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Couldn't find one, post cute room inspo!
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Old one is in auto sage >>9464265

She's claiming it's not a replica.
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I mean I've thankfully never seen SC in real life but that bodice is totally fucked, it's not supposed to be that short, right? Also the lace is the wrong color, its supposed to match the dress color. Someone call her out on her shit

Bitter poorfag thread

>live in SF, angry poor person capital of America (pic related- this is a real flyer from the original tech boom)
>at BtSSB store with boyfriend, who just got out of work and is dressed in his office clothes
>buying way more shit than normal because it's my birthday and I also hadn't got anything new in months
>had already gotten AP dress, so have bag from that
>two girls there together, one is gushing over last of one of the dresses I planned on buying, while lamenting the fact she can't afford it
>give her like five minutes to obsess over it while I look at other things, then nicely ask her if she plans on buying it and if not I would like to
>she hands me the dress, visibly upset
>as I'm checking out, I hear her loudly whisper to her friend "I wish I was with a rich tech bro that buys me everything... Oh well, at least my boyfriend isn't ruining the city"
>tfw I'm the one who works for a soulless monster company while boyfriend's job centers around making sure impoverished old people have solid health care

My first SF meet, there were two girls going on about how awful tech workers are and how they're destroying the entire Bay Area until I mentioned that I was one and they quickly shut up. The other tech workers in my comm stress that they never hear shit other than the occasional newbie, but the girls having this conversation have been in the comm for years. My guess is there's a lot more resentment than they're aware of, but obviously no one is going to say anything to their face.

(ot fun fact- the guy who wrote this flyer ended up being arrested for getting ridiculously drunk after having too much wine on a first class flight home from Paris just two years after putting these all over SF)
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Anon, you live in SF, literally everyone you're going to meet is going to hate techies, I'm a techie and I hate techies.

Stop caring what randos think.
You're right. My father pushed me so hard to go into tech and even he hates techies and bitches about them all the time to me.

I just don't get the hate for us as a group. I get that the tech industry led to higher living cost, but it's not like we want to be paying the sky high rent. It was the local landlords who drove up the prices so ridiculously to take advantage of the fact we have no choice but to pay them, but I never hear people complaining about them for doing that... just us.

You sound newer to the industry, but you'll hate techies too once you've been employed at a shitty company or a startup for a few years.

In reality, you're just going to learn to ignore the people who are saying how much techies have ruined SF and embrace the stigma, just like weebs do.

Good luck friend, I'm in the same boat as you, just a little further down the river.

Old one is image limit here >>9467110
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Excuse my dumb filenames, I hate having random gibberish files.

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Previous thread >>9463990

Summary of last thread
>Death of lolita discussion (dead_horse.jpg)
>Fix your shit Lolibrary
>A new magazine called Melt will be released by the GLB team
>Brand Hats
>Is carrying stuffed animals/dolls while wearing lolita ageplay?
>When are you addicted to buying lolita?
>New AP retro dot OP/JSK
>Is lolita becoming a costume?
>Brand sizing?
>What do you wear outside of lolita?
>Lolita is political thread on Rufflechat becomes a shitshow

Is lolita political for you, seagulls? Or are you just wearing pretty dresses?
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For me, lolita is just clothes. I'm a feminist but I'm sick of sjw culture. Let me wear my clothes in peace. Being angry on Facebook isn't activism.
if lolita is just your clothes are you really a lolita?
Please just go to sleep and stop posting, I'm so tired of your one-dimensional lifestyler superiority complex.

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Last thread was pruned for being off-topic.

Don't do it again, keep it /cgl/ related.
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Go to
I see what you did there.
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This one was posted a few minutes before >>9470258 so I'll post here.

AX used to be a time when me and my friends would all go and be fucking weeby shits in public while cosplaying poorly and having a blast. Now it's just me and maybe one other person who has the time/money to go while everyone else has life to attend to. Me and the only other person I know who goes are slowly drifting apart as he has a better job and girlfriend and is saving money for his own place. I'm stuck behind everyone because I'm still getting my life together.

The lack of people who go with me to AX just reflects how adult friendships work. You see your friend(s) maybe once a month if you somehow find time but other than that you're just dealing with life alone 24/7 while slowly losing your mind.

2011 was the last really good year for me at AX, because me and 2 of my close friends were already adults but having the time of our lives. Also introducing a friend to Vocaloid via the Mikunopolis concert that year was fun. She has since moved away, graduated, and living a better life with her girlfriend I imagine.

I'm sitting here trying to make new friends but it's harder as an adult. Your mind's already fucked up and nothing is the same. I don't want to spend another AX alone where I go with my 1 friend and he just kinda actively avoids me. Last year was the most depressing shit ever. Maybe it's me.

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I'm getting bored with US cosplay photographyer as it seems like on the high end everyone is following the same universal formula.

Pretty Cosplayer + Pretty Background = good photo

I love cosplay pictures that show a level of interaction, scene work or at least convey an emotion as if what I'm seeing is more of a piece of time capture than just a staged shot.

This might be confirmation bias but it seems to me that Japan does more with storytelling photos. Now this doesn't mean I can't find sexy cosplay pics or crummy hallway shots but it looks like there's a greater emphasis of scene work in their pictures.

The fact that the whole "Expectation vs Reality" behind the scenes meme came from them does speak volumes to how much effort they go in staging their pictures.


Contrast that to the West where it seems like it's the photographer doing all the crazy posing while the cosplayer poses statically in front of interchangeable backdrops. I don't mind glamor shots and see they have a proper place in cosplay but when I see nothing but glamor shots being shared then I start to crave more variety.
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I think both have their good and bad points. I love the way the photos tell a story, but if I see that an outfit has way more detail and things going on I want to see the full outfit as well!
I like a mix of three styles, implicit photos where actually you might see very little of the cosplayer but there might be a location or object that tells you something about the origin/series.

Story telling photos, these might be anime screencap remakes or manga scene remakes or implied scenes like the reality vs expectation.

Then more full body but still themed photos and I feel the style of the picture says a lot in these. Like Ghibli or shoujo cosplay photos in light, pastel or blurred out, smooth or rich (not saturated) colours. Or more dark, edgy, in the woods for warrior or traveler types.

I like also when a cosplayer will do studio shots of the costume just to show the details and work that went into it as well as a progress album.

I think that's getting the most out of this hobby.

Short answer, no.

Describe your favorite lolita aesthetic

>pic related
I like pastel, especially with black. I also really like candy and ice cream on things. My favorite dresses are Milky Planet, Sugary Carnival, Holy Lantern, and Twinkle Mermaid.
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Not necessarily old school (although I do really like old school), but either solid pieces or "generic" prints, such as gingham. I've never really been a fan of prints and I lean towards classic/sweet classic
Old school oriented aesthetic in general, mainly pastels, solid pieces but vertical stripes,little polka dots or even gingham are appreciated.
if prints mainly flowers or sweets (biscuits,chocolate,cake). I like to have a "dreamy like" aesthetic,as in looking kinda "out of this world".
I also take inspo from old shoujo mangas
It's kinda confusing to explain but here I go:
Mainly old school but it can have a tad of that 2009-2011 sweet (none of the rainbow wigs,falsies,...madness, just the prints)
I like looking doll like or as if I was coming right from a storybook. But I also try to get that "I might dress cute but don't mess with me" vibe that girls had in older Kera streetsnaps (pic related) even though I probably fail at it ;_;
So, to resume it, it would be "cute,feminine,but with an unexpected daring side"

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What do you think?
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They're just as annoying as anime cosplayers so they can get fucked too. It'd be nice to be able to navigate thoroughfares without having to dodge retarded cosplayers and people taking pictures in areas where they know they shouldn't be doing so.
>Undertale cosplay

>Marvel and comic cosplay

all at anime convention need to stop
Anime used to be it's own niche and anime cons were smaller, so you were less likely to see non-anime cosplays. Now it's no longer a niche, more people are going to cons and more cons are starting up, and very few people exclusively like anime anymore.

There's hardly any bonafide "anime" cons anymore, they're all kinda of broad Japanese pop culture cons that still embrace western things to a smaller degree. People getting bitchy about conventions which happen to call themselves anime cons not being exclusively anime need to calm the fuck down.

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Old thread: >>9425737

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

NEW! Store Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

Pop-up dictionary: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-a-chinese-englis/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde?hl=en
Good EL-CH dictionary: nciku.com
Translate text from images: newocr.com

(Shopping Services spreadsheet removed last thread due to being out of date, new version in the works.)
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Looking for fake taiyaki for a class project that's 1:1 size. As far as I can tell the word for taiyaki is 鲷鱼烧
My SS ordered this skirt for me and everything else but that skirt has arrived. But they already told me about two items that were out of stock so they would have told me already,right?
And now when I click on it, it says that it's (translation from google) "off the shelves for now".
I-I'm still going to get it right?
Anyone knows where to get this one?

thanks in advance
Google images is not helping

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>Last one's in autosage >>>>9400602
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File: C8W19MnXYAIsDvX.jpg (98KB, 1200x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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post funny shit
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File: 1441561392825.png (108KB, 936x615px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Everyone photoshops a little bit right.
> How much is too much
> Where do you draw the line
> How do I get good enough at shooping to do this. Dayum.
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Am genuinely impressed.
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Post Laurens.
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"Let's try to get along and not rip each other's throat this time" edition
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I loved the Fancy Hospital OP.
I hold no contempt for cosplayers who excessively use their titties for followers, nor the men responsible for this being such an easy way to be successful in the cosplay world. I have accepted it, you should too. Honestly, I'd way rather hot girls in skimpy costumes be what cosplay is known for than fat and/or ugly chicks dressing up as characters way too pretty for then to pull off like it was years ago.
You're not alone, anon. You're not alone.

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