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Last one is in autosage.

I'm going to be making a trip over there in July myself as was wondering if there are any good nail salons that gulls could recommend as well as any nice day spas. Price doesn't matter.

>have you been to japan?
>if not where would you want to go?
>general tips?
>where was your favorite spot to visit?
>are the girls at the shops in shibuya109 really that big of bitches to baka gaijin?
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For anyone in the GTA looking to travel to Japan and HK, there's currently a deal for about $621 CAD roundtrip for September and October

Go to tru nail, there are various salons around Tokyo. You can pretty much bring them any picture of a design you want and they'll do it for you - however they are really popular so you'll have to book your appointment either before you leave or right at the beginning of your trip.

>general tips?
- If you plan on making two or more trips by shinkansen, get the JR pass for a week and plan your long distance trips then (it pays itself off just going from tokyo to osaka return, also many lines within osaka and kyoto are JR lines)
- Try to find accomodation near a station on the JR yamanote line, makes life easy getting to all the hot spots such as ikebukuro, shinjuku, shibuya, harajuku and akiba are all on this line.
- Be anal about planning and research, honestly its a really big disappointment when you wanted to do something and then found out you didn't have enough time/got the opening wrong hours/cant get there. Map out your exact routes and where everything is for where you are going *before* you're there, even if you have wifi. Makes things go much much smoother.
- July is summer sale season. If you can plan your trip to be there in the last weekend of July for the la foret grand bazaar sale! It's absolute mayhem but there are so many good deals, and often brands will release lolita special sets in this time.

>where was your favorite spot to visit?
Disneyland and Disneysea were definitely the best, but some other highlights: deer park in Nara, dotonbori river in Osaka, La foret Harajuku, yokohama

>are the girls at the shops in shibuya109 really that big of bitches to baka gaijin?
They were quite cold compared to what I had become accustomed to in Japan, but that could be to do with the fact that I wasn't dressed up or looking particularly nice (too hot to bother) plus it was during the summer sales - they're very busy and probably deal with a lot of shit. Only remember one experience with a shop girl being more than unenthusiastic to serve me.
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Someone was talking about being vegan in the last thread, apparently Gaijinpot released a manual on that and it's pretty cheap, might be worth it.

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Ask elsewhere, this thread is just going to attract bait and trolls. With all these types of threads, most of the people that genuinely don't care won't even open the thread, so it devolves into arguing between two extremes.
I personally don't have an issue. The only thing that gets me is when people wear things that obviously are too small for them, just because no matter what your size it ends up looking horrible.
Ill-fitting clothes are the worst thing a human can do to themselves, as far as fashion goes

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/cgl/; Trying a new, and somewhat ambitious project. Wanting to do a Gundam cosplay, doing pic related.

I've done armor cosplays in the past using papercraft as the base, but never this extensive. Thought of trying Pepakura, but can't find a 3d model of the Hyaku Shiki to scan into it.

Any suggestions on where to start?
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If you can find a model, take those pieces, scale them up to draw onto foam pieces and play around with that for a base
I've got the model actually. So I should use foamcore to create a base form to work off of then?

By the way, I intend to eventually utilize fiberglass and resin to form the pieces
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Check out 'Clive Lee's Gundam/Mecha tutorial' It's a step-by-step process. You don't necessarly have to follow it, but it does give sweet results.

I'm currently starting on Nethergundam and did Nobell Gundam in the past.

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Is anyone planning to do a Griffith cosplay during the eclipse?
Pretty rare opportunity
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I cosplay Guts but all the Griffith cosplayers I know will be at work at that time. I really hope someone does it, though.
Man I hope so, that'd be really neat to see
Fuck, I have a Griffith wig styled but no finished cosplay. Should I throw something together tonight to take advantage of the opportunity?

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Last thread. >>9596903

Time to share some cgl feels. Stay on-topic and don't fight!
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Staying on topic and not fighting on CGL?
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>go to animu shop with normie friends
>gush about how cute Kanna is
>friend (who's very traditional) says "If you weren't so against settling down, you could make your own Kanna to raise."
If I was drinking something, I literally would have spit it out laughing.

>friend wants to be Boots for Halloween
>he's like fucking 6'4"
>looks like what /fit/ actually aspires to be
>asks me if I can make it for him.
>realize he's talking about a one piece shirt pant combo
>stand there staring at him, trying to imagine how big a sheet of fabric I would need to make two halves to sew together
>mfw I'm moving in six weeks
>mfw two of those weeks I'll be 3,000 miles away finalizing my house buy
>mfw I'm doing my pack out after
>mfw he knows all this

Just....just buy it dude.....

Previous thread >>9598775
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Is Closet Child down for everyone or just me? I can't get the website to load.
Just you.
But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... I wanted to check if the Sugary Carnival skirt was still on...

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Where does /cgl/ buy their cosplays from?
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I recently skimmed through cosplay sites and found trustedeals but eh, I was hoping to find more. Thank you anon.
don't listen to anyone suggesting there
milanoo is a meme on cgl

you're likely not going to get many honest responses because most of cgl makes their cosplays

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What's the worst/weirdest thing you've ever been compared to or called while wearing lolita? Post pics. Let's go beyond basic bitch Bo Peep references and into bizarro territory.
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Last time I went to an art gallery a woman asked me if my outfit was inspired by Grayson Perry.
There was another anon who was also compared to this guy, is this a common occurrence for UK lolitas? Jesus.
That might have been me but it's happened to one of my friends before as well. I'd understand if they had a Grayson Perry exhibit on or something but it was all fine art.

I can kind of see it for OTT desu but I wasn't even wearing sweet.

Anything I should know about cosplaying as the Producer from CG? Any word of advice is appreciated
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First off, I'm glad that you like [email protected], since LL seems more popular with the cosplay scene. However, unless you have a group, no one will recognize you. The "P"-head producer may fare better though
I see, so is there a way I can stand out from just a guy wearing a suit at a con. What about the business card that he uses? Any advice on how to make one?
Your best bet is to embrace it, and keep a number of small accessories on hand to maximize your range.

That is to say, have MIB sunglasses and the mind erasing pen. Have an earpiece and act like secret service. Have a headset and microphone and look like a tv reporter.

Do this and you can pair with many different costumes- and then you can have the cards for when you see your idols.

Dates are August 24th through the 27th at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.

Anyone going? What are your plans? Are you cosplaying? If so, what are you cosplaying as?
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>on fence about going
>those badge prices jfc
>get funds
>have to rush order cosplays
I plan on treating this like every other con I go to, ignore panels and just browse the dealer's hall/walk around the area all day and socialize. Pic related for cosplays. But like I said, super last minute so if neither fit, I'll be stuck re-wearing Rarity from MLP for the tenth time. Would only need a trip to the thrift for some nice, white clothing and Arda's physical store for a wig.

I know 2B's dress isn't going to be the right length and I wont even have her sword, but if I'm not bursting at the seams, I'll be happy.
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Gene Simmons is going to be there! \m/"^_^"\m/
C'mon, I know other gulls are going. Where are you at?

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Previous thread: >>9587735

>Please read the FAQ
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)

We have a discord channel!
Email [email protected] with a link to an art site with images of your merch or a picture of your booth for verification to make sure you do cons. (non jury)
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Anyone know what happened with geekgirlcon?
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Even though I didn't get into Liberty City Anime Con this year, they still sent me an AA placement map. It seems like splitting AA into two separate rooms is the new thing.
Isn't that con pretty shitty? I heard it was dead last year so I didn't bother applying.

Where do I even begin to learn how to make cosplays? I'm tired of buying cosplays from shitty Chinese websites.

Is there a good place to learn from the ground up? I need to learn everything from makeup to prop-making.

Pic related is my first cosplay from when I was 20.
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Take a sewing class. Watch/read tutorials.
Get plastic surgery to be attractive and your cheap cosplays will look good all of a sudden.
depends what it is you're making. Tutorials for basically anything are easy as piss to find these days, just google it

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where is a good, reliable place to order yukata & accessories? not for cosplay or milanoo crap, just looking for a nice summer yukata as I want to practice wearing them. I'm about the same build as a Japanese young woman so please looking for something authentic. ty!
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Rakuten has some cute ones
There's a seller I follow called Ohio Kimono; the woman who runs it is really passionate about authenticity and seems to have fair prices. She sells at conventions but also has a website, so I think you might be able to buy yukata from her site or her Facebook postings.
She has good merch but legit be careful of her because she can be a flaming bitch if you criticize anything about her practices. I saw her blow up at someone who didn't find anything they liked and wanted better quality.

>What do you think is a very modern way to wear lolita?
>Have you noticed anything new or unusual in magazines lately?
>What trends would you like to see more or less of in the future?
>Do you think there will a new substyle?
>Which brands will become more popular and which ones might die?

Feel free to share predictions about something I haven't asked, unusual/creative coords, scans of new releases... Anything related to lolita trends really.
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I always find it odd to see someone without bangs wear a headdress or bonnet but I do love it and would like it to become more common
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pop lolita.jpg
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I noticed very modern prints like the Cat café one. Not sure if I like it since I got into lolita because of my interest in historical clothing.
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I also noticed fishnet tights making a comeback, and faux fur shoes, though I haven't seen many Western lolitas with it

So I know this isn't really a /cgl/ con, but /tg/ hates gencon for some reason and /cgl/ is still the cons thread. Any seagulls going to gencon this year?
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yup! No cosplay, but love the con!

..why does /tg/ hate GenCon?
Too expensive, I went once on family day or whatever the cheap one was but it was fairly dead and lame
This is my first year not going in 5 years. The cosplay scene isn't crazy awesome but you will never see a whole city open up to a con the way Indy does for gencon.

Someone eat some goblin ears at scottys for me please

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