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Dumping my jedi cosplay
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Not bad at all, I think it would have looked a bit more authentic if you had used a thicker fabric like a heavy weight cotton twill, nice photography

old one here: >>9456646

>be lonelita
>visitor stops by my workplace
>mentions she's seen me in lolita
>we talk briefly, find out she also wears lolita but sold most of her wardrobe
>offers to hang out and get frilly together
>before she leaves we exchange contact info

might have her over to my house for the dress up hang out of my dreams!!!

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Also, just bought another dream item this past weekend.
I have found and purchased 3 of my dream dresses in the past year.
life is so good right now
>live in California
>already sweating like a racehorse in early May
>look at all of the cool stuff I wear in winter
Anything more than shorts and a tank top is already unbearable
>low income ita friend complains about being poor
>ignore her complaints, she accuses me of being "entitled" and a brandwhore
>sends me this low income simulation game
>game is rigged for worst case scenarios, you're supposed to live on $1000
>point is to illustrate that you can't live on $1k
>finish simulation 5 times with $500-900 surplus at end of month
>still accuses me of being entitled and spoiled

apparently responsible adults who budget and don't get into dumb shit = entitled brandwhores.

let's posting some kick ass armor cosplay photos!
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File: Big Al.jpg (31KB, 395x557px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Big Al.jpg
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Alphonse Elric

more from buyfullbodyarmors.com
Robocop classic

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How's that cosplay channel on the creative section of Twitch coming along, /cgl/?
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I work with some cosplayers on Twitch on other projects. What do you need? A cosplay dedicated core group?
Not OP, but are there good cosplay twitch channels out there? I'm mostly interested in seeing actual cosplay construction, not just people hanging out in cosplay.
Coregeek, Punished Props, Artyfakes, Evil Ted, Suspicious Tumbleweed... that's pretty much all the big names that come to mind and they're pretty interactive with the exception of Punished Props

Kick-off is tomorrow! Any other seagulls going to be there?

>implying any other seagulls are going to be there
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I will be.
Not directly an Expo event, but the Globe is screening Howl's Moving Castle Saturday at 7. They also have The Red Turtle screening through the week

I'm going on saturday.
I was planning on maybe popping up friday, but I had to drop it for both plans and so I could avoid the local weeb asking for rides.

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>got redirected

So, i'm not a big fan of anime. Nor manga. It's just not my thing. I fint it funny, and/or fascinating at times, but rarely.

However, i am attending a Magnificon in may, and i plan to utilize my flat cap to cosplay.

Are there any other men wearing flat caps in manga/anime other than old Sato?
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You don't have to cosplay at a con, and you can also cosplay from things other than anime or manga. Why would you cosplay from manga/anime when you don't like manga/anime?
maybe i want to find one for me that is not naru-toe or some other mainstream milk-till-it-dies creation
but are you ready to fuck shit up though

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I wish I was friends with popular Lolitas. I noticed that all of them are friends with each other and I want to know how.

Does anyone else want to be friends with popular Lolitas? Or want to be popular? How do we achieve either one or both?

I've spoken to some of my Lolita idols and they have been very friendly. But I did not know how to continue the conversation outside of telling them that I like their outfit without sounding creepy.

I want to have well dressed Lolita friends and have fun with them!
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>popular lolitas

No, thank you. Even if you're the nicest, most well-dressed person, /cgl/ will find a reason to hate you.
Sorry you were posted.
No, are you in highschool?

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praise mana.jpg
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Praise be to Mana-sama, we are finally getting a Misty Sky reserve period.

What colors/cuts are you planning on getting, gulls? What's your preferred Tokyo SS?

I'm so excited about this I could cry.
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I'm glad you're excited, but did this really warrant it's own thread?
Has it been grey before?
Will AP USA be doing this too? Because they ended taking Carnival and Holy Lantern MTO, right?

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Let's have a thread.

>Are you going?
>What tickets do you have?
>Going to the tea party?
>What do you think of the tea party ticket commotion?
>Expectations of the event?
>Do you have your coordinate planned?
>Are you staying in London for the event?
>Goody bag expectations for gold and silver?
>What indie vendors do you want to see?
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>>Are you going?

>>What tickets do you have?
Golden dream

>>Going to the tea party?

>>What do you think of the tea party ticket commotion?
Nice that they got more, now some of my friends are able to go as well

>>Expectations of the event?
I have never been to a TPC event before, tbqh I am a bit cautious of that it will be slightly less ''fancy'' (a bit trashy even?) than the SFE events. But that's really not based on any facts, just a feeling that I hope won't be true.

>>Do you have your coordinate planned?
Nope, not yet, still got some time lol

>>Are you staying in London for the event?
Yes, with friends!

>>Goody bag expectations for gold and silver?
I try to expect nothing special, maybe I will get surprised ;)

>>What indie vendors do you want to see?
Voodoodolly, MyInspiration, LiParo.. idk
Unfortunately not going this year (can't really afford it atm), but I just want to say how impressive I find the organizers. They actually managed to stock up the tea party tickets twice! Most would just say "eh, better luck next year" and leave it at that. And yet I still have friends on my friend list that complain about not managing to get tickets and think its a conspiracy against them personally. Bitch, you're not important enough for any conspiracies! Be happy that you have gold tickets for Saturday and attend the alternative tea party on Sunday!
Silver and yes! I thought the prerelease was a really nice gesture on the part of the organisers, especially because the volunteers do donate their time when they've already bought tickets.

I've also been really impressed by the organisers, they've really gone above and beyond to try to get more people into the tea party! I have friends who were able to get tickets in both expansions, so I'm really happy I'll get to spend more time with them, especially the ones from the other end of the country.

I'm also side-eyeing a couple of people really hard over how they're acting about the tickets. Limited release, you guys knew it was going to be a bloodbath, there's no reason not to be mashing refresh five minutes before seven.

I'm especially side-eyeing that one brolita in the thread, the one who only owns Starlight of Serenity and has consistently been a whiny, entitled twat online. Does he really think this kind of behaviour is going to earn him friends? I'm surprised he hasn't been posted to BTB yet, and I suspect he'll be in there this week. I'm just glad he hasn't gotten a tea party ticket so I won't risk being at his table.

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How does your boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever feel about your love for cosplay and ita?

Are they a fan too, or do they shit on it?
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What girlfriend? ;_;

Personally, my boyfriend loves my enthusiasm about cosplay and is couples cosplaying with me the next con we go to together (it's mostly me working on the cosplay, which he appreciates; but he's the best assistant/model I could ask for)

As for Lolita, he seems to at least like how I dress. It helps that we have similar aesthetic sense. I feel like if I was in something different (like, say, OTT all the time) it might be a different story; but at worse I know he loves me and would probably still tolerate it.
He thinks lolita is cute though he really doesn't understand it. The closest he's come to showing real interest is when he asked me to make him a matching outfit so we can 'cosplay' together, but when I actually showed him some aristo stuff (he'd look awful in ouji) he backed out. Oh well. I'm kind of annoyed that after five years together he still thinks it's cosplay, though.

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Does it still count as cosplay if I dress up as something from Japanese culture but not a specific character? For example a Yakuza or Delinquent but I'm still just "myself"?
Lots of days have gone into styling wigs and outfits
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isn't that just j-fashion?
so, bosozoku/yanki fashion, anon?
It might pass as cosplay, but be prepared for the inevitable "What character are you?" question.

Another slight problem might be that you could end up insulting people wearing that J-fashion by calling it cosplay, especially if you disregard the finer details of that fashion.

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large hulkbusters? arduino masterpieces with lights and automatically moving props? best friends with judges? international popularity? well-known characters?
post your stories, opinions, tips and tricks here, mah ambitious friends
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If male: Make an impressive and bulky armor from some fantasy/sci-fi with a matching overzised prop weapon and LED's everywhere.
If female: Be pretty, show tits and ass on an armor bikini.
shit i fucked up already lol
Don't lie to the judges. We're like Baskin Robbins. We always find out.

Had a dude spend thirty minutes describing how he made his own patterns and covered his own buttons and even told us which patterns he based his new ones off of. It was a storebought RWBY cosplay he'd made some horrendous alterations to, that he passed off as "Oh that seam got stuck in my sewing machine last night". Had another dude tell us exactly how he'd vacformed his armor. It was repurposed Roman Centurion armor from a Halloween store.

Even if it's just little shit you think we might ding you for, it's better to tell the truth and say you didn't make it rather than have the judges all look at each other as soon as you leave the room and go "yeah they just lied to our faces" and throw your entry into the disqualification pile.

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Best trap characters to cosplay from anime or vidya?
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File: trap joseph in drag.jpg (516KB, 720x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
trap joseph in drag.jpg
516KB, 720x1200px

I shat myself while wearing my Dolly Cat OP. I thought it was going to just be a warning fart, but it ended up being diarrhea. How do I get it out without hurting the print?
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File: 1487320033445.png (123KB, 342x298px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll bite. iirc Dolly Cat is colorfast? Soak it in some oxyclean, anything you can't get out that way you can probably go at with a felds-naptha bar and/or an old toothbrush.
don't worry senpai the dress is brown, nobody will notice trust me

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When would you consider that your Lolita wardrobe is too big?
Is there a moment when you decide to start selling just to get space for new things?
What is your blouse/jsk ratio?
Is there a golden standard?
Is there a limit?

Not considering money as a limit. There is that time after years in the fashion, after brand pieces are getting cheaper, taobao brands are flourishing and you can find 20 usd Lolita dresses in AliExpress with a decent shape, let alone the quality.

My ratio is 35/35 and planning to downsize, but I like all my dresses
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>When would you consider that your Lolita wardrobe is too big?
When I no longer have room to store all my things. I'm almost at that point. I've had to get rid of lots of normie clothes in order to have enough room in my closet for my lolita wardrobe, which now takes up 2/3 of my closet. To think, lolita used to be just a little corner of my closet...

>Is there a moment when you decide to start selling just to get space for new things?
For sure. Honestly, I'm always in need of more space for new items, so anytime I get tired of a piece I list it for sale immediately.

>What is your blouse/jsk ratio?
I seem to be a bit of an outlier in that I prefer OPs to skirts and JSKs, but I still have a good amount of JSKs/skirts.

Currently I have:
16 JSKs
7 Skirts
15 Blouses
18 OPs

I don't really think there's a gold standard or a limit. I'm not done collecting. I want to force myself to buy more skirts and JSKs, personally, but I tend to just adore OP cuts.
>Drowning in a Lolita wardrobe
This would be my dream death btw
Suffocating in my dresses.
32 main pieces and counting. I'm running out of space.

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