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Let's share /cgl/ related mangas!
It can either be mangas that just inspires you or that are actually about cosplay,lolita or japanese alt fashion

Pic related, Candycandy and similar mangas were wayyy too romance centred for me to enjoy but god, those clothes.
I'm starting to read Beauty Pop which is centered on makeup/hair/nails/... and isn't a typical shoujo were the heroine gets a makeover/gets all emotional over teh boiz!/the boys fighting for her/...

I was also heavily inspired by Chobits and Sakura Card Captor for lolita back then.
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>I was also heavily inspired by Chobits and Sakura Card Captor for lolita back then.
you must've been a massive ita

anyway old classic manga like rose of versailles and candycandy actually inspired some girls to make lolita clothing in japan but I've never seen a manga with a character that wears lolita that is actually good except Nana maybe. and I hate weebs, there is already a book and othe rmedia thread so I'm going to leave this thread forever now.
There is lots of mangas with lolitas, obviously rozen maiden comes to mind, ibitsu for a guro lolita, there is also a mystery manga but i forgot the name
Umineko lol

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Where my witches at?
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Waiting for netflix release to stop aborting the fandom. It could be so much more popular than it is if it was just accessible to lazy streamers. And for the finale this weekeeeeeend.
So i stumbled upon it via nextflix. Is it really a series? The way its portrayed on netflix i thought it was just a movie. And then we found a second movie but it had no sort of flow between the two and didnt make a lot of sense to me so i stopped.
There are two stand alone OVAs that kickstarted the project. The second OVA was funded as a kickstarter. Those are probably what you saw.

The TV series only came this year and is a reboot/alternate take on the story. Netflix got an exclusive license for the TV but instead of simulcasting like a normal animu service they're hoarding the episodes and only releasing after the whole thing is finished. So the audience at this critical time is only the minority who still use torrents or black market streaming sites.


I may be in the market for a new sewing machine soon and was hoping to get some feedback on favorite/least favorite machines, brands, features, etc from fellow cosplayers and lolitas.
>Favorite brand?
>What machine do you own?
>Features you can't live without?
>How often do you use your machine?
>How often do you service it?
>Any machines you avoid like the plague?
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I grew up with Pfaffs and they were super reliable. My mom's ancient serger is still going.

I recently bought a Viking Husqvarna Emerald 118 and I'm really happy with it. I really wanted a non-computerized machine for reliability and I really wanted a machine with all metal gears/internals. Don't buy a cheapo Brother or Singer, they use primarily plastic gears and they will wear down over time and are just generally low quality.

Other good brands are Janome, Elna, Juki.

Will you be working with a lot of fur or leather/pleather? Those are hard on machines and you'll save yourself a lot of trouble getting a machine with a bit more oomph.

Features I couldn't live without? Clear bobbin cover. The threading lever thing. Needle up/down is nice. I work with a lot of knits for normie clothing, so a variety of stretch stitches is really nice. If you're into Lolita, it's worth checking if the model you like has a ruffler foot attachment available.
I'm really thinking of investing in a sewing machine because I'd love to start making my own clothes (been wearing lolita/jfash for 4 years but can't always find items to my taste), but I'm wondering if an overlocker would be better/worth it, since I'd like to make comfy cutsew tops and pyjamas/roomwear and I know jersey knit is easier to sew on an overlocker. I want really professional results that will stand up to a lot of wear.

It'd be great to be able to sew leather/PVC for jfash too, and to have a ruffler foot.
There's quite a few things you can't do with an overlocker/serger that you need a sewing machine for. Anytime you need to attach lace/trim, ribbon, applique, etc you'll need a sewing machine. Buttonholes-- sewing machine. Installing zippers-- sewing machine. Topstitch-- sewing machine. You get the idea.

If you can only buy one, get a sewing machine. I'm the anon above with the Viking, and I sew loads of knits on my sewing machine and don't have much trouble. Get a walking foot/dual feed/even feed foot for yours, it helps a load.

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So what did you think about Desucon?
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You mean t.b.h.con
Enjoyed it very much! Nice weather, good cosplayers and nice program. Was a bit #jonocon but nonetheless 10/10. The bar used for the saturdays party was great as well, much better than Seurahuone desu
Puricon confuses me a lot... Because their focus is on kawaii stuff and fashion etc. I was very confused about the new guest of honor who is a hentai artist. Always thought their target audience was younger people...

Couldn't find one in the catalog so here we go.

I'm doing a cult party coord that leans heavily on the whole sleepwear deal and I was wondering if I could add a staff in it (It's supposed to look like a nightlight). Is it a good idea for cult party or should I just leave the staff trend in OTT sweet?
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that sounds like its going to look really stupid,don't bother
>I'm doing a cult party coord
peignoirs and lingerie have been done to death, it's time to move on
What the fuck are you smoking that makes you think that that's a good idea? You clearly don't get cult party kei at all, please stop before you embarrass yourself

File: overpacked.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
Everyone group seems to have their own special rules when it comes to travel and hotel. How much luggage are you allowed to bring? How many people do you put in a hotel room with 2 beds? Does everyone get to sleep in a bed every night?

When I was younger (been doing cons for about 15 years now) it was all about getting there and those kinds of details didn't matter. Now I'm the one booking hotel rooms and coming up with the travel plans for groups of 6-12 people. I used to stay up drinking till god knows when and had roommates that I hadn't met before the convention, but now we have strict lights-out policies and in some rooms, no drinking policies and don't room with people we don't know.

The list of rules that me and my friends came up with over the years was due to a lot of bad incidents that we wanted to avoid in the future. So I was curious if you have any special rules and maybe the story about why the rule came up!
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Anything goes in the rooms, but no strangers. If the group hasn't met them before sundown, they stay out of the room.

Luggage is really as much as you need. I'm generally the driver and I strip out my third row (still seat 6) to make room for more luggage. When I travel alone I have enough room to put in a twin sized mattress.

Drinking is more of a BYOB type deal but generally someone will be charitable and donate a bottle to anyone who's forgotten or is down on their luck.
we don't have set specific rules we've duscussed but my group does have a few unspoken agreed-upon rules. we've never had issue with anyone in the current group but we've had some in the past.

one suitcase and one box or bag is preferrable, if only because my car isn't huge. if you have too much stuff it's going in your lap on the ride there. everyone typically keeps their stuff fairly far apart so things dont get mixed up.

alcohol is typically fair game if you're staying in the room as the ones who drink the most are usually providing. our usual roommates ask, though. food is a similar deal, if it's left out you can generally assume it's room food and no one will take more than their share, but ask if you aren't sure. anything specifically to you goes with your stuff.

no strangers, friends can hang out or, if they're just doing a daytrip, change or leave a bag in our room though.

there's no curfew but if you come in and lights are out then be quiet. we don't have a real party room, but occasionally friends do just hang out and have a beer and chat normally.

some people always get claim to the bed for reasons everyone knows. our room numbers (and guests, lol) have been small enough that we can fit 3 to a bed comfortably, but a few of our regulars will volunteer for the floor if they kick or something in their sleep. couples don't get a bed to themselves unless we're somehow down to 4 or less people a night (it's happened once, ever)
Grow up. Room with SO, often at a quieter hotel nearby. Unlimited luggage. No noise or disturbances. Long baths and room service.

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Does anyone know any cheap(er) ways to make your self tall for a cosplay?

I'm only going to do this for one day so I don't need anything fancy, but stilts are like 300$.
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Get some plastic tubs from Walmart, flip them upside down and glue elastic or Velcro straps to the part where your feet go.
Photoshop and smart angles. Do not bust your ass trying to be tall while walking around a con. No one actually cares and you will get hurt if you don't invest into a good quality height adjuster.

Did anyone go to this over the weekend? How was it?
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Should have posted this 4 days ago when the con was actually going on. Sage for useless thread.
just because i know they check this board i'm going to say it, i wish mythos would get their dicks out of this con or at least stop awarding their friends every year. and whoever the other judge was seemed like a mediocre cosplayer and i'm not sure why she was even there. otherwise con was pretty unimpressive overall, will save my money next year for something else instead of continuing to attend this con that's only getting worse just because it's local and easy.

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Any tips for making fabric lood faded and worn?

Workung on a halo/ alien inspired space marine costume

Does the coffee trick for camo or only for light colors?
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Why not wear it outside a bit?
Because the amount of wear im looking for would take like a year to acheive naturally. Also i dont want to walk around in a full camo bdu in publuc cuz im not that autistic.
>a full year

You are highly overestimating the quality of whatever trash surplus you're buying.

Literally walk off a path in a wood and you'll quickly find tears, stains, and discolorations come to you.

Anyone go to hazard con in Erie PA this weekend? How was it?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Opinions on her?
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Sauce on her pink and blue contacts?

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Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips/Guide:
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Is makeup allowed? I have some new Jill Stuart Japan makeup listed really cheap on my ebay here, and some other high end stuff too.

If you see anything you like, email me and I'll send you a paypal invoice for the item at an even more discounted rate because ebay takes a shit ton in fees. thanks!

Excuse me then, Didn't recognize the new thread because of the kitty pic.
Could a mod delete my useless thread, please ?

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Could we please get a mori kei/forest girl style/strega thread going~? I don't mind crossover between other fashions a little bit, and magazine shots are nice, but I'd love to see some actual worn coords put together by people in the mori groups and such.

With the rise of boho fashion in the west, it's so much easier to get your hands on nice quality mori kei pieces, so I want to see some creativity and lovely photos!
>how long have you been wearing mori
>what got you into mori
>do you feel like more mori girls tend to live "lifestyles" more suited to their fashion than other jfashions
>what type of mori do you like best
>favorite japanese brands/magazines for mori
>favorite non-Japanese sources for mori
>good online communities/resources
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>how long have you been wearing mori
About a year intentionally.
>what got you into mori
Realizing that my wardrobe was already close, so going "actual mori" would require very little up-front investment.
>do you feel like more mori girls tend to live "lifestyles" more suited to their fashion than other jfashions
Nah. I am a very busy, over stressed person. I wear Mori because it communicates my personality in-spite of what I have to get done throughout the day.
>what type of mori do you like best
Sack dresses with the option to layer. I like being able to take a sack dress and pair it with something more mori over it or to pair it with something structured to be more Otome.
>favorite japanese brands/magazines for mori
No favorites, really.
>favorite non-Japanese sources for mori
Goodwill, Savers, any thrift store.
>good online communities/resources
I use tumblr as my inspiration, but I have not felt the need to "connect" with other Mori people. With Lolita I feel a stronger sense to do that because it's such a specific look and building up a support network helps everyone create better, more consistent coords. With Mori I feel like I get inspired by others, but all the Mori people I see online are super diverse and have no common interests.
the mori group on facebook is full of the mori version of itas and I'm really disappointed
there's only one really well-dressed person in the group and luckily they post a lot, but I was expecting a little more quality out of there
Really? That's a huge bummer. Do you have any pics of the one with the good coords at least?

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Hello friends. Sorry for my upcoming english.

I'm about to do my first cosplay. An event is gonna take place here (Brazil) and I want to do Spiderman, my favorite hero. I think it's gonna be a good start for a cosplay.

I lurked on the interwebz and found two stores that makes the Spider Suits.

First is RPC Studio:


Second is Zentai Zone:


In RPC Studio, most suits are 270 USD. BUT with the aditional items (faceshell + lenses + zipers + symbol) it goes up to +400 USD.

in Zentai, most suits are 65 USD, but it has additionals. I did a little calculation, only making a budget, and in Zentai, a full costume is more or less the same thing. But I didn't enjoyed too much their products. It looks too much cloth-like, and the model is kinda.... fat.

In any case...

- Should I get RPC or Zentai? I want to spend a maximum of 500 USD.

- Magnetic lenses or not? Can someone explain the difference?

Thanks in advance!
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This could have been in the help thread.
But also, RPC suits are very well made. Zentai suits are cheaply made and they don't fit as well. It's a question of quality.

As for magnetic lenses, they only work if you also have a faceshell with the opposite magnets on it. They do look much better than ones that are sewn into, or permanently attached to the suit
RPC and zentai run a monopoly on sub dye suits, browse through Instagram and find a smaller company or independent artist that makes them, cheaper suits that look just as good, not identical to every other spidey at a con.

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supercon 2017.png
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Exactly two weeks away

Supercon is in FORT LAUDERDALE, and it is the LARGEST Comic Con in South Florida. Supercon takes place JULY 27-30, 2017 at THE GREATER FORT LAUDERDALE CONVENTION CENTER

Located at Ft. Lauderdale convention center this year instead of Miami due to construction.

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I know theres a florida summercons thread up but since most anons seem to be skipping metro this year and going to Super I thought I'd post an individual thread.

Also is anyone interested a discord/group chat of some sort to arrange any con meetups? I know Florida doesnt have the biggest con scene but thought it would be nice to be able to coordinate with other gulls

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