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No talk about beethy or Kayla Erin allowed, thanks. Let's talk about upcoming and past Aussie cons, cosplayers, Photographers etc.
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Let's start with Melbourne Oz comic con. Who are you looking forward to seeing there? Who aren't you looking forward to seeing?
Getting in early, any DC groups for Brisnova? Haven't touched cosplay for ages and lost contact with most avenues due to work/nuts ex

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I just went to Bodyline's web shop out of curiosity to see if anything changed there the last couple of months. To my surprise they actually restocked a few of their items like some of their shoes f.e. shoe245/s524, s535, s526, s507, s509, s531 or their sailor JSK, formerly known as costume839, now with new numbers for the blue (f2014) and wine (f1011) version (brown and green gone).

Seems like Yankers didn't give up on gosuroris yet.
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Yeah not sure about the shoes (and even with restocks they've just completely stopped making my shoe size anymore) but I feel like the only reason they restocked the jsk is that they also have it crosslisted to their "Sailor Uniform" cosplay category, along with a couple similar ones. Not gonna get excited and taking it as a sign to move on
I'll have to check on the shoes! Thank you
How much does shipping cost now?

Previous thread >>9478764

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

NEW! Shopping Service Spreadsheet:

Pop-up dictionary: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-a-chinese-englis/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde?hl=en
Good EL-CH dictionary: nciku.com
Translate text from images: newocr.com
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Reposting from last thread: Any idea how I can get secret shop shoes these days. I really want some of their boots.
I am seeing SO many gorgeous hats this summer. I hope this catches on.
>Orders a 2b cosplay from Meowhouse
>Receives a shitty iCos cosplay.
I want to kill myself.

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You are all women right? i'm a male anon and i need some advice.

i just started dating this girl. she's 5'3, normal body. but she has double d breasts. would a Juniors XL tank top fit her?

i want to surprise her with a gift since she loves yoshi and i feel like this would be perfect, but i have literally no clue if it would fit her or be comftrouble for her to wear around the house

pic related
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Come on man, go bother /fa/ or something with this stuff, or heck, ask somebody in a store. Judging by this you're not much of a social hero though, so maybe it's not an option unless you want to open the floodgates of pasta.
her poor back she needs to get smaller implants for her frame

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You thought you were safe

You thought it was gone for good

You thought wrong


Previous thread: >>9540919
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How was AniSong you mother fuckers?
I wanted to see the idolmasters and ali project :^(
Damn is shit always like this at AX? I was planning to go next year with It being my first out of state con but those lines. Just fuck.
2014 was a nightmare

2015 and 2016 were reasonably good

This year linecon hit hard at almost 2014 levels. Maybe even above it.

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Is there anyway I could do a zootopia or undertale cosplay without becoming a furry?
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Is it furry too cosplay as a human Judy hopps?
Too late, anon, you're already infected.
Yes, do kemonomimi instead of a fursuit/bodypaint. It will look clean and inoffensive if you do it right.

Last one is no more.

I'll start: How much would Honey Cake switching JSK go for. Mint colorway, only flaw is cracked buttons.
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How much does french doll in red go for?
Cracked buttons? You might as well toss it.
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Apparently I just learned that's how they are made, so no flaws. my bad.

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Because so many pictures are bad.
>>Qi Lolita
>>Ero Lolita
>>Wa Lolita
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LINECON is back edition
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At the "Yuri" on Ice panel. Fucking fujos
Shit is no joke ridiculous. Not even premiere fans are safe this year.
Don't they get their own line to get in though?

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Anyone else going to AX? I really need a win
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Previous Thread: >>9538696

Day One is tomorrow. How unprepared are you?

Brace for high 70s/low 80s weather for the entirety of AX this year
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Fucked up my prop, going without at least one prop feels so lackluster (9s).
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>Forgot 3-4 things I wanted signed
>Forgot a few (replaceable) hygene products
>Clothes got salad tossed in the suitcase so I have to iron everything a-goddamn-gain

So far nothing to shed tears over but it's definitely been a constant pattern.

Going to try to get a full 8 of sleep and get to the con early tomorrow. About what time do you think people start really flooding in?
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>in line for badges
>people doing that "high five" thing
>third time passing this girl because of zig zagging line
>she pats my shoulder to get my attention and hands me a piece of paper
>its her number

not even sure if its really her number or not. i lost track of her after i got my badge. its been an hour and i havent called or texted that message.
what do i do?

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Hey /cgl/ I was wondering where the best place to find colored contact lenses is. Does anyone buy these? Are they safe?
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I don't have eyes so I can't help but....


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I guess, this is not the appropriate place for posting for helps and suggestion about one's costume, but since RPF forum is not acting too much helpful in this case, I guess i'll ask you people out here.

So, I am planning to do a Doctor DOOM cosplay for the upcoming con in my city. I know how to make the mask, which is pretty intermediate in terms of difficulty. What I cannot figure out on how to make is his rest of the armour. So, can you people like help me out over how to make it and all, especially the joint pivets on his arm and legs ?

I am targeting for a Doom which looks like the attached picture. Thanks.

Also, yes I am pretty new in cosplaying, and this will be my third major cosplay, so I am still learning.
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>go to catalouge
>press enter
> find help thread
Polite sage
I am actually not good in navigating 4chan from a mobile phone.

Sorry about this, will do right away, thanks for pointing it out anon.

I'm planning to cosplay as Hououin Kyouma. Problem is my face doesn't look enough like him, have dark skin, and I need glasses. I'm hoping carrying a dr. pepper and posing dramatically/getting in character will make up for it. I'm practicing my condescending and crazy faces.

Any tips for making it work? I have no experience acting or cosplaying.
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Take off the glasses for photos and make sure your hair is styled properly. If the character is distinctive enough and you do the costume well, no one is gonna trip and you'll be recognizable. It has nothing to do with skin colour.

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How did it go during this con? Any remarkable stuff or just normie shit?
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Bumping for this.
Mike Falo doing some cyberbully conference.
Hola Koibito.


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