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where is good place to get sewing patterns online? specifically j fashion/ lolita I found some like pic related, but I don't know how to make it bigger proportion wise
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Or you could just buy some otome no sewing, kera or glb books that have full sized patterns. There are many lists around that give you a list of what is in each issue if you want to look and then buy an issue for one specific pattern
CHECK. THE. CATALOG. >>9514297

Wanted to do a cosplay of The Warden but I have no idea where to find a purple suit like his. Looked up some purple suits but none match. What should I do?
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Nice character choice though.
Buy a joker costume or opposuit
Simplicity has a Joker tailcoat suit pattern. Picked one up for my own Warden costume. Good luck!

Post pictures of cute/good family cosplay.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Last thread is saging super hard because people kept replying to mediocre bait. Let's try to keep that at a minimum this time pls thx

Starting us off, it's still summer so I'm sure you salty bitches have itas to post, I know I do.
Try to keep them fresh if you can, Tumblr and Amino are gold mines for new itas.
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What is it with the trend of girls slapping on corsets with no lolita elements and calling it ero..?

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How would I go by making this costume? The wig is the hardest for me to figure out, I can probably finagle the shoulder pads and globogym logo
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My boyfriend and I have a couple singlets that look and feel great, but they'd be way better if we could take the crotch out. They weren't cheap, and I don't want to just cut a couple holes.

I'd like to do a rolled hem + binding around the cut. I'm not sure what materials/settings to use.

If I could get pointed to a guide I'd appreciate it.
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Instead of ruining a perfectly good singlet, go to spandexwear.com. Nothing better then a zentai with strategically placed holes for sex.

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You know the drill
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Holding off until I have the skill to do it the way I want, but it will happen.
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I know I'm not alone with this one

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Cosplay pet peeves

Personally for me i cant stand ginjikas that have excessive amounts of details like this where you can hardly tell what they are. Like how would i know this is vaporeon without those small ass fins, besides those there's nothing to tell me that this is a vaporeon cosplay
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Seems Gyarados to me.

That could be it but the post i got it from said vaporeon so idk

Any cosplay and model tht actually reasemble Star Butterfly more than Olivia Holt. I dare you
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I still don't know why Disney payed this chick and didn't bother to give her the right stockings or a nice looking wand.
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Stop giving me erections

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Doing guido mista and just have no clue how to do the boots. I've completed the pants and have an idea as to do the rest but the boots are what I'm struggling with
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>Need help on cosplay

So I'm going to AX in July and I'm putting together a bloodborne cosplay for it. Pic related but more black rather then brown and a sword instead of a scythe. I already have the coat for it and the hat is easy, all I need is a wide brimmed hat that I can fold into a tricorn. My hardest challenge so far is footwear, I'm trying to find a pair of knee/thigh high boots in my size, checked a few thrift stores in my area and so far ground nothing (did randomly find a flcl plush though, that was nice), my problems the size, I'm a guy and a size 13 so finding boots like the is a bit tricky, I was wondering if cgl had any tips for finding boots to use?
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Please use the help thread to prevent board clutter >>9524445

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Mwa ha ha, NYC Shakespeare in the Park! Let's see if you can shrug THIS off!
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Omg it's you. :v

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First Con coming up and I'd like to finally get my cosplay on. Does anyone have any pointers on where to start?

Thanks! ^.^
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You should get a costume
I'm a really adept seamstress I just don't know where to start. i have more of a loli flair in daily life but I feel like it might be somewhat in poor taste for any AoT cosplay
help thread

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Anyone going? who are you going as?
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Whole weekend.

I am a male 6'3, I recently did a Oyasumi punpun cosplay(not pic related), any ideas? I was thinking about jojo,but I not strong or thin enough to do it. Help
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Just do the cosplay. Most people aren't as ripped as jojo characters.
wear normal clothing and say your a background character from a slice of life anime
If you're under like 220 you can just take your shirt off, wear puffy pants and grab a random weapon and be any number of characters

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