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Pic related.

Does this actually happen?

I used to think all the /r9k/ memes about /cgl/ were bullshit but damn, you girls really have no shame if this stuff is true.
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who cares about shame, i'd be terrified of pregnancy and stds
People are so awful
>Haha, I'm kawaii and so lewd >_<!
>My ahegao face xD

Fuck the twitter anisphere and the girls on it. Seriously.

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Apologies for starting a new thread, but does anyone know what happened to this cosplayer?
I heard he got posted in the Jojo threads often, and was pretty popular in the TX community, but he just up and disappeared (FB page deleted and no updates on cosplay accounts for almost a year).
Again, sorry for starting a new thread, but I don't know where else to turn.

>pic related
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I'm also super curious about this too.
We used to see him all the time at local Texas cons but now he's vanished.
OP used a JoJo photo but this isn't a JJBA thread.
it happens a lot anon, people get sick of cosplay and the community and decide to bail. Sometimes people post a good bye but not always, and they certainly don't owe one to anybody. It sucks when it's someone you were a fan of but that's life.

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Last one is saging

Starting off with... Whatever the hell is going on in that picture.

Also it's summer so there are lots of fresh itas let's try not to post anything too stale
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>dat pose
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WTF? Why? These are just pumpkin pants

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Let's talk wearing lolita at work, /cgl/. I work in an IT office during the week and an antique store on the weekends, so I have quite a bit of freedom and can even get away with some print pieces but don't go all out. Do you wear lolita to work and how do you tailor your wardrobe for workwear? Drop inspo also
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Not so much lolita but I incorporate a ton of axes femme stuff, especially their cutsews and blazers, and a lot of shoes from my lolita wardrobe into my daily workwear (I work in a government office)
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Desk job. IW and Moitie ftw.

It worries me that both brands seem to have slowed down a lot. Praying they continue to make nice, plain things that look good. The quality is pretty amazing as well. Some are coming up on their ninth or tenth year now and still look pretty good.
I work at a boarding kennel so absolutely no chance of wearing anything nice there. I'm super jealous of people who get to wear lolita/j-fash at work though!

Though it is kind of nice being able to just roll up in jeans and a jumper and not worry about how I look for the day.

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Last one hit bump limit. >>9521675

Comm being bitchy? Parents give your burando to Goodwill? Share those cgl feels!
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After a serious discussion, we discovered that almost every girl in our comm is wearing the wrong cup size.
does it matter? I didn't think they came in different sizes
>so many fucking attractive people in the cosplay community
>no social skills to even dare approach or befriend them

i have just got my Tsushima Yoshiko cosplay uniform and along with a wig i need to decide what kind of underwear i want to wear, i'm a thin male but i'm not confident with that stuff, i'll be in and out of trains and the con so i was wondering what kind of panties i should wear because i will be embarrassed if they blow up and they see boys underwear...
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wear regular boy underwear then wear bike shorts over them. lots of girls do that to prevent panty shots when the wind blows. Also, post in the help thread next time
>post in the help thread next time
if it's crossplay, you might as well post in the crossplay thread. Just use the catalog. Geez.
Boxer briefs and spandex shorts.

If you want pantsu, it's more complicated. If you're hardcore you can just get panties in your size and wear them. Alternatively you could do boxer briefs + flesh colored tights + panties over that but it might look uncanny.

Only time I've worn a skirt it was a character with pantyhose so I was pretty lucky.

saw these photos on facebook and thought you'd all like to see them if you haven't already
please share your hotel horror stories to keep this thread going.
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the post says that's syrup in the bathtub. Apparently they "made a giant pancake"

It was one of the hotels at A-Kon. People are assholes

So, I would like some tips on how you deal with toxic people inside your hobby, be it Cosplay or JFashion.

By toxic I mean people who are always looking for ways of stirring up more drama, talking about people behind their backs, making fuss over irrelevant things to keep relevant and being randomly mean with people for no apparent reason.

I don't want names or shame, just want some tips on how to deal with these people, specially if they're in your comm.

Do you openly talk with the person?
Do you ignore him/her?
Does your comm have any guideline on how to deal with them?

Thanks in advance,
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Isn't it generally a known thing to ignore these people?
If you keep giving them attention they'll keep going
Walk away as soon as the red flags begin to show up. I wish I would have done that this past weekend. If they're in your social group rather than being randos at a con just ignore them and avoid conversation as much as possible.
I do ignore them most of the time, but it hurts me to see so many people giving attention, thus making the comm very tense with the dramas people like this stir. (and then, people getting involved in fights and getting angry at each other for nothing or for lies).

I once thought about talking with everyone and suggesting them to ignore this person, but I know that, if I did that openly (not in anonymity), I'd soon become a target, and I'm too lazy to deal with that.

I guess there's nothing much left for me to do but to watch everyone burn and kill themselves.

Brand new larp thread, because we aren't gonna get tired of this in the near future.

previous thread
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It's "Les Contes de la Brume" (Tales of the Mist), a French LARP

Thanks for the advice !
Regarding weapons, I have a friend who can lend me a sword and a dagger, but man I just Googled shaolin spades and they look real cool ! Might be a bit cumbersome though, I was mostly planning on booking it if things go south since I have 0 experience in fighting. I'd like to live longer than half a day of I can help it !

Trinkets are always nice, I've been going to rummage sales and charity shops looking for cool stuff. I'll see if I can maybe find some jewelry ? Or a nice hand mirror. You never know when you need to bribe your way out of a situation.

Regarding hobbies, I know the other snakes last year liked to play Mahjong but I haven't been able to find a cheap set. Dice are a nice idea, I hadn't thought of that, plus it's very lightweight. I was also thinking of buying an old medical book, maybe one about plant medicine with nice illustrations ? It might kinda heavy though. Other than that, I thought about picking up an instrument, like a bamboo flute maybe ? But the event is soon and I don't want to be responsible for burst eardrums caused by my bad playing. I could bring a sketchbook though, it's easy to carry and I'm not too bad at drawing.
Sounds cool, I'll look that LARP up. Was curious since we have a local Asian inspired group as well, so I find it cool to hear about others who play in the same setting for ideas and such.

Drawing is wonderful anon!
Useful as well, since you could draw and write notes, and players absolutely love it when somebody takes the time to draw, or even just sketch their characters. Medicine books would great, especially if you run into other medics and wanna share trade secrets.

DESU I recommended the spade or staff because aside from looking cool they're good weapons for those who are not experienced fighting, since you keep the enemy at bay and just stabbity-stab them. If not, walk around with a friend who knows their way around a sword, or get one of those inferior bodyguards you mentioned.

Come back here to share some stories about how was it. Would love to hear how it was!
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Got an African Bleckbock horn for a swaggy knife I'm crafting! Should add alot of depth to my kit.

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Dokomi comes up on 3rd-4th June. Are you attending? Are you cosplaying?
Maybe we can meet and have a fun time.
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Chisaiicon is this week. Any gulls going?

>yes, I'll be at the Dokomi. It's my first time. Not in cosplay though
Anyone attending the AP Tea Party in Hamburg? I wonder what stuff they will bring to sell.... really hope for the Perfume series
I'll be at Dokomi too. I wouldn't mind a seagull meeting. The last one was fun.

Ugly/wtf brand thread? Ugly/wtf brand thread!
Post things that major brands have put out that are bizarre or eyesores. Ugly coords from fashion shows/ads/other promotional materials are okay too
>hard mode: don't post meta
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I kinda miss the cake hats. They had the OTT sweet charm that I thought was hideous at the time, but I look back on fondly.

I like this terrible AatP hat too.

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I suppose some of you folks might make your own cosplay costumes and/or your own props. Have any of you ever had to get your hands on some custom made glasses for your cosplay? If you did, how did you make/get them? I can't find any places that make custom glasses that don't cost less than one to two thousands bucks. I figured that with 3D printing it would have gotten a whole lot easier but even the places that use 3D printings don't seem to give the option to have some custom made. I don't want to go for the "sorta works" pair of glasses at my local place either. I haven't found the pair I'm looking for on any shop either. I'm at a point where if all else fail I'll try to make them myself using I don't know what yet.
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just go to your local drugstore or pharmacy, you can find tons of reading glasses there for cheap that you can just paint over.
This would easily work if I didn't have to care about the shape. The issue here is that I can't find any where the frame is shaped the way I need it to be, hence why I've looked at 3D printing or places that take request and make custom pairs. I've already made masks before but glasses aren't the same. They're thin and need to be flexible, I wouldn't know what kind of material I could make them out of without having them look like ass.
This really belongs in the help thread, but even then it would be more constructive if you had a photo of what you wanted.

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So I am really close to finishing my film accurate Kylo and am pumped to join my local garrison after getting it approved because all the guys I have encountered at cons are super chill but I have heard tons of bad experiences as well. I was wondering what kind of experiences you guys have had with the 501st.
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It depends ENTIRELY on the social makeup of your local garrison. In some cities/places they're in the middle of huge feuds with the other local LFL clubs like Rebel Legion and the Mercs, but in other places they're all one big happy family. Some garrisons have middle aged dudes with children and mortgages vaguebooking at each other and starting drama between the various clubs, some don't.

I'm from a state where our local LFL clubs are full of vaguebooking old guys causing drama, and BOY HOWDY that stuff can get so tiring so quickly. I'm Mercs, not 501st, so from my outside-looking-in perspective the TKs are generally decent folk, the Kylos are all either memeing shitlords or gigantic edgelords, the Scout Troopers are all chill as hell, and the Vaders are cool dudes. I steer clear of the people that like to dress as officers tho because they're usually gigantic jackholes to complete strangers. Apparently one of the Florida garrisons (can't remember if there's more than one, I think there's a north and south??) likes to give really mean-spirited awards to certain people every year for not being able to troop.
Also: don't just craft on your own in your basement and only see people at troops. Join up on the forums and find your local garrison's subforum, talk to some people, go to some armor parties, make some friends. Try to befriend people that are also clone troopers in Rebel Legion, they're ALWAYS super chill motherfuckers.
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Basically what
said. I started in the 501st as a Scout Trooper, and then joined the Mandos. Our Garrison's leadership don't like the Mando Mercs, but they're stance has been getting edged out by the increasing numbers in both groups who just wanna do events and have fun. If you wanna do events and have fun, do this, and let the drama pass you by.

Conventions and community events are fun, charity fundraising is great, and there's NOTHING like getting to visit a children's hospital or kid in need. It'll make you glad you have a helmet to hide the tears.

So who here's going to NJ con?

I like the indoor AC last year, less mud.
Atlantic City has never been my fave, but at least they have salt water taffy.
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I'll be there with my group, got a room at the Sharton. Will likely be a party room if we find cool people.
Since Atlantic City is basically a ghost town it's really nice to have the entire city to yourself for a convention. I had a good time last year.

Yeah, some friends went last year and they said it was really fun. Weebs having all of AC to themselves right by the boardwalk/beach is pretty cool.

Old one is autosage >>9515799

Summer is here and so is ita season
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I can't tell what's going on with her skirt
You can't start a thread with just this.

How hard is it for gulls to understand?
Gulls don't want to start threads so they will appear when one is made. Just wait and itas will flood in

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