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New Moon thread

image limit reached on the previous one >>9382904
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cgl saturn.jpg
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I think you look alright already but I can think of some improvements to up your game. From top to bottom:
New wig, like>>9425920 said though I disagree that it should be long enough to almost touch the shoulders. I think the length in the back of your current wig is perfect but the shorter face framing parts don't really work for Saturn. I also think bringing those pieces longer around your face will make you look more slender/frail which suits Saturn.
I think your collar/bow area needs to be raised. The collar dips too low on your neck in too drastic of a v-neck.
I prefer more crisp bows but I know others like more natural bows, in which case yours is fine, maybe a bit big.
As for the hiproll, after you remake it so that it's less lumpy I would raise the side to be higher on your hips and then bring the v-point down more. You might need to modify the skirt after this though as is will probably look took long on the front center area. Probably best to cut from the top of the skirt so that you don't have to rehem the entire thing.

Hope that didn't sound nitpicky, I think your fuku is pretty good but a few improvements will really bring it together.

Here is a quick shoop to explain my suggestions.
Thanks for all the suggestions for improvements! I will definitely be buying a replacement wig soon (it was originally a Greta from arda because their selection right before dragoncon sucked and I didn't realize how layered the wig would be in the front of the wig). I'll also be changing the neckline to be higher as well as getting a more cool toned, darker purple to replace my skirt and collar as well as new leather paint so the boots will match.

I appreciate the criticisms, and the shoop helped me to visualize how I want the new fuku to turn out. Thank you both, anons.

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Post any can't miss/must see and do stuff for the weeb and weeb at heart in Paris.

>Done the Palace, Eiffel, and Btssb before
>Unexpectedly a sudden trip
>What do?

The perfume thread is giving me places to try. Recommend more, mon frilly/weeby amies.
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Always heard France has the biggest concentration of manga/anime fans in Europe, please- any leads, ideas, etc.?
Le Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde
Obviously the Angelic Pretty store is a must. There's an Angelina nearby and they have very adorable pastries/amazing hot chocolate and a very lovely restaurant. Not weeb-y per se, but really nice if you want some cute/pretty photo ops.

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Doing my best not to sound like bait, but does race influence how you view cosplay?

I recognize that there are bads on all sides of the spectrum, but I often see the Japanese side as pushed as the very best. I tried googling "Bad Japanese Cosplay" and still got professional model tier shoots, yet when removing "Japanese" there's a never ending flood of just fat Americans.

Everyone else (blacks, latino, ect) just gets dumped in a general pool of nobodies and even the most stand out wind up as repeated posts with no name behind them.
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English speaking people don't post subpar or mediocre cosplays from Japan because why would they? Therefore, it doesn't pop up when you search English language Google. Only the best make it across the ocean because that's what people save and people want to see.
Well if ita applies to painful to look at lolita, what's the cosplay equivalent?
Weaboos believe the japanese can do no wrong, even cosplay.

Ive seen a few people make mexican versions of superheros and that makes them a hell of a lot more memorable. Im just trying to make giant robot/face covering cosplay to avoid anything like that.

Can we have a body paint thread? Post pictures of your favorite cosplays with body/face paint, ask questions about specific products or techniques, share horror stories, etc.
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I'll start with a small dump.
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Haven't seen one in awhile.
Feel free to post your stories or any old one's you are fond of.
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The Legend of Elsa

The one with the girl supposed to be McCree and then she sent white knights.
the year is 2017 and people still cannot fucking tell the subject and name field apart

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I'm a dude and I think lolita style is pretty rad and elegant. I'm also a super amateur photographer, but am kind of akward. How can I take your picture without coming off wrong? Pic related, mai waifu
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Step 1: Don't start your own thread for this.
Step 2: Don't immediately assume you'll be accepted to a comm and be allowed to take pictures. You're an outsider, and lolitas can be quite reserved when letting people from "the outside" into their circle for fear of creepers.
Also, keep in mind that lolitas don't put such an emphasis on taking pics of their coords at meetups like cosplayers do. Our meetups are for us to have fun, we take selfies and coord shots ourselves and while having professional shots taken is nice, most will tell you that having an outsider photog hovering around us while we're having tea feels uncomfortable and interrupts the natural flow of the meetup.
If you really want to do this, try to contact the mods of the comm near you, tell them about yourself and what you do and ask if they're interested in a photoshoot. Be sure to have examples of your work to show them, I doubt you'll get a positive response otherwise.
We can just make it a normal photographer thread which inevitably means we're going to start shit talking the usual targets of cgl's affection

Be careful op. Seagulls are fucking nuts. Most cosplayers are nice in person though.
volunteer to photograph a lolita fashion show at a large event, such as a convention.

due to the nature of the fashion, you may be treated with suspicion until you establish yourself as a professional with good references.

Someone actually paid money for this. I wouldn't pay a $1 for that awful construction.
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Has there ever been a nice Sailor Moon or other magical girl wand that wasn't official merch?
vorpal props makes a good spiral heart moon rod
i haven't seen many good ones, honestly. i think the biggest problem is that people tend to get the proportions all out of wack. which is also the same problem a lot of people have with making sailor fukus.

you are my only hope /cgl/

i am looking for sexy/stylish mad scientist costumes i can make or assemble.

such example being like: http://photo.cosplay.com/161827/2277557.jpg

or anything quite dapper.
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go with black lens glasses like this

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Previous thread is saging
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Close-up for added nightmare fuel
This makes me think of Professor Pyg.
The makeup is weird, and that dress/salo? Fits her like a potato sack. Actually the whole thing is a disaster.

Granado Espada will be shutting down its servers on April 27th.
Let's celebrate the 10 years that it was alive and the amazing designs that were in the game.
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Post all your questions here.

For specific queries, check out:
Dumb questions thread
Make-up General
Skincare General
Contact General
Coord Help Thread
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Best way to finish a neckline in a very sheer fabric? My googling hasn't given me a very definite answer.
What kind of ribbon do you get that doesn't fray? I made this costume years ago with acetate ribbon and it frayed on not only the cut edge but the sides too. I'm assuming it was just shitty ribbon? It'll be used to tie on a capelet.
I just melt the ends of my ribbon or use fabric glue to stop them.
But if it's something thick do a double seam.

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Archer cosplay.jpg
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Can we have a thread for cosplay that can easily be pieced together via buying from normie stores? As in things that can actually be well done without any sort of extensive construction and/or a trip to Macy's. Also, preferably cosplays that can still stand out despite their simplicity.

I, unfortunately, don't have many examples (which is why I'm making the thread) but will post what I can find. Humanizations are easy modo but still count.
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Anything where the characters wear normal clothes which covers a lot of shows.

I'm also going to go ahead and say that just because you can buy the clothes anywhere, it doesn't automatically mean your cosplay will be perfect. A lot of people seem to miss important details which just makes it seem worse than if the cosplay was more involved
The issue with most cosplays like these are that the clothes are not the focal point. This covers most non-animated TV characters and the rare animated character.
You have to really look like the character/do a really stellar hair and makeup job for the cosplay to be even remotely recognizable. You trade one area of expertise for another.

t. The Teen Wolf fandom, where $40 dresses sell on eBay for $500 because they're the same kind used in an episode
Team Skull Grunts are super easy and a big hit at cons. Easy to make it look good, but even if you look shoddy, it's a ton of fun.

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Last one autosaged.
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Just want to say thanks to the NYC mod who started making public meets. I know the NYC drama thread was a shit show but we really appreciate you putting in effort into making this comm better.
Does anyone else have that one group in their comm that only seem to go to meets to take pictures for Instagram and then take turns to all compliment each other. I think some of them refer to each other more by their Instagram names than their real names.
Not in my comm but it does remind me of that scene in Deerstalkers with Milkyfawn.

Let's talk meidos.

Which maid cafés have you been to?
Which western cafés don't suck?
What are the cafés like in your area/at your local cons?
Which Japanese cafés are a must-visit?
What makes a con café good?
Advice for people starting/running their own cafés?
Will maid cafés ever have popular appeal in the west or are we trying to make fetch happen?
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Since people ask pretty often in these threads, here's a list of UK maid cafés:
Maids of England
Marshmallow Dreams
Meian Maid Café
Maid In Scotland
Hanami Maid Café
Ai My Maid
Otaku Café seems to have rebranded as MAGO Café, don't think they've launched yet

Reply if I've missed any. Are there any in Wales or Northern Ireland?
Dumping food + meido pics
Pic dropped rip

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Post your favorite sweet coordinates, old school, OTT, doesn't matter.
General discussion also; Do you like the direction sweet lolita is headed in? Will OTT sweet ever make a comeback? Is sweet lolita dead in the water? Will AP ever release another purely sweet print again? Discuss.
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Dumping pics to start off thread
File: sweet1.jpg (517KB, 1280x1105px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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