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Last one >>9461616
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Don't we all love cute street snaps and casual/horrible interactions with normies?

Post stories, photos or things related you've found. Let's not mess this up, guys!
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>At zoo with my man
>Wearing casual sweet AP coord
>Hear someone say something but can't make out what and then hear my man say "thanks!" as we're walking
>"That guy said he liked your coord as you walked by! And he even said COORD, not outfit! I told him thanks for you since I figured you couldn't hear" (I am slightly hard of hearing)
>Feel happy inside but also hope the person who complimented me doesn't think I was being a bitch and ignoring them

Also little girls tend to really really love my outfits which is really cute. I like the think I inspire little girls to know that they can still wear fun princessy clothes even when they're grown ups.
>Dude walks up to me
>I'm in full sweet Lolita
>We know each other from school
>He looks me up and down
>I freeze up but reply a moment later
>He looks uncomfortable
>"so it's true?" he asks awkwardly
>"that you wear diapers..."
>Now I really freeze
>Where does that even come from?
>"like a baby right? getting off of that?"
>I just turn around and walk away
>he tried to bring it up a few times
>with friends and other students
>but most of them knew I wore Lolita
>still really weird as a first interaction
I would have laughed in his face. What the fuck? Who asks shit like this?

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Tokusatsu helmets!
I get how to make one from cardboard and paper mache but I have no idea how to make them look... smooth and slightly more natural.
Talk to me about them, about the durability of foam compared to cardboard, painting, anything. I really want to run around with one of these.
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looks like a type of foam really

also these cardstock helms are usually built with pepakura then reinforced with glassfiber from the inside and bondo from the outside

foam is easy to work with and very light + flexible. Disadvantage is that paint cracks immediately when foam is bent

Sanding helps for cardboard and paper mache. However you will never get it to the same level as a real helmet unless you invest into something like resin and bondo
>Disadvantage is that paint cracks immediately when foam is bent
Use flexbond before painting and it won't crack when bent.

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Anyone know what the hell is going on with MMX? Apparently it's been canceled three and the staff aren't saying anything.
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The staff just made a Facebook post about it.

I attended MMX in it's first 2 years because of Voltaire, Time Crash, Harp Twins and Steam Powered Giraffe. Once they moved from the GM Ren Cen, I had no interest in attending, and the guests started getting shittier and shittier.
Honestly, exact same reasoning. Major downgrade and the venue is just BAD, last year me and my friends walked into what we thought was an empty cafe and we got stopped for badges because it was autographs. There was chairs stacked upside down on tables.
They had a pretty serious vendors room and artist alley set up too, what could happen that would cause them to cancel two days before the convention?!

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Last thread expired, here's a new one.
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Fashion Square employees from AM finally got paid but hours were not officially logged and some people's hours weren't right
When's Third Strike?
All the AM volunteers I think from their sections.

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Last feels thread got deleted for reasons unknown.

Share your feels. Keep 'em cgl-related and don't start fights.
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Go to
>for reasons unknown
Maybe all the talk about assplay didn't help
I'm so confused!

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Previous thread: >>9457706

>Please read the FAQ
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)
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Corky what conventions do you table at?
mostly just cons in Toronto and GTA. I've been to Otakuthon in Montreal a couple times as well.
wtf is up with everyone in AANI getting pissed off at the poster suggesting that doing art collabs is good?

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So I was browsing aliexpress to find a wig for my new cosplay and I was shocked...because I couldn't find any even tho I saved some to my wishlist before. Then I checked my wishlist and nearly all the wigs were removed. So I am wondering what's happening...Is there some issue with wigs in China or something like that? :'D
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You couldn't have posted this in the AliExpress thread?
Use the thread, newfag. >>9451335
Nope, too chaotic.

post your fave coords!
it's always great to see other peoples' tastes!
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Previous thread: >>9443574

Tacky Cosplay Edition
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I'd change out the shoes but everything else is cute for casual. Nitpick. Yawn.
The color in the cutsew and the shoes are throwing me off but this isn't really ita.

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Last one disappeared from the catalog, so let's star a fresh one.
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How do i style my bros for cosplay? all three characters I'm cosplaying for my upcoming con all have light hair (light pink, light brown, and white-blonde) and I have jet black brows. They are not only black, but the hairs are thick and the brows themselves about 3/4 cm thick. after styling all my wigs, they look weird with all of them... I don't want to pluck them down because I don't want then to stop growing in, but every time I've seen someone paint over/re-color their brows, it looks like shit. anyone have advice?
pic related, it's what my brows look like- they pretty much look like perma-angery archless Tang Dynasty eyebrows...
sorry to say this anon but you have to either pluck or at least shave them with an eyebrow blade and shape up your eyebrows. If it really isn't possible for you to do so, use an eyebrow scissor to thin the hairs out to alleviate the caveman look, but you'll have to use lots concealer or paint over to cover up the hairs that arent supposed to be there
I'm working on a Yasuho Hirose cosplay and I don't know what I should do for her hair, specifically the beads. Should I try to find large wooden beads, or should I make them? Also, how would I secure them so they won't fall out?

Apart from cosplayers aand convention goers, there must surely be a lot of organisers or staffers be lurking around here, too.

As everything is more or less anonymous here, it would be interesting to hear your stories behind the scenes.

Care to share some of the fun stuff, that usually no one knows about? Rivalry stories between you and other conventions? Fun stories with guests or visitors fucking up? Any noticable drama stories?
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Any news with PMX's fashion department splitting away from the convention? I was hoping they'd start their own event but it's been silent on their social media.
I've seen how a convention that grew from a few hundred back in 2003 into over 10k had its own little fiefdoms. Makes me think there is more to this so called non-profit organization with the many stories, epeen heads-backstabbing, as the con heads changed hands midway through that it was about money in the end. All I can say is this con despite it's teeny attendance sees itself as an animeexpo wanna be that it charges nearly the same. A few upstarts are developing at the moment and it certainly paints how controlling and greedy these guys are. But just like dragon cons past issues most don't care.
I'm a con runner for a smallish convention (about 9k attendance) and a staffer for larger conventions. I'm at about 30 cons a year for staff or advertising and I hear a LOT of stories at industry/green room parties. Some people in the industry lurk these boards because they're still fans at the end of the day, but not a lot of them. They generally do not care about what wild trash cgl is talking.

A lot of my stories are a little too revealing and I'm always paranoid people will find out I'm talking shit, so I'm keeping my cards to my chest. Sorry.

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Any of my fellow gulls planning Persona 5 cosplay?

Wanted to do Futaba but, at the risk of getting ran out of town, it doesn't let me show off enough skin and I've been working out for the past 4 months hardcore.
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I really want to do a Makoto cosplay, probably her school uniform as the whole bodysuit thing is a little intense for me.
I'm planning Haru, both in her uniform and her Phantom Thief costume. Any tips on how to do that big pink jumper? I'm worried it's going to look frumpy on me.
Bit trashy but I'll be interested to see how you pull it off all the same, seems difficult.

Toned-down and basic lolita coords go here >>9431914

Let's try not to post the same old school stuff that gets posted in every casual thread.

>Do you actually wear casual lolita? How do you coord it?
>Do you think it should be posted in CoF?
>What do you think of wearing sneakers or sandals?
>What do you think of going without petticoat?
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>Do you actually wear casual lolita? How do you coord it?
Yes on weekends when I'm not going to meets. I'm a nursing student so I can't wear it during the week. If it weren't for school I would.
>Do you think it should be posted in CoF?
Yes. I wish it was honestly. People bitch about how boring it is so it doesn't though.
>What do you think of wearing sneakers or sandals?
It really depends on the outfit. I prefer seeing sandals over sneakers however.
>What do you think of going without petticoat?
It's not lolita then.
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Con-nichiwa in a week, PCC in a couple months. What's happening?
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Can anyone else besides Saboten get good guests?
I'm so tired of Kazha every fucking year at Sabo. Iruma Rioka was A++ a few years back, as was that one jrock dude group. Wish we would get more quality musical guests like that. At least I've never seen Chii Sakurabi before. Her music isn't quite my taste but she's cute at least and something new so I'll check her out for sure. Not sure whether to avoid Vic mcnugget like the plauge or indulge in my inner 14 year old weeb and get him to autograph my old FMA dvd
I wish if Greg wanted to keep on bringing in old irrelevant voice actors he'd bring back Steve Blum or at least get Chris Patton.

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