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Previous Thread: >>9546356

AX is finishing up. 4 Day badges will be mailed out next year.

Dump pics, stories, next con on your radar, and any other info here.
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See you all in Comikaze Expo
Will those hotels being built be open next year? Also was that a big ass parking structure being built next to the hotels?
>See group of 4 qt cosplayers in white armor
>Can't tell the exact series because I was standing straight under a light and was blind as fuck
>We talk a little bit, it turns out that one of them was giong to be cosplaying a character from the series I was the next day, we say we'll find each other
>sleep until 4PM since I haven't had good sleep in a week because con prep
>never make it to con
I want to kill myself

Just want to start a discussion with the gulls about some odd things you all may have seen be used for cosplays. Metal, rubber, glass re purposed from other items to make something new, did it work? was it cool? have you seen something really unorthodox that you want to try? anything other than foam, glue, fabric and paint.

I am also working on one of the Death's Necromancer sets from Darksiders 2 and i want to use real bones on it. I work on a farm and my livestock turn into deadstock somewhat regularly. Is using bones, skulls (cleaned and sealed of course), and hide from dead animals a little too much for city dwelling con-goers? i've asked others and no one's really given me a solid answer.
I've also got a goat with really wicked curls in his horns, when he dies i wanna use his skull on a 2H Frostmourne, would that add to authenticity or be in poor taste?
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Hey, sorry for the late response buddy. I just got back from my yearly pilgrimage to edgetown. You wanna come next time? You'll fit right in.
How is using bone edgy? People have been using bone for making thing since mankind could put things together.
Personally I'd say go for it, if you've got it use it. If anyone objects, point out that leather's regularly used for cosplay and costuming in general, especially with steampunk and other things that are supposed to be victorian.
So is that a yes or a no?

Will you take his place instead? It gets pretty lonely out there.

Anime Expo Day 4 Thread
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Fuck Los Angeles edition
Last Thread
Is it worth dropping $60 to go to AX to drop even more $$$ on merchandise?

I need me some fucking fate and persona 5 merch but I don't know if its even worth it to go at this point. I'm assuming merchandise prices are fucking expensive?
Most of the P5 merch is sold out and I'm not sure if they restocked for the last day

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There's nata jelly in the back of the entertainment hall in the water fountain edition.

Last thread
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delicious nata
Who's at neon district? I want to dance with the gays
Who neon district here?

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Previous Thread: >>9542586

Day 2 is nearly done. Day 3 begins.

Who's going to Neon District?
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What is everyone doing right now, bored as fuck
Who wants an AKFG ticket. I need to print it out and I can't go see them.
21+ Cosplay Deviants was alright. DJ was awful.

is there an anime besides g gundam with robotic skirts? Or even metallic skirts?
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Kill La Kill is the only other thing that comes close, but its cloth becomes a latex-looking metal.
Samurai Pizza Cats comes to mind.
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Gatchaman Crowds?

File: inuyasha-cosplay-4.jpg (313KB, 650x456px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone have any quick and easy cosplay ideas for males?

Just bought tickets for my first con that's in a week. I was just going to go in regular cloths since it's on such short notice, but I thought it might be more fun if I dressed up.
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A simple character from a series you enjoy.

Also it seems like we don't have an active suggestions thread, someone should make one.
Anything you try to put together within a week will likely look like trash. Avoid looking terrible and plan better for next con.
Not true, there are tons of characters who wear regular clothes you can find in a thrift store. Won't be very "cosplay-y" I guess, but given OPs time frame I think he's fine with that.

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Old Thread>>> boards.4chan.org/cgl/thread/9528146
The Itas come out to play for summer...
"lolita is a feeling. Childish and playful, romantic and gothic, not only puff skirt with a maching bow. For me, lolita is a feeling and a statement."
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What was I looking at?

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Previous thread: >>9526701

>Please read the FAQ
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)

Summer cons are upon us, good luck to all you anons this weekend at AX and make some dosh!
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How much were the artist alley tables for ax this year?
If I remember correctly, 350 for returning, 425 for public. 75 for extra passes.
not good, don't do it

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Last one's full. >>9530752

Comm being bitchy? Parents give your burando to Goodwill? Share those cgl feels!
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I was going to wear lolita to Disney World, but I chickened out at the last minute. I figured it'd be too hot, or some other misfortune would ruin my burando.

After our first day at the park, I dreamed that I was wearing my nicest coord outside of Cinderella's castle, and I looked so cute that people were crowding around to take my picture.

Then, without warning, some screaming kid sprinted toward me and head-butted me really hard in the vagina. I dropped like a sack of potatoes. A bunch of other kids pinned me to the ground and started beating me with souvenir drinking cups, and I distinctly remember one of those giant Disney turkey legs staining my dress. It was horrifying.

When I woke up, I found out that my mom took a "cute" picture of me sleeping. So now our Disney Fb album has a photo of me dreaming about getting beaten by children.
I went to a comm meeting under-dressed, like super under-dressed. It was over a hundred degrees, closer to 110f that day. The meet was at a historic location, a very very old building, so I planned for the worst and wore my "not-as-lolita-as-it-could-be-wont-die-from-heat" coord that I've worn before in other situations with that weather...

Then I get there and there's AC blasting in the building; it's nearly 75f inside. Everyone is in brand coords with long-sleeve blouses and complicated wings.
It made me feel so stupid; I have so many nice outfits ready to go, I could have looked much better, but I was more concerned with ending up looking like a hot mess then a potentially sweaty kawaii princess.
I laughed. Seriously though, wear lolita to Disney. I wore cutesy Jfashion and got a lot of compliments from the park staff and other attendees didn't even bother me so it was really nice. I mean they're used to seeing people in Disneybound and brides-to-be in giant Minnie ear veils and dresses so really it's not that odd.

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by MariahLeDerp
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THIS is a Sailor Pluto
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Aw that's cute, you think this is reddit.

So we all know the ideal Lifestyle Lolita traits: good manners, feminine hobbies, and a love of tea and sweets. But not everyone can be maidenly all the time. What's your trait or habit that's so antithetical to the idea of a Lifestyler that Misako would piss her petti if she were to find out? Do you really fucking hate that hot leaf water that people call tea? Discretely pick your nose and put your snot in inappropriate places? Share your most anti-Lifestyle traits.... your secrets are safe here!
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I literally never wear female underwear. I've been opposed to wearing it my entire life, even when I was around 8 or so I hated it. I don't know either, I just hate it unless it's lingerie.

I'll wear spanx shorts or men's boxers with bloomers or something instead but FUCK actual panties unless I'm about to have sex.
I'm never sure if liking petty drama is anti-lifestyle because it's not good manners, or if it's the epitome of being lolita since I've never met a lolita that isn't involved in some kind of drama.

I like drama, needless to say.
I pride myself on having a very put-together room thats pretty much in line with the lolita aesthetic. Lots of soft pastel colors, a floral quilt, vintage ceramic trinkets scattered about... I even have dresser knobs shaped like flowers!

But goddamn I am one of the most disorganized people I know. Whatever gene that makes people be capable of and enjoy cleaning completely skipped me. I don't know if my floor has ever been completely clear for more than a few days at a time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Which is a shame because I would love to share my bedroom on the room thread someday. Cross your fingers for me, gulls, that I'll become a functioning, clean adult one day.

I kind of want to cosplay Sucy from LWA and wanted to know how the hell i'm gonna walk with this because in the anime she seemingly just walks.
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She a cartoon...She walks like one.

What are you silly?
Nice bait but we have a general help thread for a reason
Take really small steps. I'm not familiar with the character, but maybe you can incorporate a slit up the back to knee height or so, to make it less hobbling.

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WHY /cgl/... JUST WHY
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Where is the new shuttle boarding location?
When did the Mako nendo sell out? Feels bad man.
This is our new AX thread then?
Previous >>9541514

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What are all these layers and stuff on here called? Is this all part of the skirt or is there a separate name for it?
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over skirt. peplum. flounce.
Thank you!

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