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Haven't had one in a while and I just injured myself SPECTACULARLY last weekend, so lets have a cosplay injuries thread!

>Worst way you've injured yourself while cosplaying, or dressed up in jfash, or MAKING cosplay, or LARPing?

>Most bizarre injury from cosplay/crafting/LARPing

>It may not have been funny at the time, but looking back, the funniest/stupidest way you've injured yourself while doing this shit?

I'll go first I guess. Burned my hand on the heat gun while making armor last weekend and pulled my arm away so fast that I dislocated my shoulder.
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Not intense really but I ended up with a 2nd degree burn on my arm from a curling iron that fell on me while styling a wig. No scar anymore except a light patch but it hurt like a bitch and looked nasty for a week or so.

I also burned my friend's forehead with the same iron while styling a wig on him. He's never let me live it down.
I sewed my hand to a hoodie, both by sewing by hand and in a sewing machine, both times same finger
I get headaches from wearing wigs for prolonged periods of time.
Extreme cases when I am under the sun.

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Old thread is dead.

Are any of you entering the new Amino contest? Excited for the Gyaru Festival in Eindhoven?

Post your attempts and coords!

Amino Link: http://aminoapps. com/c/gyaru
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I followed in Georgie's footsteps and started using my Facebook like page as a mini blog, I really like how it's going so far. It's so much easier to update and you get a ton more post interactions.

I hope more gaijin gyaru start using their public pages as mini blogs, since we don't have crooz. We are all on Facebook anyway.
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Gonna do a small image dump
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So the pics from the LA Sailor Moon Day event are in and, well...

So it is, indeed, apparently impossible to have a decent sailor moon themed event in the continental US.

So Moon Kingdom Ball in Jersey or Sailor a Moon Day LA, which takes the prize for cringiest, gulls?

Did your local community do anything to celebrate?
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Pic unrelated. Here's my cringey panel story.
>Colossalcon 2015
>Homestuck panel
>Was doing Q&A
>This one cosplayer was cosplaying as their troll OC
>Said that their OC had a song for the Trolls
>She starts singing before the host can say "please don't"
>Song goes on for 4 minutes
>She finishes, everyone awkwardly claps
Do you guys have any cringey or awkward panel stories or experiences that you would like to share?
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Went to an "introduction to [email protected]" panel where the original panelists had to bail and instead of cancelling, just had one of their friends run it. This friend knew literally nothing about [email protected] and was just reading from the powerpoint they left him.

Went to a "kpop dance party" panel hoping to learn a few songs or whatever, there were about 10 people standing around watching the host dance. She set up a random playlist that would play part of a kpop song for about 20 seconds then switch to another one, and she was the only one who knew all the dances. Everyone else was just kind of watching and jumping in once in a while when they knew a song.

Went to a dance performance panel where the sound system in the panel room was 100% staticy garbage so there couldn't be any music. The group basically went "well fuck, guess there's no dance panel today, you guys don't have to stick around but we're gonna stay in here" and proceeded to fill their panel with funny stories, comedic acts, and just chatting with the audience. Most people actually stayed for the whole thing because they were really funny and good entertainers, so it worked out well. But it sucks that they prepared all their dances and then couldn't perform.
Any anime trivia panel where somehow the people who volunteer don't know jack shit. Seems like every time I go to one of these there's at least one contestant who is stumped on questions like "Name one of the cats in Sailor Moon" or answers with the names of Game of Thrones characters.
The first year of Silicon Valley Comic Con, Jeremy Renner was one of the guests. My friends didn't tell me specifics, but one wanted to die, one was indifferent, and one was absolutely delighted that the panel was awful because people asked a bunch of extremely cringey fandom questions.

I feel like it's a little extra cringey when it's like hollywood celebs but at this point they've got to be used to it or at least know what to expect.

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New thread

Con is in about 3 days you guys ready? Will it be a shit show or will it go smoothly in the new venue?
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I'm hoping it'll go smoothly - really looking forward to all that empty space. It was way too congested in Baltimore.
I am not ready at all; I might not even go
What's wrong anon?

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Old thread: >>9585444
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Can you guys help me decide what to wear this weekend? I have a big date that I can't decide for.
Not like entire coording, just what dress.
Fancy Hospital or Dreamy Planetarium hands down.

Ok now for the non troll answer, seriously wear one of the solids on the left, pink or lavender. Even as a daily sweet lolita idk if I'd wear one of those sweet prints on a big date. Just go for cute and elegant.
I agree with >>9590301, the pastel solids. I personally prefer the pink

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Last thread. >>9584720

Time to share some cgl feels. Stay on-topic and don't fight!
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This is incredibly silly but I feel overwhelmed by IW's questionnaire. Obviously they're not going to bring every single item back in stock just because they're asked to, but I feel like this is a blank check to ask for everything I've ever wanted from them and I don't know what to pick. Choosing only three items is agony.
And on a similar note, I'm so touched by the fact they're holding this questionnaire at all. IW has been my favorite brand for most of my time in lolita and I'm beyond eager to throw money at them for designs I love.
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>get diarrhea at a meetup
>hear knock on the stall door
>"yeah, no kidding. can you keep it down? we're trying to shoot vines for instagram."
>mfw I was scolded for pooping too loud

Post coordinates that aren't OTT but aren't casual either, sort of that good in between that distinguishes lolita from other fashion without looking too crazy or "costume-y"
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I love these kind of threads but I get triggered when someone says lolita looks costumey or not wearable. If it's a lolita cosplay it's not lolita at all, and if it's OTT lolita then it's not a costume no matter how crazy it looks. When I have to tell a normie lolita is not a costume I'm chill but I don't want to tell other lolitas as well.
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unbunch your bloomers, they just said they want something that doesn't /look/ costume-y (ie, not likely to illicit "I like your costume!!!" comments from normies).

I'll dump a bit
OP here, I didn't mean to say that I personally find OTT lolita costume-y. I love OTT lolita as much as the next girl but we all know its pretty impractical for everyday situations, and despite normies thinking any kind of lolita is a costume, I feel like OTT lolita would look even more like a costume to them since it involves wigs, heavy makeup, etc. Thats why I put it in quotations. Sorry if I made it sound like I'm looking down on OTT lolita, anon!

What do you think of cosplay going mainstream to the point where even celebrities are doing? Is this good for the community or bad?
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Two thoughts:

1) I think it's good if some more introverted or bashful people become more comfortable with cosplaying because they saw someone famous or a role model do it. That's great.

2) I'm really wary of the reverse happening, where extremely attractive or famous people of both sexes coming to garner all the attention due to looks/tossing money at a costume, causing people to feel shamed or emasculated, and reducing the focus on "homegrown" costumes. Yeah yeah, "have a thick skin" or whatever and this is the way society has always been, but it kinda bothers me as gaming, anime, and other interests are so often a form of "escape" for people, I hate to see them "corrupted" in such a way.
Well the guys in your example grew up weeb. They are just famous people who grew up with the same hobbies as us.

'cosplay' has always been mainstream once a year (halloween), now the idea of conventions has gone more public, who cares.
>What do you think of cosplay going mainstream to the point where even celebrities are doing? Is this good for the community or bad?
I think it's incredibly disingenuous.
They never did it before, probably didn't even care that much for it.
Now they see how much Social Capital they can gain/sell by doing it.
They also have nearly limitless funds to get someone else to make their stuff bespoke, OR they can do the "It's so shit it's ironic" gambit.
I think it's neither good nor bad, just a sign of the times where the idea of "community" has been replaced with "What can I get out of said community".

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Snapchat thread?
Snapchat thread.

Join us gulls for cute snaps and don't send dick pics.

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With a name like that, I'm expecting dick pics.
>snapchat thread during summer
yeah I don't want dick pics

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Season 2 will start soon! I'm still so hyped for this show. Let's see some good miraculous cosplayers!
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A few days left, who's going?
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I'm there but I dont think many seagulls are. The security also does a gay full search on you before you can go into the rave and have two cops by the search area with them. No way to get drunk there.
>going to the rave
Bro this is SUPER EASY to do! I worked security for them a couple of times and figured this out pretty quick. If you're outside the convention center you can walk up the ramp from the street and get in through the loading dock. The con has zero people out there because they think no one knows about it! I've done this pretty much every year since with no problem. There's another one around the corner on Platt Street but they close that one at night. Just wear all black and say you're part of the con crew if anyone asks. If you have a wrist band and want to sneak stuff in you can get behind the curtains in the rave and walk right out the back of the building. There's also doors that lead to fire exits that you can get in an out of. Seriously their security is for shit and the cops just stand around to be intimidating.

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Is there a point where you're too old to be cosplaying young characters? I recently got into Persona, but I'm 30 and the characters are 15-17. I thought of being one of the Personas instead of one of the kids, but that's a LOT of time and money to wear an extremely uncomfortable costume when I like the characters and their outfits more.
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Go play Persona 5 there's more cool older characters to choose from
You've got a choice: you can wear the costume you want but look too old for it, or you can wear a costume you're not too enthusiastic about for a character who is your age.

There is no right or wrong answer. Just have some sense of self awareness. No amount of internet asspats is going to make you look younger so the choice is ultimately up to you: Accuracy or a design you like?
I did play Persona 5. Sae and Takemi are just wearing street clothes, really. There's no real design there. Unless I was ShadowSae which would be... bold...

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old thread is almost kill, please ask your basic questions here instead of making a new thread!
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old thread
unanswered questions
you should check the taobao thread, there are some links and it might be in the dictionary
google gives mixed results, ive only seen one really negative review but it's pretty scary
try spraying with vodka or putting it in the freezer
arda jett or rocky, epic cosplay hermes
look at stock pics or customer pics if possible
things I messed up like a dumbass
I was going to make a glowing sword out of a frame with LEDs inside, but it looks like the blade needs to be really thin and there won't be enough space inside
Would transparent worbla with an LED in the handle be better then? Id cover it in foam except the parts that need to shine through

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Anyone here going to Akaicon next weekend?
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Nah. It's going to be shit this year. I wouldn't even be surprised if they called it quits afterwards.
I'm going.

Kinda iffy on the new venue. And the guest list is kinda shit this year. It may be circling the drain. I liked it the last few years because it was very laid back vs MTAC and I didn't feel like a sardine.

GMX was called off this year and if MTAC still doesn't find a better venue next year I'm gonna have to find a new con to go to.

Anybody go to Hypericon? The Luau and other events sound fun but I don't know if it would be worth it.
I can't stand how anal they're acting about everything this year. I'm guessing the hotel cost more than they can afford or something because they're going so hard against ghosting

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