a new version of BtB and I would like to have your opinions.

First of all, I'm not associated with BtB's admin and mods. I didn't contact them and I don't care what they're thinking about all this because imho, they're stuck in stone age with the LJ platform.

Why I'm doing it? Because I'm fucking tired of how shitty LJ is. I wanna enjoy secrets with a modern website, not a web 2.0 old mess.

1. Do you want the new website have the same name or a new one? Suggestions welcomed.
2. What do you expect with the website? New rules? New features?

Just to be clear, I'm doing a new platform to post secrets, not a lolita fashion portal or something.
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If it ain't broke, don't fix it
What's wrong with how btb is now? I've never had a problem with the interface and I think the system is just fine.
Yeah, it works, but it can be improved.

Creative weird shit in the general EGL fashion family (lolita, aristocrat, ouji, otome, etc.). Especially Alice Deco/Nana Kitade type coords.

Bonus points for boystyle, because the guys on this board are basic as fuck and keep complaining about it.
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On the left: Sweet lolita mixed with pop, rock, and gothic.
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Left again: lolita mixed with punk

Half-Life 3 confirmed edition
Old thread: >>9394872
>Read customer reviews
>Makeup, sex toys, food, and things that go in/on you aren't guaranteed to comply with safety standards
>You won't be able to claim compensation on Aliexpress if products harm you, use your discretion.
>Electronics? Visit >>>/g/ and search for /csg/ and ask your questions there
>Large Order? Check out the Taobao thread
>Ask questions and buy at your own risk.
>Remember there is a lack of quality control on AE products
>If a lack of quality control on a product can hurt you (ex: faulty wiring on electronics, chemicals in cosmetics), use common sense and don't buy it
Male anons from /csg/ have begun to invade these threads. Do not give them or their dicks any attention
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Anon from 2 threads ago (https://boards.4chan.org/cgl/thread/9365521#9393903) here.
I received some of my order today, but that Kimono set-thing came without the Kimono. You can choose between Skirt only, Kimono only, and set on the page and I obviously chose the set. Just messaged the seller and hope they'll send me the missing item - how are your experiences with partially wrong / missing orders?
Does anyone know where to find pic/link related NOT on Aliexpress? I'm willing to eat the inevitable price hike, I'd just like to get this before my classes end and can't wait for Ali's shipping speed.

Anon if you really need something like that just go to Staples or whatever. You can have your Chinese folder next semester

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