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To all of you older people who've gone to ACEN throughout the years, tell me, whatever happened to Sailor Bubba? That guy was quite a meme in the anime community back in the day, and probably the first guy in the western anime fandom to brave it out with a hideous crossplay for the sake of laughs.

Not only that, he was apparently a pretty cool guy, and was beloved by the ACEN community, was meme'd into silly merchandise, actually became a staff member, and helped the con out by walking up the glass escalator at the con to keep people from wanting to take upskirt pics.

But since 2008, he seems to have mostly vanished, returning only once. What ever happened to this guy, and what is he doing now?
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Bump because im really interested in this guys story for some odd reason.
No one knows or cares. Don't bump your shit.
>and helped the con out by walking up the glass escalator at the con to keep people from wanting to take upskirt pics.


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I don't see anybody talking about this kind of cosplay work? Any particular reason?

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People may have not come across it. I love this guys channel. I use the gauntlet template from time to time.
Nice self promotion
>Any particular reason?
i dont want to sound mean but theres much better tutorials and methods.

not saying his stuff is shit in anyway. its just his costume stuff seems like its geared towards kids making costumes for school.
the majority of his costume stuff is using paper, cardboard and cheap craft foam.

i have watched his videos before a long time ago and his stuff is pretty neat but as pretentious as im gonna sound, its all pretty childish.

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Share and discuss street snaps from this year and last year
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When : April 21st-23rd
Where : Chicago IL
Why : General pop culture con (comics, tv, vidya, Annie may, etc)

Where the gulls at? Going as Quiet from MGS V again this year for one last run of it. No official metal gear meet though :(
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Shame there's no MGS meet this year. A friend and myself are going as Snake and Ocelot, but with Hayter and Baker there, I'm sure there will be MGS cosplays everywhere.
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I can't go Friday because of work. I was going to give Cruella one last hurrah but I'm really not looking forward to the literal hour that makeup takes to apply. Or the shoes. Maybe I'll just spend the con in (relatively) comfy, 70s obscurity?
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First time going to this con. What should I expect? How much comic/anime/other shit does there seem to be overall? What's the crowd like, etc.?

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Last one already in Auto >>9435695
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>Plan on saving a lot more
>Get told I'm being laid off
It never seemed like something I'd have to worry about in my mid 20s. At least I'll be able to work on cosplays non-stop and enjoy my convention in a month. Then I can worry about the rest of my life.
I have double good feels!
> Dithered to long during pre order to get the JSK2 and skirt
> Read that their won't be a re-release and my best bet to get them will be second hand
> But pic related to make myself feel better
> Actually have someone compliment it while I'm out shopping, recognizing the art
> Super happy because I live in the middle of no where
> See feels thread and decide to post about happy feel about finding someone else who at least recognizes the art in bumfuck land
> Go to get pic related
> Didn't have the JSK2 in black in my size, but I did by the skirt
> Happy day, now I have to hurry to work before I'm late. Hope you gulls all find what you're hunting for!
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Uugggghhhhhh. I turn 28 in three hours.

Am I too old to cospray?

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Previously, in our slow thread about things, stuff, and items >>9420344

Prop-Anon filling in. OP got banned for doing a thread recap, so no recap this time around.

The five next major events:
>Elfia (April 29th - 30th, Haarzuilens UT), an outdoor fantasy orientated convention.
>Formula Cosplay (May 6th, Rotterdam ZH), a small and cheap one day event about cosplay.
>Animecon (June 9th - 11th, The Hague ZH), a con that really needs no introduction.
>Castlefest (August 3rd - 6th, Lisse ZH), the other outdoor fantasy orientated convention.
>Abunai! (August 25th - 27th, Veldholven NB), a con with annual hotel room hunger games.
Our full con calendar can be found at https://www.churi.nl/agenda

Friendly reminders
>We have a newcomers guide at https://churi.nl/newcomers-guide
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ only makes things worse. It's best to take things posted here lightly and just move on.
>Posting WIP pictures and/or progress about your current projects is encouraged.

Our /comfy/, /cgl/ and /vidya/ Discord:
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Europa league

>OP got banned for doing a thread recap
wait what

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>Last Thread >>9414415

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide v. 2.1
Read the document first before asking basic questions that have been answered time and time again like "is making a bag for ___ ok?" and "where do i get the heart bags??".

Buyf/a/g Guide
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One of the denim bags in action!

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Diglett Cosplay.jpg
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What is the gayest cosplay possible?

I'm really looking to flex my homosexuality at the next 'con I'm going to.

So far I have:
>Diglett (classic)
>Genderbent Princess Peach
>Yuri (from Yuri On Ice)

Any more ideas, friendos?
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Literally any slutty male cosplay. Like get a speedo, paint something fandom related on it, done
Wearing the cosplay is only part of the hobby though. I like designing and making the costumes too - it wouldnt be as fun if i just did a crappy zero-effort cosplay like that
Just go as OP.

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Last thread >>9406873

Recent obsessions? Recent purchases?
What was it that about old school that initially caught your attention? Did it take your eyes time to adjust so to speak?
How often do you go out in old school? Do you think about the philosophy much or is it something you just enjoy wearing?
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I love tartan and hope to fill my wardrobe with it.

for me the thing about oldschool is nostalgia, the way I felt when I started (2009). The past years I felt like 'modern' lolita has strayed away from the true Lolita spirit.

I still think Kamikaze Girls is the go to movie for any new lolita to watch, as IMO it really captures what the fashion is about.
AP's Cherry Pintuck, continuing from the last thread

Lmao i just saw a post on fb that said the owner of a con doesn't like cosplayers and doesnt need them at his con. This girl posted pics of his comments like "Cosplayers are failed models and dont buy shit" and "we dont need cosplayers" lol

Georgia cons be crazy lmao
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RIP savannah comic con
Its hilarious. The guy keeps backtracking then attacking then backtracking again. What a mess.
Holy shit that guy is nuts hahaha he just deleted all of his comments on there. Wow this tea is delicious

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There are some old brands that are related to the origins of Lolita, but do not mainly produce Lolita clothing, nor really market themselves as Lolita brands (Milk, Jane Marple, Emily Temple Cute). Even so, Japanese normies think of these brands as Lolita, and Lolitas have worn their clothing since forever.

Now there are some newer brands that borrow from Lolita fashion, but are also not really Lolita (Honey Bunch, Amavel, Rosemarie Seoir... There are a lot). These brands are used for several different styles too, but generally they fall under the label girly fashion, which is as broad a term as it sounds (it's also used for normie fashion).

Misako and RinRin have both talked about labels for what could be a new style of ''not really Lolita but has Lolita elements/Lolita inspired/has the same feeling or spirit as Lolita''. Though mentioned in magazines a couple of times, they are not really defined or popular. These are soft Lolita and neo Lolita.

Then there's otome kei, which appears to be a term that's only used in the West nowadays. When I asked my SS about otome kei, she first thought I was talking about otome games, then she simply said it was girly fashion.

Tldr what are your thoughts on soft Lolita, neo Lolita and girly fashion?
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Sorry if my English is weird.
File: 1129-2.jpg (281KB, 800x576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know there's a thread for "pipe dream cosplays" but what about cosplays you hope to one day make once you reach the skill level?

Pic related. I normally cosplay fabric heavy characters, armour seems tough to break into...
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It doesn't seem hard to make its just the fact I need a real good toned body to be her and I'm nowhere close to that ;___:
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I have the skills but not the cash or the time to handsew so many sequins...
I think I have the skills, as it's not technically very difficult, but the thought of all that embroidery is not a happy one.

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Édition nostalgique.

Previously in Lolita General (>>9435368)
>Droopy eyes make-up does (not) suit every substyle
>What does toned-down objectively look like?
>Why Moitié is great
>Donating Lolita clothing
>Shifty LM sellers
>You are (not) a jerk if you post your friends
>You are (not) too sensitive if you don't want to get posted
>Alternative names for Lolita fashion
>New release from Krad Lanrete
>Taobao shawl

What did you all wear for Easter?
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Why are you speaking french?
My soul is from 18th century France desu
Go to sleep Momoko, you have dresses to embroider.

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Is she right or is she buttmad?
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I would totally bang a gothloli in converse.

Is there such a genre? Has there ever been?

Posting, and wondering if others have thought or worn something similar to cons
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Momoka is a thing
This reminded me of pic related for some reason.

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