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Desing patron.png
1MB, 1972x1724px
Hi Anon!, can you please help me?, Can you please tell me about some software to make desing patrons?, this software is cheap?, Which one is the best?,

I want to make something like the PIC.

Thaks Anon
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Sketchup is pretty good if you just want free CAD software.

I know there's dedicated pattern design software but I don't know which ones are good.
Hey, good question!
Learn 2 4chan, pls.

If you just want cheap software for drawing patterns, I agree with other anon's recommendation of Sketchup. Inkscape is also easy to use and free. There's also premium software like Optitex but if you're not planning to sell patterns it's not worth the $$$$

If you're asking if there's software out there that can automatically generate that dress pattern for you, you're out of luck. Just search "princess seam pleated dress pattern" and see what's for sale or available for free on the internet.

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What did you think about Närcon?
What did you think about NCC?
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Did better than most years actually. And the NCC felt good. However my concern is that it felt like only a few participants had much time to prepare compared to others. The shows and feel felt differently gauged. Congrats to the two Danish people that won. But they've had since October to prepare. And not sure if Norwegians had that much time at all? Everyone was mad sick on stage though. It just felt like a slight difference.

Loved the opening show for narcon and the NCC was amazing. The hosts tried but the guy seemed unprepared? Thank GOD the weather held. Still waiting for that first NCC where it rains to see what happens.

All in all they redeemed themselves! Things I'm missing now that the convention is stable is pretty much more proper content and maybe fixing that most of th or panelists or guests on the low tier sections pay for themselves. I mean. They have the money to support their own commubity a bit more.
I know all norwegian participants were selected before the end of 2016, because the last one was selected at Banzaicon. I believe all three Danish participants were selected before the end of 2016 as well. Don't know about Finlands, but the Swedish contestants were all selected at the swedish championship in Mars so they have a much shorter time to prepare for NCC than the rest of the countries
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Had tons of fun and won Best Craftsmanship in the Intermediate competition. All in all, a really good year. :)

Did I meet any of you? Pic related; it's me

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Old one is saging. Post your itas, keep bickering to a minimum.

Starting off with poor fucking Squrriel Party yet again. I see this dress being sold for such upped prices, yet it's still somehow an ita staple.
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I feel bad for this dress because it's actually a cute pring, and can be coorded nicely... I think it became an ita staple because its the best and closest thing Bodyline has to those older coveted sweet AP prints. Sad, because I have it but every time I wear it I feel like I look like a noob.
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I mean honestly no wonder lots of people think Bodyline is immediately ita. BL just attracts them like flies.
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This is that dress from to alice right

See, I agree. The print is super cute and I want it because I'm collecting squirrel prints as my next goal, but I'm scared of looking ita. Not sure, but I think I'll take the plunge and just take time to do a really nice coord.

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Last thread. >>9573642

Share your cgl-related feels, and don't devolve into petty slap fights.
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>been cosplaying with little sister every year since 2008
>mfw she's getting married and moving away

I need a new cos-sidekick.
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Welp. It now seems as if my comm is holding their monthly meetups on a weekday every time, so I can't go to any of them. I assume this day was decided based on the frequent attendees' schedules, so I won't bother fighting it; I haven't gone in a while and I don't want to be that one person that expects the comm to bend to their every request despite inactivity. Guess it's time to bow out and finally become the lone lolita I was probably always meant to be.

I can have fun by myself, r-right guys?!
I feel you anon, ever since I started working my current job I can never make any meets and I feel so disconnected from my community. It also kinda showed me who I was friends with and who I was "lolita friends" with.

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Anyone else having a good time?

What's in good walking distance in New Orleans for a photoshoot?
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I didn't think anybody else from here would be at Mechacon honestly. It's a lot of fun this year, but goddamn is this new hotel a maze.
If anyone's here, what're y'all doing today?
If anyone want a 3day pass? I can't make it to the con
InRobWeTrust #2784

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>tfw you're the only gull who's excited about the new AP halloween print
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doubt it. Never trust opinions on cgl, people will say upcoming releases are ugly and they will end up sold out, and some people will say are amazing but they wont be very popular. Cgl is just a loud and dumb minority.
It's ok but I'm even more excited about that purse. Yes please feed my purse addiction.

How are you Scandinavian gulls doing?
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Half of the panels at Närcon seem to be "I'm so oppressed because x" and it's so ugh
Good thing that I don't prioritize panels
Hey. Dunno what to say, am here.

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If you could make a wish and have con pop up anywhere you want focused on whatever you want, what would you do?

>Pic related: Katsucon South
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Casa Bonita.
Anime Expo South. I feel like A-Kon's been mediocre for a few years and really needs someone to push them off their high horse, you know?

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Old one (>>9553019) is autosaging.

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet:

Last notable event is Hoshi Teruko starting yet another new idol group, "Trickery" under yet another new name, Saya Akahoshi.
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Commence mini dump of drama from Net Idol Confessions.
File: IMG_1319.jpg (199KB, 640x912px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: IMG_1320.jpg (193KB, 640x916px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> cosplay related ONLY
> upcoming and past Australian cons
> keep your personal vendettas off this thread
> photo dumps welcomed
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Less than a month until Smash. What to expect this year?
I am excited to see how the Championships ends up.
Avcon is this weekend? Expectations?

Lolita and cosplay both welcome!

I'll start with mine
>I don't get all this nostalgia for pastel OTT sweet. It wasn't too long ago (like 3-4 years) when this style was at its peak, so I find it ridiculous.
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>I love the more dark and mature looking larme kei but despise the nymph looking one and I think it really damages jfashion.
>Gothic lolita will always be the only one and true lolita for me.
>I hate conlitas and meetlitas and how every single one of them seem to aim to look the most ott.
>I don't care if lolitas smoke or drink even while wearing lolita if they do it with class. If they age faster that's their problem, but it's their wardrove and it's their lives and I rather have a smoking daily lolita than a meet/conlita. I don't smoke or drink though.
>I preffer someone who wears lolita daily even if their wardrove has some taobao than a big brand wardrove and not wearing their pieces at all.
>I don't respect people who only wear bodyline.
>I really don't care about the resale value of dresses and I like selling them for cheaper than they should be. I don't treat my fashion as an investment, I rather even give away nice dresses to newbies who deserve them than selling them to people.
I still think some westerners look weird in sweet lolita.
If you are fat you shouldn't wear Lolita.

If you are fat you need to disclaim that fact on all your sales so you don't sell your stretched out brand to people who are much smaller than you.

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Last thread saged.

Kitacon is in one month, who's ready?

What do you think of our chances at WCS?
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Who's competing?
Does anyone know what got Spooner kicked out of Hyper Japan, just seen his angry facebook video about him getting ejected for "one picture."
Came here to ask the same thing

File: cosplay suggestion.png (163KB, 2189x974px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cosplay suggestion.png
163KB, 2189x974px
Haven't seen one of these for a while. Remember to make at least four suggestions when you post.
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>Makes the thread.
>Doesn't post in it.

C'mon OP.
Yeah, it's weird going first because you don't feel like you're contributing as much.
I want to cosplay with my horse but please don't suggest Link to me because I've done several versions already.
File: 1486948600751.png (4MB, 3190x1454px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 3190x1454px
>I want to cosplay with my horse
Is that a thing? I didn't know that was a thing.

If we're talkin' cosplay and we're talkin' horses, look no further than Steel Ball Run. You may not be a JJBA fan but your bottom right picture makes me think you'd be a pretty great Johnny Joestar. It may be something that's worth looking into.

Can we get a thread discussing wearing lolita to college? There's one on here from ages ago, and I need some sort of inspo since I'm thinking on wearing lolita to my university at least once a month next fall semester.

>What kind of university do you go to?
>What are you currently majoring in?
>Do you wear lolita to lectures/classes?
>Do you have any experiences while wearing lolita to university, like reactions or comments?
>What kind of stuff do you wear to a lecture? (Casual lolita, JSKs, Skirts, offbrand stuff, etc.)
>Are there any other lolitas in your university?
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>What kind of university do you go to?
Liberal arts

>What are you currently majoring in?
Double majoring in computer science and mathematics

>Do you wear lolita to lectures/classes?

>Do you have any experiences while wearing lolita to university, like reactions or comments?
I normally get very positive feedback. Random people call me pretty.
Occasionally I get asked if I'm in a play or what the occasion is. Once got asked if I was cosplaying and where my cat ears were. He apologized after class however because he saw he upset me.
>What kind of stuff do you wear to a lecture? (Casual lolita, JSKs, Skirts, offbrand stuff, etc.)
I usually go from casual to regular lolita. I never wear ott to class. No bonnets, only headbows or hats. Usually only one petticoat too.
>Are there any other lolitas in your university?
Not that I know of sadly. I wouldn't mind having a lolita friend here.
>medium public school in US
>Engineering but I may switch
>nothing crazy. People are nice usually. The younger kids think it is cosplay, the children think I'm a princess so I make a point to walk past the campus childcare location when I'm dressed up.
>I'm pretty lazy day to day. Shorts and tee or exercise clothes. I would love to wear Lolita to class but I can't pluck up the courage.
>I've only met two Lolitas in my time here. One was really cute and wore a different coord every day, mostly AP. I was too shy to say much and I think she moved. The other time I saw a Chinese exchange student wearing some sort of JSK, definitely a toned down lolita/otome thing. I said I liked her dress and autismo me couldn't interpret her facial expression well. It was either "ah that's nice whatever" or "huh? Wasn't excpecting to hear a compliment". Then she nodded and went on. Never saw her again, but that one was recent.

I think part of the problem is I like bold prints which don't suit my life as well as something more toned down. I've been saving money to splurge on a nanchatte / class lolita wardrobe though.
>What kind of university do you go to?
Large engineering/STEM university where I'm one of the tiny liberal arts minority
>What are you currently majoring in?
International relations
>Do you wear lolita to lectures/classes?
Ouji quite often in the fall/winter because nice jackets and coats and it's more low key, and I'll wear lolita pieces but never fully styled or with petti
>Do you have any experiences while wearing lolita to university, like reactions or comments?
A ton of people recognize the fashion, especially since we have a lot of Asian girls in our student body. Never heard anything negative in general, most people don't have any fucks to give and we're in the city to people are pretty desensitized. Some professors think it's cool, only a couple I could feel judging.
>What kind of stuff do you wear to a lecture? (Casual lolita, JSKs, Skirts, offbrand stuff, etc.)
Gothic ouji when I do wear it, normally mixed with a lot of offbrand.
>Are there any other lolitas in your university?
I've spotted some girls wearing brand around campus, but they never wear it with full coord/petti/accessories, similarly to me.

Old Thread >>9512244
Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips/Guide:
315 posts and 104 images submitted.
File: IMG_1152.jpg (552KB, 500x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Snow Bunny headband in pink. (Scalp me for this if you want, I just need it. The usps ate the package mine was in and I'm desperate. Please.)

Less urgent WTB:
Sweet cream house tights in pink.
Cream Cookie Collection tights in pink.
Baked Sweets Parade tights in pink or ivory.

Cherry Cheezy menhera socks in size s/m. The socks are $19 + shipping a pair.

Cherry Cheezy Shibari tights in s/m. $25 + shipping.

AP Royal Chocolate skirt in Mocha size M- Bidding is currently at $64 and BIN is $85 + shipping.

AP Glass Doll OP in Blue- $175 bidding $200 BIN + shipping. Sort of on the fence about selling this one at this point so I may not list this again after this listing ends.
I'll buy that replica from you if you're willing to drop the price? I'm trying to gather replicas for a lolita panel but morally I can't buy them new. Please lmk, I dropped my throwaway for you!

If anyone else has any shitty replicas, I'd love to have them! The worse the better
Royal Chocolate skirt has sold.

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