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Old thread is about to hit the bump limit. What do you have coming in the mail gulls?
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Two cute blouses, a ponytail clip-on, and a pink bag with a clear front panel. Also debating buying some dresses and skirts, but I'm trying to not give my wallet a reason to strangle me in the night and run away.
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Now have these coming. Found out about the blue bootleg and just had to get it, along with the red bootleg.
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I have three. A laptop bag, the DX Botw Link, and a 20 pc. Blind bag of resin molds. The molds and bag should be here tomorrow, the Link is coming from Japan so who knows when it'll be here.

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Old thread autosaging >>9554741
Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips/Guide:
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WTB: red cardigan with white polka dots
Doesn't have to be pic related, doesn't even have to be brand, just look the part
I'm in Edwardsville, Illinois
>AP's Cotton Candy Shop LP in any color but Lavender and Black
>AP's Fancy Paper Dolls pink JSK
>AP's Melody Toys in either Sax or Mint
>BTSSB Stardust Fantasia JSK II in Pink
>AP's Milk-Chan the Fawn Ribbon JSK in White
>AP's Toy Parade JSK in any color but Black
>Kumya-chan's Love Love Valentine JSK version II in any colorway but Black

I'm in Los Angeles California, please show me provide pics of the condition your dress is in when emailing me, full disclosure of how much/little the dress has been damaged is required!
Oh yes, while not dresses an accessory to add to the list:

>Any of those AP Pony bags, NO TAOBAO REPLICAS ALLOWED!!

I need some help finding some cute ways to tie up my hair that doesn't cause breakage. I feel like whenever I use normal accessories like hair ties or bobby pins, I can hear my hair snapping when I take them out. Any suggestions?
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or do you guys just exclusively wear wigs
Good Morning Australia. Maybe log off for a bit and come back tonight for the majority of posters.

There's hair acessories that don't damage, but it depend's on what hair styles you do. What styles do you like to wear the most?
I've pretty much use scrunchies exclusively if I can help it.

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Hoping this is /cgl/ related because it's a Japanese crane game app where you can get anime & game merch, plushies, and Japanese household items.

Any other players or former Toreba addicts?
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>Web browser version: http://www.toreba.net/play
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spent 30 dollars to get a figurine. didn't get it. the next person got it on their first try
I spent like $50 trying to get a love live nesoberi plush and I saw someone else get one in one go. I blocked it on my browser after that.

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With all the shape shifting and transformation that comes with cosplay how do you stay in sync with who you are inside? Does being an artist affect how you see yourself? Personally, cosplay has kinda made me feel faceless.. like a blank canvas.. and I've lost a grip on who I am outside of cosplay.. does this mean cosplay is my identity? anyone else feel the same?
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Sounds like you have a real problem because wearing a costume should not be doing anything to your identity.
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Sketch (1).png
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ur art is cute don't waste it blogposting on cgl

A thread to share craft/cosplay space tips, inspiration, etc.

Post your crafting space or one you find inspiring, share some things that made your crafting easier, etc.

Some questions:
>Do you have a designated area for your crafting/cosplaying, or do you borrow the dinner table/floor/kitchen counter?
>Do you have a studio or makerspace? Would you want one?
>How do you store your materials? What about finished items or tools? Is everything in one place or parsed out? What about big/fragile items like heavily styled wigs?
>Do you keep any of your materials/finished items on display?
>What are your crafting space goals? What do you need to work on?
>Favourite item/life hack to keep your crafting stuff organized?
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I use a large desk in my room for sewing & cutting out patters. Been meaning to buy one of those cheap tables to put outside for sanding
I want to move out into a 2 bedroom place just so I can have an office like this.

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Going to a con alone soon, what do you guys do when alone at cons?

I was just going to walk around, take pics of some cosplayers and go to a bunch of panels because I usually don't get to go to many panels. but kinda boring to just do that.
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>I was just going to walk around, take pics of some cosplayers

That and I hang out in the dealer's room and artist alley. Granted I do that even when I'm not alone either.
last con i went to alone i spent a ton of time walking around the con space, eating as many snacks as i wanted, sitting in the gaming room.it's nice to take the con in at your own pace
>tfw might have to go to a con alone as well

I don't know, anon. Put up a false bravado and enjoy yourself. Go to the arcade and dealer's room. Knock yourself out.

Lolita and other j-fash enthusiasts, what are your thoughts on modifying brand?

Some questions to start off:

>Have you modified your brand? What were the modifications? Were you happy with the result?
>Have you had your brand modified by a professional? Who did the alterations? What did the finished product look like?
>As a buyer, would you buy something with minor modifications (ie removing bows, moving buttons, etc)? Would you buy something with major modifications?
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On the same subject, what are the most common fit issues you have? Have you solved them with alterations?

Pic somewhat related, turns out a lot of people don't know how to sew a button.
I modified a dress when I was a fat and then lost 40 pounds and the dress is ruined. YMMV but to me it's not worth it, you're not going to be the same size or weight forever.
I've altered a few old tiny cheap meta skirts. It was worth it, i unpicked the waistband, added a couple inches from the waist ties, regathered the skirt, and sewed it back on. I turned the waist ties into a head bow. Definitely worth it.

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Last one hit image limit >>9603916

Post Halloween inspired coordinates from any fashion
>fairy kei
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I'm bitter that Halloween merchandise in Japan is so much cuter than in America

Previous thread: >>9603014
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>tfw you REALLY like the new AP print but the cuts are so ugly
Goddamn, and I don't even wear or like sweet but the print is right up my alley. Stop making ugly bodices and sack dresses AP!!
>tfw i am my boyfriend's qt lolita gf
its a good feel anons

>tfw bf doesn't appreciate he has a qt lolita gf

He's not a weeb so it's understandable but still.

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