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Apparently this is the best place to put this, so I'm putting it here. I plan to modify a jacket to resemble one from an anime, not necessarily for cosplay, but I need help finding the jacket I want. Of the jackets I've found so far each has its pros and cons, I just need advice or opinions.
The jacket that I want to make is the Saunders school's field jacket from GuP, so pic related.
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The jackets I've been looking at are the Carhartt Bankston jacket or the Port Authority Challenger jacket. The carhartt one has the corduroy collar and cotton outside that would probably fit the theme better, but it is flannel lined and too warm to wear often where I am. The Port Authority one is lighter, but has no corduroy collar and is a different material.

I just bought a camera (a6000) mostly to take pictures of the cosplays me and a friend make, wear, and sale.
Can we have a thread for inspiration and tips?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Thoughts on Crunchyroll Expo?

Think it's a good start to a cool convention? Or will it be an absolute shitshow that should be avoided?

(Discord: https://discord.gg/cEfGQQZ)

[Sidenote: Magwest will be happening literally right next door on the same dates]
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Like anon said in >>9538953

The main hotel blocks are already sold out so there should be a good amount of people, and since magwest is nearby if you get bored of one or the other you can easily swing by. Should be fun

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Old thread saged >>9537557

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide

Buyf/a/g Guide
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New to the cosplay world. Always wanted to do it but never did it. I'm trying to start with easy ones. Just need help with how I can make the mask and the sword? Or if you guys have suggestions for how to make armor too I would like to learn.
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Mask I was referring too
I'm pretty sure they sell kenekis mask online, though I'm not sure how much it costs
Personally I wouldn't try to go 1:1 scale with that sword, make something managable and sensible, it will be easier to handle, more considerate of those around you and a lot sturdier. Even something around 4-5ft would easily push across the "Huge oversized cleaver." image.

Been looking for some them Harleys, found nothing that's very good. show what you've got!
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I've been looking for good harley's that are not suicide squad. I'm so freakin annoyed with this trend

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Yeah, you hate it, save your salt for somewhere else. I request good fandom lolita coords or "lolita inspired" cosplays.
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+ 1 to Gryffindor if it's not HP
Good god, I love this.

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Are there any other examples?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Here's one from Anime Expo 2017:
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This is legitimately funny. I don't think it's meant to be taken seriously.

Hey, I was on the AX 2017 discord server. I wanted to know where ya guys went! Also, if any of you where at the Gundam Industry Panel, I was there. On stage. Last 10 minutes or so. I won the Barbatos Lupus artwork. (Guy on the far right, doing the gendo pose) https://youtu.be/3MhXzYb7DXQ?t=1088
If ya'll wanna talk on discord or something, I want to know your opinions of this years con. Also, here's a picture of my cosplay. From Gundam Wing.
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this didnt need its own thread, faggot.
I'd rather not hijack someone else's thread. I'm trying to reconnect with other people on here. So, thanks for the comment, maybe people will see this now.

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So AX is over and unfortunately I didn't go. I was thinking, "Ya know, there's a lot of missed connections made at these cons..." Well this thread is for that. So to kick it off, I'll post some CL missed connections from LA that relevant to AX. Let's see if we can produce some romance!
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Here's our first customer...

Cute shoes at Anime Expo - m4w (DTLA)

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Anybody went to SJW con? Thoughts on it?
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Never heard of this, details please

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What's your cosplay lineup? Are you ready for the caldo dimmerda? Are you going to Anime Night or are you going to be drinking by yourself on the beach?
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>anime night

Is that still a thing
Last edition was awful

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Can we have a shoe thread? I'll start with a small dump and some questions:

What style of jfash/lolita do you wear?
What is your favorite brand or place to get shoes?
What are your most favorite/most owned colors? What colors do you wish you could find more of?
What shoes are you searching for or wish you could own?

Pic related is Vivienne Westwood's rocking horse shoe.
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Fluevog. Not sure the style name.
Just kidding, these are Oak Tree Farms.
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THESE are Fluevogs.

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Visual kei: panthers and zebra edition

Last thread reached image limit and died.
I was able to find a lot of good stuff last time so I hope the recs keep coming.

Pic is Da'vid shito:aL
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Requesting pictures of visual kei artists wearing lolita
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