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Didn't see one of these threads in the catalog
>How did you get started on Jfash?
>What/who is your inspiration? Where do you find it? (Social media, real life, magazines, etc.)
>Do you have anything you'd recommend to beginners?
>What styles do you follow and how did you settle on a look?
>Where do you most like to shop?
>Is this an every day look for you or a weekend look? If everyday, how does Jfash fit into your workplace attire?

I have always been fascinated by the different kinds of Jfash out there. However, I don't feel that knowledgeable. I want to know more about the styles and the people who wear them on a daily basis.
Is there room in the Jfash world for taller, fuller figured woman? Not a fattie by a long shot, just bit thicc in comparison to the girls who I typically see in the fashions I am most interested in. I love larme kei, otome kei, lolita, mori, etc. Basically all those soft pastel looks (I guess)
Sorry if this comes off as ignorant, I just would like to know more, and tumblr is so fuckin warped.
Will be dumping pictures I find particularity aesthetically appealing from my collection to get the ball rolling.
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Anyone have any experience with Bonne Chance? Those prices and styles have me hype, but also I'm very cautious of quality.
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Last thread hit 300 replies (yay!) So new thread time going to start by dumping this weeks valentines

Who did your favorite style swap for the amino challenge?

Again self posts are always encouraged
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And the others
I think my favourite was probably Reina, she did amekaji really well imo. I'd have liked to see more gals with really established styles do it, it's more interesting to see it from well-known gals. Still though, it was good to see so many people do it. I hope there'll be more challenges!
Agreed Reina looked ace
I liked nicole in himekaji a whole bunch too

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Last thread reached bump limit. >>9438346

Previously in lolita general:
>Kiss Me Cat scammers
>oldschool is too mainstream!!
>Easter coords
>Mercari shopping services
>anon's entire family say AP looks like it's for babies
>Buyee randomly shut down an anon's account
>are Bodyline's pinks consistent? (no)
>wearing lolita without jewelry
>should the host pay for a ticketed meet?
>what do you do when something just won't sell?
>how to make rectangle headdresses
>can tall girls wear lolita? (yes)
>yet another YouTube lolita "documentary"
>Physical Drop are great
>spreepicky are a reseller
>new copypasta drama
>how do some jfash youtubers get popular so fast?
>has Antaina's quality fallen or were they always hit-and-miss?
>making petticoats
>krad apparently forcing clobbao to overcharge
>shopping in Japan
>if IW whored out Revival Annette like AP whored out Holy Lantern they wouldn't have had to close that store
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Reposting from old thread as it was posted after bump limit:

Would you class a print that's faded in the wash as minor damage or major damage on LM? Obviously I'd clearly declare it in the description. It's barely noticeable and even all over, which makes me think minor (I wouldn't have even noticed if I didn't have the matching headbow to compare), but the fact that the entire garment is faded makes me think major.
personally i'd say it depends on how faded it is. if you're wearing both the garment and the headbow and can see a clear distinction between the two in the mirror then i'd go with major.
Yeah, what do you do if something doesn't sell?

I am looking for a person to commission a cosplay from in the future but I have had horrible experiences in the past from commissioners. What are your commission horror stories? Who do I definitely need to stay away from?
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Everyone. Learn to sew.
especially if youve constantly have bad experiences with commissioners.

that pretty much means you should just stop bothering with them and learn to sew.
Everyone always says this as if it's that simple

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Can you suggest female characters that are wearing a mask?
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Depends if you want full or partial.
I'm pretty sure there's a bunch of vocaloid ones you could do, and then there's also Lucina from Fire Emblem.
Cardcaptor Sakura also wears a partial mask in the second movie during the stage play.
The waderers from the game Journey have full masks but are usually depicted as genderless.
Persona 5 has a bunch of characters, again with partial masks, Mortal Kombat, The beauty and beast corps from metal gear solid in their beast forms.

Thats just a few from the top of my head.
Sheik from the Legend of Zelda isn't wearing a mask but half of her face is covered by her scarf.
Tali Zorah from Mass Effect.
Ana's Shrike skin from Overwatch.
Jason's mom in Friday the 13th.

I saw this theory on tumblr and I am curious what others think.
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Maybe they are but they released a dress not that long ago? But with their super cheap prices i feel like they're trying to just clear their stock and finish with it already
Their rakuten is usually updated a lot. They just don't ship to the US anymore, I don't think and they're stepping away from that.
yeah it's pretty obvious and I'm glad. Bodyline is such an awful company

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Previous thread >>9437243
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What is she going for with this?
The only coord I liked from this girl was the one with the irregular choice shoes, and even that was pretty basic. She needs to change the legwear, black polka dot stockings would be cute, get some nicer quality lace gloves and a jacket that actually fits her and this will be passable. Maybe blend her makeup a bit more too.
>that bottom left picture
>ripped tights
>leather jacket

This dress isn't punk in any way, shape or form so what was she going for??

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So did anyone else go to MTAC today or yesterday in Nashville? This con really has devolved into a total shit show. I really hoped it could be different this year, but its just another failcon. Thoughts?
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Avoided it completely when I found out they were still at the Sheraton went 2 years ago and felt like a fucking sardine. I won't be back until they move to a larger venue or shrink down to akaicon size. I love MTAC it was my first con experience and it was a lot of fun but I miss the convention center.

I knew they were in trouble this year when it took them months to sell out the sheraton.

So how bad was it this year? Inaccessible dealer room? Packed hallways?
wow, really? I was really upset that I didn't get into their artist alley. Was it really that bad?
As usual since they cant go to a bigger venue its heavily crowded, a lot of the panels were poorly put on, and they didnt consistently enforce the rule about not lining up earlier than 1 hour for main room events. This con has become less about Anime and Japanese culture and more about getting fucked up with your friends.

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Yo, any suggestions for panelists that deserve guest status? I'm looking for new talent to bring quality stuff to the table. Cost isn't an issue so suggestions from both coasts of the country are cool. Links are helpful!
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Show Us You Pokeballs (Midwest) is a terrible group to bring. They wanted too much money for the amount of trouble they caused us. A nearby con picked up Manly Battleships (East Coast), so we might go with them next year as well.
Down south there's a few groups. Vitamin H, MEK, and maybe Hyperdimension or whatever their name is. Vitamin and MEK are high quality. Hyper is a mixed bag.
Seconding Vitamin H. Greggo's Game Shows if interactive stuff is what you want. Manly Battleships are great, too.

Didn't see a league thread in the catalog. Post your good, bad, and whatever is in between.

Also -- taking bets to see which trainwreck drags her mouth-breathing bf into cosplaying Rakan while she does a horribly rushed rendition of qt Xayah
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+1 to the 2nd sentence.
And he won't be taller than her. And he won't have a sweet chiseled chest. And everything will just be WRONG.
that thigh to waist proportion, lmao

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So let's talk about OzCC. What did you think of the Cosplay Active and Championships of Cosplay entries from Adelaide this weekend?
Let's talk about the shitfest that was the championships
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When you say 'shitfest that was the championships' do you mean this?
Why is she crying?
Because there is always at least 1 chick crying hysterically every con

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Old thread: >>9364837

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips/Guide:
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Because I posted right at the butt end of the thread

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What's your email?

File: template.png (158KB, 3730x1700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Old thread in autosage
thread rules
1. use the template
2. make four suggestions for other people if you want them for yourself
old thread >>9216360
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OP where's yours?

I'm not a looker, sorry lol.
Promise I'll response to at least the next five people tomorrow morning. (Please no Touko suggestions from DR thank you!)
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Cosplay Thing!.jpg
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I think that you would make a super good Sucy!
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Sucy would be really cute! Maybe Akane from 999 as well?
Oh, Misery looks really interesting! Maybe Anna from Fire Emblem as well, or Zarya from Overwatch?

I'm a guy going to a convention in a month and I got no time to make a good cosplay.

Recommend a character whose outfit is simple and I can just buy it off eBay right now.
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Do your own research, you lazy fuck.
A month is plenty of time to make a costume as long as you don't pick something with crazy armor. I sew most of my costumes in a matter of a few hours as long as they're just clothes, and i work 12 hours a day at two jobs plus I spend 12ish hours every week doing sports on a team. Sage for this stupid fucking thread.
>I sew most of my costumes in a matter of a few hours as long as they're just clothes, and i work 12 hours a day at two jobs plus I spend 12ish hours every week doing sports on a team

Yeah, and Einstein figured out how stars work so I guess I should too.


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ITT: Pictures of jewelry worn
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