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Last thread. >>9563908

Share your feels, but keep them cgl-related.
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I really, really hate fat people. I had a fatty sell me loose wristcuffs. Imagine being so fat you wear out the elastic on WRIST CUFFS.
there is so much stuff i wanna do and not enough time, energy, or money to do it all!!! i guess for now i'll focus on my next trip to japan and planning local lolita meets but i'm really itching to get back into cosplay and con going before I turn ancient. my savings account is going to suffer
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>excited for full-time job, which would allow me to cosplay my ass off
>head to interview today
>plan to ace it, then celebrate with homemade soup and Netflix
>bomb interview
>"celebrate" instead with McDonald's and network TV

This is all I deserve.

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Old thread died a while back so let's get this back up

Main hotels sold out, AA is filled out, New guests announced on both sides, lots of new stuff

>Are you going to just one or both conventions?
>What are you planning on doing?
>What are you cosplaying as?
>Expectations for these events?
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what does magwest even do???
West coast magfest
I'm going to Crunchyroll expo as Matthew Perry from Bakumatsu on Saturday, and Leon from RF4 on Sunday. I'm specially excited about the Amano's gallery!

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Hey, /cgl/.

Got a question. I've been doing cosplay photography for a while now, and I was wondering if there would be a market for photographers selling prints at artist alley? 've seen cosplayers do it, but never shutterbugs.

Obviously, I'd get all the necessary permission from the cosplayers in question, and give all appropriate credit. I've got a really big portfolio, not just cosplay, but for a con I think the focus would be fan oriented stuff.

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Yeah no, that wouldn't work. Even cosplayers who sell their prints don't credit the photographers then go sell them. They have to pay the photographer for the sessions, sign a contract, and then they can go sell prints.

You'd have to do the same. You'd have to pay the cosplayers for modeling for you, get them to sign away monetary rights to their image, and then sell the prints but even then the market would be incredibly small for people wanting to buy random prints of random cosplayers.
What would be better is if it was a little studio stall where a cosplayer can get their photo taken professionally and printed for, I dunno, $15?
Obviously that would require a lot more space but I imagine it would be a lot more popular.

Unfortunately I've patented this idea so don't even think about stealing it.
Dude I see booths do this at every con, you're not the only person to ever do this.

Last thread was nuked. Incels please stay away this time. Please.

Thank you!
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>Buy a secondhand cosplay for the first time online
>Package arrives
>Everything looks awesome, everything fits me, just like the pictures

I was half-expecting to be ripped off, desu
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My character is thin and the con is coming soon and I'm still so fucking faaaaaaaat where da pills at

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Last week somebody here gave me the gentle push needed to do a Darkest Dungeon cosplay. As thanks, I'll now share my first, amateur, done-this-in-3-days-with-improvised-materials cosplay that I only wore for about an hour. I'm not even going to list how much I'll redo for the con in the fall, so consider these WIP I guess.

Also, looking for other DD cosplays, the characters in that game are all pretty cool.
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Who's going?
Are you going to be cosplaying?
You better!
Or you'll be punished!
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no I am not going
so please... PUNISH ME!
Whaaat I can't believe no one on 4chan from CA is going. Am I going to be the only autist there?
Didn't hear about it until now and I'm actually taking a trip to LA during that time, I might have to stop by. Is it a stand up event or sit-down? I'd bring my NQ serenity dress but I wouldn't want it to be stepped on in a crowd. I have a couple other versions of sailor moon and sailor neptune on hand otherwise.

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I am trying to put together Keith Shadis' outfit from Attack on Titan.
I was told I look like him and I have never cosplayed before so it seemed like a good place to start. I need a bit of help and advice though.
The grey dress shirt and white denim jeans are easy enough.
The boots I would like a bit of advice on. They appear to be standard issue boots for all the soldiers so there are a TON for sale.
If anyone knows of a specific pair that is well-made and not cheap looking I would be very grateful for a link.
The coat is the real challenge. I have searched and found NOTHING like it.
I could get the patches and sew them on easy enough I suppose but I still need the coat.
As I said I have never done cosplay and have NO experience clothes making or sewing but I can always try to make it myself if nothing can be found.
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After a bit of looking it seems the closest thing to what he is actually wearing is womens riding boots.
Finding those in a mens size 10 is going to be difficult.
Rolldown boots, like "swashbuckler" boots, might work as well but most of them are built already rolled and can't be unrolled.
Still nothing on the coat. I was thinking dying a labcoat might work but I don't know how/have the equipment to do that. It's a lot more work than just buying one or visiting a tailor as well.
Any help would be appreciated.
Alright I've found the boots, I still have nothing on this coat.
Haven't even found patterns, though I don't know how to sew so that wouldn't be helpful anyway.
I even tried looking at old military surplus but nothing similar came up.
Dude, just find a men's long tan trench coat on ebay.
Sew the patches on.

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Oldest one saging >9552961

Post the best of the worst. Criticism expected, baww'ing is optional
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i saw this shoot on weibo and loved it. not sure why you picked this for the ita thread...
Nayrt but it looks like she randomly threw on a jsk and left the house. Hurts my eyes
that looks good,
sure she is using a jsk
not lolita, but rocking it.

Have you ever been kicked out of a con/ seen someone else kicked out of one for their cosplay? If yes what was it?
Pic unrelated
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One time there was a woman at my local con in a "cosplay" that consisted of a g-string and nipple pasties. She was leaving damp patches on chairs and was asked to either leave the con or put on a bra and shorts. She did so, but whined about prudish oppression afterwards on the con's FB. Unfortunately, I can't find the posts.
Closest I've ever seen someone come has been all the people that literally just dress in historically-accurate Nazi uniforms and then claim they're from Hellsing or a member of Hydra or something when con staff ask them why they think it's okay to literally just be a Nazi at an anime convention.
>She was leaving damp patches on chairs
Girl needs to calm her clam.

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Old Thread >>9525360
The battle for honey cake continues, someone lucky bought the ivory one off merc for a little over $100.
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Hang in there, anon. I thought I would never get honey cake but I got my hands on it in the past year and the struggle made me appreciate it even more.
I'm only trying to get the special set release, hold me anons
My honey cake purse and dress are arriving in the mail on wednesday.
I just want my meta brick house switch jsk in brown now...

What do you keep in your bags for conventions gulls?
Lolitas also welcome to post what they keep in their purses
Post pics of your cute bags if you can!
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I just carry a program & map, a bunch of money, a pen, my camera, a bottle for water, and a granola bar or two. And of course the money is gradually replaced with con loot. I think that's it. No cute bag either, usually I just wear a small hiking backpack.
Source for the OP pic? It's cute!
If I don't have one of my big lolita bags I'll bring a backpack. And that's only if I didn't get a close up park.

Keys, 2 water bottles, cash, Bobby pins, safety pins, phone charger (phone will stay permanently in my hand), a cereal bar, makeup for touch ups, tissues, menstrual products, glasses (I can't wear contacts and my glasses match nothing so I only take them out when I need them), and whatever merch I buy.

I have a replica of that Baby clock bag that everyone and their sister has that I once shoved over $200 worth of anime merch and accessories into without returning to my car or room once.

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side eye.png
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Online lolita comm thread: ganguro is blackface edition
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reposting because I forgot to censor a name

How come we people don't get upset with male genderbent cosplay when its even lazier that male to female? The worst outfits at least make the character different by going super sexy. More than half the time the men keep the top the same but just add pants. The end results just look lazy
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because nobody cares about male cosplay except for fujoshi
We've been collectively desensitized/broken by Brohous.
i think the problem is that there's a tendency for male-to-female cosplays to be made unnecessarily sexy or seductive, whereas female-to-male cosplays tend to look thematically similar to the character but with short hair and pants, which is a lot less eye-rolly

I'm looking for a maid outfit of decent quality, preferably something like in the picture but I am open to similar styles/other colors. I don't really mind the price, was just curious if anyone had any recommendations.

I've tried looking through google but I get a ton of shady sites, which don't offer the quality I'm looking for.

Thanks /cgl/!
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i bought one off bodyline and i love it.
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Milky Ange

Bodyline is for sex costumes

Have you ever been bullied because of your love of cosplay and/or lolita?
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Yep, constantly by my gf's friend who's a total loser
>think obese, "mentally superior", 30yo neckbeard gamer who never goes outside.

Needless to say, I took it with a grain of salt and you should, too!
Don't let people shit on your happiness if you're not hurting anyone with it
Can some one please tell me what is wrong with a puffy vulva? its a meme or what?
You got me. Honestly half the insults in op are middle school tier hurtful.
Commit sudoku is hilarious and if someone said that to me to "bully me" id probably just laugh and feel like im having a good day.

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