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Hey seagulls. I'm looking for all those posts and reports from Dashcon. I was here for the original mess but that was two computers ago, and I have a need for the information again. Con disaster general too, I guess
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This might help for now

I just watched that one, actually. Informative, but doesn't extend past the con, when I followed that info well into 2015

this is all you need

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What are some things that just grind your gears when it comes to cosplay?

>unstyled wigs
>little to no makeup effort ("I don't need makeup, my skin's already flawless!")
>also, circle lenses but no makeup.
>people who praise arda and lacefronts wigs as being godtier and the best option no matter what character you're doing
>no attempt with shoes whatsoever. not even getting shoes that match or would at least be cohesive with the costume and wearing sneakers or something ridiculous and unfitting
>color choices in fabrics, wig, makeup, any part of a costume really that are just completely off and makes you wonder if the person who purposely chose so is colorblind
>ungroomed brows (imo, even with bushy eyebrowed characters, you're better off removing excess hair and just filling in what's needed)
>black hair ties on characters without black hair, unless it's accurate to source material
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people who don't press their seams

you put all that effort into sewing it, just... spend five more minutes and turn the damned iron on
>character obviously has a poofy lolitaesque siluette
>cosplay looks flat and limp

the lolita and cosplayer in me is fucking triggered

bonus points if the cosplay would have been otherwise perfect

agatha LOZ and makenzie TD cosplayers I'm looking at you
LMFAO! OP, your meme speaks to my soul. God I hate when people don't style their wigs!

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there's tons of feels threads and no creep threads. tell your creepy con stories, cosplay incidents, lolita scares, or even travelling stuff. i want more creeper stories and spooky experiences
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Stories* amazing i fucked up the title
It wasn't actually a creeper, so much as it was super eerie and somewhat unsettling, but I stayed at the Saint Claire at Fanime a few years ago and the person in the room next to ours played clarinet scales for hours at a time all day with strange breaks in between. At first we didn't notice, but it started out very very low and slowly got higher one scale at a time.

Getting out of the shower in a supposedly haunted historical hotel and hearing soft, muffled, ominous clarinet music through the walls is TERRIFYING, just in case you were wondering.
that's actually really unsettling, how did you or no one else complain to staff? assuming he was doing it in the middle of the night too?

Not long now gulls!

>Who's still worried about what to wear?
>Who do you think the extra special guest will be?
>Who's ready to get completely wrecked at the after party?
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How many people go to the after party? I only ever see a few select few who actually go.
I'd say probably most of the people who go to the Sunday tea party go to the afterparty from my experience
Lord help me, I am not ready.

The other night I had a dream that Novala was the special guest but all he did was sit around smoking weed and writing poetry he refused to show anyone, then Kokusyoku Sumire performed a live but there were only like 7 people in the room for the performance (probably inspired by when barely anyone turned up to Omnia Vanitas in VM).

My real guess for the guest is another AP model, I don't think they'd announce another brand (even a small one) on the day of the event because it gives people no chance to incorporate that designer's pieces into their coords.

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Anyone going to Boston comic con?
Anyone who has been there, what was your experience? I'm going on Saturday, haven't been to many cons.
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I'll be there all three days. It's a pretty chill con. Who are you cosplaying as?

I'll be there all 3 days as Kizuna Ai and Saki Asamiya! Mainly stuck behind a booth though.
Never been, I've been thinking about buying a ticket for the hell of it though.

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please include:

>stories, good or bad
>pics of lolitas in public
>pics of plebs taking pics/ making fun of lolitas
>things people typically say to you
>your reactions to things people have done to you

i mainly just want to hear some stories though, but everything else is totally welcome!
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>on train with a group of other lolitas on the way to a big OTT meet
>most girls are in OTT sweet, princessy attire with big wigs and lots of pastels
>little girl in her pram is quietly losing her mind, can't be more than three
>one of the girls starts chatting with her, the little girl turns crazy shy
>girl's mother noticed her daughter's excitement and asks for a photo with the princesses
>little girl resumes quietly losing her three year old mind
>hurried snapshot in front of carriage exit before we have to pile out, but the little girl in the pram looked like she'd seen heaven that day
Seen this photo before but never noticed that dude on the right is actually kinda hot.
Wow you have really low standards

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Old thread >>9479795

>Keep it /cgl/ related.
>All J-fash styles (lolita, mori, otome, gyaru, deco, etc.) are welcome!
>Please provide your best photos.
>Artists: it's not a bad idea to just sign your work.
>Selfposters: When giving credit, it's a good idea to refer to the art as a freebie, NOT fanart.
>Artists and Selfposters: Commissions for money are welcomed, but negotiate the terms in private.
>Helpful critique is acceptable, insults and taunts are not.
>Have fun!
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I need practice! Let me draw you~
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Sorry about the weird face I'm making in this, I have sensitive eyes and it was bright outside that day, but I'd really appreciate a drawing :)
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Here's better pic of my face and necklaces

What, no Overwatch in the catalog? Time to start a new thread.
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Before there was a concept of "ita", before the rules were fully fleshed out, before AP produced famous prints, and before old-school even had clear guidelines, there was whatever this fashion was born as. I don't know what. But it was something.

ITT/Conversation starters:
• Post /very/ early "lolita" coords and street shots. (Try 80s,90s, early 00s. The more ridiculous the better.)
•Post old burando
•Does a fashion inherently have to form strict rules to become successful, like lolita did?
•Do you like old old-school? Or is it definitely a product of its time?
•If you're an oldfag, what year did you first see/hear about lolita?
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OP is Emily Temple Cute.
>Does a fashion inherently have to form strict rules to become successful, like lolita did?
It doesn't. I think the brands made rules surrounding lolita and a lot of girls took it and ran with them. I see a lot of people touting what is and isn't lolita as a sign of superiority. The ones loudest about this are often relatively new to lolita as well, scolding older lolitas or ones that haven't grasped the concept of the fashion yet. (Think tumblrettes that that threw on some Bodyline with no petti)
>Do you like old old-school? Or is it definitely a product of its time?
Both. I think I can both love old-school and see it for what it is. I don't think it'll ever go back to old school unless a certain gen of lolitas gets exhausted on prints and OTT. I feel like CoF/Chinese lolitas are taking the fashion very far away from old school at the moment. It seems to be an almost uniquely Western group that likes old school. I'm sure some of the Japanese are like that, too.
>If you're an oldfag, what year did you first see/hear about lolita?
Not as oldfag as most, but back when egl was lively on LJ. I'd love to go back in time and see parts of that, but I don't miss a lot of things that oldfags conveniently omit. No overseas brand like AP USA, difficulty obtaining it from Japan, doing bizarre things like buying sissy shoes for lolita, etc.
What's the earliest dress anyone can think of? I was in an old school thread awhile back where someone claimed to own a piece from the 90s.

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Britthread/ukthread/kita cluster fug
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Can some one grab me some water? On steps playing weeb music
I can bring and empty cider bottle full of tap water if you're in need. Heading to the steps now.
Dai joe boo. Managed to get back to room for supplies. Will be last man standing

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Anyone here headed to LCAC next weekend?
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I'm going Sat+Sunday. Probably regular clothes or at most comfy cosplay like sports anime jerseys etc.

Is it just me or is it strange how few people are excited for this one? For a convention this size LCAC has seemingly no social media presence. No meetups being planned, photoshoots, or anything. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong areas of the internet.
Well because AnimeNYC is a sponsored con happening in Nov and not run by thirst lord photogs with bad reps.

Also it has an overall rep of being poorly planned, panels being weak, events being boring or unorganized, and the location is pretty meh. Nothing to be excited about.
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redpill me on ryan kopf, I know hes a bernie bro faggot

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Canada's longest-running anime convention is happening now!

Post cosplay pics, discuss panels, organize seagull meetups etc.
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I just want to party guys :(
anyone else going to the butler cafe?
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If you see two guys, one looking like a renaissance/pirate guy and a mentally ill guy in a dog shirt and an elf hat, come say hi

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I don't think there is anything wrong with them as a group, it's pretty fun to see them at cons. Not all of them look awful and they might become actual lolitas in the future. Most of the hate comes from individuals misbehaving at meets, wearing replicas or pretending they are actual lolitas and stating their opinions on lolita fashion as facts.

>Were/are you a weeblita/otalita, coslita, meetlita or conlita?
>If so, why?
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I'm going to post some coords some of which are from real lolitas but are too costumey for normal lolita
Please feel free to post costume lolita coords you like too!

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Is Innocent World classic lolita or sweet lolita?
Classic, although some of their dresses can be used in a sweet coord as well. Some IW stuff is even right for gothic, but it's still a classic brand.
What are the major Japanese auction sites and what Shopping Services do people usually use?

>tfw been in Lolita for five years but still don't know how to buy from Japanese auctions

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AKA the "don't derail the thread" edition
>Upcoming cons: SMASH, BrisOz, SydOz
>What are you working on?
>Cosplays you are looking forward to seeing?
>Entering any comps?
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I was entering the SMASH comp but i'm gonna bail cause i'm not happy with where i'm at right now for my cos.

Otherwise i'm probably entering the karaoke comp!
Feelsbad, but I'm buying a bunch of cosplays in order to coast to the end of the year while I finish studying full time. I was kinda hoping I would be able to make something to compete with this year, but my ass is too kicked with other stuff lmao.

I'm looking forward to seeing cosplays from SMASH. It should be good. A lot of people I like are going.
I am trying to finish off my costume for Championships. I don't really mind if I don't win, I just want the costume to be finished already.

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