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Rants, stories and cringe straight outta the Lolita Amino
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I've been Amino for about a year and I'm kicking myself for not saving the screen caps from my wildest encounter.

>lolita amino was just starting out and full of teens and itas
>This person posts a really shitty dress made of shiny satin, cheap lace, too short and small for a petticoat
>is captioned "I can make a dress just as nice as AP for only $20"
>I comment "I think this would look better with a with a petticoat."
>They say "I don't need one because I'm a boy."
Clearly a 13 year old girl with long hair and a girly room wearing dresses. Also has Korean name but is clearly a white girl in a trailer probably from the South.
>"It's kind of the rules that you wear one."
>"I don't have to follow the rules, I'm a designer."
>"Then I wouldn't call it lolita, perhaps you should try other fashions."
>After that she goes on all my posts and writes mean comments and cussing me out. Talks shit about my coords and calling me ugly.

The mods banned them 2 days later and their friend who also had a Korean name came on there and posted pictures of all their outfits talking about the "Korean designer legend" that we'd all just missed out on.

I'm never again posting concrit on someones photo on there.
Screen name and I bet I can find screenshots in my photo app.
What is amino exactly??

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Previous thread: >>9540345
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anyone know what's up with wunderwelt? the text translated to page not found, anyone else the same?

Well, this is worrying. We've always known Fril was directly selling between individuals, but assumed it was safer because Japan is where brand is so cheap you don't need replicas.

I'm honestly not really sure that shopping services can recover anything if you do receive a replica -- by the time you receive it it's possible the feedback has already been left and all transactions closed for good.
mana is

Post general con creeps to pedophiles and rapists. In lolita, on Facebook or at conventions.
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There was a man, Randy Williams, who was a photographer in the NC con scene. He was convicted last year on child porn charges. And then messaged my minor friends trying to defend himself.
Me tbqh.
Don't come to Norcal lol.
Predators are absolute scum but those targeting minor are absolute trash
We should form a yankee cosplay/lolita group, catch them and chop their dick off

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Discuss and post coords
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I didn't know AtPie sells Violent Fane until now, are any other Western lolita brands sold in Japan?
Don't most shops not allow you to take photos inside?

Lets have at it, seagulls!
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These were "avante garde makeup" looks btw

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Anyone going? I'm tempted, but there have been absolutely no announcement, and it's a first year con...
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I got into the artist alley, but as much as I trust Crunchyroll, they haven't announced a single guest and have barely advertised it. The con is just a month away, and if at this point they haven't been able to do at least that, I'm not going to bother biting the bullet on it.
>a drumpf version of ax

They have some Mike Took guy as a guest so far.
Their twitter has some updates if you're looking for them

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Is there a way to buy circle lenses/ colored contacts without a prescription?

Apparently it is illegal, but I don't want to get an eye exam for lenses considering it is expensive and I already wear glasses.
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Yes, it's illegal to buy contacts in the US without a valid contact prescription.

However, the main reason you shouldn't buy them without a prescription is because contacts have more measurements than just vision correction. Depending upon your eye's curvature and pupil diameter, you may require different contacts than the norm. Wearing ones that don't fit your measurements can really fuck up your eyes. Contacts are not one size fits all, even if some websites try to make it seem that way.
I know, but I've worn 15.00 mm ones with no issues for a full day. I have actually bought them from a site but they're out of stock on everything now. And I used to wear contacts in high school.

>it's illegal
I see. how do so many people cosplay with colored eyes, eye exams are expensive and I doubt all of them have a prescription.
Also they're Plano -0.00 and didn't ask anything about the diameter or curvature. I just ordered one online lol. Is it actually dangerous if they're comfortable to me?

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Pic not related.

My friend brought up a point to me and I decided that I want to write a paper about it. How do you feel about AU costumes and the cosplayers who do them? Have you done any AU costumes and what was the general response? Should they be given more attention or should cosplayers stop making them?

An AU costume would be a version of a character that is not canon or referenced by the creative team working on a project. So, for example, Steampunk Mei would be an AU costumes while Steambot Bastion would not, as he has a Steambot skin.
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Most of /cgl/ freaks out every time someone makes a costume that isn't a 1:1 copy of a character. I've seen multiple people have meltdowns on here because someone made a crossover they didn't like. Which is odd considering the rest of the community is usually happy to see creativity in cosplay, since there's tons of people doing canon versions of characters but few people doing AU versions.

You'd be better off asking this question elsewhere.
OP here. I am asking this question elsewhere, but I wanted a variety of opinions, so I posted here as well.
You do realize that your OP photo isn't an AU costume, thats one of the outfits of Duela Dent.

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With AFW this week and Sausomecon next week, I figure it's easier just to make a Kansas thread.
Which con are you going to?
What's your cosplay/coord line up?
Any panels we should watch out for?
Interested in joining our Kansas LINE chat we made after Naka-Kon?
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Anime Fest Wichita
June 23rd - 25th
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Wichita, KS
June 30th - July 2nd
KCI Expo Center
Kansas City, MO
I moved to Kansas four years ago after working fuckhuge conventions like NYCC, AnimeNext, and Dragoncon. For the first two years I wanted to try taking it easy it at AFW, only to get total radio silence from the staff after submitting my application and after emailing them several times.

My husband worked for both NECA and McFarlane as toy sculptor, and I'm an award-winning cosplayer. We wanted to give them our money and buy one of their overpriced Artist's tables, and give them our time to maybe do a fun and useful cosplay prop construction panel.

I don't mean to be even more of a pretentious fuck, but if the AFW staff can't even be assed to reply to industry professionals that want to work for free, how the fuck is this convention still running?

A co-worker bought me a Saturday ticket to this dumpster fire, so I guess I'll finally see for myself. In goddamn plainclothes.

What are some things you're tired of seeing at cons and want to have die out?

What are some things you'd like to see more of?

I'd kill for Eevee evo cosplays to die the fuck out. They're everywhere and overdone. "I wanna be a battle armor, sailor scout, belly dancer, princess dress, or hipster Eevee"

I kind of want dance groups to come back. Not like a small idol group like love live to do a dance, like where people used to play songs from current anime and do the dances from them. I made one of my closest friends from one of those to the Lucky Star opening.
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>pic related
This shit. I'm tired of seeing booths only selling sprites like this.

The fact that they just copypaste sprites makes it even worse at LEAST make your own original sprites if you're going to be selling nothing but that.
And people actually buy these.
These are the stupidest things ever, how can you even call that a craft? It's literally shit a 5 year old could do.
I think all perler beads should be melted down and poured over people that do nothing but this. I hate getting denied a table at a con where I make decent interesting unique stuff because of capacity while shit like this is guaranteed slots because they were there before.

Let us start the game I guess?
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We had a thread like that for Sakura Card Captor and Chobits, so now I raise to you: all the outfits Ranko (and Hikaru,sometimes) wear in Musashino Sen Shimai.

There was a live action with legit lolita clothes, that you can see here:
The subs were made by a kind anon on cgl, you can ddl them here (and open them in a notepad doc to follow along):

If anybody wants a link to the (japanese only) manga I can provide
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I dropped the links sorry
>Movie: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTMwOTA1MTEy.html

Beginning the dump with pic related
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File: ran1stoutfit.png (147KB, 263x490px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Previous thread. >>9546535

Comm being bitchy? Parents give your burando to Goodwill? Share those cgl feels!
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JFC, I want to be Instagram famous so bad. I keep posting pictures of cosplay and toy photography, but I still have fewer followers than girls that do stripper cosplay.
the obvious answer is do stripper cosplay
Stripper toy photography,
Imagine a gaged Thomas the Tank engine
You'd corner the market.

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try to keep it con and cosplayer related, PLEASE.
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anyone here smoke weed?
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N e V er ForGetti
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1498996828367 (1).png
2MB, 1421x1080px
N e V er ForGetTiiiii

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Show us the coolest Cosplays you can find! Show me wat u got
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Here's the best I got OP

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