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I'm intrigued in what you all think makes for a good cosplay group which isn't the standard bunnies etc.
I wanted to do a cosplay group with some friends where we all dress up as characters from popular mobile games and wondered whether you'd appreciate it?

Let me know you're quirky ideas or pet peeves about groups!
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pet peeve: when doing a bunny suit group and it's super obvious nobody used the same pattern. playboy bunnies have the exact same suit - these girls are all wearing different necklines, different leg openings, it looks like a fucking mess.
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Would a Darkest Dungeon group see any kind of recognition at a con?

We've made costumes and done cloth-to-costume sewing before for parties and the like but not a full on cosplay, Darkest Dungeon is something we all enjoy and the minimalist designs seem to be perfect for novices at work.
The only time I've ever done a cosplay group I was so desperate to do it I made every single costume myself and just made my friends wear them. It was stressful and drama inducing and some of my friends didn't even like the source content/know the characters I made them. 4/10 overall because I trust my craftsmanship and we got some nice photos.

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Post and discuss coords of lolitas that said NO to the rules.

Fyi: this is not an ita thread, and yes, I know lolita has rules. I just like to see something else every now and then.
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File: BUj0PuNBQQy.jpg (310KB, 1080x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Lolita Indie.png
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Discuss Western Indie Brands, rank them all from the best to naming & shaming the worst! What have been your experience with Western Indie brands? Do you find they're a better alternative to Bodyline/Taobao? Which Indie brands would you say are comparable to Brand quality?

>WESTERN indie brands only please, as I feel they're distinct enough from Korean/Chinese Indie brands to warrant their own thread.
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>What have been your experience with Western Indie brands?
I have a Mullberry Chronicles dress, a dress from Lady Sloth, and a skirt from Elegy. I'm also waiting on a dress from Peppermint Fox

> Do you find they're a better alternative to Bodyline/Taobao?
Bodyline yes. Taobao it depends. They're all definitely more expensive than bodyline or taobao so it's not something I would recommend to newbies. I find that sometimes the construction is about the same as good taobao.
> Which Indie brands would you say are comparable to Brand quality?
I don't find any of them to be comparable to brand quality. Mostly because their handmade so more prone to mistakes usually. I would put Lady Sloth and Elegy as least brand like in quality. Elegy also gets points docked because she takes an eternity to ship.
Which Peppermint Fox dress did you order?
Tea emblem rerelease

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What are some reasons a lolita gets banned from their Comm?

It's about to happen for me again...for the second time.
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Ok but what did you do
Yeah, I need details
Reasons I've seen for getting banned:
-massive amounts of shit stirring
-assault/threatening assault

All of these require proof most of the time. Whether caps, police report, or if there were witnesses.

Looking for coord inspo with skirts!
I'll dump the few that I have.
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What styles are you looking for anon?
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Matrix edition
Old thread >>9451335
>Read customer reviews
>Items aren't guaranteed to comply with safety standards or quality control
>You won't be able to claim compensation on Aliexpress if products harm you, use your discretion.
>Electronics? Visit >>>/g/ and search for /csg/ and ask your questions there
>Large Order? Check out the Taobao thread
"Is it a good idea to buy this?" guide:
>food, drink
>cosmetics and body care
>sex toys
>medical devices (i.e. Circle lens, humidifier, drugs)
>detergent, cleaner, soaps

Higher Risk
>true piercings such as nose ring, earring
>plates and cutlery
>pots, pans, microwaveable things (heavy metal danger is high)
>plants and seeds (customs will be pissed)
>personal electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, pedometer
>craft chemicals (glue, resins, etc)

Moderate Risk
-normal jewelry such as necklaces, clip on earrings, bracelets
-general electronics like led strings
-towels and personal cloths
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Lets get some discussion here, what are your favorite shops?
Oranges Store

And formerly Soft Degree Wigs but they are apparently 100% dead now.
How good is Aliexpress to buy tools in general? And more specifically, sanding bits for my dremel: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-51pc-Drum-Sanding-Sandpaper-Kit-Fits-Dremel-Rubber-Drum-Mandrels-1-2-3-8-1/32283296403.html?spm=2114.13010208.99999999.264.dQeVO5

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Last feels thread got nuked. Can we keep this one on topic please?

Share those cgl-related feels, and don't devolve into petty slapfights.
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I give my friends (who are new to the fashion) ita advice, like telling them not to wear petticoats, so that I look better by comparison.
...I mean one quick google and they'll figure it out that you duped them...
I think I'm in love with someone, and I shouldn't be.
I don't even know them.
But I'll probably never see them again.

So in November 2015 I ordered an NCR ranger cosplay from a guy named JayCosplay.

He seemed pretty prominent, posts a lot of pictures of props he makes, has a decent number of followers on YouTube and Instagram and Facebook, has won a couple of awards for cosplay making and at the time he was the only one offering commissions for NCR ranger cosplays.

I paid him $800 and he told me that he would have it shipped by March of 2016. In April 2016 he told me he was moving his workshop location and it would cause some delays, in November 2016 he said he had a big backlog and there would be another delay. He seemed very professional and I can't find anything else online from anyone one else who has ordered from him and not received what they commissioned, but since November I've been trying to contact him atleast once a month on all of his social media pages and he is just outright ignoring me. The guy is in the UK and I'm in the US so I was wondering if anyone else here had dealt with anything like this and had some suggestions on how to either get my commission or get a refund.
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Had a problem with him but got a refund, I don't think he's sketch, but he definitely drags his feet. Just got my refund through PayPal tho
How did you pay him?
I paid him through paypal. Which only gives you 90 days to ask for a refund.

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Is there any translation that changed your view on lolita subculture or fashion?

Any translated interview, article, video or essay you love in particular?

Sometimes translations are posted on cgl, but where are they saved?
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I vaguely remember reading translated brand concepts somewhere but I don't remember where, anyone?
File: IWconcept.png (92KB, 1077x665px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Do you mean pic related? A few were posted here before. This one is IW's.
File: concept.png (73KB, 525x382px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 525x382px
Yes, thank you! I can't find the thread/other translations though.

Does anyone want to translate Rosa Bianca's?
I'm really interested in the コンセプト and the ブランド名について part

Any news on this convention? It is happening right now.
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I watched my Facebook feed go from a hundred people saying "this is bad guys don't go!!!" a couple months ago to the exact same people saying "of course i'm going but it's fine because i'll just ghost!!! XD"

Frustrating as hell.
You could just, you know, not care?
Everyone I know is skipping and going to a different cosplay event. Even people that won badges from a previous con.

Skirts are not getting enough love from lolitas these days. Brands are not releasing them much. Why do lolitas hate them? It's sad.

You may post
>Your dream skirt
>Your favorite skirt
>Your favorite skirt coord

But if you want to dump photos please go here >>9542439
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File: 1497795826213.jpg (74KB, 400x533px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>Your dream skirt
Holy queen
>>Your favorite skirt
St Mephisto Cathedral
>>Your favorite skirt coord
Pic related
>Your dream skirt
Theme Angel/An Angel At My Table from Jane Marple
>Your favorite skirt
Gentleman Rabbit/Fork and Spoon from ETC
>Your favorite skirt coord
All of Tamie's Ritual coords desu
>>Your dream skirt
>>Your favorite skirt
Currently Meta's fantasy parade frill skirt in black, because it is fun to wear on a daily basis and the fireworks make me think of summer festivals
>>Your favorite skirt coord
Anything with a belt, vest or interesting brooches on the blouse. Bonus points for a beret as the hair accessory.

File: IMG_1281.jpg (186KB, 750x887px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Last >>9558796
Let's try to have a thread that doesn't completely derail but bait.
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None of those girls are ita though.
Obese and/or hideously ugly girls are automatically ita. Don't act like this isn't true.
Is the sugary carnival dress a replica?

Mecha Cosplay thread.

Guys, how do I make a decent, inexpensive overall good getter robo costume? Or is there a place where I can buy them?
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choose one
This isn't true? EVA foam can be found for pretty cheap. Costumes in OP's pic look to be upholstery foam covered by fabric, which is pretty inexpensive as well. If the costume requires a support structure, half inch PVC is cheap and effective way to do it. Lighting is usually just a matter of a few LEDs and button cell batteries, not expensive either. Stilts can be made out of cheap insulation foam. The tools to work with these materials aren't gonna cost you an arm and a leg either.

Making a big costume out of sintra or worbla is probably a different story though.

To OP: your question is very broad. Want to make a mech? There's tutorials for exactly that online. Want to make a big mascot-style suit or something that otherwise uses upholstery foam? Look up fursuit tutorials. Want something generally robo-y? Just look up EVA foam tutorials.
Well, I just want to make a getter robo costume, and general mecha stuff for the others to discuss.
However, I have no idea to start, hence I chose 4chan.

So what do you think? Has a US company finally figured out what we actually want?

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At this point the horse isn't just dead, it's been dismembered and the remains have been scattered over 16 acres.
Nope still awful. Also this really belongs in Handmade General >>9514297

Anyone have any thoughts about this? It's coming up this weekend, not sure if I should go.
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I didn't even know this was thing damn. I'd say go if you like cs, otherwise it'll just be very boring. I'd probably go if I wasn't a carfag with plans this weekend xd
I'm going, I have a table seat but I want to explore the event, I'm worried my shit gonna get stolen
ive been in Dreamhacks here is Sweden and yes its normal that people steal mice/keyboards and even fucking components when people/security are gone.

Bring with you some anti-steal equipment like heavy locks and chains.

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