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Ask about parts of lolita pieces you don't know the term for and would like to learn. Ask for the name of certain areas on the clothing, materials, stitching, and so on. Also, feel free to ask about the historical inspiration some pieces take after.
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I was browsing through LJ and found this really odd AatP blouse. People were commenting how hideous it looked, but some said it was inspired by Early 17th century clothing. Can anyone elaborate? Is there maybe a name for that collar type?
I suppose it vaguely resembles certain styles of loose ruffs/collars from the 1600-50 period, with the pleating. It's still pretty ugly, though.

Pic related is a portrait with a wide lace collar that might be what that person had in mind.
Gotta get this of my chest first, pic related is shearing, what's on your dress is shirring, s2g I'll slap the next person who pronounces it wrong.

Back on topic what are the Japanese terms for both rhs and 'ladder' lace? Just using english gets pretty shit results when searching.

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Was sent here from /g/ since they said you guys might have more knowledge on this! I have these files http://www.mediafire.com/download/f3rldmn2bhfznr7/Fallout+NV+NCR+Veteran+Ranger+Helm+by+Hugh.pdo that need to be uploaded into this file site called Pepakura. It has 3D assets and I was wondering if that meant i could 3D print it? I am very computer illiterate... And I need this helmet by Saturday and I'm already nearing the deadline for my costume. If any one can give me advice on how to do this, it'd be greatly appreciated thank you so much
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Since it's a .pdo file, it will only work with the pepakura software. It takes 3d models and converts them into 'puzzle pieces' that you can print on paper and assemble in the real world. For something to be 3d printed, you need the original file, like a .3ds or .max or other 3d file format. Even if you COULD print this, it would take days to print a helmet, and even more time after that to glue it together, sand, paint, make a visor, ect. Give yourself more time for something like this.
Yes, the process takes fucking forever.
You should always give yourself a couple days for printing, couple days for sanding, gluing, sanding, painting, and then painting again.

It took me three days just to print a damn gun


If you need this by Saturday I'd honestly suggest converting the patterns to be more foam friendly and make a foam version

Do the 3d printed version when you have more time

Laforet Bazar Edition
>which dress do you wish AP will rerelease?
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>which dress do you wish AP will rerelease?
As if you dont know most answers will be honey cake.
Or Cinema Doll.
Any shopping services taking orders?

What do /cgl/'s props look like? I assume many of you make your own. Do you put a lot of time into it or do you cut corners to save money on an already expensive hobby? I would think this is the spot to cheap out a little on and get creative with since props aren't really an essential part of the costume (usually) and people most likely aren't going to closely examine them. I want to get an idea of the average prop's quality.
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Just popping in to say Rick and Morty is pretentious
First prop was an Eva armor piece
Redoing it now, but the first version was bumpy and used spray paint instead of airbrushing I'm going to do for this one
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i don't know.... i'm trying to make the light bow from BotW and it'll be my first prop, and first cosplay.

thinking of just doing the typical EVA foam sandwiched together, with some support in the handle of the bow then covered in worbla and stuff...

(any advice appreciated..)

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what happened to kokokim?
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she died
Didn't she shut it down to move onto new projects?
Kimura U wasn't getting enough attention for the brand/making enough money so she moved on to other things. Her sense of style doesn't quite make the mark of what people are looking for.

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What are /cgl/'s thoughts on them? Pic related kek
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it leads to the elitism of shitty cosplayers with big, badly made stuff when there's no prejudging (and a good amount of the time even when there is). it also just creates unnecessary drama, aka why heros of cosplay was made imo
It's drama and the same people/friends who win them. Case in point, the contestant on the right in the photo you posted is Fantasy Ninja/Indra Rojas who was on Yaya Hans show and then went on to win Yayas Cicaf contest (Chinese World Cosplay Summit knock off) the first year so they were sent to China. Now Indra runs the contest for a small convention in Florida along with other international competitions rather than at bigger venues who would get more entries so her friends can judge at them. Its a circle jerk really
I haven't taken part in it and probably won't ever
they seem to be completely overrun by professionals and stuff bought from professionals
since you also have to skip on shit at the rest of the con, it just doesn't seem fun for people who aren't there to win the money

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2 burando or not 2 burando ft. sack cuts edition.

Old thread: >>9565050
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Opinions on Super Deluxe's macaron-inspired lolita video?

fb.com/superdeluxevideo /videos/501983973479491/
Wasn't really asking about that. Wondering what people think of ETC calling themselves lolita.
I love AP halloween prints usually but this is so disappointing to me.

Post your favorite mori outfits
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Doesn't have to be strictly casual, but please post coordinates that are practical for everyday wear.

Pic related, I have this Bodyline OP in black and I want to wear it to go to my uni and take classes, so I would like ideas on combinations I can do to tone it down (like hers).
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bumping some inspo

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Are you ready to see Marinas flooding con floors for the next year?
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I expect a ton in Chicago since black people really latch onto any dark skinned character in popular media, but I doubt it'll be that huge
I've very ready
Did this really need its own thread? At least make this a Splatoon cosplay thread.

Is it good for allowing fans to provide you income for your content? Or bad because 90% of the donations are for cosplay soft porn?
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I think Patreon is great for actual content or creators. It's awful for cosplayers because what are you going to give as prizes? Pictures of yourself? It's just totally self indulgent. I don't know any "cosplay famous" people, personally.

I know it gets gulls salty, but only the hottest or big "niche" girls like Momokun with her "thicc" thing make it on pure looks. It is a bit like porn at the moment.

If you have real talent, sell patterns, tutorials, style wigs, commission. I know it's frustrating to look at these girls make tons of money, but know it's not a lifetime skill. Learn to do things like sew or create props which can make you money your whole life.
I don't mind most of them. Staying fit and constant glad-handing take time and effort.
I think it's a bad example for girls getting into cosplay and seeing the expectation is for them to strip if they want to 'succeed' at cosplay.

Also anyone who was already sexy but not doing lewd is now being pressured to do lewds because that's what the market is adapting to want. Cosplay print sales would be going down because that money can get you girls taking off their costumes instead. So if they don't strip they're not only leaving money on the table but losing their normal revenue.

So I see it as a black hole sucking everyone to that point.

Not trying to shit on anyone but I feel like the Las Vegas cosplay scene gets a bad reputation due to some bad apples. That being said, there's some cosplayers who put a lot of effort into their cosplay but don't get the attention they deserve. To get it started, here is To-Love Aruru
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Someone who puts a lot of time into making their costumes from scratch and has worked hard on her make up game to bring out the most of any cosplay she does
Can we just make this not just about Las Vegas? Itd be nice to have a thread for those we think deserve more credit.
Totally...sounds good to me

Post poses for pics. (also any advice on how to look better in them and similar things are welcome) Let it be casual outfit shots,group/friend shot,photoshoot,sitting or standing up,...Anything is good.

I'm going to do a photoshoot in lolita next week and realized I succ at poses and need inspo. If anyone has any tips to be less nervous/be more photogenic i would love to hear them.
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I photograph lolita frequently so I've been meaning to make a guide. Here's one thrown together for posing your legs, if it helps at all I might make one for posing your arms too.
And when doing a shoot you can always ask for posing help from the photographer.
Thanks anon! I did know about these in general but they're a helpful reminder
Mintkismet's guide is good

And Milkb0x has a outbid video:

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Have you ever done something for your local lolita comm?
Why/why not?
How about for the online or global community?
Like sharing art, translations or scans...

Do you have any ideas about doing something for lolitas?
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One shoe to ruin them all..
Your negativity is what ruins things
I translate Taobao stuff regularly and that shoe still fucked up that photo. Who the fuck thought Vans were a good idea?

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old one is in sage. request your spoonfeeds and your "why don't you just google it"s here
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any ebay (UK or DE), Europe-based or aliexpress wig sellers that don't suck? I need a short brown wig (pic related) and I don't have the money to throw down 100$+ for an US wig at this time
I have a question. If one we're to cosplay a character with a revolver, would they be given a pass if they brought an actual revolver but the trigger and hammer were removed along with the ammo or empty shells?

No. It needs to be faker than that. I think some metal ones might be allowed at some cons but it's going to be theatrical ones where the barrel is solid all the way through.

Even airsoft needs to be caulked all the way through. You're not going to get by just taking a couple parts off. Have you even started to look at any weapons policies at any of the places you'd be bringing this shit?

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