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Last thread has been fully derailed and in autosage

Is there a correlation of what the print is and what kind of cut it gets? I think some things are obvious, like Shadow Dream Carnival has that princess vibe, and Dolly Cat has a posh look going with most of its cuts, and Dark Night Hospital has a nurse cut.

But I feel like there are lot of times where this isn't the case?

And the examples I listed are very obvious. Can you guys give me examples where there is definitely a correlation yet it's not blatant?

do you guys have favorite cuts?
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I prefer cuts that are lower waist/highly defined waist (VM/MM styled cuts).

Honey Cake would sell now, but as someone else mentioned AP only has their past sales data to go off of. I know I've sent in a request for them to re-release it via their comment form along with a couple of other anons the last time this came up, but that's all we can really do at the moment. Short of someone convincing all the Chinese comms to mass spam AP with a re-release request, that is.
>AP only has their past sales data to go off of
They actually pay a lot of attention to what their customers wear, want and trends in Japan. I think they shouldn't do re-releases at all desu unless they change the cut or colorway.
I really like cuts with a defined, longer bodice that is more "corset-like" or "Victorian" (or Dior new look) shaped. I'm a westerner who can easily look fat if something doesn't show off my hourglass figure; so I steer away from the more muumuu cuts. I do wear shapeless, oversized normie clothes but I can never get away with it in Lolita because the loose cuts are often ops and the arms / shoulders fit too snuggly to give it a "casual" look. Meanwhile the more shaped pieces clearly project any "fittedness" is intentional.

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Anyone else waiting in the hellscape that is constant busy signals to get a room at the Kalahari?
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Got 2 rooms B|
We dem lodge bois. BE MAD
Got a room and I'll be back as Little Mac.

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And lolitas. I hope more recent coords will be posted because there's already an oldschool thread.

>What do you think of lolitas carrying stuffed animals?
>What do you think of lolitas carrying dolls?
>What do you think of lolitas wearing animal ears?
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Inb4 ''I like it if it's done well''. Nobody likes it if it isn't done well.
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File: kera170-620x.jpg (57KB, 620x444px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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17 days left ! Who's going ? Share your costumes, your plans, and your predictions for the ECG finals results AND for the inevitable drama that will follow.

Also, remember to bring your own food and water and that the dealer's hall is full of bootlegs.
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Do we have a list of all the ECG competitors? Would be nice to be able to check them all out.

Also predictions: french win
I hope there will be good Jojo merch this year
There's a list with almost everyone and the costumes they were selected with (though as always, most peopel make new ones) here : http://www.japan-expo-paris.com/en/programme/ecg-season-7-the-finals_1866.htm

French win is always a good prediction but I'm not super confident in our group this year, especially with the selections drama. Solo rep is looking solid though.

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If you could make a cosplay completely disappear for a year, while at the same time making another cosplay skyrocket in popularity; which cosplays would you choose for this?
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Goodbye Steven Universe, hello DOGS: Bullets and Carnage.
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2B; Bravely Default (summoner if I had to choose one class)
Get rid of the loli dragon shit and replace it with Homestuck

Literally anything else than that loli dragon anime, even satan himself.

Last thread saged >>9463846
>Alternatives to Digitalartwear
>Another Listen Flavor x Menhera-chan collab is coming
>No more CC tights
>Big breasts and oversize tops
>Why are there long skirts in summer collections?

>"What is Menhera?"

>"What is Gurokawa?"

Please try to ignore/do not respond to obvious bait, more so as there may be an increasing influx of summerfags incoming.
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Bruh, we already have a thread, delete this >>9499946
Not possible after a reply, newfag.
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Listen Flavor announced they are going to produce "very old" products again as part of the 11th anniversary.

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Share photos of the individuals who are your dream "ouji accessories" or ouji crush. For lolitas. They could be e-famous or just someone in your comm. Please refrain from posting names or location of these individuals and have fun!
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This is creepy as hell, OP
Maybe you need to reframe this thread away from specifics...? What would be ideal qualities for an ouji friend/bf?

>still weird
>that video was entirely satire
Guys are an accessory now? Just an accessory like a bow? Man, and people said the guys on here were creeps.

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Old thread is at 9. >>9495673

Talk post-con and discussions about AMW 2017 in general. Dump your photos here.
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>It's pretty rude not to show isn't it?
It's not rude. Fashion shows are a business endeavor.If anything it's just not very professional.
Did any other Nitendogs bring their 3DS?
Does Ryan realize what a complete tool he looks like scooting around on a hoverboard with his ugly ponytail?

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Got to the 'con? Please share what you got!

I just went Friday and Saturday and this time, I was very picky so I don't have much. Also, no creepshots this time around. I learned some /cgl/ etiquette last year.
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Hard to look at her in the eyes. And that not just because of the sexy dress. That woman is TALL as fuck.

The guy is also buff and NO BEER GUT. Jesus, all those beer-gutted super heroes I saw....
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This photo turned amazing. They were posing as normal, but then I said without thinking: "Odd couple... But everything is possible with the Tardis!"
The reaction came at the same time I took the picture, making it PERFECT.
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This kid got her Rin down perfectly. But I don't think she's used to be asked a picture by some random creepy old man yet.

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Previous thread: >>9536210

>Please read the FAQ
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)
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Has anybody tabled at Comiket before? I'm going for the first time and my friend is letting me share their circle table. What has your experience been like?

Specific questions:
>Do I need to bring a lot of change/cash? If so what kind of bills or change should I bring and how much?
I don't expect a lot of sales desu (I'm a pretty small-time artist with a fairly niche following) so I'm not sure if I should just.. hope that people pay in exact change?
>What kind of stuff have you tried to sell other than a doujinshi book?
>If you aren't a super popular circle how many copies of a book would you print to sell?
>Is 2500 yen a fair price for a t-shirt or should I go lower?
It'd be screenprinted so pretty good quality (and a decent t-shirt brand too), not a low-quality t-shirt transfer thing. My cost is about $11-13 a shirt to make it.
People usually pay in exact change, you shouldn't have any issues if you're pricing at 500 or 1000 yen. I haven't tabled there before, but I've seen people with keychains and some with totes/notebooks. They're in the minority though, it's mostly just books (fanart/fanfic/artbooks). Hopefully someone here will be able to answer your other questions.
>Do I need to bring a lot of change/cash? If so what kind of bills or change should I bring and how much?
Just bring a few spare 100 yens unless you have an oddly priced booked like 350 or something, then bring 50 yens for change

>What kind of stuff have you tried to sell other than a doujinshi book?
You can sell prints,charms, postcards, buttons, etc - just know you can't price it like American's do. You will not make a profit from selling in Japan unless you're a popular circle. The average price for these items are 100-500 yen

>If you aren't a super popular circle how many copies of a book would you print to sell?
If you have zero internet presence(pixiv, twitter) 50 books at the most. People rarely browse at events. Make sure to advertise on pixiv in the tag/fandom your work is associated with. You will most likely bring back home copies.

>>Is 2500 yen a fair price for a t-shirt or should I go lower?
Depends on the quality, average price for t-shirts from comiket usually are 2000 yen but I have seen as low as 500 for them(cotton) and as high as 5000(printed all over waifu shirt)

post whatever you got
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bad taste.jpg
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Warning, kind of gross pic
Man this site has mellowed me out if that is gross.

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harley cosplay.jpg
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Hi! I'm looking for something neat and preferably not too layer-y (conventions can get sweaty) to cosplay! I play league of legends, overwatch and some gwent. I love star trek, star wars, harry potter etc. and I adore all things vintage from the 1920s-1980s but mostly 20s-50s so I'd love to do something with a vintage twist! I added a link to an imgur with some pictures of me!! The only issue is colored contacts, any fun colors like a violet for yennefer are kind of expensive and hard to get when you need them prescription :/. Thank you so so much for your help!!
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try harder next time.
nice bait

i can't wait for summer to be over
>somehow managed to piss off two communities in one swoop

/cgl/ doesn't like selfposts and Imgur doesn't like selfies because both "clog up" their respective sites (and /cgl/ has a thread limit so new threads essentially kill old threads). We usually have a suggestions thread but there doesn't seem to be an active one right now. Your best bet is to stick around and use the catalogue to see if someone starts a new suggestions thread, or if any Anons with the template see this maybe they can start one.

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Are you new? Do you have basic Questions? Ask them here, please. This is a "containment thread"; which is to say we try to limit the total threads going at once, because there is a small limit to how many threads can exist on a 4chan board. Everytime a new thread is created, it kills a thread; so creating a new thread for each question you have kills entire discussions. Ask questions about any category covered by /cgl/ - that means cosplay and J-fashion. Lolita falls under J-fashion, it's just the most prominent.

Quick Primer:
>What is a "gull" ?
when you say "C. G. L." outloud, it sounds like "seagull". It's almost an onomatopoeia.
>What is an "ita" ?
Ita is a Japanese onomatopoeia for "ow", or "painful to look at". In Japan an "itasha" is a car covered in anime vocoloid or waifu swag decals. An "ita bag" in a tote bag, or other bag with a protective vinyl cover, drowning in anime merch. An "ita" is a Lolita who's coordinate is "painful to look at"

Common examples of newb questions that have been asked TOO MUCH to warrant their own thread, but people would love to help you with here;
>Am I too old for (blank)?
>Are there people who should not do (blank)?
> I am (blank). How can I do (blank) well, as a (blank)?
>Where can I find (blank)?
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I want to see a pic of the OPs coord.
>an onomatopoeia
Did you mean a pun? It's not an onomatopoeia unless gulls actually make sounds that sound like "gull", which I'm pretty sure they don't.

Also, another common question is
>Do you people wear X outside of cons like normal clothes?
2 basic points to through out there, hopefully to inspire more specific questions;

>What do I need, bare minimum, for my first Lolita Coordinate / Coord?
The main piece: which is either a JSK, a One Piece or a Skirt. Then you will need a Blouse (unless you choose an OP / One Piece dress), Petticoat, Bloomers (covers your underwear), Legwear (socks or tights), Shoes, Purse and a Head piece (headbow, headress, hat, SOMETHING!). This is the most BASIC list; you should also buy accessories like necklaces and wrist cuffs.

>Why does Lolita fashion have rules?
Because that is the only way each sub-variant of fashion can be categorized separately from another. There are design choices that define punk, there are design choices that define retro '50s. Lolita is no different; if you fall outside of the rules, then you do not count as a Lolita.

IMPORTANT: there is literally nothing wrong with being beautiful without being tied to a specific fashion style. If your look just doesn't match any current J-fashion styles, that's fine. Don't force it.

Haven't seen one in a while, so here we go. Dump incoming. Would love to see less common characters.
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Previously, in our /comfy/ slow thread >>9492567
>Lots of Animecon talk, new 18+ events, our meet,
>Animecon vs Abunai, which is better and why?
>Smoke's WIP shots of Rakan and wig stress
>Dokomi talk
>Abunaai and their new merchandise
>Minque is kill?
>Lots of small talk
>And last but definitly not least, Prop-Anon won the Yamato preliminaries with Cordana. I for one welcome our new Nethergundam overlord.

The next five major events:
>Moshi Moshi Fair (June 17th, Amsterdam NH), a free fair for those who enjoy Japanese things and anime.
>Castlefest (August 3rd - 6th, Lisse ZH), the other outdoor fantasy orientated convention.
>Abunai! (August 25th - 27th, Veldholven NB), a nice con that suffers from the limited amount of suited venues.
>Amsterdam Comic Con (September 2nd & 3rd, Amsterdam NH), a geek culture fair that's all about buying stuff.
>Elfia Arcen (September 23rd & 24rd, Arcen LB), not the other outdoor fantasy orientated convention.
Our full con calendar with Google Calendar support can be found at https://www.churi.nl/agenda

Friendly reminders:
>We have a newcomers guide at https://churi.nl/newcomers-guide
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ only makes things worse. It's best to take things posted here lightly and just move on.
>Posting WIP pictures and/or progress about your current projects is encouraged.

If you think things have been quiet over here, that's becasue we've got a Discord. Feel free to join us ar https://discord.gg/RgaEYeK and say hi1
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Nethergundam also reporting in.
And for those who didn't catch this little gem on discord, we got a subtle mention in the Aniway magazine.
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And I got mentioned too!

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