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why do generic nerds always like the same stuff? for instance zelda, doctor who, harry pottter, marvel etc?
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Because they are what has been advertised the most and are most available to a wider audience.
Popularity leads to more production and availability to a wider audience. I feel like that's sort of obvious.
>Generic Nerds

Zelda - 30 yrs running
Doctor Who - 54 yrs running
Harry Potter - 20 yrs running
Marvel - 78 yrs running

Anon please stop trying to be a special snowflake by hating on people who enjoy things that have been around longer than you've been alive. Not everyone can be interested in your super unique animes and franchises. Let nerds be nerds in whatever fandom theyve chosen.

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Ok, New Englanders. What cons have you been to recently, and what cons do you plan on attending this year?

-Anime Boston
-Super MegaFest

-Massive Con
-PopCult Anime Con
-Another Anime Con
-Rhode Island Comic Con
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There was a Japanese festival with an open invite for cosplayers today in Boston on the commons.
I was too busy getting wasted at home, otherwise I would have gone. Plus, its 70+ miles away from me.
>Daydrinking instead of cosplaying


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Me and a couple of friends were thinking of doing a cosplay as these characters.
Wondering if /k/ could tell us exactly what equipment they are using, and if any parts are invented if there are any similar pieces out there.
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maybe it was moved here from /k/?
Its mostly vietnam gear for the skellies.
Gimmie a moment on madsie

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Old thread autosaging >>9527544

Anime Expo 2017 will take place from June 30 (Friday) through July 4 (Tuesday)

Current major events:

Anisong World Matsuri Day 0 (idols): Walkure, WUG, [email protected], Love Live Aquors
Anisong World Matsuri Day 1 (general JPop): ALI PROJECT, angela, Garnidelia, Konomi Suzuki, Mashiro Ayano, Minori Chihara
Neon District (EDM) Day 3: Taku Takahashi, R3LL, banvox, TeddyLoid, Pa’s Lam System, Massive New Krew, YUC'E
AMV contest Day 1
Masquerade Day 2

Satellite events:

Asian Kung Fu Generation July 2 at the Teragram (SOLD OUT)
Asian Kung Fu Generation July 3 at The Novo (SOLD OUT)
Bushiroad Grand Festival in Long Beach on July 1-2. Guests include Poppin Party from bandori, Milky Holmes (which means Mimorin and Soramaru - Umi and Nico from Love Live), and some other people like Neo Japan Pro Wrestling

Recent announcements:

Fate grand order celebration in Petree. Saber (Ayako Kawasumi) and a couple of dev staff to be there
galaxxxy 10th anniversary party at the Novo Day 2 which explains why they didn't use the Novo for AKFG
Studio Trigger sending a bunch of people over (Yoh Yoshinori, Hiromi Wakabayashi, Shigeto Koyama, Takafumi Hori)
Production IG's Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, Rui Kuroki, Kazuto Nakazawa to appear
Tony Swatton (from Man at Arms), blacksmith who made a bunch of animu weapons. that's kind of cool actually
Neon District added YUC'E
Charlet Chung (D'va) and Jonny Cruz (Lucio) autographing stuff
Fuckton of English VAs also autographing stuff

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Day 1: Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Prologue (World Premiere), Infini-T Force, The Irregular at Magic High School the MOVIE
Day 2: Ballroom e Youkoso, Violet Evergarden
Day 3: Tokyo Ghoul (World Premiere), Lupin III Italian Game (US Premiere)

Schedule was released. It's terrible on desktop so use the app on the phone.

4 Day badge is $90 online ending June 29. At-con $115 online $150 on-site
it's not quite SDCC bad yet but give it a few years, especially if they make a cap
trust me you don't want AX to go SDCC mode

What are you cosplaying?
Are you seeing any of the concerts?
What/who are you excited for?
What panels will you (try) to attend?
How's your wallet looking?
What's your first stop in the dealer's hall?
What are your plans for food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks?)


I haven't been keeping up on industry announcements so if you see something that isn't here (read: anything AX hasn't posted) then post it in the thread!

rip I'm getting there on the 28th
Fuck that, NicoNico booth return when
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>Less than a week to go

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REPENT!! Edition
Old Thread >>9525895
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Does anyone know how many items a smaller brand like Excentrique or Chantilly makes? Like per release?
Is there any difference in IW Lace Millefeuille Boleros apart from the lace used?
So jauce didn't work to get around SS bans on y!j. Any other recommendations? I tried to get japonica, buyee, and Zenmarket to try also and they all said no. I need these damn socks to finish a set and can't find them anywhere else

any jfashion welcome. discussion about fairytales also ok.
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anastasia is a fairytale now huh?

Old thread's full. >>9524780

Come here to vent your cgl-related feels.
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My little sister wants to go to the con, but I'm worried /b/tard-style freaks will come for her.
I don't give a shit about the Simplicity shitstorm and it's just a bunch of whiny bitches hopping on the bandwagon to hate on a commercial company.
idk where you live but most anime cons have a generally friendly atmosphere and you'll see kids from around 13 up roaming unsupervised without being harassed, and if they're with a chaperone then it's fine because most creeps will avoid you and the ones that don't can just be told to fuck off

What are you working on?
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Started a demon hunter cosplay. Been a long time since I made anything World of Warcraft related, so i'm very eager to work more on it.
Shoulderpads are almost ready.
Made the mock up for a Tiffany Aching dress. It came out pretty well for the first shot. Just need to adjust the sleeves a bit
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Delivering on my promise, slowly. I'm currently calculating the proportions and sizes of various parts.

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There's a lot
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you know, I think that is actually the first time I ever seen a man cosplay from hetalia.

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Last thread is autosaging >>9503782

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet:
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Last thread left off with this gem from a group inspired by Stellure.

>I am not the best singer, nor the best song writer, and composing music is not a thing I can do.
>Thank you for watching, and tolerating this 'music'.
I hate groups with this "I know it's bad but it's the best I could do" mentality, but I love the hilariously bad content they put out.
Also inspired by Stellure. They're cute but they haven't released any content yet. They're, of course, still asking fans whether they should do a live stream or a Q and A...of course, since those are easier than working on your debut song. I hate idols who ride on fluff content before they've even done anything.
Can someone explain to me the whole net idol/odottemita thing? Do these groups have actual legitimate fans? They just look so crings and full of ugly and sometimes fat girls that somehow think they are kawaii ugu hot shit.

Do people actually care to watch them sing/dance?

So I've been going to cons up and down CA for a while now and I'm noticing how differently the attendees behave.

When I got to a comic book based con (even something as small as Big Wow and a larger extent Wondercon) and I stand in line I could hear the cheater of those around me. What I hear usually involves what panels people are going to, which guests they're going to meet, what they've bought or how long they waited in line. It feels like the people at these cons are there for the fandom and indulging in it.

This contrasts with an anime con where the chit chat in lines revolves around how everyone's cosplay looks, how late a party ran, how much drinking a person has already done/plan to do. At anime cons the fandom plays second fiddle and people are more interested in improving their own status.

Maybe I'm wrong and this is all confirmation bias but the more I attend these cons the more I see the differences in mentality.
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Well take this with a grain of salt because im bot sure of it but i think it has most to do with the amount of anime there is compared to the amount of comics or cartoons and whatnot, for cartoons specifically theres a small number of good shows with decent sized fandoms and for comics you have mostly only the big 2 marvel and dc compare that to the sea anime both good and shit, theres just too much ground to cover

In my opinion i think its just the crowd anime cons have.

Really hope someone chimes in because im not too sure about this myself
I guess anime fans here are more social oriented when they're at conventions. They do like anime or they wouldn't be there in the first place and a lot of them do see the guests, go for autographs, concerts, etc and post online regularly about anime. Fanime for sure is party/social only because what else are you going to see while you're there? AX, in comparison, is throwing a ton of things to see at you

I actually think I don't have enough time in the day for all the stuff I want to see for AX

This, what ive seen is that anime congoers are pretty socialble and will often let you join their group if your cool

Last con I was at there were 30 shitty casual Victor and drunk Yuris for every 1 of the actual skating outfits. Post good costumes for inspiration and bad ones for the lulz/so we can learn from them.
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I'm not a fan of the metallic fabric used on torso/sleeve, but other than that I surprisingly really like this as a genderbend.
A good looking Eros that I wish had more 3D/"crystally" crystals and different boots
I honestly wouldn't mind all the casual costumes being literally everywhere if people would at least do more characters outside the main 3 lik

Hello, last thread disappeared. Requesting worn pics of this please! Yolanda's Bunny Herbology!
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Sorry I haven't photo of better coord. This photo was taken just after I've recived the dress.
Holy cannoli that's insanely cute!!
that's adorable. Where is the blouse from?

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How do you feel about your local comm? Is polite but honest concrit given to itas at meets or is it considered bullying to tell someone their cosplay wig doesn't work with lolita? How does your comm deal with itas and newbies, and how do you wish it would?
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Oldfag here

my issue with the lolita community is the twofaced-ness of it.
some comms could have some party city wigged girl show up, and shower her in compliments, tell her she's kawaii, loved her dress, then make secrets about her being ita the same night..

the fake-bubbly "your so lovely" to peoples faces freaked me out when i first joined. Honestly, when I first started myself, if someone told me concrit (not just criticism) (nicely) to my face rather than making secrets about me, I would have improved a lot quicker. But the fact everyone was fake nice to my face made me feel like the lolitas online were just "mean bullies!1!" and I can definitely see that in a lot of other itas. however, feel free to roast any bitch who laughs and ignores your nice and positive concrit, that's fair game.

of course, not every comm is the same, some comms are full of sandy chans, other comms full of itas.. so this just approaches this fake-nice thing I've been seeing in a few comms.
I get this.

I personally think that public meets/meets for the whole comm aren't ever the place for unsolicited concrit. But I wish people wouldn't be so shitty about private meets. I know my comm would flip shit if I had a private birthday party for me and only invited my lolita friends, who all happen to be above average dressers.
My newest comm is small and I'm fairly glad for it. There's less chance for drama. We're pretty close knit and usually avoid sensitive topics just because that's more comfortable for all of us, no matter our opinions.

My comm may not be the biggest or own the most burando but we aren't catty towards each other and I'm happy about that. The last comm I was in was full of burando bitches or ita bitches with some nice girls in brand and taobao strewn in between.

But I feel like over all, the general lolita culture has become very petty. Also, the refusal to let go of things and realize that people make mistakes is kind of horrifying. No lolita has gone their entire life without fucking up. It just happens.

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Starting the thread with a few that didn't get any discussion at the end of the last thread.
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Oops. Also last thread: >>9521311
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