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No bad handmade thread? Bad hand made/regretsy thread
This turd with gumballs in it can be yours for ¥1,000
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Comes in green too!
what is this supposed to be??
I can only read hiragana and katakana phonetically so I couldn't tell you, but here's the original Japanese title and description along with what google translate gave me for the brown one:
血染め師PAINの作品ブランド"HARD CANDY"





Regardless of the color of blood, it is also recommended for those who like clothing such as

V series and Harajuku system, which is a workmaker of PAIN 's breadmaker who works on the theme of "Painful pain, pain" .

Work name "Egg of frustration"
realized what I saw in my dream.
Negative emotions are
hatched one after another from objects that may be null-nulled .
Blood tears are flowing from the pain where negative is born.
I tried to break down the concept of the natural form of eggs.

I painted plenty of resin and
consolidated it, so the expression I've nulled is a traumatic one.
There are 9 centimeters with quite a big swing.

It is handmade and the blood of all works is not the same color, but the
color is different little by little.
There is no same form.
Please note.

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Any other CGLs that were there? Just asking how it was for you. I liked it but there were some moments. Like that closing show confused crying thing. That hurt a bit to watch. But all in all, what did you think?
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was boring
Mostly shitty cosplays and boring events. You could really feel all the usual good cosplayeres went to Närcon instead.
First danish con in ages and it was alright. I never go for the events, I just go to hang out with other nerds and in spite of the shitty weather I pretty much got what I came for.

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Because we can learn from the mistakes of others
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...is this a crossplay?

This has to be a man right?

There's a con coming up in my region known as Chico con (it's actually going to be at a place called the silver dollar fair ground)
Anyone going? Kinda curious to see how many people are willing to go to this small con in California
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Probably not. My experience with cons closer to the CenCal area are that they're usually hot, boring, and full of bootleg merchandise with scammy vendors. The people who attend around that part of California also don't socialize as much as those who go to bigger conventions, even SacAnime suffers from this.

Best save your money unless you like walking around in crowds, there's just not much else to do.
I went last year because I had a friend who lived close to there and she offered to let me stay for free. I was in the Artist Alley so I can't really comment on the quality of the rest of the con. All I remember was that it was very small and I made enough money to make the drive worth it. I had friends who decided to grab an airbnb instead and they ended up losing money.

Glad to see that they've moved at the very least? They were in some sort of like a community center thing last year with very low ceilings which sucked for artists with overhead displays.

The cosplay trends were really outdated there too. I saw like 4 different Inuyasha cosplayers? All my really old Steven Universe merch is what sold the most at this con. Generally, it felt like the attendees were like a couple years behind most of the other CA cons.
I might go since it's right down the hill from me, but I haven't really been to a "comic" con before so it will be a new thing for me.

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Discuss where to buy, where not to buy, recent purchases, and reviews.
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It's been quite a while since I last bought circle lenses (about a year) and all of mine have expired so I'm looking to buy new. Looking at all the websites now, it seems like the rules have completely changed with regards to shipping contacts into the US.

Is there any place I can just easily buy lenses without having to give a prescription?

The last time I also did DHL I got hit up with some really bad customs. (More than the lenses were worth) Is there any way to avoid that as well? Should I just do the slower global shipping, or does that have a customs charge in the US as well?
anyone know of good, big and bright green lenses? if it makes any difference, my eyes are already pretty much green, just more on the hazel side so they aren't as bright.

thank you!

pic related, who i'm trying to cosplay (not that outfit) but this was a good picture i could find showing Zelda's (now green, used to be canon blue) big eyes.
Basically use the slowest shipping possible because they don't get caught as much by customs like if you use FedEx or DHL. It takes forever but I have never gotten my lenses seized when using air mail.

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Previous: >>9563879

>Please read the FAQ
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)
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Everyone ready for signups for next year's cons?
ready for the same shitty tumblr artists with identical styles to take up spots that other, more skilled and diverse artists could use to actually breath life into the artist alley instead of making it a snooze fest of the same characters and fandoms

>'u mad/salty xDDDD???'
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>Yfw Dream Daddy out of fucking nowhere

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Old Thread >>9560787

Starting with anon's dump from the last thread since it was in autosage.
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Always meeting the constant dilemma that is to choose between cosplay or taking photos at conventions. Been wanting to bridge the two for the longest time.

Saw a lot of people doing the photographer from Pokemon series and Frank Wests, though want to consider other alternatives available.

Pic related was a pretty cool one I saw a while back, a working Polaroid cosplay with a DSLR and mobile printer connected to a Tablet
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This is becoming a bit of a dilemma for me too. I think a practical compromise would be iPhone 7 Plus. Or even a used Lumia 1020.
Just carry your camera with you and hand it off to a friend if someone wants a photo of your cosplay. It's not as big of a problem as you're making it out to be in your head
>wore 9S cosplay
>come with camera
>felt like I was dying because it was over 80 degrees
>wig gets in the eyes
Everything just felt hard to move in. And then the occasional "can I take a picture of you" while I'm holding my camera and bag and etc. I'm not going to do both ever again.

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Post jfash pics that make you nostalgic,inspired you,made you discover the fashion,...
Those pics on the harajuku bridge from circa 2006 make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
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circa 2011-2012 (??) shelby cloud i love it.
I miss this kind of lolita which is very street and focused on the outfits and just chilling with friends, vs the current "i am an actual princess, and shall be treated as such" lolita that tries to be OTT just for cons/teaparties/cof likes, and not something you'd see some crazy young people rock on the street.

I know there are some of us that are still like that though. There are literally dozens....

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New larp thread, 'cause autosage, etc.

pics, stories, help, whatever

Previous thread:

Also don't forget, Drachenfest Soon.
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sadly, the photos I have right now from this weekends game is mostly made whit a potato, better ones will come next week, although probably not that much. We still have problems on the photographer front.

Anyway the game was the final event of the Chronicles of Demgard and I'm safe to say it was one of the best games in hungary, usually with a lot of really good costumes.

Fortunately while this game series ended the organizer will make a new, different one in the future.
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Old one is auto-saging.

Post all your makeup-related needs here.
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Are there any Korean or Japanese make up brands that are cruelty free and available to buy in the United States?
What are everyone's thoughts on the constant, out-of-season releases big makeup brands seem to be doing? This Too Faced palette is considered part of their Fall collection but was released before Summer even started.

I personally don't get why they bother with the seasons anymore and should just announce them as their bimonthly release.
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Anyone know a good black liquid eyeliner that flakes off (kinda like latex) instead of smudging, and can be shipped to Australia? Kinda like the Velvet eyeliner I got from Daiso, but without the glitter.

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why are buff asian cosplayers so rare?
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because buff asians are rare

Because buff asains usually aren't huge nerds that cosplay. Most seem to be super normie, for lack of a better term.
if they're like me they don't eat fucktons of food in order to get those gainz
i'm a skinny fat bastard who can still somehow lift a few plates

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It doesn't necessarily have to be about lolita fashion itself, it can be a gothic novel, art from a fairytale, a beautiful film, brand collab related etc...
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The Secret Garden
Everyone knows that Nabokov's Lolita is the only book that matters
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I've always wondered why Juliette et Justine did Shigeru Mizuki prints

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Looks like the old one autosaged.

Come here to dump tutorials, ask questions, and share your (good or bad) hair experiences.

Are you trying to grow your hair longer currently? What is your goal length? Do you have a routine?
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should i get a medium length wig plus a hair extension or just one long wig?

im an inexperienced guy but i have the impression long wigs will not have the bangs and somewhat fuzzy frontal/side hair that i need (ie itll look like a womans ponytail where everything is flat and pushed back)

dont have much time left.

post your favourite shots from photoshoots or just interesting lolita photos!
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